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Mark Bunker: How I changed seats and freaked out Scientology last night in Clearwater

 Attorney Elise Winters has hated the idea of me on the Downtown Development Board since I was elected. She previously tried to get me kicked off the board with some very transparent maneuvers and failed. She has me exiled to the kids table out of sight with a mic that often isn’t working. []


Mark Bunker on Scientology’s sneaky plan for Clearwater: It’s dead in the water now

 After the new blockbuster from Tracey McManus about Scientology’s sneaky plans in Clearwater dropped Sunday morning at the Tampa Bay Times, we’ve been itching to find out what Clearwater City Councilman Mark Bunker made of []

Mark Bunker: Meeting an old Scientology friend on the streets of Clearwater

[The streets of Clearwater, back in the day]

Yesterday was Neighborhoods Day in Clearwater. It is a festive day every year where individual neighborhoods throw their own block parties and we council members, along with police officers, city staff and officials travel around and visit as many of the get-togethers as possible. It’s a fun tradition []

Mark Bunker: Scientology going nuts over upcoming Tampa Bay Times report

[Bunker helpfully identifies Scientology mouthpiece Ben Shaw]

Late last night we heard from Mark Bunker, who wanted us to know about some comments he had made at last night’s Clearwater, Florida city council []

Podcast: Mark Bunker explains that David Miscavige is not ‘missing,’ he’s HIDING

 Over the last few days, you’ve probably noticed some breathless tabloid claims that Scientology’s leader David Miscavige has gone []

SEASON’S GREETINGS: Mark Bunker shares fan mail from Scientology members

 We’re finally getting a chance to go through our backlog of email that piled up during the Danny Masterson trial, and we were glad to see that we’d been sent a message from our old friend Mark Bunker, the Clearwater, Florida city []

Death of a ‘whale’: Scientology loses a major donor and Mark Bunker critic

[Steve Anderson]

This is the last thing Scientology leader David Miscavige needs right now. What with so much going on, including Scientology getting a drubbing in trials on two coasts, Mike Rinder still on his media rounds for his excellent new book ‘A Billion Years,’ and the two mayoral candidates in Los Angeles trying to outdo []

PODCAST: Mark Bunker on Scientology’s sabotage of progress in Clearwater

 Thanks to the intrepid work of Tampa Bay Times reporter Tracey McManus, we learned this past week that Scientology continues its old tricks in Clearwater, the Florida city whose downtown was taken over by the church in a surreptitious takeover 45 years []

Mark Bunker reminds us that there are actually Scientology physicians out there

 We always enjoy hearing from Wise Beard Man, our old friend Mark Bunker, who is a city councilman in the Scientology-besieged city of Clearwater, []

Clearwater’s new city manager: ‘We must develop a partnership with the Church of Scientology’

 We told you earlier that Clearwater city councilman Mark Bunker was told that a recent secret meeting between the city’s mayor, city manager, and city attorney with Scientology leader David Miscavige was a 3.5-hour harangue by the diminutive church []