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Monthly Archives

A look back at the month when all hell broke loose for Scientology and Danny Masterson

 We’re looking back at 2017’s most significant stories here at the Underground Bunker and today it’s a flashback to the month of March in our annual Scientology []


Scientology donor Joy Villa aiming for Ileana Ros-Lehtinen’s Miami congressional district

 It’s been a question a lot of bewildered Scientology watchers have been asking recently: How far can church donor Joy Villa take her “MAGA” fame after wearing a pro-Trump dress at the Grammy awards in February, and which Congressional district is she thinking of parachuting into to make her run for the []

The Underground Bunker’s 2017 Scientology year-in-review starts today!

[Leah, Mike, and the Bunker regulars]

It’s been a crazy and uncertain news year, but one thing we know with utter certainty: 2017 has been a Scientology watching year like no other. And for that, we can thank Leah Remini and Mike []

LEAKED AUDIO — Scientology’s New Year’s event 2017: ‘Welcome to Scientology forever!’

[David Miscavige presides over the 2008 New Year’s event — now we have audio of tonight’s event]

Once again, our tipsters have come through. The Underground Bunker has obtained a secretly recorded audiotape of the New Year’s event that Scientologists around the world will be watching tonight to bring in []

Garcias file new motion asking judge to reject Scientology’s sham arbitration

[Scientology’s justice procedures, revealed]

Luis and Rocio Garcia have tried again to convince Tampa Federal Judge James Whittemore that Scientology is making it impossible to resolve their allegations of fraud, and they’ve filed a new motion asking Judge Whittemore to reopen their lawsuit against the []

The disturbing detail other media missed about TMZ’s Scientology scoop yesterday

[TMZ’s Harvey Levin and David Miscavige]

This week, Leah Remini hit the Church of Scientology with one of the biggest weapons in her arsenal: Forced []

After Steve Cannane’s big year writing about Scientology, we hit him up for a look back

 Earlier this year, London-based Australian journalist Steve Cannane published a terrific new book on Scientology titled Fair Game. We asked him for a year-end message and he sent us []

Scientology loses its best fundraiser at perhaps the worst possible time

[Davie Lurie and his sister Charmaine Roger]

Word has gradually made its way out of Scientology’s Florida headquarters — the Flag Land Base, in Clearwater — that a key figure there has died. One of the things “Flag” is known for is that it brings in more money than all the rest of Scientology’s worldwide facilities []

Why would an academic speak up for Scientology? Dr. Stephen Kent has an answer.

 Rod Keller continues to dig deep into Scientology’s online and social media offerings, and this week, he takes another look at the organization’s newest []

From those who left, a special Christmas message for Scientology’s remaining members

 We asked some former members of the Church of Scientology if they had a message for the people still in the organization on this Christmas []