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‘Going Clear’ wins Outstanding Documentary Emmy, also for writing, directing

EmmyThe “Creative Arts Emmys” are being held today at Microsoft Theater in downtown Los Angeles, and we’re looking forward to finding out how many trophies Alex Gibney’s Scientology documentary Going Clear takes home.

It has some stiff competition — some of it from its own network, HBO — and the event won’t be televised for another week. But we’re hoping our correspondents on the scene will let us know what’s happening.

Your proprietor will be away from the Bunker for much of the day, so our readers may actually learn the results through Twitter or some other method. But however we learn it, we’re really excited and we hope you are too.

So let’s go through the categories that Going Clear is nominated in, and we’ll fill in the winners when we can…

It’s a win! ‘Going Clear’ wins best documentary, best writing, and best direction…

Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Special
WINNERGoing Clear (HBO) Alex Gibney, Lawrence Wright, etc, producers
Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck (HBO) Frances Bean Cobain, etc
Sinatra: All Or Nothing At All (HBO) Alex Gibney, etc
The Case Against 8 (HBO) Sheila Nevins, etc
Virunga (Netflix) Leonardo DiCaprio, etc

Outstanding Directing for Nonfiction Programming
Citizenfour (HBO) Laura Poitras
Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways “Washington, D.C.” (HBO) Dave Grohl
WINNERGoing Clear (HBO) Alex Gibney
Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck (HBO) Brett Morgen
The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst “Chapter 2: Poor Little Rich Boy” (HBO) Andrew Jarecki

Outstanding Writing for Nonfiction Programming
Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown “Iran” (CNN) Anthony Bourdain
WINNERGoing Clear (HBO) Alex Gibney
Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck (HBO) Brett Morgen
Last Days in Vietnam (American Experience, PBS) Mark Bailey, Keven McAlester
The Roosevelts: An Intimate History “Episode 5: The Rising Road (1933-1939)” (PBS) Geoffrey C. Ward

Outstanding Cinematography for Nonfiction Programming
Citizenfour (HBO) Laura Poitras, Cinematography
Going Clear (HBO) Sam Painter, Director of Photography
Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck (HBO) James Whitaker, D of P
The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst “Chapter 2: Poor Little Rich Boy” (HBO) Marc Smerling, D of P
WINNERVirunga (Netflix) Franklin Dow, Cinematographer

Outstanding Picture Editing for Nonfiction Programming
Citizenfour (HBO) Mathilde Bonnefoy
Going Clear (HBO) Andy Grieve
Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck (HBO) Joe Beshenkovsky, Brett Morgen
The Case Against 8 (HBO) Kate Amend
WINNERThe Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst “Chapter 1: A Body in the Bay” (HBO) Richard Hankin, etc

Outstanding Sound Editing for Nonfiction Programming
Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown “Madagascar” (CNN) Benny Mouthon
WINNERFoo Fighters: Sonic Highways “Seattle” (HBO) Justin Lebens
Going Clear (HBO) Bill Chesley, Dave Ellinwood, Dan Timmons
Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck (HBO) Cameron Frankley, etc
The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst “Chapter 2: Poor Little Rich Boy” (HBO) Duncan Clark, etc

Outstanding Sound Mixing for Nonfiction Programming
Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown “Jamaica” (CNN) Brian Bracken
Deadliest Catch “Lost at Sea” (Discovery) Bob Bronow
WINNERFoo Fighters: Sonic Highways “Seattle” (HBO) Fred Stuben, etc
Going Clear (HBO) David Mitlyng, Tony Volante
Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck (HBO) Steve Pederson
The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst “Chapter 2: Poor Little Rich Boy” (HBO) Tim Hays, etc.



Bonus photos from our tipsters

Continuing to bolster our theory that Scientology leader David Miscavige has called on celebrities to get more involved, Kelly Preston will be in Mexico City later this month just a few weeks after Nancy Cartwright was there for a fundraiser. Miscavige is really pushing to get that new Ideal Org paid for!


Tom DeVocht and Spanky Taylor tell us they have great seats!


Spanky and Larry!


Alex and Anne Gibney and Tom DeVocht!


Victory is sweet!




We didn’t get a chance to include photos in our book, so we’ve posted them at a dedicated page. Reader Sookie put together a complete index and we’re hosting it here on the website. Copies of the paperback version of ‘The Unbreakable Miss Lovely’ are on sale at Amazon. The Kindle edition is also available, and shipping instantly.

Tony Ortega’s upcoming appearances (and check out the interactive map to our ongoing tour)…

Sept 15: Phoenix, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, 555 N. Central Ave in downtown Phoenix, Cronkite Theater on 2nd floor, 5:30 pm, sponsored by ASU’s Barrett Honors College

Sept 23: Cleveland, Parma Heights Library, 7pm sponsored by Center for Inquiry – Northeast Ohio

Sept 24: Minneapolis, Grumpy’s Bar & Grill, 2801 Snelling Ave, Roseville, 7 pm, sponsored by Minnesota Atheists

Sept 27: Portland, Friendly House, 1737 NW 26th Ave, 12:45 pm, sponsored by Humanists of Portland

Sept 28: Seattle, Razzi’s Pizzeria, 7 pm, with Seattle Skeptics and Seattle Atheists

Sept 29: Vancouver, BC, Seven Dining Lounge, 7 pm

Oct 23: Sydney, Giant Dwarf Theatre (with Sen. Nick Xenophon)

Oct 25: Melbourne, venue secured (announcement coming later)

Oct 28: Adelaide (with Sen. Nick Xenophon)

Oct 30: Perth

Past dates: Santa Barbara (5/16), Hollywood (5/17), Orange County (5/17), San Diego (5/20), San Francisco (5/22), New York (6/11), Chicago (6/20), Toronto (6/22), Clearwater (6/28), Washington DC (7/12), Hartford (7/14), Denver (7/17), Dallas (7/20), Houston (7/22), San Antonio (7/24), Austin (7/25), Paris (7/29), London (8/4), Boston (8/24)


Posted by Tony Ortega on September 12, 2015 at 07:00

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  • Graham

    Sunday morning here in the UK. Just logged on to find over 2300 comments! Lovely to see a photo of a REAL trophy instead of Slappy’s crappy overblown Platinum Meritorious junk.

  • randomity

    Up late, did some googling…

  • Pierrot

    *** RED X +–+ Reminder +–+ RED X *** Sunday, 13 September 2015.

    Good morning Night Owls and Early Birds,

    Wednesday : It can be done, an eruption of Removals by SFBay, Tampa & Monterey
    Thursday: we rested on our laurels and left it to Vancouver, San Antonio & SFBay to save the day.
    Friday: no much action on this Remembrance Day: Las Vegas scored a couple.
    Saturday: Congratulation to Alex Gibney, we have been too busy following Going Clear Emmys and forgot about flagging: NO SCORE

    For Mac users: See Salin’s Quick flag method in the RedXtips, Scroll down to after Graham’s quick flag method.

    RedX tips & Complaints procedure are included in the google doc under the RedXTips tab.
    Flag the lies, whack a few bait & switch ads :

    F5… Into the sunset by LCodalion enhanced by DodoTheLaser for RedX, flickred by Aeger Primo

  • Fink Jonas

    The article on Freedom Magazine about this movie is Officially INVALIDATED!

  • Snake Plissken

    It’s getting awfully crowded out here on the fringe of the internet, I think I’ll try to find someplace quiet to get some sleep, some place deserted … like an Ideal Org.

  • hansje brinker

    Great news about “Going Clear”!

    Some other stuff to read: Translation from Dutch newspaper about donation practices

  • Tory Christman

    What a night!! Congratulations, again, to ALL who helped in the creation of “Going Clear The Prison of Belief”
    as well as every single person who has helped speak out, bringing awareness of the many abuses this organization, Scientology, does on a daily basis. To those who have suffered due to their abuses….to the many who cannot even speak out…..this night is for ALL of you, too! Blessings and Love to ALL 🙂 <3 Tory/Magoo

  • 0tessa

    Congratulations Alex Gibney and to all those who contributed!

  • So. Much. WIN.

  • Narapoid

    In Captain Miscavige’s lair: POP GOES THE WEASEL!

  • EnthralledObserver

    I see there was a WIN! Which one…? (don’t make me hunt for it)

    • aquaclara

      Tony marked up the categories at the top of the story. And 3 wins!!

      • EnthralledObserver

        Oh – cool – thank you! 3… awesome!

        • aquaclara

          Isn’t this exciting??!!

          • EnthralledObserver

            Very! Can’t wait to see $cientology’s embarrasing counter attacks.

            • Supper Powers

              Their twitter feed is busy. It’s amusing.

            • EnthralledObserver

              I bet. lol
              Looking forward to the best being shared here.

  • El Ron is a Con

    CONGRATS to all of us including lurkers and still-ins.
    What we are seeing these days was unheard of years back and without all of our (EVERYONE) help this could not have been possible.

    tick-tock – $lappy Mc$horty time is on our side as Tory would say.

  • Ella Raitch

    The entertainment industry establishment has spoken

    • EnthralledObserver

      Ima gonna let you finish… but $cientology had the best damn documentary of all time!

    • Supper Powers

      It’s like Hollywood’s official and public rejection of CoS. They can no longer try to dupe anyone of their importance amongst the elite.

  • Ella Raitch

    Late to the party – do we know who presented each award? Is this downthread?

  • Phil McKraken

    Oh praise sweet Xenu, exalted high commissioner of the taxing authoritah of all the the guh-LAX-ee, please deliver unto me an angry retort by “Karin Pouw” calling out, in most risible rhetoric, the provable bullshit upon which the suppressive empire of Gibney, Wright and HBO are built. Hallowed by they name. Guh-LAX-ee!!!

  • NOLAGirl (Stephanie)

    Good Morning Bunker. I hope everyone had sweet dreams. I know I did. 🙂

    Putting on some coffee now.

  • Tony Ortega


    • Just Dee

      I am perfectly happy reading this headline over and over again… lol

  • Sejanus

    $cientoogy. Clearing the planet….of $cientologists.

  • romanesco

    I wouldn’t be gloating nearly as much about this victory had I not been plagued so much by Scientology’s ridiculous smear ads on my fb feed.

    “Going Clear” is a good piece, but frankly it didn’t reveal anything I hadn’t already discovered by webbing around. I’d like to see a sequel focusing more on the legal and financial aspects of how the organization is run and that details its deceptive practices.

    • richelieu jr

      I actually think this is GC’s genius.

      I lost money for my own doc because GIbney announced his at exactly the wrong time,and mine would have gone much deeper into the more chocking stuff. It also wouldn’t have had 1/10th the impact, and not only because of GIbney’s rep-

      Hubbard & co have long profited from the fact that anyone telling the truth (or even a higher percentage of it) passes for an absolute loon, especially if you get some on-point scilon celeb saying, “Xenu who? I mean seriously, really?” in front of them.

      Anyone startingin on the Satanic, Crowlean roots of Scientology, as well as children imprisone din bl-ilge lockers and women dying of thirst and starvation whilst scremaing for help fpr weeks, then driven past hospital after hospital until the get to one deluded enoughto actually have a scilon on-duty, then a multi-mùillion-dollar effort by Tom Cruise et all to change the coroner’s decision by buying and influincing the cgovernment, Huhge, yeatrs long infiltrations of US GOv agencie,s etc.. Evenif it could be donenin on é-hour programme. Well, let’s jsutsa

      The fact that even this Scilon Shockers 101 edition totlaly knocked so many folks for a loop, is proof that the dosage was right. How many people here came since that film? NO me,a nd not perhaps you, but there are THOUSANDS More coments here daily.

      And I tink we can trust people to use the net and find out more.

      • romanesco

        I didn’t say GC doesn’t have its place. Unlike most people, you and I both have had the time and inclination to look this stuff up for ourselves, so it didn’t bring anything new to us. But it did bring the abuses of Scientology to the general public and also served to show that Scientology holds no sway over goings-on in the film industry.

        There was some talk of a sequel, and Gibney himself hinted in a tweet that he might be considering doing one. My comment was merely a suggestion regarding what its focus might be.

    • dagobarbz

      You aren’t the target audience. Of course WE all know this stuff. Just like Janet Reitman’s book was Scientology 101 for people who knew nothing.

      A nice movie that people can absorb and think about later is much more convenient than looking up everything online and that’s why it’s valuable.

  • Xique

    Hallelujah !

  • Missionary Kid

    Going Clear was excellent. I did not see any of the other documentaries, so I can’t make a personal judgement of whether it really was better because of my hostility towards $cientology

    I do believe, however, that it is a measure of how much anger there is towards Scientology in Hollywood that going clear won. In a political sense it was a real victory for critics oF $cientology.

    • Judith Sylvester

      Yes, that animosity probably contributed. And with regard to the periodic speculation as to why Tom Cruise has never won an Oscar, whatever the reasons are that he was never acclaimed in the past, it will never happen now.

      • Missionary Kid

        Especially since he’s chosen the superhero category for his pictures.

    • richelieu jr

      This is very true MK. A mix of built up anger and the fear disappating as the reign of threat and terror fades.

      For Example- I have already heard from several HWD friends I haven’t spoken to in years (two over a fight over my ‘paranoia’ in/re Scientology, congratulating ME (!!) on Mssrs Gibney and Wright’s wins.

      And TC still has a chance once he stops betting only on big tentpole movies, trusts his talent, and throws his diminutive dicktator pas under the bus.

      • Missionary Kid

        I doubt Cruise will abandon DM. He’s surrounded with clams, and their fealty is to DM. He’s stuck.

        I think that possibly the congratulations was a way of saying, “we were wrong” without actually pointing it out explicitly. I hope you were, at the least, civil to them. We need all the people we can get to oppose $cientology.

        • richelieu jr

          Of course I was, the more on our side the merrier.

          And you’re right on Cruise, Still, I do think this is the only way out with an Oscar in it.

    • sugarplumfairy

      I saw the Kurt Cobain movie and it was excellent.. Which says a lot about what a great job Gibney did with Going Clear..

      • Missionary Kid


  • Barb Snow

    I think this is especially deserved because they made it knowing that Scientology’s reputation for retaliation and mudslinging. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that Scientology’s intimidation tactics are not working. It was been one of their strongest weapons.

  • Alice Graves

    I think the increasingly erratic and profane public pronouncements we hear from scientology these days show that they know they’ve lost the PR war. The little guy knows now that the public is on to him so all their PR efforts now just get directed inside to keep the remaining flock they have. What a sad sad state for them.

    • MostEthicalPimp

      Which leads to question for Scientologists do you really want to be associated with a group that sends out that type of PR.

  • Xique

    Yes it should!

  • BlondesAreDumb

    Truth is always the winner!!!!!

  • PoisonIvyHerself

    Congrats to Mr. Gibney, Tony, etc. etc. — I’m absolutely not surprised. By the way, if you haven’t seen “JOBS: Man in the Machine” – run out to see it now. It’s every bit as powerful as Going Clear in a different way. ( I have one of these Emmy’s for best writing, but never got THE BIG ONE!! That’s a BIG DEAL!) I hope these awards get more people curious about the film and learning about the cancer that is Scientology.

    • Kestrel

      It’s good to see you. You’re missed. Either that, or I’m here when you are not.

    • Please stop by here more often. <3

  • Tracy Schmitz

    the story with TOM CRUISE?

    ONLY explanations remotely feasible: 1) cruise is that literally pathologically mentally stupid and stubborn and won’t admit he was wrong for decades and a coward who can’t/won’t face up to the countless his royally ass kissed, being the public face of this cult has hurt 2) he himself is indeed a kinship sociopath with miscavige who has himself ‘much much to answer for” perhaps even abusive/illegal? even activities and “if i go down you go down! and 3)a combination of the first 2 OR indeed he is being controlled and yes, the cult has something perhaps a truckload of information on him! and once again, a “if i go down, you go down” scenario… NO ONE including cruise lives in that much of a bubble! NO ONE can believe that everyone that is EVERYONE is lying! NO ONE would risk their entire career and life over anything that is remotely as negative (putting it mildly!) to the world and the world at large whose public perception is the reason WHY you are famous and rich as scientology or any religion, any organization, any person!… question is WHO IDEA, TRULY WHOSE IDEA is it for him not so say anything? him and his p.r. people or his puppet master?

  • AintMizBahavin

    running in to say hello to everyone hope you’re all doing great. surgery on foot is done now im in the healing process the pain is still intense but at least now i know in a little while it will be banished much like lyingtology on that note


  • GhostOfFloBarnette


  • NOLAGirl (Stephanie)