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The Guardian’s expose of Narconon is great — except for this puzzling issue

[Narconon Ojai and ABLE’s ED]

We want to thank all of the readers who sent us messages about this weekend’s terrific expose of the Narconon drug program in the Guardian*, which involved a nine-month investigation and publication on the newspaper’s front []


Yes, Narconon IS Scientology, and we have video that settles the matter

 We’re continuing to mine some material that a former Scientology large donor sent our way, including some videos from what we call “peak Scientology,” the era when leader David Miscavige obviously felt pretty []

Clark Carr, 75, who gave up comedy dreams to become Scientology’s drug rehab mouthpiece

 According to his longtime comedy partner Tom Solari, Scientology’s former Narconon International president Clark Carr has died after a yearlong bout with cancer. He was []

Irish courts issued 14,000 words on Narconon rehab: Not a single one was ‘Scientology’

 An appellate court in Ireland recently upheld a zoning decision that will allow Scientology’s Narconon network to open a new clinic it has spent millions on, rehabbing an old nursing home in the Meath County village of Ballivor. []

More proof Scientology’s ‘Fresh Start’ clinics going belly up: San Diego County site for sale

 We told you previously that Scientology is now only listing five US locations for its Narconon rehab network, down from dozens in past years. In particular, we’ve been watching the demise of its ‘Fresh Start’ clinics in Southern California. Longtime reader Science Doc has been keeping tabs on Fresh Start’s Warner Springs location in San []

Leaked audio: Proof that government officials know about Scientology’s crimes

 Lucas Catton is a well-known figure here at the Bunker. He was once president of Scientology’s flagship rehab clinic, Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma, but then he became a whistleblower who has been featured on national television, and who continues to expose Scientology at his own YouTube []

NARCONON SHRINKAGE: Scientology lists only five US locations as ‘Fresh Start’ is removed

[The Warner Springs Narconon Fresh Start, yesterday]

In 2015 we reported that the entire Northern California Narconon rehab network had cut ties with Scientology, and some longtime Narconon critics were skeptical. But then we watched as Per Wickstrom’s Midwest centers also pulled out of Scientology’s []

Hanan and Rizza Islam get trial date for $4 million Medi-Cal fraud at Scientology rehab

 We have numerous legal updates for you today, starting with some news we’ve been waiting a long time to hear: Finally, there is a trial date set for Hanan and Rizza []

Luke Catton still being ‘Fair Gamed’ years after he exposed Scientology’s rehab racket

 When we saw Mike Rinder announce that he and Leah Remini were talking to Lucas Catton for their podcast this week, we reached out to him for an update on how things have been going for []

Scientology rehab: A new Narconon horror story that will remind you of all the others

[Narconon Warner Springs]

In July we posted another nightmare story from yet another family that was duped by Narconon, Scientology’s bogus network of []