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HowdyCon: From “Squeeze My Cans,” Cathy Schenkelberg’s sexy Scientology sec-check!

 Last Saturday night in Denver, HowdyCon was capped off with a performance by Cathy Schenkelberg, who dazzled us with a scene taken from her one-woman play, “Squeeze My Cans.” She has generously shared her script from that scene for the rest of our readers to enjoy. In the play, she dramatizes her journey in Scientology, []


HowdyCon: Aussie journalist Steve Cannane’s response to Marty Rathbun

[Steve Cannane and your proprietor in Denver]

Saturday night in Denver, those of us who were there had the privilege of hearing London-based Australian journalist Steve Cannane address the crowd at our annual gathering, HowdyCon. He had prepared remarks for his talk, and we obtained his permission to publish those notes here on the blog today. []

Claire Headley on growing up in Scientology, and other HowdyCon highlights

 Our second annual meetup is in the books, and we won’t soon forget it. Kim O’Brien found a charming space for our private party, the Limerick Room at the Irish Rover in Denver, where 75 people gathered last night for HowdyCon []

Scientology watchers, one mile high: HowdyCon 2017’s big night is here

[Pete Griffiths helps Cathy Schenkelberg market her one-woman play, Squeeze My Cans]

We’re exhausted after another full day here at HowdyCon 2017. So we’re going to post some of the photos taken by Observer and Eivol Ekdal and try to recuperate for the big show []


 Our thanks once again to Observer, who has worked tirelessly to help us get the word out about our second annual gathering, HowdyCon 2017. We’ve really enjoyed her 70s-themed images of some of the illustrious folks who will be joining us in our little []

A HowdyCon 2017 announcement: Special guests and performances!

 In January, we told you about Bernie Headley’s determination to defeat Scientology’s disconnection and be reunited with his daughter, Stephanie. That story helped us figure out which city Stephanie is living in today, which is at least a comfort, Bernie tells us, but now we have even better news: Once again, his cancer appears to []