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On Memorial Day, some new revelations from L. Ron Hubbard’s military record

HubbardNavyRecently, we heard from Chris Owen, the preeminent historian of L. Ron Hubbard’s war record. We had contacted Chris after a news story appeared that had a hard time making heads or tails of Hubbard’s convoluted war record, and ended up making some conclusions that were a bit off.

Chris helped us set the record straight on that, and we’re grateful to him for it. He acknowledged that Hubbard’s war record is complex, but it really isn’t “mysterious,” as the press account had it, and it is possible to draw some solid conclusions about Hubbard’s war service based on a 1979 review that was compiled.

Right after we had that exchange with Chris, one of our researchers noticed that there was yet another set of documents about Hubbard’s war service that had never been posted online before. They had been compiled by the Food and Drug Administration in 1963, much earlier than the 1979 review. Did that earlier assessment jibe with what was put together later?

In 1963, the FDA was investigating Hubbard and Scientology for health claims they were making regarding the use of e-meters. As part of that investigation, the FDA looked into every aspect of Hubbard’s history, which included making a request to the Navy for a summary of Hubbard’s career.

We reviewed that 1963 document and shared it with Owen, who had never seen it before. And it was obvious that this was yet another, independent review of Hubbard’s war record which agreed precisely with the 1979 assessment and supported the conclusions that Owen has previously drawn.

“As you say, it corroborates what we already know from the records,” Chris said to us.


But there were also some interesting notes in that assessment of Hubbard which appeared at the end of the document…

While in the Navy complaints were registered for unpaid bills from Margolis Tailoring Company, Washington, DC, Rexder in Australia and also Alaska.

He did belong to the Allied Scientists of the World

A Lieutenant John W. Maloney, Serial No. 212257, U.S. Naval Reserve who is a friend of Hubbard’s was discharged for homosexuality.

Hubbard is drawing about 30 percent disability for claims of arthritis, service connected.

We’ve written about Hubbard’s “Allied Scientists of the World” caper in the past, and we’ll be going into it in more depth at a later date. But we couldn’t help finding that reference to Maloney pretty interesting.

“I’ve never seen the reference to Maloney before,” Owen told us, “but some Googling suggests that someone of the same name was an employee of the Hubbard Dianetic Foundation, and also Secretary and Treasurer of Hubbard’s ‘Allied Scientists of the World’ organization, which is mentioned in that document. His full name was John William Maloney.”

We don’t know if it’s worth making too much about Hubbard’s association with a friend who was kicked out of the Navy for being gay. But it’s another reminder that when Hubbard labeled homosexuality a “perversion” in Dianetics and then assigned the state of “covert hostility” to homosexuals on his Tone Scale in 1951, he was setting the groundwork that would imbue Scientology with a homophobic outlook which still poisons the organization today.

Now we know that he did so even though one of his earliest supporters and co-conspirators was bounced out of the military for being gay.

Hell of a guy. Happy Memorial Day, L. Ron.

1963 FDA record request of the US Navy




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Posted by Tony Ortega on May 25, 2015 at 07:00

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