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Monthly Archives

Beyond the quarantine: Signs that Scientology is getting involved in anti-vaxx panic

[Scientologists Lucy Cole and Rizza Islam, and anti-vaxx activist Michelle Ford]

When the quarantined cruise ship in St. Lucia turned out to be Scientology’s floating cathedral, we got a lot of people asking the same question: Is the Church of Scientology []


Scientology admits it’s selling ‘magic’ at its Florida spiritual mecca

 Thanks again to our tipsters for sending us the newest Scientology publications, including a new issue of Source that we wanted to share with you. []

L. Ron Hubbard: Scientology will thrive when medical doctors are reined in

 Thanks again to Rasha for bringing to us the newest edition of International Scientology News. The magazine is generally one of the most tiresome, as it serves mainly to repeat all of the propaganda that had been presented at one of David Miscavige’s big events, in this case the most recent L. Ron Hubbard Birthday []

L. Ron Hubbard defines religion for you skeptical non-Xenu believers

 Rod Keller has the week off, and we’re grateful to Rasha for coming through in the meantime by sending us the new issues of Impact and International Scientology News. Today, we’ll look at a couple of choice items from the []

LEAKED: Scientology’s secret playbook for world domination!

 When Tarpley Hitt at the Daily Beast asked us about Scientology’s front group Citizens Commission on Human Rights, we emphasized to her that what made CCHR Scientology’s most unhinged front group was that its mission is not simply to criticize psychiatry but to destroy []

Scientology gets away with abuses because it has friends like author Orson Scott Card

 Once again, the L. Ron Hubbard Writers and Illustrators of the Future awards ceremony is upon us, and once again it provides a clear example of how Scientology manages to go year after year without a reckoning for its []

Scientology ‘body-routing’: When no one wants what you’re selling

[Hunting game in Burbank]

Our correspondent with photography skills is back, and we really enjoyed the story he told us along with his new []

That feeling when Scientology tries to creep you out as a recruiting strategy

 We’ve seen some pretty strange letters come out of Scientology as it tries and tries to get people who have left to come back into the fold. []

Scientology TV debuted one year ago, and it’s still unwatchable propaganda

 What a buildup Scientology leader David Miscavige orchestrated last year before premiering his long-awaited television channel on DirecTV. Based on all the fundraising he’d done, and the slick nature of the programming, it was obvious that Dave was blowing a mighty chunk of change on his pet project. []

Jenna Elfman’s career finds new life in the zombie apocalypse

 Jenna Elfman has resurrected her acting career with a role as a zombie-killer, so what better way to celebrate her career’s reincarnation than with some recognition on the cover of Scientology’s goofiest magazine, Celebrity. []