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Monthly Archives

The Underground Bunker’s 2019 Scientology year-in-review starts today!

[The Daily Beast captured the year’s biggest Scientology story with this clever illo]

[NOTE: Don’t miss last night’s breaking news about Scientology’s attempt to force Valerie Haney into ‘religious arbitration.’]

Once again, the world’s press was infected with a passion for Scientology stories this year. And that metastasized in May when news organizations went rabid over the []


Scientology’s 2018: Another year is in the books at the Underground Bunker!

 We’re just a few hours away from the end of this crazy year of 2018, and we want to get through a lot of material before tonight’s big party, when we reveal Observer’s new HowdyCon poster at []

Scientology’s building projects & front groups under the microscope in 2018

[David Miscavige opens a new Ideal Org in Orlando in May]

On this final Sunday in 2018, we asked Rod Keller to give us his own year in review. We’re so fortunate that Rod gives us a report every week while he keeps such a close eye on Scientology’s “expansion” projects and front-group operations around the []

How Marc and Claire Headley’s Scientology lawsuit is being used by the NXIVM defense

[Marc and Claire Headley, Keith Raniere and Allison Mack]

In November, Smallville actress Allison Mack’s attorneys filed a motion to dismiss some of the charges that she’s facing in a federal criminal prosecution of allegations that, as a top lieutenant in Keith Raniere’s bizarre cabal known as NXIVM, she coerced other women to be his sex []

Best Scientology shoops in the Bunker this year, and let’s see your faves too

 Like last year, as part of our annual year in review, we asked Observer, our resident imagemaker (and designer of our new book cover, Battlefield Scientology) to pick out five of her favorite manipulated photos — otherwise known as “shoops” — produced by Underground Bunker []

Scientology’s humanitarians will continue to salvage this planet in 2019

 Before we continue with our year in review, we have an item to remind us that through all of Scientology’s challenges, all of its rotten press and mass defections, the people still inside continue to consider themselves saviors of the human []

Nation of Islam takes a bigoted swipe at Leah Remini and the ‘Jews’ behind her show

[Tony Muhammad is a recipient of Scientology’s highest honor, the ‘Freedom Medal’]

Nation of Islam figure and Scientology Freedom Medal winner Tony Muhammad was apparently pretty unhappy about Leah Remini’s recent episode about the strange relationship between the two []

Does Shelly Miscavige know it’s Christmas?

 We understand that Shelly Miscavige may be resigned to her fate.

But there’s a reason that “Where’s Shelly” is the number one question we get from the public — and it’s the same for Leah Remini. (We []

We got a correspondent into Scientology’s New Year’s Event Saturday in Los Angeles

[An artist’s conception of Saturday night’s shindig]

Once again, we got a correspondent into a major Scientology event. Our tipster attended Saturday night’s New Year’s Event held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Scientology customarily films its New Year’s event a few days early, pretending it’s actually New Year’s Eve, so that the video can []

Scientology’s smear machine hurting your reputation? For $1,500 they can help with that.

 Before we continue with our year in review, we wanted to share with you something a tipster forwarded to us. It’s an advertising mailer for a particular wing of Scientology that targets businessmen, trying to convince them that L. Ron Hubbard was a genius-level business administrator. []