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LIVE-BLOG: Watch Alex Gibney’s HBO documentary ‘Going Clear’ and comment with us


We’ve had quite a week here in the Underground Bunker counting down the days to tonight’s airing of Alex Gibney’s HBO documentary about Scientology, Going Clear. And now, finally, the country will get a chance to see what all the fuss is about.

We expect things to be fast and furious in our comments section tonight. Make sure you set them to “Newest” to keep up with what’s happening. And in the meantime, please do check out our posts about the people starring in tonight’s show…

Chicago PD actor Jason Beghe
Former Sea Org executive Tom DeVocht
OT VIII Sara Goldberg, who was forced by the church to choose between a son and a daughter
Film director Paul Haggis
Former top Scientology official Mark “Marty” Rathbun
Former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder
Scientology’s “terminal” for John Travolta, Spanky Taylor
Former Deputy Commodore Hana Whitfield


Posted by Tony Ortega on March 29, 2015 at 17:00

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  • sammy21

    i really want there to be an intervention to save John Travolta. bless him. i mean the guy did Staying Alive. hes talented. Mr Cruise is too far gone.

    • Bob

      John really is a good guy, unfortunately he has gone sour right now but that could change. However some people will do anything to be right.

      • sammy21

        well im sure after his own family trajedies, scientology filled the void as most “religions” do…..but i dont know….he just seems like he is crying for help. the recent tabloid exposes are not going to help scientologys cause in my opinion. him coming out (pun intended) will change the game. Come on Spanky…you can reconnect and do it!!

  • Alice Graves

    I agree with sammy21 – Cruise is too far gone. Some of the non-scientology friends who have stuck with him will attempt to influence him to review his beliefs. Unfortunately he will repel them and ultimately cut them off. He has spent too much of his adult life building an ego identity he needs to believe about himself emotionally – that he is a powerful demi-god, a “Big Being.”

    The alienation of three wives, numerous girlfriends who could have been wives, and one very precious 9 year old later, he is still willing to keep disconnection going with the women who have loved him and who could set him straight, so he can maintain this Big Being view of himself.

    • Tracy Schmitz

      yes, i also believe cruise is too far gone! it would LITERALLY take miscavige be charged, arrested and convicted or some other catastrophic event for him to ever “wake up”.. sad and yet pathetic that being a huge movie star, and becoming one really easy and fast, being incredibly wealthy and world wide adoration and doing something you love to do for a living STILL STILL WASN’T ENOUGH FOR HIM??!!

  • wontons

    I loved the film. I kept pausing the DVR to elaborate (“See, the reason Naznin’s statement about not understanding what Miscavige said was especially offensive to him is Scientology’s emphasis on communication…”), prompting my husband to say, “So I guess you’ve read a little bit about this!”

    There were many stories that could have been included, and I wish it had addressed Jenna Hill, Quentin, Narconon, Remini, Holmes, and especially Lisa McPherson. But I thought that the balance, overall, was good. I could almost understand people getting sucked in. (I say it would never happen to me, but who knows? I was pretty devoutly Christian during the years when I would have been most vulnerable and barely dodged at least one “Christian” cult.) I like that we could sort of see the good in the teachings, why it would appeal. And then the crazy showed up.

    I thought maybe it would have worked better as a miniseries (I’d certainly watch more), but I’m not sure…having it be one 2-hour summary of the awfulness might have been a more compelling package to keep new people away and maybe get some people out.

    • Tracy Schmitz

      YES, A MINI-SERIES OR A SERIES OF DOCUMENTARIES (1 HOUR?) on many more aspects and made specifically for tv would be fantastic!…

  • Pascal M. Dorion

    Started to watch the first minute and was immediately disappointed… An old-ass e-meter from God knows when, a girl with slutty hypnotist TRs that would never fly in any Org and using book 1 technique, i.e. complete parody of a session, this movie is garbage. Bash at DM and the Church all you want but portraying the tech as some sort of hypnocrap is stupid. This movie is clearly biased and not pro at all… Oh wait, HBO is entertainment! Sorry I guess my standards are out of bounds for this garbage media channel, glorified yellow press is what I see. That Indian guy did a better documentary with the Russian Freezone, but that does not make headlines hey guys? Meh…

    • eloise

      Data (1) (1)
      The head of the Galactic
      Confederation (76 planets around
      larger stars visible from here)
      (founded 95,000,000 yrs ago, very space opera)
      solved overpopulation (250 billion
      or so per planet) — 178 billion
      average) by mass implanting.
      He caused people to be brought to
      Teegeeack (Earth) and put an H Bomb
      on the principal volcanoes (Incident 2)
      and then the Pacific area ones
      were taken in boxes to Hawaii
      and the Atlantic Area ones to
      Las Palmas and there “packaged.”
      His name was Xenu.

      Totally “pro”. Pro bullshit.

    • That’s because they started the movie at the beginning of Scientology dummy. Therefore, old e-meter. Of course it goes after DM and the Church, after all they are committing human rights violations on a daily basis, and ruining lives and bankrupting people. That’s the fucking point genius.

      • Pascal M. Dorion

        Dianetic therapy DOES NOT use an e-meter. Beginning Scientology did not have an e-emeter either jackass. E-meter came in use in the late 50s. Also as I said earlier the tone of that woman is disgusting and would never fly in a real auditing session, this is a cheap brazzers level parody of auditing. Scientology exists all over the world, this movie focuses on USA centric social issues, a very very limited view of Scientology that dismisses this movies worth, its a glorified hate-flick. People watching this will hate or despise me now, even if I am not in the Church. Thanks a lot.

        • oh whatever. Scientology is all evil bullshit based on Hubbard’s satanic practices and now you’re mad that the world knows it.

          • Tracy Schmitz

            exactly, that is what i don’t get it! when people KNOW what kind of person hubbard really was, but think “so what” the “tech” still works for me and who cares if it’s HURT OTHERS! as long as it works for me, it’s all good? really? REALLY? that’s like a german saying “so what if hitler was a bad guy and hurt others, he worked for me!!” and as far as the whole “tech” working? RIDICULOUS! anything that works was stolen by hubbard and one could find in a 10 dollar self help book at the local bookstore and having a good friend/relative who will listen to you and be a true listener! END OF STORY!!!!

      • Bob

        Derek, don’t waste your time, IMHO this guys a cherch troll.

    • Bob

      Pascal, I take you’ve been in the church for some time and your somewhat an expert. Were you also in the SO?

      • Pascal M. Dorion

        Im an indie SCN. Many SCN are happy indies, sadly this does not sell and this movie portrays ALL SCN as brainwashed idiots who dump their money in the CoS. Was never SO no.

        • Bob

          Pascal, the movie was very specific and did not vilify or demean people who had wins. It was about exploitation and clear cut lies that the current church perpetuates. From your comments I think you are on Tony’s site as a troll and you are not an indie at all but a cherch clam.

          • Pascal M. Dorion

            The movie is biased to the extreme and parodies the practice of Scientology. I am a declared SP actually for criticizing DM years ago. I find your adhom rant chilidish.

            • Bob

              My “ad hominem rant” is based on the tone you took regarding the film and your defensive attitude. I’ve been involved in scientology for quite a long time and have followed its metamorphosis up to its current practices from the inside. And there are certain practices that have value. It is clear though that Hubbard perverted earlier wisdoms he found and built in mechanism solely to protect himself, not help anyone else.
              And he clearly made up much of the history we all are suppose to have, which is not fact but only belief. The documentary was very clear in its presentation and was factual based on my first hand knowledge.

              Are you currently an auditor in the field? If so I’m sure you’ve seen the many abuses perpetrated by corporate Scientology. Some of that though comes straight out of policy.

            • Pascal M. Dorion

              Who cares? Name me a religion that has not abused? That is not fruity in its beliefs? Whose prophet is not criticized? That is what religion is and always been. Like it or not it is part of human nature to have it around and it will outlast all. Learn to respect it. To mock religion is to court trouble, history has proven this countless times. I have seen little abuse myself since I was involved in Canada and Latin America where Scientology is way more benign than in the USA where everything is messed up anyways. But I have seen way more good than evil. Anyways I look forward to stumping ignoramuses using this garbage movie to pretend they know my faith.

            • Bob

              Pascal, the operative word is faith. It is a belief system.
              And I’ve seen far more damage than good. And I’ve been all over the world and know members in many countries and have been at it for some time.
              Scientology as it is now is a scam. What you believe has nothing to do with that. I am not attacking your belief. I am stating that the the movie is very valid because it exposes a perverted and destructive organization that needs to be reformed or closed down.
              Scientology as a philosophy system will live on. I am now of the opinion that hubbard has some really good philosophy and some really destructive philosophy. And he was one messed up dude who loved being admired and listened to.
              Hey, that’s what I believe. I had direct contact with him and he was very human when I was around. Far from perfect.
              I suggest you focus on what’s right about the philosophy and stop wasting time dissing a film that
              will hopefully get more people out and save a lot of people from connecting with the corrupt organization called the Church of Scientology.

            • Pascal M. Dorion

              Cool, I have seen more good than bad. SCN and the Church will always be around, DM on the other hand will not. If that movie can hasten his downfall then allgood. LRH never claimed to be anything else than human and I for one never gave a hoot about him. I just get my wins with the tech and call it a day. Faith, placebo, whatever, as long as I get my results.

            • Bob

              There are a lot of great auditors out there and supervisors too who are alive and well delivering what Hubbard intended. And although I question some of his teachings I did get results too. Unfortunately at a very dangerous and high cost. I happy for those who did not have to go through what I went through to get what they wanted.

    • Robert Eckert

      Profile comes up blank for me, usually a sign it is emanating from OSA HQ

      • noseinabk

        He is listed in the scientology completions.

        • Robert Eckert

          Not using a pseudonym? That’s new, then. I suppose we should applaud the relative straightforwardness.

          • Bob

            If you follow my responses to him you can see he is a pretty rabid puppy. I doubt he really knows that much about scientology really.

        • Pastor-Chip Northup

          …and the ants.

  • Chels

    great job!

  • Dee Findlay-DeElizabethan

    Yay, over 5,000 comments in one day’s time!

  • Violet

    While I applaud how the documentary sheds a light on Cruise, I fear the mainstream entertainment media will give him a pass, and just ask Cruise about his Mission Impossible film when he makes his media rounds. Every interview I see with Cruise, the interviewer is fawning over him,and ignoring the elephant in the room. To me, it would be like having serial killer John Wayne Gacy in to talk about his clown paintings. [I was gonna say or having Jeffrey Dahmer on a cooking show, but maybe that’s in bad taste. No pun intended.]

    I have no respect for the many media outlets who have known this stuff about Cruise, and enabled him anyway over the years by acting like it doesn’t exist. Matt Lauer tried to approach it weakly, and then let Tom’s crazy response bully him into moving on to another topic.

    • Tracy Schmitz

      and this has been going on FOR LITERALLY DECADES! IF HE WAS A POLITICIAN OR SOMEONE ELSE OF GLOBAL FAME his career would have been over years ago! he would be MADE to answer for it, have to hold press conference and his career would be over because of just the “hint” of impropriety and what he should have known and didn’t do anything about for years! but because well HE IS ONLY A MOVIE STAR, who doesn’t govern people or make laws and because he is handsome and seemingly nice he gets that free pass by the media, ESPECIALLY THE ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA WHO SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES!

      course we ARE talking about quote “entertainment reporters/journalists/talk shows here in the 21st century! getting back to the politician analogy, the thing is LIKE A POLITICIAN a celebrity’s career whether actor/singer, whatever IS DEPENDENT ON THE PUBLIC and the public’s perception of them whether the public is right or wrong! IN HIS CASE, it would be instead of not voting for him, it would be not going to see his movies and protesting him when he’s out in public! sadly, the truth is, he will ONLY do a very few (barely any if at all) late night talk shows where yes, they will kiss his ass, at the VERY MOST make a joke about the documentary, he’ll appear on a very very strict red carpet where his P.R. people and bodyguards will rush ANYONE who dares to ask a question and demand a answer that is NOT on the script! cruise will either ignore them and walk away or mumble “no comment”, or “havent’ seen the film, i’m too busy for lies and religious bigotry” or some nonsense.. and that will be that?!…

      you mentioned lauer, he had the PERFECT opportunity but didnt’ do anything because cruise and him were “friendly” beforehand and afterwards it seemed and lauer himself is a media fame attention whore.. he isn’t going to rock the boat either! same thing for oprah!…sadly, even so called “real journalists/reporters” are fame whores who think they are celebrity too and they all stick together seemingly.

      • Violet

        I have a problem with people who say they still enjoy Cruise’s movies, and can separate his personal crap from his acting. I can’t do that. First, I have no desire to support the income of someone who in turn gives it to Scientology, nor do I want to give him one more ounce of credibility. Also, how can I enjoy watching him in something knowing what a dips**t he is.

  • Emmyllou

    Wonderful extraordinary work. Please consider signing this petition to revoke Scientology’s tax exempt status:

  • Sarah Davis Blodgett
  • Sarah Davis Blodgett
  • Mymy88

    Good link to today’s article in ‘The Daily Banter’ below. One of the things I love about this article was they put a lot of pictures up of the fail tweets and accompanying photos of people sleeping in the theater and lots of other kinds of tweets. I found parts of this article extremely humorous. This may be a repeat post for this link, but I guess it’s alright to do that today, since there are so many posts. Please, enjoy!

  • Theo Sismanides

    wow, Laurence Wright says (at point 17:45) “the Mind” and they are picturing the Brain! that’s a big one. This world either is on MUs or they do this on purpose to alter Scientology. Now, next thing you know this is going to go down in scripture by Hubbard!! T

    WOW, WOW, WOW… Now, this is a BIG, BIG, BIG alteration of what it’s all about. Guys, they are misleading you, they are teaching ya the Mind IS the Brain… OMG!

  • Theo Sismanides

    Spanky is good and touching a real point: Children. I too confess to the brutality and neglectness with which children were treated in the Sea Org , a thing which always caused an objection to me on this. This is a very, very true point and Spanky really hits the nails hard here. I am sorry that all those Sea Org members had to go through such degradation as parents and I swear to God that somebody will pay for this one day.

  • Old Timer

    Going Clear was a great first effort. Those involved should be heavily applauded. Please believe I mean those accolades. Even so, I suppose I’m the only one who will have a handful of negative comments which, I pray, will be used to improve the Going Clear II — because there must be a number II and more!
    I found the whole movie explained in a manner that was too unemotional and remote for the non-scientologist. Those of us who’ve been sucked in by Hubbard’s clever slickery knew exactly what it was all about — and that’s a good kind of exposure. But we truly needed even more — a Going Clear that communicated to those who knew nothing of Scientology and who would throw up their hands with clear and unequivocal horror.
    I asked my nephew, a total non-scientologist — meaning he’s never been exposed — to watch Going Clear with me. His comment today was that “there seems to be a lot of confusion and trouble in that church!”
    His comment is correct but also a low response to what is, after all, a huge cauldron of evil.
    I had one other quibble that had to do with production and design. Although our TV was large, I found the interspersed written sentences too small and presented for too short a time length.
    I still promote the true meaning of COS as “Church of Suppression,” and hope daily that such a title will go viral.
    Thanks folks, for a great first effort. Now let’s start working on Going Clear II.

    • WhamBham

      Hi Old Timer….I completely agree…I was expecting a ‘bombshell” documentary and was disappointed….my mom and husband were..”bored”…especially with all of the LRH archive footage….it was like you said “unemotional” …I kept telling them “”WAIT, IT WILL GET BETTER WITH MORE TRAUMATIZING INFO!!!!” but it didn’t really happen like i thought….there are so many things that weren’t covered in the film….i understand the time frame issue but wtf…

  • james_from_cambridge

    Thanks to Tony, Rathbun and others who are trying to stop this insane cult! Even though I knew much of what was in “Going Clear”, it was still a shock to see it, just one destructive, unbelievable action after another by this “church” and Miscavige! Let’s hope this is truly the beginning of the end for all them, including Cruise. I’m a film fanatic and I can’t bring myself to put one more dollar towards Cruise’s dying career after what I saw tonight. The man is seriously disturbed.

    • Tracy Schmitz

      agreed.. EVEN IF Cruise didn’t doesn’t know anything (and won’t even LOOK OR LISTEN?!) to the overwhelming negativity of his “religion”…. just his behavior is beyond weird and not “normal”.. i mean just the clips scene together from the ridiculous over the top medal of valor award event and the birthday party on the yacht scene on this documentary paints a picture of someone who is pathologically self absorbed, a creep, a jerk, smug, stupid, and yes even ridiculous and pathetic! EMASCULATING himself by saluting another man ( no matter who that man is, or what you think is the proper respect for said man what man would salute another man? especially if the man was globally famous and powerful?), over the top hugging and furious hard shaking of hands, the constant thank you, thank you, thank you, the waaaay over the top praise of miscavige one would think GOD was literally on stage… the silly dancing and singing and eating up the ultimate butt kissing at the birthday party where everyone who sees this thinks “WTF?” likewise anyone and everyone who watches this KNOWS that miscavige and missing wife Shelley are LAUGHING AT HIM, NOT WITH HIM! just seeing this behavior at these 2 events anyone and everyone who doesn’t know a thing about scientology, miscavige, etcetera would be utterly weirded out and even sickened by his pathetic behavior! not to mention who makes the leader of a “religion” your best friend in the first place? and what “religious” leader would even have a best friend or allow it? what “religion” would kiss someone’s ass so ROYALLY and FOR SO LONG? and what kind of person would think this was “normal and proper and ethically to do so? no matter who you are and what you think you deserve by your contributions to it (money, time, fame/celebrity)! and let us not forget thinking it was “okay, normal and proper and ethical’ to allow other members of your RELIGION, your RELIGION THAT IS! to work and fix your homes, cars, airplane hangars and so on! ANYONE WITH A OUNCE OF DECENCY AND A CLUE WOULD INHERENTLY KNOW THIS IS NOT PROPER AND RIGHT!… but if everyone is true, cruise thought this was fine and allowed it? either he’s beyond stupid, drunk on ass kissing or a pathetic “weak” man….

  • Pastor-Chip Northup

    Is Nassim (sp?), the one who dated TC for awhile and later forced to hard labor in the RPF, still in the church or did she fly. If she is still in, it must be a tough week for that poor kid. If she is out, has she gone public? I’m interested in her perspective if available. I felt the most indignant over that piece. It just showed the arrogance and misogyny of DM, TD, and TC.
    I want to give props to you ex-members. This very public documentary would not have been possible without the big risks you folks have taken on so many levels. I think it was Sir Isaac Newton who said something like, “Everything I have learned has come from standing on the shoulders of scientific giants”. This “Going Clear” moment happened because of what the castigated members, SP’s, loved-ones on the outside, and tenacious news reporters, caregivers, and public officials who all refused to be bullied, and cared more about sufferers on the inside rather than their own reputations. I envision some of you ex-members purposefully riding a public bus and smiling. You can be in public and go anywhere you want to go. My hope is if people pop-up with cameras in your face, you smile and let nothing make your pulse beat faster except the joy of you being free.

    • Violet

      I would assume she’s out, because one ex-member recorded a funny anti-Scientology rap song, and Naz sings a couple of lines.

  • Pastor-Chip Northup

    Paul Haggis’ piece where he discusses getting a paper that explains the ultimate revelation of life and existence was a gem. He wonders if higher-ups want him to laugh at this sci-fi mumbo-jumbo as ridiculous so they can declare him sane — hah!
    I found it interesting that he also said the copied-handwritten document from LRH is kept in a locked briefcase.
    Wondering if everyone gets a locked briefcase with a copy of this Xenu-story or is the same briefcase passed on to people who have cleared that level. It seems like a big deal like when a kid in the Mafia gets made or when a boy scout gets his eagle scout — the ultimate rite of passage. Wondering too if this Xenu-doc has ever gone public.

  • Ray Ruiz

    Don’t forget to sign the petition to revoke scientologies tax exempt status, this is the first step!

    Petition link:

  • beef

    Amazing.. Scientology is now basically calling the film FICTION. Interesting tactic. Address nothing, dismiss every personal account and accusation as completely made up. *Fucktards*

  • Con29

    These Sucking Sucologist nothing but liars, scammers, and doing their PI stalking on anyone who says anything against them to try and scare, and try to get anything on someone they think they can use to destroy them.

  • Sarah Davis Blodgett
  • Pineygrrl

    So, i have to say, i was so upset and disgusted by Bodhi Elfman’s twitter cooments equating somehow, if a documentary was made aboutJews would you go Jew hunting? To the HBO doc on the cult. His twitter account let all the mild comments stay, but i made two that were gone in a New York minute..i am trying to link but i will say , with all apologies for bad language, i did say, “You sick f–k. Quit acting like yer a f–king victim. Disgraceful, disgusting, degraded. ” i also said ” comparing the cult to the Holocaust isnt just insanely wrong, it’s offensive beyond words. Rape any babies 2day?” I know, i know, it was harsh but i keep remembering how jenna elfman would scream about baby-raping to anyone daring to speak out about the cos..i just got so angry. Well, my tweets were taken down in a sec…. if you dont want to post this because i was too inflammatory , i understand and offer mea culpa in advance. I just couldnt handle his smarmy, self- serving bs anymore, and well, after my family history with the cos……

    • Violet

      I posted a bunch of replies, but not sure if he deleted them.

  • SOB

    With the biggest documentary premiere on HBO in almost ten years, I can’t believe this isn’t doing well… Only just over 9,000 signatures since March 23rd. We only need a total of 100,000 and 1.7 million saw it on Sunday alone.

    • Violet

      I’m not sure why so few people have signed the petition. Maybe the information about Scientology retaliation actually has people afraid to have their names on the list? They could use the fact that the petition didn’t reach 100k to argue to politicians that the larger public doesn’t care enough about this issue to push for the exemption to be revoked, which worried me. I’ve been tweeting and posting it,and I signed it. I hope it starts picking up steam, because it only has 3 more weeks to go.

  • Violet

    I have a theory about Tom Cruise which, since I’ve never met him personally, you can take for what it’s worth from years of observation of his behavior from afar. I have to deal with a lot of different people, including deluded narcissists, sadly.

    I believe Tom is pretty dumb, and knows he’s pretty dumb, and has always been made to feel dumb [I don’t mean dumb because he’s dyslexic, which smart people can also be, I mean just plain dumb.] He seems very insecure about not being smart, and Scientology gives him a way to feel like he knows something other people don’t know, and he has superior knowledge, which makes him special. Just a couple of examples, and I don’t have direct quotes, are in his rambling video, he repeatedly says something like “I know, I know” or “we know” and also how condescending he is to non-Scientologists like Matt Lauer, when he was shaking his head at Matt, and calling him “glib,” because he just didn’t “understand” how evil psychiatry is.

    Cruise believes that he is one of a few people who has all the answers, and that the world needs him, even if people don’t understand they need him. He needs this validation to feel “smart,” and it would be too devastating to him to admit that, not only is he just a guy who doesn’t have all the answers; he’s considerably dumber than many. That’s my non-professional take on why he’ll never leave.

    • abb

      Non-professional take or not, I think it makes a whole lot of sense. I’ve always believed him to be not so swift and that insecurity may be his Achilles heel. Feeling that he has the upper hand and that Scientologists like him have the responsibility to lead is clearly empowering to this little man.

    • Karen

      I really think your on to something here, Violet! His smugness, is almost like a nervous tick, and his inability to answer questions without laughing extremely creepily, is another insecurity! I can’t watch any movie he is in without seeing him jump on Oprah’s couch! Also, I can’t support people whole look down on people with disabilities! It is ironic that as dumb as he is, you’d think he would not be accepted into this “cult fold,” but for his celebredum?

  • Karen

    I am clearly upset about the treatment, or lack there of, of the children! To have the children of scientoligist’s thought of as “more work” and to suggest “abortions” to their members, is CLEARLY JOYFUL! I am extremely pissed that this cult, which is clearly not a religion, does not pay taxes on their billions of dollars. Religions do not “trick out limos, motorcycles, or audio systems” for the celebrity in the cult! This is evidence fiscally, that this is not a church!

    To see L. Ron Hubbard ramblings, made me creeped out! To hear about all the made up military stories, suggests he’s a pathological liar! I am also very insulted as an honorably discharged Veteran, that he spoke so many lies about his military experience, that I feel he should have been thrown in prison for impersonating an honorable war hero!

    Also, as a service connected Veteran, diagnosed with “Organic Personal Trauma Post Traumatic Stress Disease”, it is insulting that this cult would find shame in being around me! I assure those cult members, you should be so lucky to know me!

    Furthermore, SCIENTOLOGISTS, your “so called leader LRH,” wrote the Veterans Administration for help with his physiological problems! He is a HYPOCRITE, and you are now bitches of a hypocritical cult! If you really want to see, look at the facts! Take back your lives!

  • Paige Lovelace

    Going Clear was wonderful and I recommend it to everyone i see! I always knew they were crazy but Going Clear cemented it for me! I love Marty Rathburn and Mike Rinder they are so honest about what they did and no one can discredit them!