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Another Scientology Victory: Photos of Marc Headley’s Roof Being Repaired!

Sometimes, we are simply in awe of Scientology’s effectiveness and power as it marches onward, turning this prison planet into the sanest place in the galaxy.

Today, we can barely contain ourselves as we present to you more evidence that David Miscavige is leading Scientology into a golden age.

We present to you this photograph, which appeared recently at a website the church maintains in order to get out the truth that the media tries to suppress. Ladies and gentlemen, gaze upon a church’s good works…

Now, you may be wondering, is this evidence that, like the Amish or some other faith-loving group, Scientologists like to pitch in and help out a family in need? Is that what we’re seeing in this photograph?

Well, no. What you’re actually seeing are some workers repairing the roof on the house owned by Marc and Claire Headley. You see, back on July 30, there was a hellacious hailstorm in their Colorado neighborhood that ruined just about every roof around. Like their neighbors, the Headleys had to turn to their insurance company for repairs, since the damage to their roof was covered under their homeowner’s policy. Marc tells us that most of the other houses already had their roofs repaired, and in September, when this photo was taken, their place was one of the last group in the neighborhood getting patched up.


Now, isn’t it heartwarming that the Church of Scientology would care enough about the Headleys and their well-being that it would monitor the work being done to their house, and post photographs of it on a website that the church maintains just for that purpose?

Although the church is too modest to put its name on the site, we’ve written in the past about the hard work (and great expense!) it takes for the church to maintain such a website.

Normally, the church uses the site to update its members on what’s happening with one of its favorite former members, Marty Rathbun. But in this case, it knew that Scientologists would be curious about how the Headleys are doing since they left their jobs at the church’s International Base in 2005.

Isn’t it nice to know that Scientology cares about its former members like that? Hey, maybe it’s time for a big reunion!

For those who aren’t familiar with the Headleys, they were a young couple who met at the Int Base but ultimately left because they had some differences of opinion with church management. Like, for example, Claire wasn’t really thrilled with being forced to have a couple of abortions by a Scientology policy that insisted they work 100 hours a week for little pay, and shouldn’t have time for kids.

After leaving the church, the Headleys decided to sue the church over their treatment. They lost on appeal, but the appeal decision is fascinating not only for how seriously it took the complaints made by the Headleys, but it also hinted that if they’d sued under a different law, they might have won.

After that loss, Scientology presented the Headleys with a bill for $42,000 in court costs — but the church agreed to waive those costs if the Headleys would only agree to spy for the church.

The Headleys decided instead to pay the entire bill, and had to empty their savings, sell a van and other things, and borrow several thousand in order to come up with the entire amount. Jason Beghe, another former Scientologist, encouraged the Headleys to create a fund so people could donate money and help them recover what they paid the church.

We wrote about it, and the response was amazing. We love a happy ending. The church got its money. The Headleys were restored. And our readers proved to be Big Beings.

As a testament to how much the church still cares about the Headleys, they now have private investigators watching their house to see that the roof got fixed properly.

How’s that for compassion! (And a note to Miscavige: Your concern is touching, but not to worry — the roof was covered by insurance, and none of the money our readers raised for them was spent on it.)

All of us can feel some pride in seeing this work go forward — after all, if it weren’t for your tax dollars, how could Mr. Miscavige afford to make such efforts to ensure that he can keep an eye on the welfare not only of his fellow church members, but even his former colleagues. What a heart that guy has!

And just to reassure Scientology’s leader that the Headleys are, in fact, doing fine, we thought we’d finish with a photograph of the family enjoying themselves on a recent trip to the home of Marty and Monique Rathbun. (In the photo, that’s Monique with the Headley boys fishing out back of the Rathbun house in Texas.) As you can see, Mr. Miscavige, your former employees are having the times of their lives!

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