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The shocking case of Scientology mistreatment of the mentally ill you haven’t heard


Last May, in a small Arkansas town, a sheriff’s deputy arrived at a large house to help an ambulance crew with an unusual call.

He went into the basement of the house, which had a ground floor entry, and on the stairway leading to the kitchen on the next floor there was a woman sitting on the stairs.

We’re going to call this woman Candace. She was with her caregiver, a man we’re going to call Jim.

Here’s how the sheriff’s deputy described the scene in an incident report which was obtained by the Underground Bunker…

Upon my arrival, [Candace] was on the stairwell to the house with her caregiver trying to get her down the stairs. She was extremely bloody and her skin appeared to be blue as if she had already lost a tremendous amount of blood. She was refusing to come down the stairs but she was bleeding very badly and there was blood all over the area where she was at.

The 32-year-old woman had cut her hand, deeply, in what appeared to be a suicide attempt — her caregiver, Jim, would later claim she had broken a small bottle in frustration and had accidentally hurt herself.

The deputy watched as the ambulance crew and Jim tried in vain to get her down the stairs. Jim explained that “she had mental issues and he was paid to care for her,” the deputy noted.

Another deputy had to handcuff Candace to get her down the stairs so they could get her on a gurney and into the ambulance. But before the ambulance could drive away, Candace escaped from the vehicle and began running away.

She was caught, and then she was bundled into the back of a patrol car that took her to a local hospital.

Her condition was shocking, the first deputy noted.

She smelled as if she had not bathed in about two months. Her hands and toes were black with dirt. Her hair was matted into a knot….I was contacted by the doctor at the ER who advised that he had some bungee cords that it appeared that she had been tied up with. He advised that she has some ligature marks on her wrist that were consistent with being restrained.

For more than a year, Candace had been held in a basement in a small Arkansas town, and was found with evidence that she had been tied down with bungee cords, allowed to live in filthy conditions, and was malnourished.

Her caregiver, Jim, has not been charged with a crime. But he was surprisingly candid when he was asked later in a sworn deposition to explain how and why a malnourished, filthy woman had lived in his basement — and while he got paid $750 a week to “care” for her.

It turned out that he was happy to explain the situation. He was a Scientologist, the treatment he was giving the woman was standard Scientology “technology,” and the year before, his treatment of her had begun at a Scientology-style rehab facility in the Tennessee countryside.

In fact, Jim was convinced his care was the only way Candace would ever get well, and he was fighting to get custody of her, so he could continue to heal her with Scientology.

Today, Candace is a ward of the state of Arkansas, deeply unwell and living at a state hospital. And this is how she ended up there.




[Hubbard at Saint Hill Manor, 1966]

In Going Clear, Alex Gibney’s documentary which airs on HBO March 16, portions of an interview with Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard are shown that were filmed in May 1966 at Hubbard’s English estate, Saint Hill Manor.

At one point, Hubbard is asked if Scientology is an “extension” of psychology and psychiatry, and he makes a face.

“Don’t associate Scientology with such people! That’s terrible, that’s bad manners, you know,” Hubbard says with a laugh. Then he explains how Scientology was meant to make the able more able, and it wasn’t designed to heal the mentally unwell: “Psychotherapy…that’s for the neurotic or the person who is insane or something like that. It has nothing to do with Scientology. Scientology is for an able guy like you, or like me, able to function in life, able to make his own way, does his work and so forth.”

A few years later, Hubbard changed his mind about that. By 1973, he was running Scientology from the deck of the yacht Apollo after he’d been chased out of the United States and the UK by investigations and process servers. At some point that year on his journey through the Mediterranean and Atlantic, a crew member had a nervous breakdown and became violent. Hubbard’s solution was to lock the man up in a cabin and deprive him of all human contact except for a single auditor (Scientology’s version of a counselor). The man calmed down, and Hubbard announced that his method — which he called the “introspection rundown” — was the answer to handling all individuals suffering from psychoses.

Hubbard hated psychiatry, and to this day one of Scientology’s most active front groups, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) maintains a facility on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood called Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Museum.

But Scientology not only believes that the psychiatric profession is a fraud. It also believes it has the answers for treating serious mental illness. And that belief has repeatedly resulted in disaster.

The most well known example of the Introspection Rundown ending badly happened in 1995, when Lisa McPherson, a church member from Texas, was involved in a minor car accident in Florida and, though she appeared unharmed, took her clothes off in the middle of the road. When doctors tried to give her a psychiatric examination, her fellow Scientologists took her out of the hospital and instead installed her in the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Scientology’s spiritual headquarters. She was then subjected to the Introspection Rundown, and workers were told not to speak with her as she was held in isolation, only to deliver her food and water. Scientologists have another name for the rundown — they call it the “baby watch.” Seventeen days after Lisa McPherson’s baby watch began at the hotel, she was dead. Experts who reviewed her autopsy concluded that she had died of extreme dehydration — she had simply not taken the food or water she was given, and without any way to communicate to her handlers, she had died of neglect.

Another organization might have concluded that it didn’t have the expertise to handle people suffering serious mental illness. But in Scientology’s case, that would mean admitting that its founder Hubbard and his Introspection Rundown weren’t the solution he claimed it to be. And if there’s one thing Scientology cannot do, it is invalidate Hubbard.

So, Scientology has continued to subject mentally ill people to its baby watch, but it has become more careful not to have it happen at its own facilities.

There was precedence for this. In 1987, Scientologists had opened a ranch-style school for children in Palmdale, California that later moved to New Mexico. It was run by a man named Wally Hanks, and it was intended to be a place where parents could send their troubled teenage children for Scientology training.

In 2009, Hanks was recorded in a telephone call, and he complained that Scientology used the ranch as a place for “dumping” adults with mental problems.

“What really caused the ranch to go bad was that dumpin’ them fucking psychotic cases in there. I was told to run a kid’s ranch but they kept dumping them fuckin’ psychotic cases….It wasn’t psychotic kids, it was psychotic adults. You know that they dumped on me out there, because the church don’t give a shit about them people,” Hanks said.

Today, the place of choice for unwell adults that Scientology doesn’t want to deal with appears to be a bucolic facility in the hills of Tennessee.




[Life Center’s own photograph of its idyllic setting.]

Last year, we told you the troubling story of Barbara Cordova Oliver. She was a familiar face at Scientology’s Hollywood Celebrity Centre and had run events there. But after she suffered a nervous breakdown, she was made to disappear.

Her mother, Arlene Cordova, asked us for any help we could give, and with the aid of our readers we learned that Barbara had been taken to a facility in the town of Woodbury, Tennessee named Life Center for a New Tomorrow.

Life Center is owned by a longtime Scientologist, Marc Vallieres, and it offers a non-medical program that is similar to Scientology’s rehab network, Narconon. But Life Center is not a Narconon unit, and it appears to have no formal ties to the Church of Scientology, other than a recommendation from the Oregon chapter of CCHR.

When we called Vallieres last year to ask about Barbara, he told us we might get some answers if we called Scientology’s Hollywood Celebrity Centre. It was a strange but telling response. Vallieres appeared to acknowledge that Scientology itself was guiding Barbara’s treatment, and Vallieres refused to tell us anything further.

We called him up again a few weeks ago, this time to ask about a young woman named Candace.

“I have no information,” he told us.

We asked again what the connection is between Life Center and the Church of Scientology.

“There is no connection,” he answered.

“You use Scientology techniques, right?” we asked.

“You caused me a lot of trouble before, and I don’t understand why I should talk to you today,” he said.

Trouble? We suggested his facility might have caused Candace some trouble.

“I got no comment. No comment,” he said, and he hung up.

It was another frustrating encounter with Vallieres, but we really didn’t need him to tell us what happened at Life Center, because it was explained in detail by an employee there — Candace’s caregiver, Jim — and in a sworn court document.

In October, five months after Candace was found, filthy, bleeding, and malnourished in Jim’s Arkansas basement, he sat down for a deposition with an attorney representing the Office of the Public Guardian, which is part of the Arkansas Department of Human Services.

The circumstances were bizarre.

After Candace was taken from Jim’s basement to a hospital, she was in bad enough shape that the Public Guardian had filed a petition in court to gain legal custody of her. But the agency had competition. Another petition had been filed by two men, represented by an attorney.

They were Candace’s father, who we’ll call Glen, and Jim — yes, the same person who had taken care of Candace by keeping her in a basement.

By October, Glen and his attorney had pulled out of the petition, so when the attorney for the Public Guardian sat down to depose Jim, the caregiver was now alone in opposing the Public Guardian’s office in a court battle to take over legal custody of a woman now confined to a state hospital.

The attorney began questioning Jim, obviously curious why he still wanted control over Candace, and interested in what he would say while being questioned by the attorney representing the agency fighting Jim for that control. Would he be combative?

Instead, Jim was cooperative. In fact, he seemed eager to explain all of the good things that he had done for Candace by treating her with a particular brand of counseling. He was eager to tell the attorney how psychiatry was nonsense, and only something called Scientology could help the mentally ill.




[Candace, before her illness debilitated her]

In the fall of 2012, Candace arrived at Life Center for a New Tomorrow, where Jim worked as a supervisor.

The Woodbury facility had been granted a license by the state’s Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services in 2009.

Jim explained that Life Center was a place for helping people “detoxify” from psychotropic drugs. It was his job to help them get weaned off their “psych” drugs and then try to get them back into normal activities. Some of the men he’d worked with, for example, he had taken on fishing trips, including a man who had been an executive at Apple.

“And I would do certain types of Scientology processes on him. I’m a Scientologist. I’ve been a Scientologist since I was 15 years old,” he explained. He had worked for 11 years in a particular Scientology division that we’re not going to name for now. Jim wanted the attorney to understand that Scientology was the only hope for someone like Candace…


The attorney asked if Life Center was connected with Scientology’s Narconon rehab network. Jim said it wasn’t. But he wanted the attorney to understand Scientology’s position on psychiatry. He recommended that the attorney watch a film made by Scientology’s Citizens Commission on Human Rights titled Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging. Jim repeated that offer numerous times over the course of the deposition.

(CCHR’s film was made by a man named Randy Stith. In December, Stith showed up in a strange ambush of former Scientology executive Mark “Marty” Rathbun at a Hollywood studio where he had been filming scenes with Louis Theroux for an upcoming BBC documentary.)

Jim was asked what kind of condition Candace was in when she arrived at Life Center.

“She was in pretty bad shape.” Was she psychotic? “Absolutely.”

It was her father, Glen, who had brought her to the facility. (A family member tells us that as far as she knows, neither Candace or her father were members of Scientology.)

The attorney then asked if it were true what he had been told — that after Candace checked in to the center, she had been assigned to live alone in a mobile home with him.


Claire Headley, a former “Sea Org” worker who escaped from Scientology’s secretive International Base near Hemet, California in 2005, helped us understand “objective processing” during our series that looked at Scientology’s courses step by step. The “objectives” occur relatively early in a church member’s journey up “the Bridge to Total Freedom.”

(The touching of walls and windows in objective processing was captured visually in a striking scene with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix in Paul Thomas Anderson’s 2012 film, The Master.)

Besides asking Candace to look at the walls and floor and ceiling, Jim said he also had her “detox” in a sauna, which is another Scientology method. And Jim said that after only a week, she showed progress after being weaned off of the medications she’d been taking.

How did he know she was getting better?

“Within the first week that I had her, I had her aware enough to where she actually stole my truck and drove it to Tallahassee, Florida,” Jim explained.

Jim continued to explain how his Scientology concepts had helped get Candace into “present time.” But the attorney wanted to make sure he had heard correctly.

“So when she was getting better, she stole your truck and ran away,” he asked.

“Yeah. When she was becoming more aware, she was like — she had to get out of there.”

Candace went to her mother’s house in Tallahassee, but Jim found her and brought her back to Tennessee. Later, Candace stole his truck again and was arrested on her way to Nashville.

But Jim insisted that she was improving during her six months at Life Center, living alone with Jim in a mobile home. At $2,000 a week, however, Candace’s father was apparently having a hard time justifying the cost.

At some point, Jim had begun talking to Candace about taking her away from the facility.

Jim had an uncle in Arkansas who had recently died. His aunt was there in a large house, and Jim began to talk to Candace and her father about moving her there. Instead of Glen having to pay Life Center $2,000 a week, Jim would take care of Candace in Arkansas, and for only $750 a week. Glen agreed to the deal.

In March 2013, Jim moved Candace to his aunt’s home in Arkansas, and put her in its ground floor. When the attorney asked if it was in fact the building’s basement, Jim got defensive.

“Yeah, we’re talking about — this was another slanderous-type comment made. OK….The property is, like five acres and it is a spectacularly beautiful place,” Jim answered, and explained that his recently deceased uncle had been a major player in state Republican Party politics. “Now, the house does not have a underground basement…It’s a very nice home, a two-story home, and in the front it’s ground level. It’s ground level on the front and what we did was, we rented the entire first floor of the house,” he answered. But later, when the attorney asked him if it were true that part of the floor was underground, Jim admitted, “Yeah…I was told, technically, it’s a basement.”

The attorney asked Jim to describe it. Jim answered that there was a small kitchen unit that they never used — he cooked her meals upstairs, on the actual first level — and Candace slept on a narrow bed, a single.

And where did Jim sleep? On the floor, he said. For more than a year?

“Yeah, it was pretty rough, but what it was — it was just a temporary thing until we could get her own place. And we actually did that, and two days before [Candace] cut her hand we had bought a place. And it is…2,200 square feet and when I’m done with it — I’ve been working on it.”

Two months after she arrived in Arkansas, Candace was visited by her father, Glen. (No family members had visited her during her six months at Life Center for a New Tomorrow.)

The attorney explained to Jim that Glen had written a letter to a doctor about his visit that had ended up in a file the attorney had access to. “He described her as…having long fingernails, dirty fingernails, dirty toenails, matted hair…”

But for everything that had come up in the letter and later in the incident report when she had cut her hand, Jim had a ready explanation.

She had stopped bathing, he said, because she didn’t like the soft water at his aunt’s house.

“She had really nice fingernails…See, [Candace] didn’t stink…Most psychotics, they stink. And [Candace] didn’t smell and she didn’t go out and get dirty. You know, she had all of her clothes there and she would be particular about what she wore. So she didn’t really like to change her clothes very much.”

The bungee cords? A volunteer ambulance driver had brought those to the scene.

The ligature marks on Candace’s wrists? They were marks left from her scratching at chigger bites.

Was it true that he allowed her to smoke cigarettes? Yes, she was a smoker.

“So it was OK, with all of the detox and conditioning and everything else, it was OK for her to smoke?”
“Yeah. Yeah. It was OK for her to smoke.”
“But that’s a drug. That’s nicotine.”
“Yeah. Yeah. That’s right, it’s nicotine. But we’re not talking about something that causes you to think that there’s somebody next to you talking to you. We’re not talking about that. We’re talking about cigarettes. It’s a having — actually having a cigarette is a havingness-type thing,” Jim explained, using a word invented by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Jim also objected to the idea that Candace had been malnourished. In fact, he had made her “gourmet” meals three times a day, and she had become sensitive about gaining weight while she was in Arkansas. Jim said she would become very upset if the word “fat” was used around her after she had gone from about 90 pounds to 125, he claimed. She had only refused to eat one of his “gourmet” meals a couple of times. He said it was “a total lie” that the hospital had reported that Candace was malnourished.

Jim especially seemed to want the attorney to believe that he was a very good cook.


The attorney appeared unimpressed by Jim’s plan for the new house.

“Did she actually try to stab you?”
“Yeah. She stabbed me twice.”
“With what?”
“Her steak knife.”

But Jim pointed out that there were just the two incidents in a period of almost two years that he had worked with Candace.

As for how she cut her hand, Jim said he had been cooking for her upstairs when she began pounding on the door at the top of the basement stairs. His aunt, however, wouldn’t allow her upstairs, so there was nothing Jim could do. And while Candace was pounding away, she had a small glass bottle in her hand that shattered, cutting her hand.

“Were you aware she called you Lucifer when she was in the hospital?”

Jim said it was just the drugs talking — the psychotropic drugs the hospital had put her on after all of his hard work to keep her off of them.

Why, the attorney asked, would Candace say that Jim had shocked her with electicity?

Jim again blamed the drugs she was on, and if he could only see her she would actually ask to leave the hospital and go with him again.

“Are you aware that she has been asked if she wanted to come back and live with you or if she wanted to live with her father? And she says, no.”

Once again, Jim blamed the drugs Candace was taking.

“This whole thing will, all the way down to the end, it is being reported. I make all these reports to the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. Everything gets reported. That’s the producers of this Making a Killing,” Jim said. He didn’t care about making any money. He only cared about getting Candace back off of drugs, and having her join him at the house that he was renovating with the help of her father.

Jim at least was realistic about his chances of gaining custodial control over Candace. He knew that without the financial backing of her father, who had already pulled out of the petition, he had little hope of continuing her “care.”

After the deposition, Jim did show up at the court hearing to decide Candace’s fate. The public guardian won that battle, taking custody of Candace, but a family member blames Jim’s interference for causing the judge to grant the public guardian only temporary custody. Another court hearing will follow.

When we reached the Public Guardian, he told us he couldn’t comment on the case. We submitted requests to the prosecuting attorney in the county where Candace was rescued from her basement prison about whether he was contemplating charging Jim criminally, but he did not respond.

Candace is deeply unwell and living in a state hospital in Arkansas, and a family member tells us it is not a facility she wants to see Candace remain in. The family member says she is looking into legal remedies.

In Alex Gibney’s movie Going Clear, Pulitzer Prize winning author Lawrence Wright describes L. Ron Hubbard’s ideas about the human mind as “psychological folk art” that has been completely dismissed by the medical community. And yet, across the country, local governments continue to license Scientology-affiliated facilities for treating vulnerable people. The deaths of patients at Scientology drug rehab clinics in Michigan, Georgia, and Oklahoma have produced numerous government investigations, but not a single facility has lost its license as the direct result of a patient death. (The Georgia facility was shut down over allegations of credit card fraud.)

A week after Jim gave his deposition about Candace in October, the Tennessean reported that the state Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse had found Life Center for a New Tomorrow in violation of its license. An inspection found 21 deficiencies at the facility, including a failure to do criminal background checks on employees. Marc Vallieres agreed to a correction plan.

In particular, the inspection found that one of the patients “did not meet state requirements for self care. Those requirements include the ability to bathe, eat, take care of their possessions, recognize danger and maintain appropriate and tolerable behaviors.”

In other words, more than a year after Life Center had handled a severely ill person like Candace, it was still taking on very challenging cases that Scientology’s processes of “psychological folk art” are woefully inadequate to handle.

The state indicated that it might revisit the center in order to check compliance. Next time, it might want to look even more closely than that.


Bonus photos from our tipsters

Actual caption on his Instagram photo taken at the Hollywood Celebrity Center: “Let’s get back in track with my classes to have better tools for life!! I love it #scintology #LRH”


Scientologists are using social media more than ever. Drop us a line if you spot them posting images to Instagram or Facebook!


Posted by Tony Ortega on February 2, 2015 at 07:00

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  • Sejanus

    The blonde in the instagram…..

    I would not even let her baby sit a doll….she is just too much all kinds of freaky and reminded me of Jennifer the cult chick in Family Guy….

    • The Dude


    • giggler

      She gave me the creeps

  • This has got to be stopped !!!!! How is Jim qualified to be a caregiver for somene in this state such as Candace. SHUT THIS PLACE DOWN before someome does end up dead like in the past with Lisa McPherson.

  • StudentOfLife

    I am writing Senator Ron Wyden directly to get his attention as to why Congress needs to order an investigation into the COS tax exempt status. I’m an over-educated geek with some best friends I’m witnessing go down the tubes and have no clue: one is a world renowned celebrity in his field who will be remembered by history as an all time great, now penniless, using his celebrity to keep him afloat mooching off of others, borrowing from others as he lies in order to find funds for OT6, 7, and 8. Someone needs to get David Miscavige on the stand and ask two questions. The obvious first is “have you ever personally struck or touched anyone in a way that could be perceived a violent” and the second question is one I’ve always wondered about for the thirty years since I first got audited and realized I could easily fool the E meter. I’m a Unitarian Universalist and we give all our weekly offerings to homeless shelters or other charities (church supported by pledges).

    Maybe somewhere on this site this question has been addressed, and please do answer if you have such evidence one way or the other, but I would love to see Miscavige answer to words to this effect

    “You (Miscavige) promote that COS helps out humanity in disaster and relief efforts, I note for the record all these pictures from your media…..Mr. Miscavige, can you name any charity work done by the COS such as providing food, medical supplies, water, any type of equipment, or just anything given out that might involve any expenditure that does not promote Scientology (Way to Happiness Booklets and Narconon lit are examples that don’t count). AS you answer the question under oath, I am well aware of your value and emphasis on statistics and record keeping.

    Potential follow ups……and this would make for a great post….questions under oath for David Miscavige? Please answer, what has the church provided to people in need who are not current members of the church? What has the church provided as aid to those current members who have fallen into poverty, such as the many thousand at least that I’m sure have due to the church’s practice of having people borrow for their course work, even in one case where I watched my neighbor be granted raised credit card limits as long as he paid for Scientology classes. My hands tremble as I read this for accuracy…I fear that if this is discovered two of my best friends will “disconnect” but it’s been heartbreaking watching Miscavige bleed them dry of their formerly substantial wealth and now the OT5 is penniless and thus moved to Clearwater as he can’t afford LA any longer. No coincidence where he moved to and now he’s during a purification on borrowed money while he asks me to help with his car payment. I’m so wanting Miscavige on a public forum with the right questions being asked.

    • Robert Eckert

      The hobbit fuck would rather flee the country than sit for questions under oath.

      • The Dude

        Hey! Don’t insult Hobbits like that. They would spit on him and run him out of The Shire in a heartbeat!

        • Panopea Abrupta

          Introduced with vehemence by poster Ghost who blamed Miscavige for her stolen childhood where she never saw her father, the Hobbit Fuck meme has been hammered on by me:

          • StudentOfLife

            Thanks for making me smile Panopea. Today’s article is so tragic and as a long time 12 stepper I asked my friends recently about the claim Narconon makes of a high percentage of success rate and the one (only having been in a few years, already ranking in top 9000 in donations ever given to church last I heard a year ago, probably in top 5000 now given I watch the financial spiral downward, anyway…. vehemently replied Narconon has never claimed over 20 percent. I’m sure I remember it being much much higher in their literature at one point. We get Narconon retreads occassionally as I just can’t quit running into ex scientologists including one I met one weekend for dinner and dancing that was formerly a good friend of those very high up at the Celeb Center. Her stories were wild about Miscavige a few years ago and I dismissed them at first even though I thought it would likely be within his character. Even now I don’t repeat them for fear of spreading second hand gossip from a lady I only dated a weekend. What fear I live in even trolling this site wanting to understand how such bright people can be fooled. I never saw her after that weekend once I realized she was too well known as a “blown” and being even friends with her might cost me my long time best friends I mentioned earlier. I was not sure what to believe, but she told me how she was ordered to execute an all out assault on a celeb for daring to draw attention to Miscavige and his wife, originally within the church. She even told me at the time how David screamed that the “f……… internet” and “twitter” meant they couldn’t do what was needed to put this girl in her place.” I didn’t realize until Leah Remini left for good a couple years later that was the person she was talking about (every detail matched) and that maybe her creepy stories about Miscavige and it made me wonder about her stories..and she admitted participating, though at first feeling scared to not…. maybe not even being forced after the first time…. what went on behind closed doors might be true.

            • Frodis73

              Man, I so wish we could hear more of your stories!!

          • Phytophile

            And I for one, thank you both. It’s still my favorite reference.

          • Nat-lificent

            You are not alone in your love of the term.

        • Nat-lificent

          We gotta find the comment from Ghost for you. It was awesome. And it fits — remember that Gollum was a hobbit once

    • The Dude

      My heart goes out to your friends. I hope they wake up and come back. The whole thing is a sham. I am glad that they did not drag you in as well. Effin cult!

    • salmondecides

      this is so incredibly sad.
      the best thing is what you’re doing… just spread the goddamn word

    • Free Minds, Free Hearts

      My God Student, you speak the truth. I am so sorry about your friends.

    • Jimmy3

      One can dream, but the “get Davey under oath and ask about his violent streak” is a dead end, literally. He’ll die of natural causes before he ever takes the stand. He can delay, settle and pay his way out of any civil lawsuits that come his way, and there are no criminal battery charges coming his way. He wins on that. Keep making fun of him tho, as it pisses him off in his own little way.

      • Jimmy3


      • Nat-lificent

        “Keep making fun of him tho, as it pisses him off”
        ^^^My main reason for shooping him. Otherwise not worth looking at his Monkian mug

    • Frodis73

      I’m so sorry about your friends. Your frustration rings loud and clear and we’d all sell a kidney to get him on the stand.

    • aquaclara

      Voices raised in outrage can be heard. That’s what I hope comes from today’s stories, yours included. I read your story twice, and as with Candace’s, I can feel the anger and the concern you have for your friends, as they are bled dry, forced to borrow and live beyond their means just so that one tyrannical ruler can bathe in wealth.

      I wrote some letters yesterday. Not nearly enough. But I will do more today. There are enough of us here, with rational views and a host of representatives among us, to help get the word out that this is what a tax-free organization does in the name of religion.

      Thanks for writing this. I am sorry beyond words for your friends. I hope the cult does not sever that relationship, as they are prone to do. Your friends are fortunate to know you. Good luck with your letters. And email Tony with your story. His address is up top.

    • Ella Raitch

      Welcome Student If it’s any consolation the pace of under-the-radars appearing on blogs speaking out (like yourself) is accelerating. Scientology is circling the drain, but obviously, not fast enough for everybody’s sake.

  • Grade1view

    I am a physician in a neighboring state. How is this (in the very least) not practicing medicine without a license?

    • Sarah James

      Just what I have been asking for about 40 years!

    • romanesco

      Whole thing smacks of the arrangement between Lisbeth Salander and her “guardian” in Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

    • Captain MustSavage

      Yes, very concerning given the fact that medical staff are held accountable by strict ethical and legal requirements during the provision of mental health treatment. I suppose the fact that this was being done with her fathers consent must be the barrier to charges being laid.

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  • Pegasus999

    Gee, by Scientology’s standards, I must be pretty well….I’d want to steal a truck and escape too!
    Poor woman. Jim’s denials are a great example of confirmation bias.

  • Billy Bob

    Never-in, I just assumed that the “tech” didn’t work. It occurs to me that technology that works is continually refined, messed with, subject to experimental proof and improvement. LRH “tech” has to be done exactly according to recipe, not science. This makes “tech” so much crap. (Along with many other reasons I have

    • Freethinker

      You nailed it.

  • Shelly Britt Corrias

    The top tweet got me “blocked”, but it was worth it. So sick & tired of those “meet a Scientologist” ads.
    The bottom tweet is straight up “get the word out”. I also did one on Facebook. Highly recommend to share this story if you can. People notice, ones you don’t expect either. I had personal feedback from people in Singapore, Wales and the US so far. (eta: both links go to today’s blog post/story on Candace)

    • Mark Foster

      Thank You 🙂

  • I’ve seen fish that have been dead for a week with more life in their eyes than Instagram Lady.
    I don’t think those better tools for life!! is working for ya.

  • Harlequin

    Please excuse my language, but this is the type of shit that really pisses me off about scientology. If it weren’t for hubbard’s lunacies, most likely Ellie Perkins would not have been stab countless times by her own son.

    The same can be said about Lisa McPherson

    Scientology is a dispicable practice, no matter where it is administered. I hope in my life time, it gets what it has deserves from the day hubbard morphed it from dianetics

    • Sarah James

      “Scientology Care” has never existed.

      • April

        “Scientology Care” is, in fact, an oxymoron.

    • The Dude

      No need to excuse your language. Google hates us. And now we can swear again. Unless you are just polite. And that’s cool too!

  • Vaquera
    • Artoo45

      Irreconcileable differences, eh? You mean like “Agyness is too awesome and won’t joing the cult differences?” No wonder he looked so miserable at Sundance. Wait. He always looks miserable. Nevermind.

    • Jimmy3

      Memo to Scientolo-bros: Don’t marry Thetan meat bodies that are taller than you. It doesn’t end well.

      • Unless you are Dave. In which case it is impossible to find women shorter than him, so he has no choice.

    • Vaquera

      Now that I’ve read some of the comments at TMZ, I can that see the Bunker has already been there done that. My brain is weary. Tucking in, hopefully to have dreams of better than that we’ve read today.

      Before I turn off the lamp….maybe Vonni’s soon to be ex is the one who threw Gay’s status plaques to the curb for Ebner to find.

    • Ella Raitch

      That marriage had blind gossip within 1-2 months.

      • Jimmy3

        How do you find blind gossip? I’m always on internet and I never see it.

        • salmondecides

          the best one, ted casablanca, is gone from the net. We’ll never know who toothy tile is now.

          • Jimmy was doing a funny. It is safe to assume that everything he says ain’t serious 🙂

            • Nat-lificent

              Not everything

            • Just 99.999%.

            • Nat-lificent

              The licensed fool speaks truth to power and keeps his head.

            • Jimmy3

              I don’t know what that means, but that sounds awesome. I fully subscribe. 😉

            • That sounds profound and wise, like a fortune cookie.
              It went over my head, but at 5ft 1, most things go over my head.

            • Nat-lificent


    • Letting her to read stuff on the internet was a big mistake. Next thing you know, she will be spotted hanging out with Katie Holmes.

    • Robert Eckert

      In other tragic news, Charles Manson’s engagement has fallen through:

  • Todd Tomorrow
  • Baby

    ” Candace is deeply unwell and living in a state hospital in Arkansas, and
    a family member tells us it is not a facility she wants to see Candace
    remain in. The family member says she is looking into legal remedies.”


    I would rather have Candace living in a State Hospital in Arkansas at the present time. State Agencies are heavily regulated.

    Here is one for example.. but they are all required to meet the criteria for State Mental Health.

    It is NOT the Hyatt Regency, but it has specific guidelines which they are required to maintain. I was going to contact Tony to see if I could drive and meet her father to discuss options. I feel comfortable knowing that she is in a State Facility.

    My Recommendation: Family must allow Candace to stabilize on medication before discharging her. She can not get adequate therapy/ counseling without first stabilizing her. Work with ” Arkansas Department of Human Services

    Remove Jim from the equation IMMEDIATELY. Her father should be working with the agency aforementioned to determine the best Mental Health Services for his daughter..

    • Jimmy3

      There’s a great reason Tony didn’t reveal the names of the principle characters in this story.

      • Baby

        I only wish I could talk to the Father. If he goes along with continuing on with Jim and NO medication then he is either a Scientologist or extremely stupid.. I am still livid.

        Edit: Or both!

        • Nat-lificent

          There are only a few state hospitals in Arkansas. I was going to send some Valentine cards for general distribution to patients. Perhaps a slim chance she’ll get one or be in any condition to care but it will make some patient out there happy for a second — hopefully.

          • Baby

            Nat that would be a sweet gesture.. Our patients ( clients, consumers etc..depending on the state) loved to receive mail.. very sweet of you.

            Edit.. I would advise you to not use your current contact information. They will save the card and then get off their meds ( sigh it happens too frequently) and may surprise you by getting on the bus and visiting you.

            The odds of that happening are slim, but could it happen? Yes..

            • Jenstnick

              I have a schizophrenic aunt in Portland. She would take her monthly disability checks and buy bus tickets to southern CA and show up Out of the blue. She has refused meds for 30 years and many of her quirks are from her disease but others she uses to consciously manipulate. Anyway, I finally told my grandma it was time to take over her finances- I couldn’t have her showing up at my door with her duct tape any longer. So yes, they will get an idea in their minds to travel and they will do it.

            • Baby

              I am sorry Jen.. So fuckin frustrating.. I have an Aunt that was institutionalized and of course feel better and off her medication she would go..

              I was young back then and wasn’t mom would always tell us she was on ” Vacation..” but I have worked with many families and I’ve heard the horror stories..

              I’m sorry your family has gone and is now going through that.. such a polarizing disease.

            • Jenstnick

              It’s frustrating because my grandparents wanted to be In denial and just ignore it. She showed signs as an adolescent but just pretended she was fine. Never had any formal help until it was too late and the family never got on board, mostly out of shame. I grew up in southern CA, so I was removed from a lot of it. She knows she is Ill and uses it as an excuse to say things that aren’t nice and then says “oops, I’d better be good”. It’s sad.

            • Baby

              Well I certainly feel for your family Jen.. and of course her..but manipulation and the family not getting on board.. sigh

            • Nat-lificent

              Thank you, Baby. I know. I taught high school for seven years remember? I’m well versed in keeping my address a secret XD

            • Baby

              Of course.. I’m sorry..

            • Nat-lificent

              Stop. No apologizing. Everyone loves you.

            • Baby

              Damn.. Can you tell I was in the Pissiest of moods? But Good news..

              THE BITCH IS BACK..HAHA smooch..and I love everyone.

            • Nat-lificent

              Yes, you were a baby in need of a nap 🙂
              I was cranky two days ago. I feel like the bunker has been invaded — like when your little cousins that you love come to visit and you have the best time, but then you get sick of them. That’s me right now lol.

            • Baby

              You know our problem is that we KNOW too much about this criminal enterprise.. Just too much.. and each layer that is uncovered is just too much for us to handle at times..

              I feel like we all have our PhD in Scientology.. and then we just pick ourselves up and start again.. love you Nat..

              It’s funny you said that.. I welcomed someone new the other day and said..” It is so great to see a new face..we’re getting sick of each other..” haha xo

            • Nat-lificent

              Nice XD

            • Nat-lificent

              124 Valentines (I should have bought more) all filled out and ready to mail (refresh)
              I hope one reaches her.

            • Baby

              Awww so very very thoughtful of you Nat.. They will absolutely love them.. You will have made their day.. Good luck and fingers crossed! Thank you from the Bunker..xoxoxox

        • Jimmy3

          She’s in a state facility now. “Jim” is out of the picture. Tony used fictitious names for them for a reason. We were supposed to read this story without getting involved.

          • Baby

            OK night

            • Jimmy3

              Sorry if that sounded rude, Baby. I was just saying, if the article uses fictitious names, and your plan is to contact Tony to try and meet someone central to the story, what do you think Tony will tell you?

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      That’s sweet of you to want to help. Were you ever licensed as a counselor, or was it more like nursing assistant? It was tough for women back then to get professional counselitor jobs. Very admirable that you earned certificates, esoecially at that time. What kind of jobs did they assign you? Ill bet they overworked you, like many women I knew that were professionals in their field. Boy, did they have stories!

      • Baby

        I began work in the 70’s with a Master in Education/ Special Ed teaching SBH students (Severely Behavioral Handicapped) and then worked at the State Mental Hospital on all wards including the Criminally insane.

        Through Case Management system I counseled and worked in Vocational Rehab via being grandfathered in due to my experience and years working in Mental Health. I worked as an AA/NA Counselor and had community outreach.

        The community programs were in homeless shelters and Community Centers that had programs designated for the Mentally Ill.. Job Coaching and serving MR/DD clients was also a part of that work.

        EDIT: Yes they overworked me.

        Not all at once of course..Just over the course of my 30 years.

  • Mymy88

    Whoa! That’s some scary right there!

    • Mymy88

      even doggie say yikes!

    • Jimmy3

      That chick looks crazy and conveniently masks my typo edit! Great use of a refresh!

    • Spike Robinson

      Scary? What’s so scary about her?

    • Spike Robinson

      Or, if you want a more meme-based approach:

      • Mymy88

        I know ERMAHGERD (lol) but what is ERDAHRDING? I can be slow like that sometimes lol.

        • Spike Robinson

          You know, when you go in for ERDAHRDING, with your ERDAHDUR? And you have to buy your ERDAHDING ERS in ERTENSERVS of twelve and a half ERS…

          or, if you’re going in for a sec check, they say “Not ERDAHDING you….”

          • Mymy88

            um… so it means auditing lol. I’m not going to ask what ERS and ERTENSERS of twelve and a half ERS means. And I’m not going to ask why would someone tell you “not auditing you” when you go in for a sec check because I’m good.

            You answered my question, anything else was a bonus, even if I didn’t get it. I have a feeling others did. lol I’m a newbie and a never in. I admit it. I’ve only had a few months to crash course on all this exposing of Scientology for what it truly is, stuff.

            I feel like a cheater. I came in on the tail end of the CO$ downfall saga. I was practically blissfully ignorant of it’s evils before then. Everyone else has worked so hard and yearned for justice for so long. I feel like I just happened along right before the party started.

            I will say that learning about all of this has changed me in a big way. I now have the frightening realization that great evil can disguise itself quite effectively, if you are not careful to examine what you are looking at, and sometimes, even then. It sucks but it is the truth whether we like it or not.

            The best I can do is pat myself on the back for being able to consider the possibility that some things I hold as truth, may not be, and vice versa, and to be ever vigilant.

            • Spike Robinson

              Oh! I’m so sorry! I’m a never-in m’self, so I tend to think everyone else is ex-Scilon and knows the joke better than I do…

              And it doesn’t matter what time you get to the party. Your heart is in the right place. I’m a recent addition, myself. 🙂 I was in a very, very small, (now nonexistent) group, a long, long time ago, and the terrors I knew are a tiny fraction of what so many here have gone through. But what counts is that we hold these cousins of ours in our hearts, and feel their pain. That’s what makes us human.

              So to translate for you (with my apologies, once again), and it’s ERS – hours, ERTENSERVS – intensives (the 12-and a half hour time blocks they’re required to buy services in). I find it helps if you pull back your mouth like you’re grimacing and then read the words aloud. 🙂

              The really chilling thing about the “not auditing you” is another thing that made me soooo angry at CO$ when I found out about it. If you’re interested, Karen De La Carriere does a *much* better job describing it than I ever, ever could.

              the link is here:

              While patting yourself on the back, give yourself a hug for me. I truly did not mean to confuse, and as one passionate “never-in” to another, salute! 😀

            • Mymy88

              I’m glad you put the link for that Surviving Scientology episode. Thank you. That was such a sad one. I had not seen that one. You don’t need to say you are sorry just because you used some scien jargon lol. I was just hoping I would not annoy anyone with my newbie questions lol.

            • Spike Robinson

              Karen and Tory have some of the best episodes going on YouTube – and the only way I got to my current level of, well, expertise, is by asking LOTS of stupid Newbie questions! And reading LOTS of survivor stories – if anybody lived on Gold Base, got out, and wrote a book, I’ve got it on my Kindle and have read it twice. I’m waiting with bated breath for certain people to write their own books (I’m lookin’ at you, Claire Headley!), and of course Our Proprietor is a font of wisdom and information. 😀

            • Mymy88

              Oh yeah, I devour every survivor story I can find and I love Tory’s videos. I know I’ve watched over half of them. And I love the Surviving Scientology episodes.

              My favorite story because I think it does an excellent job of relating to people who don’t know anything about Scientology’s fun house antics, is Marc Headley’s musical chairs story. The first time I heard him tell that story, I was just starting to get my feet wet and it blew me away. It’s just soooo WEIRD and twisted. And c’mon now! Bohemian Rhapsody as the game went on for hours? You can’t just make this shit up.

              You don’t know how many times on my journey through learning this stuff, I said to myself “No fucking way! It can’t be! It’s too awful! It’s impossible that this crap is going on right under everybody’s noses!” But I kept going because I soon learned that every freaking story you hear is corroborated over and over in multitudes of ways. It would be impossible for that many people to be lying because it all gels perfectly.

              Do you hear that Miscavige?

              ” P-E-R-F-E-C-T-L-Y ”

              Ooops, let me check myself lol. Don’t want to go off on a rambling rant lol.

  • Todd Tomorrow “I will try very hard to stay in the time limit.”

  • E4 Anonymous

    what is not mentioned in full is that $$$cientology was the most probable cause of the mental illness in the first place.

    • EnthralledObserver

      Not necessarily in this case, as it’s mentioned somewhere that she isn’t (and never was) a $cientologist, but in other cases I have no doubt you might be correct.

    • Jimmy3

      What is mentioned is that she and father were not Scientologists.

  • Nat-lificent

    Goodnight, Bunker. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better <3

    • beauty for ashes

      Goodnight Nat ((((hugs)))

  • Todd Tomorrow
    • Frodis73

      Oh no…again with this lady? Why is she so popular all of a sudden…did I miss something?

      • Todd Tomorrow

        No, this is just so strange. I’d read about her and it turned out she was on a bootlegged version of one of my favorite albums. Weird coincidence. ..Her estate wouldn’t let her voice be used so it was never printed. This other story is just too sad for me. Took a bunker day off. I read it and then just got sick to my stomach.

        • Frodis73

          Okay, two vids were posted last night that prompted discussion, etc.

          • Todd Tomorrow

            A Bunkerite’s mother would drag them along to her shows. She firmly believed in her.

        • Douglas D. Douglas

          I have searched high and low for something you would find amusing. Comic Ruth Buzzi did a running parody of Kathryn Khullman, called (as I recall) Kathryn Pullman, Girl Evangelist. Kuhlman thought it was hilarious and complimented Buzzi for the character.

          There are references to this in a number of web sites, but no videos have appeared. The character appeared on Laugh-In.

          • Todd Tomorrow

            That must have been a hoot! Thanks, DDD

        • LongtimeLurker

          I’ve never heard of this. Is it as good as ‘My Life in the Bush of Ghosts’?

          • Todd Tomorrow

            Yes, this was a bootleg off that album.

            • LongtimeLurker

              Ahhh, got it.

              Thanks TT.

              Rare to find anyone who remembers MLitBoG.

              Great album.

  • ed inthehouse

    FYI – That crazy eyed Instagram gal above is actress Ivonne Armant. IMDB says she is Placido Domingo’s grand-daughter. She also has done playboy. If some of the Bunkerites were distracted by that gal’s chest the other day… Oh My!

    • Ella Raitch

      Sam’s niece?

      • ed inthehouse

        “Mother is Mexican child actress Maria Gracia and biological father is José Dominguez, Placido Domingo’s first son.”

        Also: “Ivonne moved to Los Angeles to start her acting studies at the prestigious Beverly Hills Playhouse Acting School, with the help of actor and director Milton Katselas. In May 2000, she was celebrated in Playboy Magazine as the first Mexican with a celebrity pictorial in the United States and eight covers worldwide. Following these events, Ivonne became a sex symbol, something she would work to overcome as so as to show the depth of her acting talent by carefully choosing her roles in different series and TV shows.”

  • valshifter

    Some of Jim’s answers are actually laughable, I don’t know him but I imagine an insane person giving insane answers, like: “scientology is validated and Psychiatry is not validated” what the hell does that mean? The incredible part is how the insane founder of the church achieved the objective to make other people insane to the point that they consider being insane normal and anything normal they pin point it as insane.
    “Cigarettes are havigness” wow! the responses are just crazy.
    I wonder if the founder of the cult saw people as Havigness, like a cigarette something to posses and waste, make nothing off, and having a nervous brake down as a result of using scientology for a long time is just a manifestation that you are actually on the threshold of being wasted on the way out to become nothing as designed by the crazy founder. Scientologist are crazy really. I remember him saying in one of his lectures “we are all crazy after all, except that some of us are happy crazy and others are just unhappy crazy”, something to that effect.
    And to think that at one point I was a total believer, scary. I do believe the nervous brake down I had in 2011 might have been accelerated due to the fact that I was desperately looking for answers in scientology , I had someone no longer connected to the church run the introspection rundown on me. I did feel fine for a little while then I totally collapsed, feeling week, afraid, paranoid about people, did not want to leave the house for a while since it was recommended to stay alone for a while which made it worst cause then I felt the void of loneliness, till I committed the mortal sin according to the scienos I went to seek help from a psychiatrist and a psychology counsellor who acknowledged the fact that my perception of the world was being manipulated by practicing scientology.

    • beauty for ashes

      Sounds like you made the BEST choice for yourself. Its really impressive. I hope today’s story is not too much for you.

      • valshifter

        Is actually an eye opener, It does helps me understand better how serious the problem is and how dangerous when being in a scientologist hands when you are in unstable condition, and how little or nothing scientology can do. And I appreciate Tony shining a light on this issue, scientology does nothing for the people that might have needed the most help and as a matter of fact they complicate things for the worst.

        • beauty for ashes

          It is scary how dangerous scientology is to psychological issues. It sounds like you know only too well. It also sounds like you had a good therapist too! (As someone who has sought therapy herself) 🙂

          • valshifter

            I had a good therapist very compassionate, helped me to step away from scientology, at one point he apologized for the fact that scientology had bamboozled me. I thought it was nice of him to do that.

            • beauty for ashes

              That is nice!
              Have you ever looked up the diagnostic criteria of a narcissist? It reminds me of what you said about Ron just gathering people and not caring about what happens to them. I have always thought Lron was a narcissist.

            • Bleuler

              I am well aware that DSM 5 is out (have it on my desk), but for simplicitys sake let’s look at the trusted old DSM IV TR symptoms of narcissism and see if it reminds us of someone:

              -Expects to be recognized as superior and special, without superior accomplishments

              -Expects constant attention, admiration and positive reinforcement from others

              -Envies others and believes others envy him/her

              -Is preoccupied with thoughts and fantasies of great success, enormous attractiveness, power, intelligence

              -Lacks the ability to empathize with the feelings or desires of others

              -Is arrogant in attitudes and behavior

              -Has expectations of special treatment that are unrealistic

            • beauty for ashes

              Thanks Bleuler! I do think that knowing Lron probably fit a specific criteria of a personality disorder gives great perspective. Great summarization too.

        • giggler

          just great you got out to tell the tale, just so harrowing some of the stories, hope your recovery goes well

    • Frodis73

      I believe that lrh did look upon people as ‘havingness’; they were pawns for him to do whatever he wanted to within his game of life. “-( He was a total prick.

      • MereCatWatcher

        So he declared in his affirmations. People would be his slaves.

    • Todd Tomorrow

      I was wondering the other day if they smoke to kill their appetite. Some of the SO’s are so skinny.

      • Mark Foster

        TT, I used them, when I was a staff member, to ¨handle¨stress. I might have a sporadic smoke here and there these days. Then? A pack every couple of days, more or less. And…tons of coffee…

        • Nicotine/smoking has anti-deppressing qualities. That’s why it’s addictive. Real science says so.

    • aquaclara

      Sending big hugs your way. You survived this awful, awful nightmare. That inner voice that told you to go get help – that was you, shouting for help. Thank God it was heard by licensed, trained psychiatrists and psychologists.

      You are one tough cookie. Glad you made it out. They didn’t win. But what a nightmare.

      • valshifter

        oooh thank you aquaclara I feel and receive your hugs. The support in this website is amazing, I discovered the bunker in 2012 and I been here ever since every day, is adictive and cathartic at the same time. good things are happening, love you all and all the coments.

    • GrandEclectus

      Thank you. So many insights, so well put.

  • Todd Tomorrow
    Cures a blind baby and numerous people with toe problems.

    • Douglas D. Douglas

      Todd, have you gone over…?

      • Todd Tomorrow

        No. she cracks me up!

        • Nat-lificent

          You should start a blog about her

          • Todd Tomorrow

            I think that I’m through with the scene.

            • Nat-lificent

              Oh good

    • FOTF2012

      Clearly she has OT powers. Not.

      Why do we humans have such a blinding need to believe rather than be rational and follow evidence?

    • valshifter

      In central America I saw people claiming they had received a gold tooth in a prayer.

    • Draco

      If she were to go to Hogwarts they would put her in the Slytherin House immediately! What’s with the Parselmouth ?

      • Todd Tomorrow

        Praise you Jesus. Another arm has healed.

  • Pierrot

    *** RED X +–+** RED X ** +–+ RED X *** Tuesday the 3rd of February

    Good morning Night Owls and Early Birds,
    The whip is out, they are spamming like never before.
    The score for yesterday, 161 new/refreshed ads bringing the Last 4 Days UP from 343 to 390
    and the 7 days Regional List UP from 679 to 726
    RedX write up :
    RedX spreadsheet:
    For those who do not have much time but would like to send a message to Tony Chen do Sacramento in
    the Regional list TAB of the RedX spreadsheet. (see link above).

    1. Concentrate on your region and /or your adopted regions.(The closer to home the better).
    2. Use the reboot router method to acquire a new IP,
    3. Do not do the blues only, RE-FLAG the previous days.

    DON’T route out, BLOW, Get HELP, get OUT. CALL 1-866-XSEAORG

    COWS by Bob Kåre & flickred by AP:

    • Pierrot

      Good morning Dodo

      • Good morning Pierrot!

        • Mark Foster

          Poland, Dodo, Pierrot, et al : Buen Día a Todos 🙂

          • FromPolandWithLove

            Buen Dia a Ti, tambien Senor Foster. Hablas Espanol?

            • Mark Foster

              a poco…yo aprendiendo… 🙂

            • FromPolandWithLove

              Yo tuve clases ano pasado. Ahora Yo no tengo tiempo para clases, pero Yo aprendo sola 🙂

            • Mark Foster

              Venga! 🙂 Saludos, cariña 🙂

          • Buen dia, Mark 🙂

    • FromPolandWithLove

      Let me join good-mornings:). So… Good morning The Bunker Team :):):)

      • Good morning Poland! 🙂

      • Pierrot

        good morning Poland

      • Ella Raitch

        Morning Poland

      • Graham

        Good morning Poland.

    • Graham

      Purpled my blues. Later in the day, if I get time I’ll pick up a fresh ISP address and go through the list again; especially the mental health ones and the ones touting their fraudulent ‘personality test’.

      • Nat-lificent

        “Purpled my blues”
        That sounds dirty XD

  • KNMF
    • Pierrot

      Faulty link for me? 🙁

      • Graham

        Works for me.

        Yet another front group, in Canada this time.”A Church of Scientology entity called Social Betterment Properties International “. I think they make these titles up on an ad-hoc basis. Yet again, trying to get planning permission for a dodgy pseudo-medical residential unit where it’s not wanted, and where the locals seem well clued up on the issues.

        • Pierrot

          I say DISCRIMINATION against a poor defenceless African country!

          The request could not be satisfied.
          The Amazon CloudFront distribution is configured to block access from your country.

          Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront)
          Request ID: XfYCKjchXS43sNNQDyzvUK15bGniUwQoJA3vnOgDGMsIyRHyKvPodg==

          • Graham

            Thought I’d take pity on you and copy & paste the text here, but now I’m getting “error page” 🙁

            You are in Africa?

            • Pierrot

              Yep! South Africa.

        • KNMF

          Scientology has front groups for their front groups.

    • Waterhorse

      Narconon works like crazy. Methadone used to be called Adolphine after Adolph Hitler and it totally messes people up as bad as heroin.

  • California

    Jail for the perps, including the father.

  • Unex Skcus

    Just caught up on this post, and it’s left me speechless. Just when I start thinking that nothing that Co$ does will shock me… it does again.

  • Claire Swazey

    The neglect is disgusting. If they were so great at taking care of people this woman (and others, like Lisa McPherson) wouldn’t be filthy and malnourished. Or bloody! I was in the cult. I, too, was taught that psychiatry was evil and to be institutionalized would be a blot on one’s record from which there was no coming back. But a psychiatric ward would keep the person clean, well fed, healthy. And most damning of all, it’s very obvious to anyone with the iq of the average plant that nobody responds well to these isolation watches. It’s not like there’s any track record showing anyone benefitting.

  • Waterhorse

    Any new religion worth it’s name has been attacked big time in the past. Mainly by vested interests who have something to hide. Just look at the Christian religion when they started – they were butchered.

    Scientology hates psychiatry for good reason. Psychiatry abuses and rips off more people in a day than anyone else does in a month of Sundays – AND gets government approval and funding all over the place for it! Scientology is exposing these creeps for what they really are.

    Google and Check out the Alaska Mental Health Enabling Act they tried to pawn off in 1956 on an unsuspecting public in the US:

    Scientology was pivotal in getting this enormous piece of oppressive garbage revoked (partially revoked)

    Most of the mainstream media including Reuters is bought by vested interests including the *** pharmaceutical industry.

    Read the latest rolling stone interview of Stevie Nicks where she says a psychiatrist she calls “Dr. Fuckhead” put her on some kind of antidepressant and she had to go into rehab to get off it. Psych drugs are a huge trillion dollar scam and a fraud. Scientology rightly exposes them for what they are.

    To find out why Scientology hates psychiatry, have a look at this short documentary:

    • Jimmy3

      Just for the sake of argument, I’ll go along with your ridiculous beliefs on psychiatry. So all psychiatry is evil. Do you think then that Scientology’s approach is more effective. You believe that locking someone away in squalid isolation helps them? You believe someone with a mental illness should be tied up in a basement somewhere and audited by someone with no medical training? You believe this makes a person better?

      Did you read the article?

      • Waterhorse

        No – not all psychs are “bad” – see my comments above and the link to a smart psychiatrists wiki page. The smart ones know what is going on. They are not blind. But the American Psychiatric Institute is a real mess with no ethics code and no scruples.

      • Waterhorse

        Also In order to cure someone’s mental problem you have to understand the cause. There’s no way you can understand the cause if you don’t understand how the mind works. By their OWN admission and in many of their books, they state that NO ONE knows how the mind works.
        I dare you to go and ask one of them for a definition of SANITY. They have none! It’s totally random!

        • Jimmy3

          You completely ignored my questions. Did you read the article, and do you agree with the methods this “Jim” character used in his attempts to treat this woman? You speak of needing to understand how the mind works in order to understand the cause. This man locked a woman up in his aunt’s basement, restrained her and allowed her to live in filthy conditions. Do you believe he understands how the mind works? This is a sane man to you?

          Don’t dodge the question. Answer it truthfully.

          • Waterhorse

            Yes Jimmy. I understand your shock etc about the article and anyone would be shocked. But the facts can EASILY be skewed out of line on this type of incident – as can be seen form the Lisa McPherson tragedy

            You have to get both sides of the story as in any judgement or court of law. Mental health treatment has been an awfully violent scenario since the middle ages and the only “cures” have been violent ones – often killing or maiming people – and now REALLY heavy duty drugs. PROZAC should never have been approved by the FDA.
            The approval process is totally insane. I mean totally.

            This is not a recent problem. Be aware of one thing while reading the admittedly shocking article above – more people have died in American psychiatric institutions in the last 40 years than ALL the wars the US has been in since 1776!! YES this is a fact! That’s in the US only. How many deaths is that that we never hear about?

            Scientology doesn’t even attempt normally to treat the insane unless it’s an extreme emergency or a family member or something. It’s very risky engaging in helping someone that is “insane” as the person often tries to injure or kill themselves – so you are walking on thin ice to do it. ALL Scientology is trying to do is make people look at this modern psychiatric profession and MAKE it follow ethical guidelines for the sane treatment of people and respect their rights.

            Extreme methods are the only thing that will turn this profession around. And YES Scientology knows how the mind works and YES we DO have a definition for SANITY and a definition for INSANITY as well.

            You cannot separate the mind form the spirit and successfully get mental improvement. It has been tried and doesn’t work. PSYCHE – OLOGY means the study of the soul or spirit. Psyche is the Greek work for soul. The brain is not the source of the problem and never has been.

            • Jimmy3

              Doesn’t “attempt normally to treat the insane” is exactly right. Because all evidence suggests Scientology simply locks the mentally ill away in isolation or dumps them off where they won’t have to worry about them embarrassing the Church. That’s not normal today in modern practices. That’s not sane, as I would define it.

              And please cite your sources to back this up:

              more people have died in American psychiatric institutions in the last 40 years than ALL the wars the US has been in since 1776!! YES this is a fact! That’s in the US only. How many deaths is that that we never hear about?”

              I’ll be waiting for that. You can’t simply claim numbers as fact (without even sharing them) and expect your statement to be accepted as a fact. That’s how Ron Hubbard operated. It doesn’t work in 2015.

              Cite me a credible, independent source (not from the Church of Scientology) for those numbers and we can continue this conversation.

            • Waterhorse

              OK Jimmy
              I don’t pretend to know all about the incident in question. All I know is in the biased stories I’ve seen so I’m in the same boat as everyone else. But in something like this – you have to wait for the full autopsy and investigation to find out the real facts. This was the case in the Lisa McPherson death and the results were contrary to reports.

              As far as the psych institution deaths goes, my info is from the documentary cited.

              This is a Scientology doc. but is very specific on dates and facts. You can’t just reel off something like this and be inaccurate or you’ll get your ass sued. I am really not trying to do anything here but get people to at least look at another angle on this whole issue. This is extremely important that people get that there MIGHT be just a LITTLE problem here and that all is not well in this area of activity.

              I got interested in this many years ago and quickly realized that the problem on this planet is really that the physical sciences such as electronics and physics had far surpassed any science on the mind. We have huge capabilities to cause effects but we still study 19th century mental sciences that aren’t even science – just theory. We’re still in the stone age with the science of the mind.

            • Jimmy3

              She’s not dead, Waterhorse. Hopefully she will live in peace for many decades to come, and there will never be a need for an autopsy. Saying that we need to wait for autopsy results is a good indication that you didn’t read the article or didn’t fully understand it.

              As for your claim about US military deaths vs. 40 years of deaths in psychiatric institutions, I’m not going to sift through an hour and a half of propaganda to find the numbers that back up your claim. But if you give me an approximation of the time in the video where it is mentioned, I will watch that.

              Now about science, let me ask you this: have you ever been curious as to why LRH was never published in a scientific journal? I assume you’re smart enough to understand the scientific method and controlled, documented experimentation. Have you ever seen any of the documentation related to any of Hubbard’s research? Where are the notes he took while he was developing Dianetics? He claimed it was an exact science, am I right? He must have had very thorough, detailed notes of the experiments he was running to perfect such a revolutionary technology. In any scientific field, these notes would be published in a paper and reviewed by peers in that particular field. Why did Hubbard never make this documentation available, or even attempt to get his research published in a journal? He liked to brag that his work had ooh’d and ahh’d scientists and philosophers from around the world. So why didn’t he prove his work in their journals?

            • Waterhorse

              Ok Jimmy
              I have the link and time to the info on psych institution deaths. It’s actually MORE than twice as many people dead in psych hospitals as were killed in all the wars – over 1.1 million people (see below).

              1st Frame – 4.28 minutes into the video

              As far as the scientific method goes you have a very good point and mentioning the scientific journals etc.He did use the scientific method in the research. I think the answer to this is in a book he wrote called “THE ORIGINAL THESIS”. This concise book explains exactly how and why he did his research.

              DIANETICS THE MODERN SCIENCE OF MENTAL HEALTH was a real breakthrough in research on the mind and became a best seller almost overnight. There is an article on this and why the research was not initially accepted here:

              If you look around the lack of scientific method in the humanities has resulted in what we have around us – a technologically advanced culture with virtually no real idea how the mind works. He did use scientific method in his research and he was a trained physicist and not just trained in the humanities as pretty much all the other humanities researchers were in the 40’s and 50’s But he was also willing to experiment with new theories on the mind as a LIFE FORCE rather than a brain etc. The traditional approaches weren’t yielding answers in this field any more than mysticism was yielding answers.

              I am not into celebrities or what they say for or against Scientology. I have always done my own investigating and when I checked out the Church I actually went in and bought a course to find out about it. But again regarding this mental health issue that stuck in my mind was years ago when Tom Cruise went on prime time TV with Matt Lauer and said Psychiatry is a DESTRUCTIVE PSEUDO SCIENCE in front of millions of people – there was not even a whisper of a law suit from them.To me – that was STUNNING. As he would be a prime target for a multi million dollar lawsuit.

            • Waterhorse

              Here is a quote from and a link to the Fox News article on the APA American Psychiatric Assn

              “We in America face an epidemic of fiction—manipulations of the truth on a scale never before known, fueled by technology and media. This epidemic threatens to rob us of ourselves—what we truly think and truly feel and truly know as fact. And this epidemic has clearly infected the American Psychiatric Association, which puts them on the wrong side of Truth, and puts patients at needless risk.”

              Dr. Keith Ablow is a psychiatrist and member of the Fox News Medical A-Team. Dr. Ablow can be reached at

              Here’s the full article:

            • Robert Eckert

              Fox News is a notoriously deceitful source, and Ablow is well-known to be a total lunatic.

            • Waterhorse

              Fair enough.
              But there’s a whole movement of like minded psychiatrists who totally reject the DSM (psychiatry’s bible of money making disorders)
              Take a look at this as an alternative:

            • Robert Eckert

              The author of the column is careful to state “I reiterate that I am not anti-psychiatry per se and, as I said in my column, I have seen good come from careful and judicious use of medications and therapy.” You are aligned more with some of the unhinged ranters in the comment thread.

            • Waterhorse

              I’m totally for proper use of drugs especially NON SSRI type drugs IN MODERATION.
              But we’re talking about a MULTI-BILLION dollar a year scam based on the DSM (psychiatry’s laughable diagnostic manual) using fake diagnosis. This is what the REAL medical profession and well intentioned psychiatrists are opposing.

              The main critic in the latest anti Scientology outburst is profiled here:

            • Robert Eckert

              You do not have any qualifications to be demanding in ALL CAPS that non-SSRI drugs be used. As someone who has benefited greatly from SSRI drugs, I find you sick and offensive.

        • AintMizBahavin

          by your redundant response you just proved us right… if no one knows how the mind works THEN EXACTLY WHERE DID FREAKTARD GET HIS MASTERS IN IT? AMAZINGLY HE is the only one who understands the way a mind works? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

          and yet you take shemmards word as gospel?
          and if he is the only one who understands how the mind works then why exactly did he need to enslave you to do his work? and make him a billionaire while making you poor? how did he manage to make you disconnect from the parents who gave you life? and the kids you gave life to ? and why exactly are you working no less then 16 hrs a day for pennies and you must spend those pennies on your bare rooms, beans and rice and toiletries yet he and now the fidget master live in mansions driving limos eating the finest food?
          and why do they need to attack, lie, follow, harass, and try to intimidate those who no longer want to be bothered with them all day every day?


    • KNMF

      Psychology and pharmaceuticals have had so many positive outcomes they are too, many to list.
      I personally have witnessed dozens of lives changed for the positive.

      L. Ron Hubbard used a broad brush to label and attack his enemies. He saw psychiatric solutions as competition in the marketplace. You’ve heard about “conflicts of interest.” Hubbard didn’t have any.
      Hubbard’s interest was getting rich and powerful. He didn’t care who suffered or lost out along the way.
      Scientology is just like THAT. Lying to every single person. Every person in Scientology is lied to.
      Let that sink in. Now, go forth and keep fighting for those losers. Yes, you are losing on every front.

    • valshifter

      Out here in the real world Psychiatry is VALIDATED, and scientology is not validated.

    • KNMF

      Waterhorse, you pathetic rube, you brainwash victim,
      I’m disgusted that David Miscavige is viciously attacking “psychiatry” because L. Con Hubbard hated the medical professionals who saw through his bullshitting and probably identified his personality
      disorder. So because Hubbard was butthurt he made the war on psychiatry a staple of his paranoid cult.

      There are good people out there, medical doctors, who sincerely want to help people with their mental health. They study and stick with it and earn degrees and work their asses off. (Hubbard couldn’t hack that, so he belittles it).
      And David Miscavige is talking about obliterating them all, and dehumanizing them, calling them “psychs.”
      Nice religion, pal. You’re shilling for a sicko cult.

      • Waterhorse

        Psychiatry is NOT a science. See the link to a fully 100% qualified psychiatrist’s take on modern psychiatry. Not only him but many smart psychs are turning on their captors now with both barrels because the ones that can see straight are embarrassed by what is going on. They are real doctors who want to help people. The profession itself is sinking from a total lack of an ethics code.

        • Jimmy3

          Scientology is not a science. You can spout your beliefs on psychiatry all day, but you never defend Scientology. That’s how Ron wanted you to think. Never question what is going on inside your circle as long as there are targets outside your circle. Always attack, never defend. Is that how you want to live out your life?

        • KNMF

          The understanding of mental health is progressive and imbued and refreshed with scientific data and there continues to be growth and new ground continues to be broken.

          Scientology is dead. It was and is only the art of tricking the mind through hypnosis. Your dirty cult has nothing new to offer, so your effort is concentrated on tearing down the competition. You go beyond cynical, to evil, as you strive to come between patients and effective treatment.
          Hubbard is dead and when he was alive he was a quack.

          • Waterhorse

            DRUGS don’t work on mental issues very well. The track record is atrocious. They make a ton of money though. There is no such thing as a chemical imbalance of the brain causing all these problems.

            • KNMF

              Drugs work terrifically well when the right drug in the right dosage
              is described for a given mental health problem. But your cult deals in
              horror stories and fear.
              Your cult leader uses words like “obliteration,” and he uses militaristic graphics and terminology when describing scientology’s strategies to wipe out psychiatry and pharmacy related to mental health. I’ve seen the videos of your nazi-esque
              Scientology’s solutions are over 50 years old, totally unproven and exclude science. Even when you find common ground with someone who might agree that the pharmacy industry is off track, all respect for you is lost when your real game is uncovered.
              Your source is the hypnotist and SciFi quack L. Ron Hubbard and your
              leader is the high school drop-out, megalomaniac pip-squeak David Miscavige.
              Take a cue from Miscavige, hide from public discourse.
              He knows he doesn’t have a leg to stand on and if he had to answer
              questions on camera he’d be roasted alive.

              Neither of your two cult leaders have college degrees or credentials of any kind, but they inform you about medicine, pharmacology and mental health. Why is that?
              How have these two men convinced you so thoroughly? (think about it a
              second). Remember, there are no credentialed health experts or officials
              in Scientology, yet you’re convinced 100% that you’re well informed.

              TRs, auditing and repetition have opened you up wide for suggestion. In essence you were hypnotized and brainwashed. Everything about scientology is designed to re-enforce “group-think.” The movies shown to you by the cult are extremely effective in putting you to work.
              I keep going on, Waterhorse, because I care about you and hope you
              break free of the mind control. No matter how invested you are, you can
              still break free. It will take courage. Or you can keep going on that bridge to nowhere with scientology and the stats and your bosses.
              There is help for you here and everywhere, if you want it, if you’re smart enough to ask. And none of these helpers want your money or a commitment. We’re talking about old fashion brotherly love. People helping people on their own initiative, from the heart.
              best wishes, waterhorse.

            • Waterhorse

              Well you have an opinion and yes the measures taken against psychiatry are extreme to say the least – as are the measures taken to attempt to eradicate Scientology by groups with large resources including the IRS.

              Not all psychiatrists are harmful and it’s just that they are part of a profession that is harmful in it’s treatments and approach. Many disagree. The best example is Dr. Peter Breggin who also has a really good website. All the power to these guys who are bucking the trend. They will win in the end because they are right.

            • LongtimeLurker

              KNMF (and Waterhorse) – You may not see this.

              I came back to this day’s comments looking for an image I remembered and saw this exchange that must have happened after I signed off for the day.

              I just want to say thank you KNMF for taking up the torch of reason in the face of Waterhorse’s rehearsed, outdated, badly researched and confirmation-biased lies.

              Psychiatry and medication are the reason I’m alive and functioning today.

              If Waterhorse had his way I hate to think what would have happened to me. After all, I pulled it in, didn’t I Waterhorse?

              But I’m sure WH doesn’t actually care about that.

              Because despite Scientology’s protests about helping and caring and their ludicrous and deceitful Volunteer Minister program, in their own words their bottom line has always been “making the able more able” and then only if they can afford it.

              The rest of us (the less able) can just bugger off, can’t we WH?

              Listen to me now Waterhorse. I’ve seen your future. The planet will never be clear.

              Because a reckoning is coming.

              It won’t be from the disempowered that you prey on, or your past victims, or the evil psychs from Farsec or SPs or squirrels.

              It will be from ordinary, decent people fed up with your cynical exploitation of 50 years of their tax-money, their tolerance and their misguided willingness to believe that your intentions were what you claimed.

              It will come from that wog world that you disdain so much, and it will be on you before you know what to do like a fucking Venusian freight train.

              Thank you again KNMF.

              And Waterhorse – No need to ask for whom the bell tolls…it tolls for thee.

            • Waterhorse

              I myself have taken drugs to handle many problems sleep issues etc.
              I was prescribed pills by a doctor and they worked OK. I have taken painkillers. I’ve had dental operations with drugs. There’s lots of uses for drugs.
              But they can’t be regarded as long term solutions to mental problems. It just doesn’t add up. These things are being prescribed like candy and they’re NOT. They make a lot of money for drug companies. I mean BILLIONS of dollars per year. Something is ASKEW man.

              Look at this article in Scientific American if you want a medical opinion:

    • valshifter

      At least Psychiatrist are backed up by real reaserch on people, unlike your insane founder that claimed to have reserched the made up subject of scientology out of his ass, without any proof of reaserch at all, you guys are a bunch of con artist hiding behind “religion” to get a free pass.

      • Waterhorse

        Psychiatry is not a science and never was. It is a military based tool for the control of large populations.The best info is from a really well trained and qualified psychiatrist himself – Dr Peter Breggin – explaining the problems with psychiatry.

        • valshifter

          Weather it is a science or not Psychiatry is approved and legally functioning, scientology is coming out as a scam on HBO.

        • AintMizBahavin

          a tool l con stuptard turned around on the people.;. he succeeded in making you think his way instead of the right way… as for psychiatry hahahahahahaha the midget and dumbtard used all of you to benefit him. you work a 60 hr week for what amounts to bread and water believing 2 cans and some line wire can detail your message. and another thing is lyingtology even thought it was right there would be no need for ” fair game” disconnection or the rpf. none of the so called real religions have gone to the depths of cos but cos time has passed. one person is telling a lie, 2 makes you think. 4000 should tell you what common sense finally told everyone else. ITS A LIE AND YOUR LIFE IN COS IS ALL A LIE. you’re enslaved to a insecure, derelict who can only function when degrading fools like you still amazing how everyone else is lying but cos is truth telling. BOY OR LITTLE GIRL PLEASE. GO TELL YOUR STORY ON THE MOUNTAIN!!!!! OH WAIT YOU CAN’T GET ON THE MOUNTAIN BECAUSE MILLIONS OF YEARS AGO IT WAS TURNED INTO A VOLCANO FOR THETANS. heres a question for you… why exactly do aliens needs money? wth are they planning on spending it on. if they are powerful enough to create humans and then throw them in volcanoes then surely they are capable of getting what they need WITHOUT MONEY!!!!!

          • Waterhorse

            Scientology is not funded by the government or huge insurance companies. People pay for services as they take them. If the services didn’t work no one would end up buying anything after they paid for and tried their first service. Just common sense.

        • valshifter

          “It is a military based tool for the control of large populations”
          sounds like you are describing Scientology itself you dumb ass.

          The Church of Scientology is a Genocidal Master Race Cult


          There was an even more sinister step needed to achieve Pax Scientology. This step was based on Hubbard’s tone scale. Using his own scale as a metric to judge the value of a person, Hubbard decreed that all persons who were 2.0 or lower on his scale had only two options in a Scientology World. From the pen of L. Ron Hubbard in his infamous book Science of Survival

          • Waterhorse

            Psych drugs lower people on the tone scale to fear or apathy as far as emotions are concerned. Fear and apathy are way lower than anger. So if a person is always angry just feed him some psych drugs like prozac and he’ll go down the scale to apathy and won’t care about anything. Easy solution.

            • valshifter

              Scientology will bring you down to apathy after 20 years of not living your own life, that is if you don’t commit suicide before that as a solution to get away.

            • Waterhorse

              Psychiatry could kill you deader than a mackerel. More deaths in Gov. psychiatric institutions in the US in the last 4 decades than all the deaths in every war since 1776!
              That’s one for the book. You never hear about them either.
              Here’s a medical opinion in Scientific American:

            • valshifter

              so you saying I rather be killed by wacko scientology TR’s and brain washing, than by psychiatry?
              I don’t believe your statistics at all, I believe you pulling them out of the air, that is not the opinion that people have in the real world about psychiatry, they might not be saints but they are doing what they can with medicine alone without the need to fool anybody, they are clear with people when giving medications they say this might work it might not work for you but we can try different stuff see no lies. I don’t believe that scientific American website you just gave me, that must be a Scientology created website to smear psychiatry, you know that scientology is very misleading right? They create false institutions and false websites to fool the world, remember United Churches in Florida? what about operation Snow White infiltrating sea org members in the government to steal documents?

  • truth will set u free

    I am posting so Waterhorse’s comment won’t be the last one. I find it rather insulting to any other organized religion to be placed on the same playing field with this so-called church of Scientology. To consider LR Hubbard ‘s carreer to be in any way comparable to the early Christians’ prophets is in an atrocity of such a magnitude I will not even dignify that with an argument. What I find most disturbing is this broadcast demonizing of medical sciences such as psychiatry and cognitive counseling by a group that continues to hide its nefarious agenda behind social betterment groups to lure in the unsuspected public and even use political means to insinuate their blatant disregard for scientifc methodology into our educational institutions. I have no links to offer except to simply say that the truth will always rise above the mire if you have an open mind . (Edited for syntax)

    • KNMF

      I’m disgusted that David Miscavige is viciously attacking “psychiatry” because L. Con Hubbard hated the medical professionals who saw through his bullshitting and probably identified his personality disorder.
      So because Hubbard was butthurt he made the war on psychiatry a staple of his paranoid cult.

      There are good people out there, medical doctors, who sincerely want to help people with their mental health. They study and stick with it and earn degrees and work their asses off.

      And David Miscavige is talking about obliterating them all, and dehumanizing them, calling them “psychs.”

  • valshifter

    The woman with the “Auditacion” book in her hands looks like the cognitive dissonance is kicking in, can you hear the cuckoo birds chirping in Spanish. poor thing feel sorry for her she does not know.

  • Lone Star

    This is chilling. I know a woman who is about the age of Candace who almost ended up at the place in Tennessee a few years ago. She is the daughter of an OT and had what appeared to me a pretty severe case of postpartum depression. Of course know-it-all Scilons don’t believe in such “psuedoscientific” diagnoses, so she wasn’t getting the treatment she needed.

    Well she ended up having a psychotic break. Lost all contact with reality. Her koolaide-drinking-mindfucked- dumbass of a mother had contacted this asswipe in Tennessee and was seriously considering unloading her daughter up there when thankfully the daughter escaped and got picked up by the police for….get this….taking her clothes off in public. Where have we heard this before?

    So she ended up first in a regular hospital, got some good rest and seemed to be doing better when she snapped again after being released. She got so belligerent that the cops were called and this time she was loaded up and taken off to the State Hospital. About three days of heavy medication and sleep did the trick it seems. She was released and has not relapsed since. So she’s lucky. It probably was severe postpartum depression which was untreated and led to a meltdown. But if she had ended up at that “facility” in Tennessee who knows what would’ve happened. Nothing good, that’s for sure.

  • lonestar newbie

    This is so sad. .Just saw an infuriating billboard on my way home from visiting a military installation where I do fieldwork. It said “What is really killing our soldiers” and had pictures of pills and CCHR and some weblink…I don’t want to rag on our Nation’s right to free press and I’m sure most of our fine soldiers pass this sign and ignore it or roll their eyes, but it got me cotton-pickin’ mad because I hate the implication that all soldiers are on some type of medication, that medication is bad when we know it can be very much life saving to soldiers and civilians suffering from many varieties of psychiatric and physical issues (and I’m not knocking alternative options for addressing wellness but the fact remains that there are situations where medications are appropriate) and that there is some sinister implication that our military bears responsibility for the death of soldiers. What is probably more likely to harm our soldiers are idiots with no scientific background in mental or physical health, much less a background in the military experience, posting stupid billboards like this. Frustrating, I can’t be more articulate about this because it makes me so mad!!! Wonder if they are posting these outside of all military installations? Anyone know?
    And my sympathies with poor Candace and her family members trying to get the situation resolved. Hope she can find the care she needs and how awful to read about her condition and how this fool thought he was helping her.

  • Margie8

    Insane. Heartbreaking. I am the mother of three autistic boys, one severe. Years ago, my husband and I sat baffled reading stories about Travolta’s son, Jett, who was clearly autistic, while they claimed allergies, etc. Now, so many years later and getting a shocking insight into Scientology, I read that they finally admitted Jett was autistic, after his death. Some comments said that the church demanded he be taken off anti-seizure meds which they did and it resulted in Jett’s death. Obviously I don’t know what’s true. I do know that JT is (or at least was in 1982) a sweet person who has been victimized by Scientology. The mommy in me is furious reading this crap. I’m lucky that my boys don’t need meds or have seizures. SOMETHING needs to be done! But what? This is crazy!

  • Eva Yougondre

    The strange this is I was legally insain. In and out of institutions my entire life diagnosed with life long mental Illnesses that doctors said I would never be able to get over and that I would have to take medications my whole life for and with a high percentage that I would have to be in an assisted living home for young adults with mental illnesses. Two years into Scientology and I have not only been deemed legally sain I have no trace of any past mental dissorder where before an anxiety attack would land me in the hospital hallucinating and trying to harm staff cause I visually and mentally saw them as someone they were not. Mistreatment of the mentally ill? I don’t think so. The staff at the church I went to put their lives on the line (literally! For the first two months I physically attacked the staff intending to kill them cause of the manic episode I was going through) to help me. Now I am not only a trusted individual but I am a normal and trusted individual in my community that people look up to. I know for a fact that I would of gotten worse if I stayed with psychiatry all the drugs they were putting me on were driving me crazy and the treatments were unethical to say the least. Psychiatry is known for unlawful impressment, detained with out probable cause, so on and so forth so many human rights are violated under the guise of “mental health” just look at the track record of psychiatry it’s full of messed up treatment from torcher devises to shock therapy to ice picks in the eye and now drugs. If you want to try and discredit one are make sure you do as much research on the other one as well. Other wise it’s a one sided debate.

    • Your are not allowed to have any Auditing if you have a mental illness by church rules. So what you are claiming is pure nonsense! However, if they allowed you to hang around and treated you with respect (most of them are really nice people) then i will agree with you, that this could make a huge difference. But then again, most Churches or monastery will treat people with respect.

  • I am

    Was Jim’s aunt and uncle, Bob Cohee and his wife?
    Bob was one of my Pc’s and I wondered what happened to him.

  • SB_Smith

    Sounds like the majority of them running it belong in Prison.
    This is a sick, heinous, Cult, and Miscarriage, sorry – Miscavige is a sociopath who belongs in a padded cell in prison.

  • neto1987

    Jim was obsessed with Candance… I don’t know if it was in a sexual way, because never once he talked about her looks, and how he liked her and he never metioned anything of the sort… He was just obsessed in using LRH’s way of helping people. He was brainwashed and took on this assignment as if his life was on the line. He was prepared to help her for the rest of his life. It’s like scientology took full control of his brain. It’s almost unbelievable, it’s like something you see from a movie. Jim thinks he is trying to help people who are crazy, but instead he is the one who is an obvious psycho and needs to be on some kind of medication right away.

    And the problem with this Scientology method to help people is that it only makes people worse to the point of dying. I really hope this cult gets prosecuted for things like this… For Brandon’s case, for this Candace’s case, for Lisa Mcpherson’s case.. I hope this cult closes down. Isn’t it obvious by now that NOTHING works? None of LRH’s method works.. NONE OF IT. It is sad. That’s why not many people joins the church anymore, except those that are born into it, it’s not their fault.. Other than that, in this internet world, no one with a sane mind would get out of their way to join this cult.