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Bruce Hines: Scientology has always protected abusers and always will

[Dark secrets in the South Tyrol]

TODAY AT SUBSTACK: If you’ve signed up for free emails at Substack, you will receive today’s feature story at your inbox: While we have a day off from deliberations at the Danny Masterson retrial, we have this treat to tide us over, the latest vivid narrative from Bruce Hines. He []


Life as a Scientology ‘Flag auditor,’ bending the minds of Neil Gaiman and others

[Bruce Hines and Neil Gaiman, in a time gone by]

What was it like to be a Flag auditor? I imagine that most people would have no interest in finding out. But I figured I’d write something so there can be some record of it, possibly for future historians (tip of the hat to Chuck Beatty). []

TESTAMENT: When a celeb faced a nasty divorce, and Scientology kept it all under wraps

[Woman in fur coat, the Night Court version]

In February 1987, I was an auditor in the Flag Service Organization in Clearwater, Florida. This org was known as the highest and best place to partake in Scientology services within the sprawling network of that “Church.” There was no better place, supposedly, to get auditing anywhere in []

What it was like to be an operative in Scientology’s massive spy apparatus

 After reading about the death of Scientology’s legendary spymaster Jane Kember here at the Underground Bunker, former standout Scientology auditor Bruce Hines was motivated to write about what it was like to be an operative in the outfit Kember ran, the Guardian’s Office. Once again, Bruce has outdone []

Scientology’s deposed queen: What it was like to ‘audit’ Mary Sue Hubbard in exile


 I arrived at a building in Hollywood where Author Services, Inc., was located. Generally, in the Scientology world it was referred to as “ASI.” For some reason, in the sprawling, convoluted Scientology organizational structure, ASI is under the Church of Spiritual Technology, rather than the Church of Scientology International. Or maybe ASI is []

EXCLUSIVE: An eyewitness account of the place where Scientology is keeping Shelly Miscavige

[A drone’s-eye view of the Twin Peaks compound, first published here in 2017]

Bruce Hines has another terrific narrative for us, this time about his trip to a place very few people in Scientology ever got to visit. It’s a small compound in the San Bernardino Mountains where, years after Bruce’s visit, Shelly Miscavige was sent []

PODCAST: Bruce Hines on Scientology Sea Org insanity, and a Shelly story we hadn’t heard

[Bruce Hines]

We have been so fortunate that Bruce Hines continues to mine his experience as one of Scientology’s top auditors in a series of pieces that he’s written for the Underground Bunker. His tales from the Sea Org not only capture the paramilitary group’s insanity, but Bruce is better than most at describing what he []

Singing for David Miscavige: What it was like in Scientology’s indentured servitude

[Bruce Hines and the ‘Cine Castle’ at Scientology’s Gold Base]

In Scientology, “Gold” refers to Golden Era Productions. It is one of the units, considered to be its own separate organization, located at the Int Base, or the international headquarters of Scientology. Back when I was briefly part of it, Gold made movies, produced CDs and []

How Scientology turns you into an unthinking soldier, defending the indefensible

[After Snow White, Clearwater rose up, temporarily, against Scientology. Photo: St. Petersburg Times]

Today we have another dynamite piece from Bruce Hines, who has been giving us new looks at some of Scientology’s most important mind-bending practices. — ed.

 After a red-eye flight from LAX to Tampa airport, I was getting off the plane, walking through the []

How Scientology kills without pulling a trigger: The story of a sister who was loved

[Bruce and his sister Lindy]

Lately I have written about some things that I experienced while in Scientology. As a result, I have been thinking more about my sister. Her name was Lindy. I still miss []