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Jenny Burpee, former Scientology Sea Orger and Cat White friend who helped find her, dead at 39

 In September and October 2015, we found ourselves at the Underground Bunker scrambling to keep up with a major national story that we’d helped to break: Actor Jim Carrey’s girlfriend, Cathriona “Cat” White, had been found dead of an apparent suicide at 30. We were the first to add the detail that Cat, an immigrant []


Scientologist’s lawsuit against Jim Carrey over Cat White’s suicide survives dismissal

 Yesterday, a story ping-ponged around the usual media locations, indicating that a Los Angeles Superior Court judge had decided not to dismiss two wrongful death lawsuits against actor Jim Carrey that grew out of the suicide of his Irish on-again, off-again girlfriend, Cathriona White, who died in September 2015 at the age of []

Marty Singer: Cat White asked Jim Carrey to marry her and he turned her down

 We spoke to actor Jim Carrey’s attorney Marty Singer today, who told us he was very interested in our morning story about Mark Burton, the man who is suing his client over Cathriona White’s 2015 []

EXCLUSIVE: Cat White’s marriage to man suing Jim Carrey was a sham to beat immigration, and was not her first fake wedding, say friends

[Burton, White, and Carrey]

A man named Mark Burton filed a wrongful death lawsuit yesterday in Los Angeles against comedian Jim Carrey, claiming that the actor should be held liable in last year’s apparent suicide of a 30-year-old woman from Ireland named Cathriona []

The Scientology-Ireland connection that propelled Cathriona White to Hollywood

[The Helnweins. L to R: Cyril, Renate, Wolfgang Amadeus, Ali Elvis (sitting), Gottfried, and Mercedes. Photo for the New York Times by Kenneth O Halloran.]

 In 2009, Cathriona White emigrated from Ireland to Los Angeles. We’ve reported that once she was there, a group of young Scientologists welcomed her into the fold and encouraged her to []

For some reason, news sites are keeping quiet about who found Cat White’s body. So here he is.

[Den Bradshaw, giving a talk about “empathic listening.”]

 We have just a minor update on the Cathriona White story today, but it’s something we haven’t seen anyone else report despite the feeding frenzy of news about the 30-year-old woman’s []

A secret Scientology wake, a ‘Snow White’ link, & more odd twists emerge in the Cat White story

[Photo posted by Joshua Shultz at his Instagram account]

 The gathering featured a large poster of a black and white headshot of the 30-year-old woman whose face has become so familiar (pictured, above). Memorial brochures were printed up, but they were careful not to mention the location. Guests were asked to rsvp, but weren’t told where []


 The Daily Mail today reported that Cathriona White had been married to a man named Mark Burton after the two met on the set of a web TV series.

Our sources tell us that the series was “The Online Gamer,” part of the “Reckless Tortuga” web channel, and that the show was largely made by young []


[Jim Carrey in 2001, appearing in America: A Tribute to Heroes]

 One of our most reliable sources, former Scientology executive Claire Headley, tells the Underground Bunker that in 2001 she was personally involved in a high-level project to entice actor Jim Carrey to begin taking Scientology courses, a project that not only involved the now-disappeared wife []

Meet the young Hollywood types who introduced Cathriona White to Scientology

 In 2009, Cathriona White moved from Ireland to California. That same year, this photograph was taken. It was posted by celebrity photographer Joshua Shultz, who is sitting at the right. Next to him is a small-time actor named Tyler Hynes (in the red cap). Next to him is a man who is labeled “shmayle,” then []