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Scientology spilling the secrets of the universe on an LA street!

 What a rare treat we have for you today, thanks to an alert tipster who snapped these photos in Los Angeles recently near the “Big Blue” Scientology []


Here it is, your passport to Scientology godhood: Next stop, infinity!

 Sunny Pereira has come through with a great treat for us today. It’s her Scientology “passport,” and we have it complete for you. []

In the Sea Org, no one can hear you scream: Another small slice of Scientology horror

 Sunny Pereira has another startling tale from her days in Scientology’s Sea Org today. With medical standards like these, it’s a miracle there haven’t been more deaths (that we know []

First person: In Scientology, children are punished for being kids

[Sunny Pereira at 15]

Once again, our technical expert Sunny Pereira has supplied us with a remarkable glimpse into growing up in Scientology and serving in the Sea Org. We learn that when you have a planet to clear, terrorizing children is just an unavoidable feature of the []

First person: Four Scientologists have been shot, and you’re being sent to audit the pain away

[An arrest on a day of carnage at Scientology’s Portland Celebrity Centre, 1996. Photo by Maxine Bernstein]

Sunny Pereira’s experiences in Scientology continue to knock us out. Once again, she’s written up an incident that stunned us for what she’s been through. And we’ll say up front, we condemn in the strongest terms the despicable act []

When the famous war protester met Scientology: A spiritual encounter in Los Angeles

 Sunny Pereira, who has helped us out with so many Scientology technical issues, brought up a memory she had about a remarkable man. Once she told us about it, we asked her to write it up for the Bunker as a poignant slice of Sea Org life. We hope you’ll agree that it was a []

Scientology’s elaborate use of child labor for pennies an hour, spelled out in black and white

[Sunny Pereira, 15]

Sunny Pereira has become a very effective technical expert here at the Bunker, helping us understand Scientology’s arcane ideas. And lately, she’s been going back over some of her own career in the church, and digging out some documents, the sort you don’t see every []