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Hanan and Rizza Islam get trial date for $4 million Medi-Cal fraud at Scientology rehab

 We have numerous legal updates for you today, starting with some news we’ve been waiting a long time to hear: Finally, there is a trial date set for Hanan and Rizza []



[Hanan and Rizza Islam in court]

So, there’s some good news and some bad news for Hanan Islam, the Scientologist who is accused of running a sophisticated $3.8 million fraud scheme out of a Scientology Narconon clinic in Compton and is facing trial next []

Scientologists will face trial after judge cites ‘sophisticated fraud’ scheme

[Hanan Islam and her son Rizza]

Once again, Jeffrey Augustine was on hand as the preliminary hearing continued yesterday in the case of Scientologist Hanan Islam and three of her children, accused of a scheme using a Scientology Narconon drug rehab clinic, corrupt local educators, and unwitting high school students to defraud the state’s Medi-Cal program []

As Scientologists face another day in L.A. court, we have a bizarre twist to the case

[Hanan Islam, with Alfreddie Johnson at the World Literacy Crusade]

Today, testimony is scheduled to resume in the preliminary hearing of a Medi-Cal insurance fraud prosecution at the Los Angeles Superior Court that we’ve been following for several days, the latest development in a wild scam involving Scientology, its drug rehab network Narconon, the Nation of []

Scientologist removed from L.A. court again after screaming at judge in fraud hearing

[Hanan Islam, circa 2014]

It was another strange day at Los Angeles Superior Court yesterday as a long-delayed preliminary hearing went into its second day, and our correspondent Jeffrey Augustine was on the []

Scientologists led away in handcuffs after stunning evidence of fraud heard in L.A. court

 At the conclusion of the first day in their preliminary hearing yesterday afternoon at Los Angeles Superior Court, Scientologists Hanan Islam, 60, and her son Ronnie “Rizza” Islam, 29, were led away in handcuffs to spend the night in jail. []

Augustine: Compton scam rehab and ‘literacy crusade’ have vanished since raid

[Isaac Hayes (1942-2008) tells an audience about becoming the international spokesman for the World Literacy Crusade]

 We could not have broken the big story of felony charges against Scientologists operating a Scientology drug rehab clinic in Compton without the help of our sources. We’ve had invaluable help here in New York with the Underground Bunker’s man []

Witness: Compton scam rehab was a special Scientology project — how high does it go?

[An undated photo of the co-founders of American Health and Education Clinics and also operators of the World Literacy Crusade, Hanan Islam and Rev. Alfreddie Johnson Jr.]

Yesterday, we told you that Eric Tenorio, a former official with Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon, had an eyewitness account that confirmed that the rehab facility being run out []