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Monthly Archives

Stanley Clarke turns out to be as deep into Scientology as we feared, all these years later

 From time to time we’re asked if famous jazz bassist Stanley Clarke is still involved in Scientology (and the person asking is usually hoping we’ll say no). For a while there, we hadn’t seen Stanley showing much involvement in the organization, and so we weren’t sure what to say. But then, ten days ago, we []


Scientology rock ‘n’ roller goes back to his days with L. Ron Hubbard at sea

[Geoff Levin, signifying how he feels about Scientology today]

A few weeks ago, we wrote a brief piece about Geoff Levin and how he and the other members of the 60s rock band People! are getting back together, 50 years since they had a hit song and then joined Scientology’s Sea []

Opportunity missed: What Erika Christensen should have been asked about Scientology

[Dax Shepard and Erika Christensen]

Your proprietor was on a family vacation a couple of weeks ago when a splash of Scientology celebrity news lit up the intertubes. Erika Christensen, second-generation Scientologist and accomplished actress, had uttered some interesting things about the church in a podcast with her actor friend, Dax Shepard. []

Erika Christensen shows off her new Scientology trophy for donating half a million bucks

 We’re fortunate that one of our loyal tipsters lives in Italy, where for some reason Scientology publications reveal some things that the magazines here don’t. In this case, we’re talking about an issue of Impact magazine which shows that David Miscavige handed out more trophies to wealthy Scientology donors at the New Year’s event in []

Fifty years later and post-Scientology, 60’s band People! aims for a comeback

[Back in the day, Geoff Levin (right) and People! hang with Paul McCartney at Capitol Records in 1968]

For Geoff Levin, the final thing holding him back came tumbling down a few weeks ago: His daughter, Savannah, 21, informed him that she no longer wanted to be a part of his life. []

Come on, people. Even Star mag’s own article doesn’t claim Tom Cruise has left Scientology.

We were hoping to let this one go. We tried to ignore it, we really did. But so many people have sent us images of Star magazine’s new Tom Cruise cover asking us “Is this true?” we felt that we had to say something about []

Charles Manson and Scientology: What the church doesn’t want you to know

 In 2013, author Jeff Guinn produced a formidable book, Manson, about one of the 20th century’s most enigmatic figures. We enjoyed Guinn’s new look at Charles Manson, and we were interested in the way he carefully placed Manson’s Scientology involvement in []

Days before jumping to his death, actor Brad Bufanda credited Scientology with saving his life

 In August, Brad Bufanda, a 34-year-old actor and chiseled gym instructor, showed up for an initial table reading of an independent film he’d landed a role for. []

We got catfished! Tom Cruise’s ‘friend’ rooked us with a lot of lies

 Well, we should have known it was too good to be true. On October 19, we reported that Maryann Carter, a woman in Kentucky, had posted to a Facebook group that Tom Cruise, through a family member, had requested that photos of Suri Cruise no longer appear on the group. “She is no longer part []

Of course Jada Smith was a Scientologist, says principal who ran her Scientology school

[Jada Pinkett Smith, and Jacqueline Olivier]

Back in the spring of 2015, your proprietor and Mike Rinder sat down with Daily Beast writer Marlow Stern as part of the publicity on Alex Gibney’s film, Going Clear. During the interview, Stern said that Will Smith was a Scientologist, and the two of us both corrected him — []