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Activists find Scientologist French police tried for years to question about 2006 suicide

[Gloria Lopez]

Activists have tracked down a woman French police tried for years to question about the 2006 suicide of a Scientologist — and she’s still working for the []


Tracking Scientology’s claims about membership — a new digital project with Jonny Jacobsen

 While we were researching material for our book on Paulette Cooper a few years ago, we happened upon a 1969 New York Times article that quoted James Meisler, the PR man and “minister” for the New York org in those days. In 1972 Meisler become a key player in the plot to frame Paulette for []

Jonny Jacobsen: The tweets about Scientology that got a comedian in hot water

[Argentinian actress Malena Pichot]

Our man in Paris, British journalist Jonny Jacobsen, has a report out of South America for us []

Scientology is still a fraud in France, but it gets some revenge against anti-cult group there

[For Scientology’s Paris spokesman, Eric Roux, it was a good day.]

Here’s the latest report from our man in Paris, British journalist Jonny Jacobsen…

In 2013, France’s highest court upheld a ruling that Scientology, in that country at least, is a fraud. And key to that court decision, as well as the one it upheld, was an []

Jonny Jacobsen: Why the Moscow ban on Scientology may be built on shaky foundations

 Our man in Europe, Jonny Jacobsen, finally found some time in his busy schedule covering the Scientology prosecution in Belgium to give us his thoughts about the other big story this week — the Moscow court’s decision to ban the church. Like us, Jonny has his concerns about the way Russia goes about its opposition []

From our man in Europe: Details on the Dutch denial of tax exemption to Scientology

Jonny Jacobsen

Our man in Paris, Jonny Jacobsen, fills us in on some details about this week’s decision by a Dutch appeals court that Scientology should not get tax exemption in that country because of the prices it charges…

 A Dutch tax court on Wednesday denied Scientology the tax-exempt status of a public benefit organisation, []

Is France dropping its anti-Scientology fervor because Tom Cruise is just too délicieux?

We have another report today from our man in Paris, British journalist Jonny Jacobsen. Recently, he wrote here about a Scientologist’s 2006 suicide in France that prosecutors were trying to pin on Scientology itself. But an inability to track down three key witnesses had jeopardized the state’s investigation. Later, at his own website, Jonny summarized []

Can you help French prosecutors find these witnesses to the death of a Scientologist?

Our man in Paris, journalist Jonny Jacobsen, has a fascinating piece for us today. We’ll let him explain…

A judge investigating the 2006 suicide of a Scientologist in France may finally close the case because police have not been able to track down key witnesses. Officers have been looking into the death of 47-year-old Gloria Lopez []

Jonny Jacobsen: New Scientology legal setbacks in Belgium, France, and Holland

Jonny Jacobsen

Once again we have a special report from our man in Paris, British journalist Jonny Jacobsen. He has news of three new developments: Scientology’s maneuvering has been cleared away so that a Belgian prosecution of fraud against the church can occur, an attempt by Scientology to sue one of its biggest critics []

Jonny Jacobsen reviews the new Scientology memoir by Hungarian writer Peter Bonyai

Our man in Paris, British journalist Jonny Jacobsen, is back with another great piece — this time, a lengthy review of the newest book recounting the journey into and out of the Church of Scientology.

Underground Bunker regulars will recall that Hungarian ex-Scientology member Peter Bonyai (pictured, right) helped us out with a story in April []