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Monthly Archives

Scientology planning new series of books to rope in children?

Some of our correspondents, especially the tireless Rod Keller, have brought us plenty of examples over the years of Scientology targeting children for its quack ideas about the human mind. []


Scientology’s happy promotions can’t hide the cancer eating away at its core

[Scientology’s Mod Squad]

You may have noticed this photo pop up a few days ago. It depicts the Rev. Alfreddie Johnson, Jr., late of Compton, California, on a visit to the London Scientology Ideal Org, flanked by that facility’s “it” duo, Charlie Wakley and Sandrine []

A paradox of apathy and zealotry: What props up Scientology, from within and without

[Ruben Celiberti]

When you think about it, the amount of information that has come out about Scientology and its abuses in the last decade is simply stunning. From the “Truth Rundown” by the Tampa Bay Times in 2009, to Lawrence Wright’s killer 2011 New Yorker article, subsequent book, and then his 2015 HBO film with Alex []

Scientology’s mental whammy is like taking one too many pucks to the head

 Things may look dark for Scientology right now, with its cruise ship the laughingstock of the world, its celebrities constantly mocked and jeered in pop culture, and church leader David Miscavige becoming increasingly known for banishing his wife to an uncertain []

More signs that things are really going totally great for the Church of Scientology right now

 Between the quarantine of the MV Measlesthelioma in the Caribbean, and a couple of court developments that came out of nowhere — a jury verdict in California and a guilty plea in New York — we’ve had quite a week of dealing with breaking news here in the Bunker, and so we’ve neglected some of []

Media and authorities should focus on the real horrors of Scientology’s Freewinds

[Valeska Paris, on a ship going nowhere]

In 2011, we first told the story of Valeska Paris, who was sent to Scientology’s Freewinds cruise ship in 1996 at 18 in order to keep her away from her mother, who had criticized Scientology on French television. She served on the ship for 11 years without any choice []

Scientology measles ship back in Curaçao, which talks tough about quarantine

 Scientology’s floating cathedral the MV Freewinds arrived in Willemstad, Curaçao this morning after leaving St. Lucia Thursday, where the ship had been in quarantine because of a crew member with a confirmed case of measles. Officials in Curaçao said they would quarantine the vessel, board the ship, demand vaccination records of the crew and passengers, []

Scientology measles ship Freewinds ditches St. Lucia quarantine for Curaçao, its home port

[Marine tracking website shows the Freewinds sailing west from St. Lucia just after midnight]

St. Lucia officials quarantined Scientology’s floating cathedral, the Freewinds, on Monday morning, and word from health officials was that the measles case on board would require 21 days of no passengers disembarking. But they also admitted that they had no power to []

What it’s like on the Scientology measles ship right now, according to former crew

 We had a pretty exciting afternoon yesterday, helping to figure out that the measles ship quarantined in the Caribbean country of St. Lucia was, in fact, Scientology’s floating cathedral, the 440-foot []

CONFIRMED: Scientology’s ‘Freewinds’ is the ship quarantined for measles in St. Lucia

 [UPDATE: Please see our follow up with interviews of former Freewinds crew members about what conditions aboard the ship are probably like right now.]

[NOTE: When we posted this story at 2 pm Eastern on Wednesday, we strongly suspected but couldn’t confirm that the measles ship was the Freewinds. Now, NBC is reporting that St. Lucia’s []