Tony Ortega is a journalist who was formerly the editor of The Village Voice. He's written about Scientology since 1995, and in May 2015 released a book about Scientology's harassment of Paulette Cooper titled 'The Unbreakable Miss Lovely.' He continues to monitor breaking developments in the Scientology world from an undisclosed location in an underground bunker he shares with four cats and one of them wrinkly Shar Pei dogs. Despite his super-secret security protections, you can still reach him pretty easily by sending him a message at tonyo94 AT (Drop him a line if you'd like to get an e-mail whenever a new story is posted.) [Header image courtesy John Rickard]
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Podcast: Claire Headley on the questions Tom Cruise never gets asked

 This week, Tom Cruise reached a new milestone as his movie Top Gun: Maverick became his first ever billion-dollar box office smash. But amid all the hoopla, several people have dared to dampen the party by pointing out that Tom, besides being a movie star, is also the face and the symbol for a certain []


Tom Cruise’s hit movie couldn’t come at a better time for his Scientology best bud

 Your proprietor is big at the Daily Beast again today with a new story about everyone’s favorite Scientology topic: Tom []

‘Top Gun: Maverick’: The only movie review you need if you’re being honest about Tom Cruise

 When Luke Y. Thompson (AV Club) told us he’d screened Top Gun: Maverick but hadn’t been commissioned to write a review, we knew that we needed him to write one for the Underground Bunker. Our association with Luke goes back more than 20 years, to a now defunct publication, New Times Los Angeles, where he []

Tom Cruise pal Simon Pegg set to make film with rising star Scientologist director

 It was just a few weeks ago that we told you about Adam Sigal, the Scientologist writer-director whose sci-fi dark comedy, Chariot, opened in theaters last month to mixed reviews (Metacritic score: []

Scientology royalty: Why it makes sense for Tom Cruise to host the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

 A few days ago ITV announced plans for next month’s elaborate celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, which will be broadcast live from Windsor []

A drone’s eye view of Scientology’s mecca, including Tom Cruise’s penthouse

 Over the years we’ve had some great drone shots of Scientology properties. You probably remember our exciting series of posts highlighting the first ever 4K drone footage of Scientology’s secret compounds in California and New Mexico in 2016, for []

Tom Cruise, looking puffy again between movie shoots, gets booed at SF game

 The San Francisco Giants put Tom Cruise on the Jumbotron last night during Game 2 of the division series with the Los Angeles Dodgers. This set off a storm on Twitter, with lots of jokes about how puffy Tom looked (again) and wondering if he was preparing to play recently deceased SNL comedian Norm MacDonald []

A very brief note on Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri

 Short post []

Tom Cruise’s Scientology superpowers, No. 1: Shattering the suppression from a 15-year-old

 In 1950, a well known writer for the pulps, L. Ron Hubbard, announced that he had figured out the meaning of existence. In his book published that year, Dianetics, he revealed that the thing propelling all life was the compulsion to []

Tom Cruise’s Scientology superpowers, No. 2: Achieving godhood

 We’re now coming to the top of Tom Cruise’s superpowers that he’s picked up with his dedication to Scientology for more than 30 years. []