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Liz Gale: The Scientology auditing of kids at Mace-Kingsley was my childhood

 We got a big reaction to our piece on Monday about the Scientology affiliate, Mace-Kingsley in Clearwater, Florida, that targets infants and toddlers for their first experiences of a lifetime of L. Ron Hubbard []


Scientology wants your toddler on the cans, and here’s evidence of it

[From the MK Facebook page: Get your kid on the cans!]

We know our headline today will confuse some of our newer readers. “On the cans” is a reference to holding the sensors of a Scientology “E-meter,” the device that measures skin galvanism and that Scientologists swear can read your []

Scientology’s center specializing in auditing your infant is back open in Florida!

 Great news, everyone. Now that Florida has begun reopening businesses, you can now take your infant or toddler down to the Mace-Kingsley center for some Scientology []

Things to be thankful for — the new Scientology holiday catalog is here!

 Our thanks to Rasha for bringing us some holiday cheer in the form of this year’s holiday catalog from the Church of Scientology, with so many sparkly gifts to get for the Hubbardite on your []

Scientology scare tactics used against woman who reported its quack therapy for kids

 On August 16, Debra Maxwell filed a complaint using an online form to Florida’s Department of Children and Families about Scientology quack therapies being used on []