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Monthly Archives

Scientology’s biggest donors of 2019, so far: The whales giving millions to Miscavige

[C.O.B. will take your check now]

Yesterday, we showed you the lesser whales keeping Scientology afloat with their donations, as revealed in the latest issue of Impact []


The donors keeping Scientology afloat in 2019: Today, part one, the lesser whales

[Skateboard hero Aaron Kyro, the new face of Scientology?]

Our great thanks to reader Once Born who snagged a new issue of Impact magazine, the Scientology publication we covet the []

More rich donors propping up Scientology are revealed in a church magazine

 A new issue of Scientology’s ‘Impact’ magazine contains yet another gallery of wealthy donors who were awarded trophies for turning over the big []

Scientology loses a whale: Major donor Michael Baybak dead at 77

[Michael Baybak in 2014]

The Church of Scientology has lost one of its all-time biggest donors, businessman Michael Baybak, who died last week at []

Scientology reveals it has a secret donor with an NFL connection giving millions

[Scientology barnstormer Michael Chan]

We want to thank our reader in Greece who alerted us to a pretty amazing situation. An entire 2-hour Michael Chan talk given to Scientologists in Athens had been posted to YouTube, and if we hurried we could get a look at it before Chan pulled it down (which Chan said would []

Thar she blows: The ‘whales’ who are keeping Scientology afloat in 2018

[Nancy Cartwright and her daughter Lucy Mae Murphy]

Each October, the whales return to East Grinstead, England in an annual migration that we find absolutely []

Scientology has its whales — and now the Underground Bunker does too!

[Ready for your trophy?]

We learned recently that Scientologists can not only become “patrons” and “laureates” and “meritorious” based on how much money they give to the IAS (Scientology’s main slush fund), but they can also become “ambassadors” and “luminaries” if they help pay for book dissemination campaigns. []

Whale watching: Your 2018 mid-year guide to who’s keeping Scientology alive

[Jim Bridgeforth and Victoria and Tom Cummins, Scientology cetaceans]

Thanks to the tipster who forwarded us pages from the new Impact magazine, we have your mid-year Scientology whale watching update! []

Erika Christensen shows off her new Scientology trophy for donating half a million bucks

 We’re fortunate that one of our loyal tipsters lives in Italy, where for some reason Scientology publications reveal some things that the magazines here don’t. In this case, we’re talking about an issue of Impact magazine which shows that David Miscavige handed out more trophies to wealthy Scientology donors at the New Year’s event in []

The new list of Scientology donors is out early this year — and the biggest whale is missing!

[Hey, whale — have you seen Bob anywhere?]

Our thanks to the tipster who got us the new Impact magazine right away, something we always look forward to. But please be aware, there are several things unusual about this newest publication from the International Association of []