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Jerry Whitfield, longtime Scientology exit counselor, dies at 77

[Hana and Jerry Whitfield]

 We spoke to Hana Whitfield last night, who was still in Miami, where her husband Jerry had died Sunday night after a lengthy illness. She was understandably feeling overwhelmed by everything she and Jerry have been going through, and she plans to return to her Coral Gables home for some rest. But []


Paul Morantz is remembered for Synanon rattler, but he also faced Scientology’s fangs

 On Friday, the Los Angeles Times had a very good piece about attorney Paul Morantz, who died in Santa Monica last Sunday at []

Melissa McPhail: A fantasy writer’s travel through time to her Scientology Sea Org past

[Melissa McPhail]

Friday, April 15, 2022. Chariot, a film described as a “science fiction dark comedy” debuts in theaters. It stars John Malkovich, Thomas Mann, and Rosa Salazar. It is written and directed by Scientologist Adam Sigal, who told the Tampa Bay Times that he had fallen into filmmaking when he was working as a private []

Hanan Islam, 62: Faced felony counts for insurance scam run out of Scientology clinic

[Hanan Islam and her son Rizza]

A memorial service for Hanan Islam has been scheduled for Saturday to take place at the gymnasium at Compton College in Southern California. Her son, Ronnie “Rizza” Islam, announced on his Instagram account on Sunday that his mother died after a ten-year battle with colon cancer. She was []

Ginger Sugerman: Her way out of Scientology was marred by trauma

 We were surprised and saddened to learn yesterday that Ginger Sugerman died in Georgia of a heart attack in early February. She was 62. []

Clark Carr, 75, who gave up comedy dreams to become Scientology’s drug rehab mouthpiece

 According to his longtime comedy partner Tom Solari, Scientology’s former Narconon International president Clark Carr has died after a yearlong bout with cancer. He was []

Ned McCrink, 1954-2022: The OC Ideal Org’s biggest donor sailed away from Scientology

 We were stunned and saddened to learn that Ned McCrink, formerly Orange County, California’s top Scientology donor, ended his life on Monday morning. He was []

Jim Dincalci, 1946-2021: Medical officer to Scientology’s L. Ron Hubbard on the high seas

[Dincalci, in a 1997 Channel 4 documentary about L. Ron Hubbard]

Hana Whitfield let us know last night that yesterday afternoon, Jim Dincalci slipped away after a lengthy fight with cancer. He was []

Scientology wanted to make him their next superstar: The strange death of Kuba Ka

 Over at the Daily Beast today we have a bizarre story that took us some while to put together: The macabre details in the death of Jakub Stepniak, the entertainer we knew as “Kuba Ka” when we wrote about him for the first time in []

Ron Miscavige, Scientology whistleblower and father of the church leader, 1936-2021

 We just learned that Ron Miscavige has died. His co-author Dan Koon wrote this touching memorial for us, which we are publishing []