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Scientology’s happy promotions can’t hide the cancer eating away at its core

[Scientology’s Mod Squad]

You may have noticed this photo pop up a few days ago. It depicts the Rev. Alfreddie Johnson, Jr., late of Compton, California, on a visit to the London Scientology Ideal Org, flanked by that facility’s “it” duo, Charlie Wakley and Sandrine []


Augustine: Compton scam rehab and ‘literacy crusade’ have vanished since raid

[Isaac Hayes (1942-2008) tells an audience about becoming the international spokesman for the World Literacy Crusade]

 We could not have broken the big story of felony charges against Scientologists operating a Scientology drug rehab clinic in Compton without the help of our sources. We’ve had invaluable help here in New York with the Underground Bunker’s man []

Witness: Compton scam rehab was a special Scientology project — how high does it go?

[An undated photo of the co-founders of American Health and Education Clinics and also operators of the World Literacy Crusade, Hanan Islam and Rev. Alfreddie Johnson Jr.]

Yesterday, we told you that Eric Tenorio, a former official with Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon, had an eyewitness account that confirmed that the rehab facility being run out []