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Monthly Archives

Where is Scientology dying most Ideally? Could it be our neighbor to the north?

 All the Scientology propaganda in the world, pumped out through leader David Miscavige’s fancy TV station and a million fliers, can’t make up for the reality that Scientology is dying — and in some places, it’s going quickly. Our thanks to Phil Jones, who sent in this report from on location in our great neighbor []


Scientology admits in planning docs it expects only 6 walk-ins daily at new facility

 We have a great new report from our man Graham in []

A stunning Scientology call to arms for our politically divided times on this dirt ball

 It’s not too often that we’re treated to a broadside like the one Scientologist Jeff Pomerantz shared with his fellow Hubbardites []

The Mike Rinder bobblehead: Turning the tables on Scientology’s smeary harassment

In November, we pointed out that Scientology had responded to the start of Leah Remini’s third season of Scientology and the Aftermath with a typically smeary video taking swipes at Leah, her costar Mike Rinder, and guests on the []

An eyewitness report from Scientology’s LRH Birthday Event Saturday in Los Angeles

 Once again our correspondent attended a Scientology event in Los Angeles. In this case, it was the LRH Birthday Event that was held on Saturday. The week before, on March 9, the actual live event with David Miscavige was held in Clearwater, Florida. So on Saturday video of that celebration was played for the members []

David Miscavige presides over Scientology’s holiest annual celebration of L. Ron Hubbard

 Yesterday we told you that we didn’t expect Scientology to post images from its LRH Birthday event held last Saturday in Clearwater until the rest of the orgs get to see the video this Saturday. But the church surprised us by posting photos from Saturday’s event last night, on Hubbard’s actual []

What’s creepier than a Scientology street fair? Apparently, not much.

 We were thrilled to learn that our man in Los Angeles, Jeffrey Augustine, took his camera down this weekend to Scientology’s attempt to relate to the people who live in its []

Scientology made him suicidal, but that was only the beginning of his problems

 We were approached recently by a man who wanted to describe what he’s been through in the Church of Scientology. We decided to let him tell you his story in his own words, and we’ve spoken to his attorney and examined his documentation to corroborate his tale. We think you’ll find that, once again, the []


[Scientology leader David Miscavige has some explaining to do to Rev. Dr. Chip Murray]

We’ve told you that Scientology’s “grass roots” effort it calls the “STAND League” is a fake. But even we were stunned when we learned that Scientology’s astroturf attack on Leah Remini’s A&E series has allegedly engaged in an outright fraud that has []

After critical ‘Aftermath’ episodes, Clearwater police chief denies favoring Scientology

 We’re going to guess that the Clearwater Police Department was inundated with angry calls and messages from the public after the last two episodes of Leah Remini’s A&E series, Scientology and the Aftermath. How else to explain the extraordinary step that Clearwater Police Chief Daniel Slaughter took yesterday, posting a video to the department’s Facebook []