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Monthly Archives

Convicted of fraud by France’s highest court, Scientology still pursues creative appeals

Our man in Paris, Jonny Jacobsen, has another dispatch for us about developments with Scientology in France. Take it away, Jonny…

In the interest of tying up loose ends, here are a couple of items, both fall-out from France’s definitive conviction of Scientology for organised fraud last year.

The first deals with Scientology’s latest attempt to persuade []


Is a Scientology front group among those fighting a European effort against ‘sects’?

Jonny Jacobsen

Our man in Paris, Jonny Jacobsen, has a detailed report for us about one of the groups making noise about a European effort to crack down on “sects” that harm children. It’s a timely report, as a debate will be broadcast live about the issue today from Strasbourg — and Jonny’s provided []

Paris elects its first female mayor — and you have to see her record on Scientology!

Yesterday, Paris elected its first woman mayor, Anne Hidalgo. But as our man in France Jonny Jacobsen explains, she has a lot more interest for us here in the Underground Bunker than the fact that she’s female and from Spain…

Paris has, not surprisingly, elected another socialist []

After Epilepsy Deaths, Scientology Website Still Extols Drug-Free Approach

We told you about Jonny Jacobsen’s latest investigative coup — a detailed story about a largely untold 25-year-old death at Scientology’s “Flag Land Base” in Clearwater, Florida.

Heribert Pfaff was only 31 when he died during an epileptic seizure while under the care of Scientologists, who had convinced him to go off his seizure medicine and []

VIDEO: Scientology Told Google’s Sergey Brin It Wanted Only “Good” Search Results

Geir Isene reached Scientology’s heights — Operating Thetan Level Eight — but the Norwegian has left the church and is now providing startling insights about his time in the organization.

Recently, he came to the United States, and has made a series of videos with former church member Karen de la Carriere. In the first video, []

Brit Writer’s 27 Years in Scientology is Suddenly News in France — Our Man in Paris Explains Why

RJ Ellory [Photo: E. Garault]

We have a very special treat for you today. We noticed recently that French publications were suddenly making a big deal about a British crime writer and his long association with the Church of Scientology. Naturally, we turned to our man in Paris for help understanding why.

Jonny Jacobsen is []