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Monthly Archives

Come on, people. Even Star mag’s own article doesn’t claim Tom Cruise has left Scientology.

We were hoping to let this one go. We tried to ignore it, we really did. But so many people have sent us images of Star magazine’s new Tom Cruise cover asking us “Is this true?” we felt that we had to say something about []


Charles Manson and Scientology: What the church doesn’t want you to know

 In 2013, author Jeff Guinn produced a formidable book, Manson, about one of the 20th century’s most enigmatic figures. We enjoyed Guinn’s new look at Charles Manson, and we were interested in the way he carefully placed Manson’s Scientology involvement in []

Days before jumping to his death, actor Brad Bufanda credited Scientology with saving his life

 In August, Brad Bufanda, a 34-year-old actor and chiseled gym instructor, showed up for an initial table reading of an independent film he’d landed a role for. []

We got catfished! Tom Cruise’s ‘friend’ rooked us with a lot of lies

 Well, we should have known it was too good to be true. On October 19, we reported that Maryann Carter, a woman in Kentucky, had posted to a Facebook group that Tom Cruise, through a family member, had requested that photos of Suri Cruise no longer appear on the group. “She is no longer part []

Of course Jada Smith was a Scientologist, says principal who ran her Scientology school

[Jada Pinkett Smith, and Jacqueline Olivier]

Back in the spring of 2015, your proprietor and Mike Rinder sat down with Daily Beast writer Marlow Stern as part of the publicity on Alex Gibney’s film, Going Clear. During the interview, Stern said that Will Smith was a Scientologist, and the two of us both corrected him — []

Moss wins Emmy for portraying totalitarian cult victim and doesn’t care what you think about it

 As expected, actress Elisabeth Moss took home the Emmy award last night for her role in Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale, besting her fellow nominees for Lead Actress in a Drama Series, Claire Foy (The Crown), Keri Russell (The Americans), Viola Davis (How to Get Away with Murder), Robin Wright (House of Cards), and Evan Rachel []

New book peels back the cover on Scientology celebs and their legendary acting coach

[Allen Barton, Jenna Elfman, and Milton Katselas]

We’ve mentioned Allen Barton, proprietor of the Beverly Hills Playhouse, numerous times here at the Bunker and at the Village Voice. Most recently, for his play Disconnection, which we heard great things about from some of our readers who attended performances in Los []

Elisabeth Moss in this week’s ‘Handmaid’ sure sounded like FBI testimony about Scientology

 Numerous outlets have raised questions about actress Elisabeth Moss, a born-in Scientologist, playing the character Offred in the Hulu television series adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel The Handmaid’s Tale, which portrays an oppressive near-future dystopia. []

How a recanted John Travolta gay sex allegation led to a bizarre Michael Jackson scoop

[Jackson, Barresi, and Travolta]

Lately, your proprietor has been putting some of his older, non-Scientology stories on pages here at the website after readers expressed an interest in seeing them. And we were reminded of that project yesterday when a particular photo was posted in the comments section, making us think of our old acquaintance Paul []

Why Scientology’s Erika Christensen can play a Christian convert on the big screen

[Christensen, baptized in The Case for Christ]

We’re starting to get questions from readers about Erika Christensen playing a Christian convert in the movie The Case for Christ, which opened in theaters Friday. []