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Monthly Archives

Xenu’s ghost! This year’s Scientology Super Bowl ad looks a lot like the others

 Here it is, tonight’s Super Bowl ad from the Church of Scientology, “Curiosity,” which will be airing in certain local markets around the country []


NFL great Marshall Faulk plugs Scientology front group on Fox News

 NFL Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk handed Scientology its most visible public boost in a long time yesterday by appearing on the Fox News morning program “Fox & Friends” to plug the Church of Scientology’s front group Foundation for a Drug-Free World ahead of this weekend’s Super Bowl []

Scientology wants you to bring your kids to its creepy ‘mecca’ in Florida — it’s an adventure!

[Anton gets Super Power]

Thanks to Rasha, we have the latest copy of Source magazine, which the Church of Scientology puts out to advertise the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida to its members. In general, this issue is a lot of rah-rah repetition of the stuff you’ve heard a million times before. But one article []

Scientology’s ‘grass roots’ social media effort is actually led by its most mediocre spokesman

[Ed Parkin in 2016]

Chuck Beatty remembers Ed Parkin as his fellow inmate, his bunkmate, and his []

Thirty-three years later, Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard is still surfing the galaxy

 It’s a major date on the Scientology calendar today, even if the church itself doesn’t actually celebrate it. And you know, they really should. It was 33 years ago today that Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard voluntarily left his hale and fit 74-year-old body in order to continue his upper-level OT researches without the burden []

David Miscavige in South Africa: The new ‘Advanced Org’ gets its castle

 Scientology finally posted publicity photos from its January 1 celebration in South Africa to open its new ‘Advanced Org’ there, and the reason it took them so long is that church leader David Miscavige was apparently there for an entire week of []

As Leah Remini returns for a third round, here’s Scientology’s side of the story

[Self-discovery isn’t easy, pilgrim]

To our American readers, Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you have a swell day with your loved ones. We plan to do the same. Now, on to today’s story…

Two years ago this month, Leah Remini premiered her A&E series, Scientology and the Aftermath. And before she did, knowing what a major impact it []

Scientology’s new survey is a hoot — we’re itching for your answers!

 On Monday, we told you that we’d gotten our mitts on a new Sea Org application that Scientology is asking marks to fill out before they sign billion-year contracts and start working around the []

See the Scientology-like ad for Scientologist-owned ABCMouse, made by Scientologists!

 We seem to catch people by surprise every time we point this out, but ABCMouse is not only a hugely successful digital educational enterprise, it’s also helping its owner, Age of Learning founder Doug Dohring, funnel millions of dollars in donations to the Church of []

Fake medals and kiddie diddlers: Scientology’s cruise ship scandal gets even worse

 Our thanks to the tipster who sent us pages from the newest copy of Impact magazine, the publication of the International Association of Scientologists. []