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Monthly Archives

How to get fired from a Scientology job the easy way — a real-world example

 We heard recently from a young man who talked himself out of a job at a Scientology drug rehab in May, and we thought you’d want to hear about []


Kim Poff, finally free to speak: ‘I want this story out. I want people to know what Narconon did.’

 We talked to Kimberly Poff yesterday, the former inspector general who recently won a $200,000 settlement which ended several years of litigation with the state of Oklahoma. We’ve been following Kim’s story since she was fired for acting as a whistleblower when she revealed that Oklahoma’s officials were afraid to take on the Church of []

Scientologist pair running for office double down on their denials about church involvement

[Rob Lauer goes to bat for Scientologists Brent and Aimee Jones]

We have a little follow up for you in regards to a story we did last week. Our veteran readers know that for several years we’ve kept an eye on Nevada politician and Scientologist Brent Jones, who served a single term as a state assemblyman, []

The new Freedom magazine is here, and Scientology has never looked better!

 The new Freedom magazine is here! []

DOX: Sworn testimony that a U.S. state was too afraid to take on the Church of Scientology

[Kim Poff and her attorney, Rachel Bussett]

What is it about the Church of Scientology that turns law enforcement and other government agencies into quivering cubes of human []

Forced to open its books, one overseas Scientology rehab shows that business is grim

 One of the tough things about reporting on the Church of Scientology is that its tax-exempt status allows it to hide much of its financial information from the public. In some countries, however, Scientology and its front groups have to open their books. Among them is the Netherlands, where once again we’re getting a look []

Scientology denied twice in wrongful death lawsuit as parents grieve for Tabatha Fauteux

 “There’s nothing we don’t miss about her. She was just a lot of fun. Even when you were having the worst day of your life, she could figure out how to get a smile out of you,” Guy Fauteux told us yesterday about his daughter Tabatha. “It’s the worst. And she was doing so good. []

Bryan Seymour: Scientology’s sniffer-dog problem is bad timing for Narconon in Australia

[Australian K9 Detection Unit at work]

Two years ago, we told you that Scientology’s drug rehab in Australia was in trouble, and now there’s more evidence of it — the place is being sued for not paying its bills. And TV journalist Bryan Seymour tells us the timing couldn’t be worse for Scientology as it prepares []

State investigators fired for blowing the whistle on Scientology’s rehabs get hearing in Denver

[Rachel Bussett had a big day at the Byron White U.S. Courthouse in Denver]

Yesterday, attorney Rachel Bussett argued before the federal Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, and we caught up with her after she’d gone through the heady experience. []

Scientology’s Narconon rehabs haven’t changed in the least, even after dozens of lawsuits

[Joseph Dahdah]

Rod Keller keeps a close watch on Scientology’s front groups, and this week gives us another report on the church’s drug rehab network, []