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Monthly Archives

Detroit going Ideal! Scientology throws its invite-only party in Motor City today

 The stage is set for Scientology’s Ideal Org grand opening in Detroit today at 1 pm. We hope to have live reports from a couple of correspondents on the []


Dave’s shrinkage: Help us determine turnout for Scientology’s IAS 2018 gala

 Pete Griffiths brought our attention to something interesting yesterday. He noted that Scientology, as usual, posted numerous pretty photos from its most recent big event at its various websites. In this case, we’re talking about the annual gala for the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) held in a giant tent at Saint Hill Manor in []

With Scientology TV premiering a new ‘season’ tonight, David Miscavige is having a moment

[David Miscavige in Stuttgart last month]

Scientology never gives up. We have pointed this out to you countless times, and now more than ever we can demonstrate how true it []

Is David Miscavige making changes to Scientology to fend off media glare?

 One of our tipsters forwarded this message to us that showed up on Facebook. It appears to claim that Scientology’s Sea Organization now requires new members to be at least 16 years old and to have a high school []

Scientology’s minion lawyer stretches his ‘theta arm’ to touch the future!

 Back in January, we told you how tickled we were to see that longtime Scientology attorney Kendrick Moxon had reached the pinnacle of Hubbardian achievement and had completed Operating Thetan Level Eight (OT []

Visit to London Ideal Org shows that the Scientology bubble is still firmly in place

[Richard wants you to watch Scientology TV]

What a treat we have for you today. Over in London last night, the UK Auxiliary Unit of the Underground Bunker — our clever correspondents Pete Griffiths and Andrea Garner — were showing around Beth Pearson on a visit from the U.S. when they came by the Scientology Ideal []

FLORIDA IS IDEAL: Scientology ushers in glorious new civilization in country’s wang

Florida’s utopian future is here now!

Our thanks to Rasha for sending us the new Scientology Source magazine, which contained a somewhat understated story noting a monumental advance for planet earth. It’s so historic, we’re surprised that the magazine didn’t make an even bigger fuss about it. The news? FLORIDA IS IDEAL, []

A visit from a private investigator has us wondering if Scientology is behind it

[Rebecca Dobkin]

Jeffrey Augustine had an odd visitor last week, and we asked him to tell us about []

Another life connected to Scientology ends in despair, as so many do

[William J. Newman]

In what is becoming an all-too frequent occurrence, we have another Scientology-related suicide to tell you about today. And this one connects to another one we told you about []

Two years after Scientology rehabbed an Australian acoustics lab, the silence is deafening

 Two years ago today, Australian television journalist Bryan Seymour was on the scene to cover Scientology’s grand opening of an “Advanced Org” in a suburb of Sydney. To mark the anniversary, we asked Bryan to update us on how this major facility is []