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DONOR DRAMA: Stunning new data on the life cycle of a Scientology whale!

 For years, we’ve been fascinated by the behavior of Scientology’s whales. These are the really big donors, the ones who give the church more than $1 million just in straight donations, above and beyond what they spend for courses, auditing, accommodations and the []


Richie Acunto, Scientology donor and ‘Survival Insurance’ mogul, dead at 70

 Richie Acunto, a colorful Scientology “whale” who had donated at least $10 million to the church, and who was once a major player in auto insurance in California, was found dead this week in Marina del Rey on his boat, where he had been living for several []

There she blows! More Scientology whales spotted, including some surprises

 On Wednesday we celebrated the arrival of the new Impact magazine, the Scientology publication that annually (and sometimes more frequently) names the biggest donors to the International Association of Scientologists (IAS), which is Scientology’s membership []

Scientology’s richest in 2022: Where have all the whales gone?

 Our many thanks to the reader who forwarded us Scientology’s newest Impact magazine, our favorite of all the publications that Scientology denudes entire forests to put []

The new Impact magazine is here, and we get to see Scientology’s biggest donors celebrated!

 If you’ve been with us for very long, you know that we get very excited when Scientology puts out a new issue of its magazine “Impact,” which is the official organ of the International Association of Scientologists, the church’s membership []

Is Scientology clown prince Grant Cardone slagging on super-richie Bob Duggan now?

[Happier days: Cardone, Elena, Duggan]

A reader brought to our attention that Grant Cardone, at his Instagram account, has posted a video of himself talking about how he turned down a $20 million investment from someone named “Bob” who had spent a lot of time with him about three years []

Check out the US government’s new whales: Feshbachs go Diamond Meritorious for the IRS!

 Monday we told you about Scientology’s newest million-dollar donors, Shawn and Colleen May, who had given at least $1 million toward leader David Miscavige’s “Ideal Org” program. []

Scientology gets another $1 million donor to make entire United States ‘ideal’ for takeover

 We wanted to help Scientology get the word out about its newest “New Civilization Builders,” which is church jargon for donors who have given at least $1 million toward Scientology’s “Ideal Org” building projects. As you see below, Shawn and Colleen May reached that exalted position at a recent “Alliance USA” fundraising event as Scientology []

Scientology chiropractor Eric Berg called out by son in viral TikTok video

 Last night, a man named Ian Rafalko posted a TikTok video which has quickly blown up, with more than 90,000 likes by this morning. []

ABCMouse honcho gives Scientology another $10 million — for construction of ‘LRH Hall’

Scientology’s long planned L. Ron Hubbard Hall, an auditorium to join its ‘Flag Land Base’ in Clearwater, Florida, is still soaking up million-dollar donations from the church’s wealthy donors, and we get to see who they are in a new church []