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List of People Who Have Left Scientology and Spoken Out Reaches 2,000 Names

Those tireless researchers over at reached a milestone last night (and are celebrating with party hats). They scour the Internet looking for evidence of people who have dared to leave the Church of Scientology and speak out publicly about it. (Many more leave quietly, hoping not to draw the wrath of an organization that is notorious for its retaliation ploys.)

Last night, they added the 2000th person to that last, which you can find alphabetized at the WWP site.

As the compilers of the list note, some of the people who have denounced the church still consider themselves Scientologists. They still admire L. Ron Hubbard and his ideas, but have had enough with the official church run by David Miscavige. The Miethes appear to be among these “independents” who have decided to pursue Hubbard’s goals outside the corporate church.

Others have washed their hands of Scientology altogether. And among the list of 2,000 names are quite a few that should be very familiar to the readers of this blog. We’ll list just a few…

Larry Anderson, Gerry Armstrong, Jon Atack, Chuck Beatty, Jason Beghe, Derek Bloch, Maureen Bolstad, Kate Bornstein, Denise Brennan, John Brousseau, Luke Catton, Tory Christman, Christie Collbran, Debbie Cook, Bent Corydon, Brian Culkin, Laura DeCrescenzo, Karen de la Carriere, Rachel Denk, Tom De Vocht, Ramana Dienes-Browning, Samantha Domingo, John Duignan, Dennis Erlich, Dave and Synthia Fagen, Michael Fairman, Mark Fisher, Will Fry, Terri Gamboa, Luis Garcia, Maria Pia Gardini, Dan Garvin, Joy Graysen, Pete Griffiths, Chris Guider, Natalie Hagemo, Paul Haggis, Steve Hall, Scarlett Hanna, Jefferson Hawkins, Claire and Marc Headley, Bruce Hines, Lori Hodgson, Lynne Hoverson, Geir Isene, Mareka James, Michael Laws, Dani and Tami Lemberger, Arnie Lerma, Hy Levy, Paulien Lombard, Trey Lotz, Tiziano Lugli, Brian Mandigo, Nancy Many, Nan McLean, Jenna Miscavige Hill, Patty Moher, Gary Morehead, Kirsi Ojamo, Frank Oliver, Martin Padfield, Melissa Paris, Valeska Paris, Michael Pattinson, Mat Pesch, Steve Pfauth, Cindy and Matt Plahuta, Mark Plummer, Steve Poore, Karen Pressley, Jesse Prince, Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Garry Scarff, Cathy Schenkelberg, Bert Schippers, Amy Scobee, Mark Shreffler, Andre Tabayoyon, Aida Thomas, Simi Valley, Cyril Vosper, Margery Wakefield, Roger Weller, Hana Whitfield, Lawrence Wollersheim, Astra Woodcraft, Bonnie Woods, Robert Vaughn Young, and Karla Zamudio.


PS: We want to thank those readers who have sent us messages of concern regarding the frankenstorm bearing down on the east coast. We wanted to assure everyone that our animals are on high ground, and the bunker has been battened down and sealed tight for the duration.

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