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Monthly Archives

Paging Graham Berry: Another Scientology horror story of credit fraud targeting retirees

[Some random Scientology staffers, here to help you with your credit cards.]

After Thursday’s story about the financial crimes that we’ve been covering here at the Bunker, we received a stunning message from a reader in the Midwest. She told us that she’d been reading the Bunker and thinking of reaching out to us for some []


The FBI wants recent cases of Scientology fraud? We’ve got them right here, for crissakes

[A photo that should become a court exhibit]

Yesterday, Scientology and the Aftermath participant Aaron Smith-Levin posted a notice on Facebook about a Reuters reporter who was looking for recent examples of Scientology fraud. []

Here’s the lawsuit against Scientology and Danny Masterson. Let’s dive into it.

 A copy of the new Scientology lawsuit filed at the Los Angeles Superior Court has made its way to us, and we are reading it almost the same time as you are. Please help us go through this thing with a fine tooth comb, and let us know what you find []


[Bobette Riales, left, Chrissie Carnell with her husband, rocker Cedric Bixler Zavala]

The second big lawsuit from a powerful legal team assembled to take on the Church of Scientology has been filed, following up on the “Jane Doe” lawsuit in June that named the church and its leader David Miscavige []

Powerful testimonies about child abuse in Scientology keep coming to light

[Victoria Locke]

You may have seen Victoria Locke on YouTube or over at Facebook. She’s been coming forward with some really shocking allegations of abuse while she was in Scientology, and she posted another stunning narrative []

Scientologists behaving badly: What’s prison time to a trillion-year-old thetan?

We want to thank Mike Rinder for sending over the photo you see above, which he came across and thought we could use. []

Scientologists in Texas neighborhood battle turn out to include Lori Hodgson’s daughter

[Jonathan and Jessica Davitt and their Austin home]

One of the consequences of Scientology’s toxic “disconnection” policy is that the people who are affected can go years between any news at all about the loved ones who have cut them out of their []

Scientology uses actor Jason Dohring as bait in what ends up as a false imprisonment case

 Actor Jason Dohring may still be recovering from his Veronica Mars character Logan Echolls being blown up at the end of the show’s recently-released fourth season, but perhaps now the Scientology actor will gain some notoriety for another []

When your ex is into Scientology, a custody battle can get cosmically worse

[Michael Creger with Mike Rinder in Clearwater]

Chris Shelton interviewed San Diego resident Michael Creger for a new video this week. Shelton and your proprietor have been communicating with Creger for a couple of years, and you may have run across him in one of the Facebook groups dedicated to Scientology []

Scientology’s answer to Garcias’ appeal sets a new record in cynicism and legal depravity

[Eric Lieberman, Scientology’s legal wrangler]

Every single person who ever worked in the inner circle of Scientology’s highest elevations — the former Sea Organization executives who ran the worldwide movement from one of several secretive locations — every single one of those people will tell you that despite Scientology’s alphabet soup of many entities, it is []