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Scientology mega-donor ABCMouse family is more complicated than we realized

[Seeing double: ‘Veronica Mars’ actor Jason Dohring is flanked by his brothers Rob (right) and Jon.]

A commenter alerted us to a pretty interesting situation that we thought deserved its own post. You know that for years we’ve kept an eye on Doug Dohring and his education software empire, which runs the hugely profitable subscription service []


The million-dollar donors keeping Scientology flush, New Year’s 2020 edition

 As we promised on Monday, we have for you today the greater whales who were celebrated at a special New Year’s “Patron’s Ball” in Beverly Hills, another opportunity for Scientology to celebrate its biggest []

The wealthy donors keeping Scientology in business, New Year’s 2020 edition

 Over the last few days we’ve been looking at Scientology’s schizophrenic approach to the COVID-19 pandemic, and our comments section has been doing a great job keeping up on all of the coronavirus news, including late-breaking stuff like the yellow-jacketed Volunteer Minister idiots in Kansas City endangering the public while pretending to be helping []

Scientology’s biggest donors of late 2019: The whales giving millions to David Miscavige

 Yesterday, we showed you the lesser whales from this year’s big IAS spectacular that took place in October at Saint Hill Manor in East Grinstead, []

The rich donors keeping Scientology afloat at the end of 2019: Part 1, the lesser whales

[Swedish roofers, the Frykmans]

For the fourth and final time this year, Scientology has published a celebration of its wealthiest donors, and this one is the biggest, splashiest shindig of the whole year — the “International Association of Scientologists” (IAS) annual gala and “Patron’s Ball,” which is held in October in East Grinstead, []

Duggans abandon scheme, give $48.8 million in AbbVie stock directly to Scientology

[Trish Duggan and sons, getting her latest trophy from David Miscavige]

Two years ago, we told you that before splitting up, Scientology’s richest couple Bob and Trish Duggan set aside $59 million in stock from the pharmaceutical giant AbbVie, maker of Humira, the most profitable drug in the world, so that it would generate about $2.9 []

Nancy Cartwright tops $17 million as Scientology celebrates its whales

[Nancy at $15 million, left, and now at $17.5 million]

Nancy Cartwright has topped herself again, moving up to “Diamond Laureate with Honors,” which means she’s given about $17.5 million in cumulative donations to Scientology’s membership organization. That ‘Simpsons’ money is so []

Scientology’s biggest donors of 2019, so far: The whales giving millions to Miscavige

[C.O.B. will take your check now]

Yesterday, we showed you the lesser whales keeping Scientology afloat with their donations, as revealed in the latest issue of Impact []

The donors keeping Scientology afloat in 2019: Today, part one, the lesser whales

[Skateboard hero Aaron Kyro, the new face of Scientology?]

Our great thanks to reader Once Born who snagged a new issue of Impact magazine, the Scientology publication we covet the []

More rich donors propping up Scientology are revealed in a church magazine

 A new issue of Scientology’s ‘Impact’ magazine contains yet another gallery of wealthy donors who were awarded trophies for turning over the big []