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Chris Shelton: What it’s like to spy for Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs

 This week I interviewed Shane Rybacki. He is a former Scientologist who had a short stint on the EPF, worked for the Office of Special Affairs in Orange County and was eventually kicked out of the Church and disconnected from his family because he dared to disparage Scientology in a public forum. He reached out []


A private eye comes clean: ‘Scientology is a disgrace to the world’

 This is Cierra Westerman. She sent us this photo of herself with her then boyfriend, Dwayne []

‘It was my job to get Mike Rinder’s trash’ — A former Scientology spy begins to spill her guts

[Mike Rinder and Christie Collbran]

Yesterday, former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder posted a chilling account by his wife Christie Collbran about a Scientology spy who worked to become a part of their []

Clearwater bar owner under surveillance has a surprise for Scientology: He’s expanding

[Clay Irwin and friend]

We have some follow-up information for you in the case of Clay Irwin and the camera he found facing his house in Clearwater, Florida. []

‘Going Clear’ subject Tom DeVocht visited by Burbank PD after suspicious anonymous tip

We’ve been reporting that some of the ex-Scientologists who took part in Alex Gibney’s film Going Clear have been experiencing a sharp increase in the amount of surveillance and harassment they normally have to put up with.

Perhaps no one has experienced more suspicious activity recently than Tom DeVocht, a former church executive who was close []

TONIGHT: Nancy Many's Story of Scientology Spying and Interrogation on ID at 10 PM

Tonight is the night we move into a new era: for the first time, a television network is putting on not just a story about some of Scientology’s worst abuses — spying on perceived enemies, degrading treatment of workers, splitting up families — but it’s being dramatized in a 1-hour show that pulls no punches.

We’ve []

Scientology’s Master Spies

For 24 years, they followed one man for the Church of Scientology. Then, for just over a single day, they came in from the cold.

By Tony Ortega

[Paul Marrick reunites with his old boss, Marty Rathbun]

 This week, we learned that a lawsuit filed against the Church of Scientology by two of its former private investigators was []

Another Scientology Victory: Photos of Marc Headley’s Roof Being Repaired!

Sometimes, we are simply in awe of Scientology’s effectiveness and power as it marches onward, turning this prison planet into the sanest place in the galaxy.

Today, we can barely contain ourselves as we present to you more evidence that David Miscavige is leading Scientology into a golden age.

We present to you this photograph, which appeared []