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Monthly Archives

Jokes aside, has Scientology ‘Clear’ Joy Villa managed to ‘safepoint’ the White House?

 Our longtime readers know that we’ve watched for years (at least as far back as 2013) as ‘Princess Joy Villa’ went from Scientology Celebrity Centre wannabe to Make America Great Again icon, Congressional maybe-candidate, and then fell from political grace almost as quickly as she []


Untouchable? Scientology’s 60-year plan to protect itself from the law

Historian Chris Owen is back with a very timely piece for us after Leah Remini once again provided so much material for []

Joy Villa makes it back to the White House, but on a sour note

[Joy Villa returned to Washington on Tuesday]

In January, we reported that Joy Villa’s political aspirations had fallen apart when her manager, Robbie Olson, walked away and told us that Joy’s White House connections were drying up. Then earlier this month, we got some confirmation of that when Joy took down her “testing the waters” web []

Scientology celeb Joy Villa takes down her ‘testing the waters’ for Congress web pages

[Milo Yiannopoulos and Joy Villa, in happier days]

Thanks again to one of our alert tipsters, it was brought to our attention that Joy Villa’s “testing the waters” web pages for a Congressional run have come []

Joy Villa’s ex-manager on the ‘pro-life’ Grammys dress: We’re not fooled this time

 A lot has already been said about Joy Villa’s Grammys gambit last night, with her showing up for the fourth year in a row in a dress designed to get her attention. []

Joy Villa’s former manager: ‘Scientology destroyed everything’

[Joy Villa and Robbie Olson]

We spoke this weekend to Robbie Olson, 62, a Tucson-based GOP conservative who spent part of last year shepherding political upstart Joy Villa, 31, as she was rapidly ascending the highest levels of the “Make America Great Again” movement and was even endorsed by Donald Trump []

Joy Villa’s ex talks about her domestic violence arrest and the child she put up for adoption

 Cory Duncan first contacted us several months ago when he saw our articles about his ex-girlfriend Joy Villa, and how the Scientology “celebrity” was skyrocketing to fame because she’d worn a “Trump” dress at the Grammy Awards last []

Joy Villa on the prospect of Trump going after Scientology’s tax-exempt status: ‘Nope’

 Scientology celeb Joy Villa is getting a ton of ink this week for her complaint that former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski slapped her butt inappropriately at a social gathering in November. []

Scientology donor Joy Villa aiming for Ileana Ros-Lehtinen’s Miami congressional district

 It’s been a question a lot of bewildered Scientology watchers have been asking recently: How far can church donor Joy Villa take her “MAGA” fame after wearing a pro-Trump dress at the Grammy awards in February, and which Congressional district is she thinking of parachuting into to make her run for the []