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The Garcias won’t go down without a fight: Filing appeal of Scientology’s ‘arbitration’ farce

 The Garcias aren’t letting well enough alone. More than five years after they first filed a lawsuit against the Church of Scientology, and after three years wrestling against a ruling by Tampa federal Judge James Whittemore that forced them into Scientology’s internal arbitration, Luis and Rocio Garcia have filed a notice that they are appealing []


Scientology is very worried about 75-year-old Efrem Logreira and his allegations

[Kendrick Moxon and Efrem Logreira]

In our last story about Efrem Logreira, we told you that he had turned down the offer of a check for $8,415 from the Church of []

Colombian senator asks defense minister to investigate Scientology over medal scandal

[Sen. Iván Cepeda wants an investigation of Scientology in Colombia]

Our correspondent in Colombia’s capital of Bogotá, who helped us cover the Scientology Ideal Org opening there in 2015, has been keeping an eye on the brewing scandal in that country over Scientology’s relationship with various members of the Colombian national police []

Why did a 26-year-old ‘Clear’ kill herself at Scientology’s spiritual mecca?

[Kristi Bouck went Clear in 2015]

In 2015, our correspondent Rod Keller posted at his own website a photo from Scientology’s South Coast mission in Orange County, California (see above). It featured a young woman named Kristi Bouck showing off a document indicating that she had attested to []

Scientology used an ice cream ‘date’ to run up $20,000 on senior’s credit cards

[Efrem’s ice cream dates]

The day after we reported last week on the ordeal of 75-year-old Efrem Logreira — who says the Church of Scientology ran up charges on his credit cards for courses he would never take, and which cost him thousands in interest payments — he heard from the church in a letter disputing []


[Laura D, from her Facebook account]

After nine years of characteristic scorched-earth legal maneuvering which included numerous appeals and delays and long-shot Hail Mary passes, Scientology has finally chickened out of actually going through a trial over the forced-abortion allegations of Laura DeCrescenzo. The two sides hammered out a settlement to end the case before trial []

Scientology leader David Miscavige will not testify in forced-abortion trial

[Laura DeCrescenzo and David Miscavige]

We have some updates for you from Laura DeCrescenzo’s forced-abortion case as it rapidly approaches its August 13 trial []

Judge to Garcias: Scientology can lie and cheat and there’s nothing I can do about it

[Judge James D. Whittemore]

Judge James D. Whittemore has ruled that Luis and Rocio Garcia will have to live with the kangaroo court Scientology put them through in the name of religious []

Is this case of Scientology draining a senior of his savings the one police are looking for?

[Efrem Logreira]

Earlier this year, we first heard from Efrem Logreira, who shared with us a letter he had sent to the Church of []

Scientology scrambles to keep Miscavige out of forced-abortion trial

[Laura D and her attorney, John Blumberg]One month from today, Laura DeCrescenzo is finally scheduled to get the trial against Scientology that she first asked for more than eight years ago — and the church is scrambling to keep leader David Miscavige out of []