Tony Ortega is a journalist who was formerly the editor of The Village Voice. He's written about Scientology since 1995, and in May 2015 released a book about Scientology's harassment of Paulette Cooper titled 'The Unbreakable Miss Lovely.' He continues to monitor breaking developments in the Scientology world from an undisclosed location in an underground bunker he shares with four cats and one of them wrinkly Shar Pei dogs. Despite his super-secret security protections, you can still reach him pretty easily by sending him a message at tonyo94 AT (Drop him a line if you'd like to get an e-mail whenever a new story is posted.) [Header image courtesy John Rickard]
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A fight against Scientology ‘disconnection’ now a remarkable illustrated book

 We first told you about Brian Sheen’s struggle to reconnect with his grown daughter Springsong in 2015. []


AUDIO: Tommy Davis, as Scientology spokesman, secretly recorded discussing ‘disconnection’

 We noticed recently that one of the most important stories we published at the Village Voice is missing a series of audio recordings that go with it. They come from a secretly-recorded tape that captures then-Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis intimidating a church member with the threat of ‘disconnection,’ Scientology’s toxic control mechanism that Davis had []

On Mother’s Day, the moms who suffer and defy Scientology’s cruel ‘disconnection’ policy

 There may be no other holiday which is more anathema to Scientology than Mother’s []

Scientology, disconnection, and the worst Christmas ever

[Skip Young and his daughters]

One of our favorite stories of 2016 was the lengthy piece we wrote about Skip Young. At one point, he had worked as an operator for the Church of Scientology while he was a police officer, and he became a footnote in the Snow White Program of the 1970s. Years later, []

Bernie Headley, 1952-2019: A man who fought against Scientology’s ‘disconnection’

 Bernie Headley died today, aged 67. Here’s what Marc Headley posted this evening at his Facebook []

A holiday tale for families ripped apart by Scientology’s heartless ‘disconnection’ policy

[Can someone show this photo to Samantha Sterne?]

It’s a holiday Monday here in the US, and we hope you’re having a lovely day off with friends and family. For some families with members in Scientology, days like today can be a bitter reminder of how much they’re missing because of Scientology’s cruel “disconnection” []

Scientology’s ‘disconnection’ policy plays out in unbelievable scenes in a Florida hospital

[Brendan Tighe, talking Scientology with Megyn Kelly]

On Thursday, Brendan Tighe posted a remarkable glimpse about the crazy situations Scientology’s ‘disconnection’ policy puts people into. Namely, that because Brendan has left Scientology and its Sea Org and he went public with his experiences on Megyn Kelly’s show, his mother, still a loyal Sea Org member, has []

When Scientology’s ‘disconnection’ is forever, and other developments

[Denise Byrne and Adam Holland]

We have some follow-ups to recent stories that we collected for you today. Up first, we told you on Friday about the suicide of former Sea Org member Adam Holland. After leaving Scientology, his father Paul Holland cut of all ties from him in the Scientology way, and it devastated the []

Here’s an example of how Scientology’s ‘disconnection’ is designed to eat away at you

[Carol Nyburg, with the son, Jeff, who didn’t turn his back on her]

We’ve written several times about Carol Nyburg. Many ex-Scientologists remember her as the friendly accommodations registrar at the Flag Land Base — it was Carol’s job to get you placed in the right rooms when you came for an extended stay at Scientology’s []

Read the ‘disconnection letter’ from a brother telling his sis — Sylvia DeWall — so long forever

[Sylvia and Tim DeWall]

Yesterday, Sylvia DeWall made her declaration to friends and family who had turned their backs on her. Today, we’re following up with even more about her journey out of []