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State agency investigating Medi-Cal fraud raided drug rehab center in March 2014


Three Compton educators — including coach of legendary football program — fired for supplying students for fake claims


Notorious Scientology front World Literacy Crusade involved, director Hanan Islam charged

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 By Tony Ortega

The Underground Bunker has learned that a California state []


Scientology’s latest filing in the Trout Run zoning fight: We bleed for all religions

 The saga at Trout Run continues as Scientology’s property arm produced another court filing and let loose with a whine of epic []

Scientology wants to force a drug rehab center on Maryland: Here’s the local county’s response

 We have an interesting document for you today. It’s the response from Frederick County, Maryland, to Scientology’s appeal of a zoning decision that is preventing its drug rehab network, Narconon, from building a boutique rehab center with 20 beds in a fishing camp known as Trout []

Another Scientology rehab death — and why this one is particularly bad for David Miscavige

 Just a couple of weeks ago, we were telling you that Scientology leader David Miscavige was responding to the difficulties faced by the church’s drug rehab network, Narconon, by relaunching it. While numerous Narconon facilities have been hit with lawsuits over patient deaths and other claims of harm and dishonest dealing, Miscavige was opening new []

Scientology drug rehab policy: Get the sexual assaulter out of state before police arrive

 In the many lawsuits filed against Scientology’s drug rehab network Narconon in recent years, the allegation is often made that the facilities are not as safe as advertised. Not only have sexual assaults been reported, but some lawsuits have alleged that Narconon staff — who are often just recent “graduates” of the program themselves — []

Under oath, Narconon official lets slip that drug rehab organized just like Scientology

In August, we told you about Jonathan Little (pictured), an Indiana attorney who is handling several lawsuits against Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon.

He turned heads with his outspokenness. Referring to Scientology’s delaying legal strategy, he said, “If Narconon and Scientology want to have a decade-long war, I have nothing else to do and I’m []

Narconon is dead, long live Narconon! How Scientology solved its drug rehab addiction

[The woman Scientology won’t name]

You have to give Scientology leader David Miscavige one thing: Once he makes a decision, it can get carried out very quickly. And after this weekend’s opening of a large new Narconon center in Clearwater, Florida, it’s plain that a major project Miscavige set into motion a couple of years ago []

Another trial ordered against Narconon as Scientology derail attempt mostly fails

On August 28, we told you that Indianapolis attorney Jonathan Little and his firm had scored an interesting victory against Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon. San Francisco federal district judge Edward M. Chen called for a trial in a class-action lawsuit that Little and others had filed on behalf of former patients of Narconon centers []

Why Scientology can never submit its drug rehab quackery to scientific review

We’ve been reporting in huge volumes about Scientology’s drug rehab system, Narconon, and the legal troubles it finds itself in for what is its essentially deceptive business model. Narconon promises individualized drug counseling by medical professionals in a safe, drug-free environment, and downplays its connections to the church. But none of that is true. Not []

Louisiana congressman posts Narconon pic, then yanks it after we point out Scientology link

 Scientology and its front groups work very hard to ensnare unsuspecting local officials for photo opportunities. We see a lot of local law enforcement officers, city council members, and even some state representatives get corralled for Scientology PR. But it’s really something when Scientology manages to snag a state attorney general or a member of []