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Scientology’s Master Spies

[Pat Broeker in January, 1986, telling Scientologists at the Palladium in Los Angeles that L. Ron Hubbard had reached new heights of research before leaving his body voluntarily to work elsewhere in the galaxy. Two years later, the surveillance of Broeker by his rival, David Miscavige, began.]


In 1990, Marrick and Arnold received an odd instruction: they were not to read the Los Angeles Times. That year, Times reporters Joel Sappell and Robert Welkos had produced a major series exposing the secrets of Scientology.

“It’s all ‘Black PR,’ they told us,” Arnold remembers. So naturally, they ran to get copies. “The L.A. Times called Pat Broeker the ultimate spy or something. And I remember saying, ‘Paul, we’re not tracking an errand boy, we’re watching 007.'”

Increasingly, their own lives were resembling a Bond movie.

“Over the years, we had to develop more elaborate second lives,” Marrick says.

“We had to have cover stories,” Arnold adds.

Arnold pretended to be a real estate appraiser. Marrick repaired windshields, and made sure always to have his equipment with him. But mostly, they were listening as Broeker was negotiating his exit from Scientology with church attorneys over his cordless phone.

Ray Jeffrey listened to the tapes with his clients. He says what struck him were conversations that Broeker was having with Gerald Feffer, a well-known Washington DC lawyer. In Feffer’s negotiations with Broeker, the issue was surprisingly small time and strange. Broeker wanted an old pickup truck, and he wanted Hubbard’s parrot.

“Broeker said he was in communications with Hubbard, who wanted the bird,” Jeffrey says. (Hubbard had died three years earlier.) “And this big attorney was negotiating over the truck and the parrot.”

Another church attorney had lengthy discussions with Broeker about leaving the country, they say.

And when Marrick and Arnold heard that, they began looking into the possibility of finding new jobs in law enforcement.

“Marty went ballistic,” Arnold says. “He said, we’ll take better care of you than law enforcement will.”

Rathbun confirms that, on Miscavige’s orders, he told the two ex-cops that they were better off working for the church than going back to their old jobs. Even if Broeker went overseas and the operation ended, they were assured, they had jobs with Scientology.

So they listened as Broeker planned first to go to Ireland, and then to Australia. But then the deal fell through.

Instead, Broeker packed up and headed east.

“One day he was planting tomatoes in his yard, the next day a U-Haul truck showed up,” Arnold says. A slow speed chase ensued, and they followed as Broeker drove into New Mexico.

Arnold says that raised alarms with the church. “They thought he was going to the vault.”

One of Scientology’s most secretive organizations, the Church of Spiritual Technology, places vaults in various places where Hubbard’s writings and lectures can be etched on steel plates and sealed in titanium containers to survive a nuclear holocaust. At the New Mexico vault, near the town of Trementina, there is also a large residence, known as an “LRH House,” where a reincarnated Hubbard might take up living on his return to Earth.

But Broeker didn’t go to Trementina. Instead, he turned north and went to Cheyenne, Wyoming, to join his family. He arrived on Christmas Eve, 1989.

(A call was placed recently to Broeker’s brother-in-law in Cheyenne, but when Pat was asked for, his brother-in-law said he was sick of reporters calling and angrily asked not to be called again.)

Unable to repeat the same setup they had in Paso Robles, Marrick and Arnold kept watch on the Broeker house from a nearby park, using spotting scopes.

Over the next several years, until 1993, they kept watch as Broeker began working at a hospital as a cardiac technician while studying medicine. Marrick and Arnold hired a hospital greeter to tip them on Broeker’s activities.

Broeker, they say, met a new girlfriend who was also a technician.

Then, one day, he vanished.

Marrick and Arnold caught a break, however, when they found in his girlfriend’s trash a tissue with a Council Bluffs, Iowa address scribbled on it. Sure enough, Broeker was there.

“24 years of surveillance is part science, and it’s also an art,” Marrick says.

For the first two years he was living in Iowa, Broeker studied medicine at Creighton University School of Medicine in Omaha. But then he stopped, and Broeker began to make contact with other former Scientologists and outside critics of the organization as his trash indicated that he was experimenting with encryption software, Arnold says.

They say that it particularly alarmed the church that Broeker was reaching out to a man named Robert Vaughn Young, who had been Scientology’s top spokesman until his defection. (Young died of cancer in 2003.)

At one point, Broeker and Young met by passing a note in a Barnes & Noble bookstore and then took separate routes to an Applebee’s restaurant. Arnold took a seat at the table next to them, and eavesdropped as they talked about Miscavige.

“Our job was to gather information but be completely invisible,” Marrick says. “We never harassed anybody.”

Broeker also arranged a meeting at a hotel with some of Scientology’s biggest critics of the time -– businessman Bob Minton, ex-Scientologist Jesse Prince, and Robert Vaughn Young.

Marrick and Arnold were asked to do other assignments as well. At one point, they were sent to Indiana to gather information on several Eli Lilly and Company executives. (Scientology virulently opposes pharmaceutical companies that manufacture psychiatric drugs.)

One of those executives was Mitch Daniels, who is today Indiana’s governor.

“All we were told was that he was a lobbyist for Dan Quayle,” Arnold says.

“They’d tell us very little about why they wanted us to do this,” Marrick adds.

That job only lasted a couple of weeks, during which they took out memberships at a tanning salon owned by the wife of one of the Eli Lilly executives, hoping to hear some gossip about the company.

(Daniels declined to comment through his press secretary about the allegation that he was followed by Scientology.)

After he left Iowa, Broeker spent some time in Colorado before moving to the Czech Republic.

Broeker settled in the town of Brno, about 80 miles north of Vienna. Marrick and Arnold stayed in the US, but continued to keep watch on Broeker for the 10 years he was in Europe, from 1998 to 2007.

“We had to set up an entire organization in the Czech Republic. We hired an interpreter to hire a team out there. Then we hired another team to watch the first team to make sure they were getting true information,” Marrick says.

Those teams of private eyes found that, once again, Broeker was living modestly. “Broeker went to school there and taught English. So we hired a student to take his classes and record them,” Arnold says.

On Christmas Eve, 2007, Broeker returned to the United States, but Marrick and Arnold say they wouldn’t provide any more information about his current whereabouts.

“He doesn’t live in the Czech Republic anymore. We’re going to leave it at that,” Marrick says.


Each day at 3 pm, when it was possible for them to do so, Marrick and Arnold would call in a report to Marty Rathbun at the international base on a special telephone that was only for that purpose. But after a point in 1993, Rathbun no longer answered it.

They learned many years later that Rathbun had temporarily “blown” Scientology — church jargon for defecting. Although Rathbun soon returned and remained in the church until 2004, he was never again put on The Broeker Operation.

Marrick and Arnold say that for the rest of the time, some 15 years, they reported to another Miscavige lieutenant, a woman named Linda Hamel, who is the president of the church’s Office of Special Affairs. (Her code name was simply “L,” the two men say.)

But sometimes, when they called the base on the dedicated line for their daily report, they would speak with a deep-voiced man who never identified himself.

“What do you have?” he’d ask.

Later, they saw video of David Miscavige giving presentations at Scientology events, and can now say that’s who they were talking to.

“Scientology leader David Miscavige had no contact with the investigators, never met them nor talked to them nor directed them,” Scientology’s spokeswoman, Karin Pouw, told the Tampa Bay Times in a statement, and claimed that Marrick and Arnold instead worked for church attorneys.

Marrick and Arnold deny that. Says their attorney, Ray Jeffrey: “In 25 years, they never had a substantive conversation with any attorney for the church.”

According to Jeffrey, Marrick and Arnold were getting paid annually about $250,000 each over the life of the project. But out of that money, they say, they had to pay all of the operation’s expenses — flights, rental houses, rental cars, teams of other investigators, sanitation workers, and many informants.

“We’re not wealthy, by any means,” Arnold insists.

In 1988, they had formed a partnership, Select Investigations (they incorporated in October, 1991). They received cashier’s checks — about $40,000 each month, divided into checks that were always under $10,000 each, for tax reasons — through 2001.

But Marrick and Arnold were traveling so much in the job, they were having a hard time getting the checks deposited. Marrick says their solution was to open a new account at a Los Angeles bank, and then take a stack of deposit slips to the church, asking them to deposit their pay.

From 2001 to 2007, the church did just that, and Marrick recently confirmed with his banker that during that time, the church deposited their pay in cash — about $40,000 a month, all in greenbacks.

Scientology is tax exempt, but that image, of a church carrying stacks of money to deposit for an ongoing spying campaign, seems hard to justify as a religious purpose.

In 2008, Marrick says, the church went back to paying in checks made out to Select Investigations.

[Continued on page four]


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  • TrustMeOnThis

    Good stuff, Tony. The house of cards continues to teeter…

  • observer

    Davey was born in the wrong country. He’d have been a natural as head of the Stasi or KGB.

  • chris

    Despicable,as usual. How does the church get away with so much? They spy on a fellow Scientologist, the “church” pays them half a million dollars a year and after a brief bout of publicity, the whole operation is settled with no damage to the church. How in the hell do they manage it? They survive every crisis and don’t seem to suffer unless you count paying attorney fees suffering. I just don’t get it. How can they survive the slow drip of defectors, exposes, lawsuits and even murder? Somebody, please explain!!

    • SKETTO

      Call your enterprise a religion and you can get away with some really nasty shit. In general, people (politicians especially) are seriously unwilling to take on religions and call them on their shit because it’s “religious intolerance”. Or so it’s claimed. And that claim works pretty well in America as a deterrent to investigation. For evidence: look at how long the Catholic Church covered up the systematic raping of children in every continent on earth.

    • flabbergastronomy

      How they get away with it is:

      I agree with SKETTO, hide behind religious freedom and make endless claims about how you are being persecuted if anyone criticizes the cult.

      And the other tools in the tool-box:

      -Extreme wealth to buy people, places and things that bolster their desires or frustrate their critics
      -Deluding innocent people into thinking that the cult has the tools to solve all of their problems
      -Offering cult materials cheaply at first, giving positive reinforcement which makes dupes think that they are succeeding and then quickly getting them hooked on false promises of more money and fewer problems if they just keep paying for more, increasingly expensive classes
      -Demanding large sums of money to be held “on account” for future classes and then refusing to refund it unless the person goes through “proper”, time and money consuming procedures to be “authorized” to get a refund
      -Telling destructive lies about anyone who leaves the cult or who criticizes it
      -Spying on people so that they can blackmail, harass, threaten and otherwise pressure them to stop being critical or taking any action that exposes the truth about the cult’s abuses
      -Turning allies who have left the cult into enemies through warning present or ex-members to not speak to anyone who tries to expose the abuses stemming from Hubbard’s policies and practices
      -Bribing, entertaining, lying to and flattering media figures, politicians and employees in any position from police, judges, private investigators, hospital workers, doctors, garbage collectors
      -Isolating their staff through an enforced policy of disconnection from any person who disagrees with the cult, and
      -lack of time off,
      -instruction to avoid educating themselves by looking at the internet,
      -threats that staff is harming themselves spiritually for all eternity if they fail to comply with the cult’s demands
      -having records of staff’s bank accounts, credit card numbers so they can be quickly tracked down and retrieved if they leave
      -failure to educate and inculcating fear of anyone who is not a cultist in the children who are in the cult’s control so that they have no job, educational or social options if they leave
      -placing ex-staff in the position of leaving without money, resumes, or job references
      -trying to infiltrate schools and libraries with Hubbard/Scientology propaganda
      -having dozens of “feeder” organizations that purport to offer services like substance abuse counseling and business counseling but which in fact simply spread cult mind-control techniques while charging exorbitant fees
      -Forcing married couples to divorce as a means of insuring that no one has any personal bond that is stronger than their bond to the cult

      You get the picture – total and unscrupulous control of people at any level, including the Internal Revenue Service, sheriffs, lawyers, judges, doctors, etc. Money, blackmail, threats, physical violence, social manipulation – the complete catastrophe.

      There is nothing cruel or manipulative that is beyond them, including withholding medical care, physical attacks, chasing people in vehicles in a way that endangers them, separating parents and children, beating children – you name it.

      That’s how. It’s a fascist cult fitting the classic definition, a:
      “system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc.”

      Fascism is derived from the Latin word “fasces” meaning bundle.

      Cultists are forced to deny their individuality in order to sublimate themselves, even their thoughts, to the service of the cult. They are bound to it more than to anyone or anything else. And then are discarded with nothing when they can or will no longer comply.

      Pernicious, poisonous and tragic. And as taxpayers, we all pay to support this excrement.

    • Barb

      I got an answer for you. Money it buys about everything but love and caring.

      Now some may wonder why I am for a moneyless system in society. Technology advancements is starting to make the very possible and likely then the cult will not survive that transitions.

  • BroekerBroekerBroeker

    Needless to say, this is a story that I’d been waiting for.

    Tony, I have so many questions. But I’ll pass just two:

    1) Do you think Pat Broeker will ever talk, or alternately, will give aid to the indies?

    2) is there good reason to believe Broeker resides in his home state?

    Understood if you don’t want to answer the second question.

    • Theo Sismanides

      BBB, one more thing! Who is spying on Pat Broeker, now? Isn’t that a good question? I am sure Davey wouldn’t leave him alone.

  • Chuck Beatty

    Several inaccuracies. 1) Hubbard wrote that the two top managerial counsels of Scientology, Watchdog Committee and the International Executive Strata, were to coordinate with coordinating committee meetings, how to manage strategically the movement. Hubbard left management to them, NOT to RTC, not to Rathbun, not to ASI, One would have to have read the ASI traffic, and read the management traffic from LRH in his final years, to see that Hubbard didn’t leave “successors”. He left the top management sub untis. I know it’s boring, but this media laziness on saying Miscavige is the successor isn’t what Hubbard wrote. It’s NOT in any of the ASI traffic (Author Services Incorporated, the for profit company that receives the royalties and license agreement payments for using Hubbard’s “properties”, and Miscavige was COB ASI, and I read the LRH traffic from LRH to COB ASI, and none of it gave Miscavige any “successor” powers, NOT at all.

    2) The Loyal Officers weren’t ever stated to be the strategic thinker leaders. The strategic thinker leaders, again, per Hubbard, are Watchdog Committee and Exec Strata.

    We need the ASI traffic in the public domain, and in the meantime, those of us who’ve read that final traffic, have to say that this whole labeling of Miscavige, and the Broekers, as somehow the leaders of the movement, that’s not correct. They had some oversight duties, per a careful reading of LRH’s final years traffic.

    But the Broekers nor Miscavige (as COB ASI) neither had orders from LRH to be his successor!

    With the final years traffic from Hubbard only in the hands of the movement, we don’t have it hear to argue over, other than those of us who read it and remember it.

    It’s someone “logical” that a successor to Hubbard be. I’d have to do a paper to make this point, the admin side of the top of the movement is so underresearched.

    • ortegaunderground

      Chuck, I am totally fascinated with the corporate restructuring and Hubbard’s intentions for it. However, in this story, I don’t think it was wrong to suggest that the Broekers were seen as having been anointed by Hubbard, and were then pushed out by Miscavige. I would love to get into more detail about that at some point in the future. But this story was about what happened AFTER that, when Miscavige sent two PIs to follow Broeker.

    • deselby88

      Flag Order 3879 looks like the real deal to me.

    • Theo Sismanides

      Chuck, I always like the detached though informed view of your’s. I am happy you put things in the right perspective. I would like to know more about this and of course about the CST (Church of Spiritual Technology) only mentioned to public around 2000 where a so called Meade Emory (ex deputy commissioner of the IRS) is supposed to be the man behind the restructuring of the various Scientology corporations. I am sure you are aware of such information which is rampant on the internet.

      As to the “successors” of Hubbard it is clear what you are saying and how it should go. Thanks.

    • SKETTO

      Does it really matter what Hubbard wanted? Shouldn’t we ignore his random edicts from his final drugg-addled years and instead use our own determination about what is the right course forward? What Hubbard wanted will never be as important as what is best for those being harmed right now. And the rightful claim that Miscavige is an impediment to justice is true and honorable merely because it is based on the rights of human beings. Human justice in this matter doesn’t require any support from that dead charlatan Hubbard. We will bring down Miscavige without Hubbard’s referring to Hubbard’s farcical “hierarchy” plans.

  • Boson Stark

    75,000,000 Likes. This was a riveting article Tony.

    “Broeker said he was in communications with Hubbard, who wanted the bird,” Jeffrey says. (Hubbard had died three years earlier.)

    Could it be the parrot knew the secret to “controlling the aging process”? And just how did Broeker get the parrot to LRH? Did he drop the parrot’s meat body for it, and transmit it to the implant station on Mars using his OT brain beams perhaps?

    Sometimes I feel almost disoriented that such loons have so much money to throw around and away.

    When I was reading this article, I had the thought that Scientology killed Robert Vaughn Young somehow, by putting something in his food that caused his cancer. Okay, it wasn’t just a thought. My cat told me this.

    • palehorse

      I hear parrot tastes like chicken…

      • burythenuts

        Only when it is fried!

    • Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

      The parrot is probably secretly in charge and giving Davie his orders.

      • Jonny Jacobsen

        Don’t you guys get it? The parrot is Hubbard; Hubbard is the parrot! He transmigrated! Great job Tony.

        • Gayle

          Damn, I need that like button, like, now!

    • dodothelaser

      Since neither LRH’s parrot or an old truck Broeker asked scientology lawyer for could contain sikrit upper OT data (or could they), I say Pat was trolling Dave.

      • Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

        So… In the end, did David Miscavige give him the bird?

        • burythenuts

          Oh, snigger…

    • Josh

      I heard the parrot has a special sea org costume and if it squaks “What are your crimes?”

      • burythenuts

        like, like, fuckin like!!!

  • palehorse

    Dayam, Tony, you are amazing! It is ironic for me because I just watched the “The Spy Who Came In From The Cold” two nights ago, so I loved your cultural references. Great reporting and great writing.


    • burythenuts

      I am with you!
      This article was an enlightening and great read!
      So Marty was “Three”.
      What a long and intriguing chess game this has been (and still is).
      Scientology is the deepest rabbit hole ever!

  • John P. Capitalist

    Great work, Tony! This is an impressive piece of reportage.


    The surprise is not that the cult settled Marrick & Arnold’s suit, but that they folded so utterly quickly. From what you’re saying, the cult entered settlement negotiations almost immediately, rather than engaging in the usual sort of saber-rattling that almost any lawsuit would occasion these days.

    So given the astonishing speed of resolution of the case, there is very little middle ground between the two alternatives: either Marrick & Arnold folded because they had no case or the cult folded because they had an extremely solid case against Miscavige. Given the exquisite detail, particularly the existence of the tapes of the cordless phone recordings of Pat Broeker’s house in Paso Robles, it is almost certainly the latter – the cult has to have paid out in a big way to make this go away.

    When Tony reported the filing of the suit, the things that jumped out at me were: a) the attorney was Ray Jeffery, who skinned the cult alive in the Debbie Cook trial (and made it look easy); b) it was filed in San Patricio county, a long way from anywhere other than Marty Rathbun’s house (clearly implying that Marty would be heavily involved in testifying); and c) that naming Miscavige personally as a defendant was a clear attempt to exert leverage on him to settle, given his near-pathological aversion to being put on the stand. One can certainly understand Miscavige’s aversion to testifying in court, given how badly he was shredded in depositions a while ago, and given how badly he embarrassed himself on the Nightline interview 20 years ago.

    But even with those very clever aspects to the filing of the case, it was far from clear to me that Marrick & Arnold would be able to prevail in short order, especially if the testimony was of the “he said, she said” variety without extensive documentation.

    But Tony describes in this article is anything but “he said, she said.” The existence of tapes, deposit slips, and more importantly, a large network of informants and associates hired for specific parts of the operation, who would be able to corroborate testimony from Marrick & Arnold in a lengthy series of depositions, all of which Mr. Jeffery would no doubt ensure were highly publicized, now suggests to me that the cult would almost certainly lose big, not just in a settlement, but also in the court of public opinion. Not with the external public, but with the cult membership.


    This is indeed a PR disaster of the first magnitude – the revelation over the last couple weeks that the cult spent tens of millions of dollars on the Lisa McPherson tragedy (undoubtedly more than they would have spent just settling quietly with the family) and now another $10 million plus on following a man who wanted nothing more to do with the cult.

    If I were a dentist who had paid enormous amounts of money to the cult and realized I have subsidized over $40 million in completely wasted money, tainted money that not only was spent poorly but also in a way that cast even more negative press on the cult, I would certainly be pissed.

    I recall writing at the time of the death of Alexander Jentzsch, that the cult’s unconscionable handling of that situation would alienate one of the key constituents: the older business owners in LA (and elsewhere) that make up the key financial backbone of the cult, since many of them knew Heber Jentzsch and Alexander’s mother, prominent auditor and now “Indie” Karen De La Carriere personally.

    The news of the money wasted, and the settlement (which could easily be another $5 to $8 million dollars, assuming these guys are 55 and lost an income stream guaranteed for life, assuming they were each netting $150,000 after expenses), should particularly piss off the same crowd – the economically vital IAS donor base that has picked up the slack on cult income despite the decline in fee-based course and auditing delivery over the last twenty years.

    So this sounds like another serious death blow, providing a nice bookend to the Debbie Cook affair that kicked off 2012. Not to suggest that this will be the “coup de grace” that actually kills the cult, but this will be another significant kick in the teeth that accelerates the decline, particularly among the vital rich old people demographic of the cult membership.


    “In 1990, Marrick and Arnold received an odd instruction: they were not to read the Los Angeles Times. That year, Times reporters Joel Sappell and George Welkos had produced a major series exposing the secrets of Scientology… naturally, they ran to get copies.”

    This is brilliant Scientology “tech” at work. It’s possible that the usual brain-dead cultie would follow an instruction not to read the LA Times, but it’s hard to believe the cult management would be so stupid to believe that a couple private investigators would follow the instructions… Humans have had a compulsion to taste forbidden fruit going back to the Garden of Eden… What idiots.


    So Broeker settles in the delightful Czech town of Brno. (There’s a very fine university there, and the architecture is delightful. The beer isn’t bad, either.) And the cult still thinks he’s up to something, despite the fact that he’s probably 200 miles from the nearest Scientologist. 10 years of listening to a guy live a quiet, invisible life. Unbelievably bizarre.


    It’s interesting that Marrick & Arnold were paid in $10,000 checks even though they were getting $40 per month. Given my work in Global Capitalism HQ, I am certain that “tax reasons” are not the reason that this was done. All of us are required annually to undergo training in detecting money laundering (despite the fact that I have never actually touched a dime of customer funds in my career).

    The thing is that deposits of $10,000 and above in cash at a financial institution trigger a report to the government called a Currency Transaction Report. Too many of these hitting a particular account or account owner will trigger a Treasury Department (read: FBI) investigation, especially post-9/11, when the laws were made even stronger.

    Once that law took effect, drug runners began to hire people to make deposits in smaller amounts at banks all over town, well under the $10,000 limit, in a practice colloquially called “smurfing,” but technically called “structuring.” Structuring itself is a crime, even if it doesn’t represent money laundering. And most banks will detect smurfing these days, in almost any amount.

    So that makes me wonder if an FBI inquiry into the money being deposited for Marrick & Arnold may have been launched and may have contributed to the cult’s decision to stop paying them suddenly.

    Once again, the cult’s panic-stricken and naïve decision making processes open them up to all sorts of unintended consequences that blow up far more badly than they can possibly imagine.

    Tony says that Marrick & Arnold were paid in cash from 2001 until almost the end in 2007… most banks now record the form of a deposit, including whether it was in cash or check, making it very easy to trace structured or illicit transactions. The fact that they went back to paying in checks briefly in 2008 suggests that someone let the cult know they were being investigated for money laundering.

    I would not want my observations here to start a rumor or to encourage hope that there might be another FBI investigation of the cult going on, but it could be that if a large-scale investigation of the cult were launched, the existence of questionable cash transactions could help to establish a pattern of suspicious behavior that would bolster circumstantial cases for some other behavior in the future. One can always hope.

    • Davka

      John P., that 10K number raised a flag with me too re: AML concerns. One does not take great pains to make deposits below that figure unless there’s some knowledge of the rules and restrictions. And your command of the issue is quite good – that annual required training certainly has paid off 🙂

    • Jens TINGLEFF

      Inurement and structuring. Just another day’s work for the criminal organisation known as the “church” of $cientology. Many countries have law enforcement which is ignoring things that is supposed to be obvious to them (including my home country of Denmark which refused to investigate the huge flows of money from the French bOrgs to the Danish continental EU headquarters when requested to do so by the magistrate who was aiming for the French Co$ leadership in the Patrice Vic manslaughter investigation).
      Another thing that happens regularly around the Co$ is infiltration. In addition to pros they use amateurs, their own members being “OSA volunteers” like Remy Petit (R.I.P.) and Nicole Scheffler. Together with the sums spent on surveillance of a single individual who did not appear to be an active adversary, this erodes the notion that the deal with the IRS was arrived at purely through legal means.

    • dodothelaser

      Thank you for your great analysis JohnP! My observations are very similar. And I do share your hopes and thoughts re FBI. So far it really is promising. These are some great developments. And all the settlements are only bringing more fuel to the fire, instead of making things to go away, nowadays. The Internet.

    • Gerard Plourde

      Excellent analysis as usual. The question of the financial health of the CO$ is once more the elephant in the room. How much more outflow can it afford? Defections over the last four years have to have led to a diminution of income and I have to believe that the Great Recession has had an effect as well.

    • grundoon

      The settlement is a surprise only in that Scientology didn’t shut these guys up for good with beaucoup cash on the same day they were let go.

      It seems neither David Miscavige nor Linda Hamel ever met these PIs, knowing them only as voices on the Pat-Phone. They just shut off the cash spigot and quit answering the phone and never gave another thought to the real people who had been doing their bidding for decades. Marty’s promise to take care of them was unScientological and foreign to Miscavige’s way of thought.

      The years of “structured transactions” surely were noticed by the authorities, but Scientology wouldn’t have been told of the investigation(s). Miscavige/Hamel internal considerations, musical chairs and/or bumbling would explain their odd actions well enough. Banks are leery of accounts that constantly move large amounts, always in cash, and might increasingly turn such business away. DM might have noticed that banks issued cash in serially numbered new greenbacks which might be traceable. DM has ever fewer stooges who can be trusted to leave the base weekly to shuttle satchels of cash from bank to bank. If a courier blew with 40 grand in cash, DM couldn’t do much about it without exposing the secret cash umbilical leading from him to Broeker.

      When Marty revealed the Broeker Operation in the newspaper, DM figured that the jig was up with the old PIs. He decided to trade them in for new ones unknown to Marty. DM would pay the new gang with the same river of cash that had previously flowed to Arnold and Marrick.

      DM will never drop the surveillance because he knows that at any moment, Broeker can go out into his garden, dig up OT IX and OT X in Hubbard’s handwriting, and team up with Rathbun and the indies to lure away the OT8s who have been keeping the chruch afloat while stalled at the top of the Bridge.

  • Davka

    Marty posted on his blog that Tony’s article is a masterpiece. On this one, he’s right. What a well written, mesmerizing tale. I may need to read it again. And the fact that so much money was spent following one man, who went to med school and taught English? Wow.

  • Boson Stark

    I can’t help thinking of some code lines for present or future Scientology PIs to use, or perhaps some spies in the critical counter insurgency? I don’t know what they’d mean, but here they are. Again, I didn’t think of any of these. My cat suggested them:

    The midget stands tall.
    The actor has blown the masseur.
    Polly want a platinum cracker?

  • Mary McConnell

    Message for Greg:
    08/11/2010 COPIES TO G. J. ARNOLD S.I., INC. (BTL)/BTL SCAN BOX 1330

  • Garry Scarff

    Patrick is living in Cheyenne, WY. He was on Laramie County Community College’s Vice-President’s Honor Roll for 2012.

  • Michael Leonard Tilse

    Greg Arnold may have been the person who followed me into the driveway at the house where I was staying in 2006 in Florence, Oregon. He looks very similar.

    • Mary McConnell

      It’s probably too late for a confirmation or denial on this but try his attorney anyway ….

      Ray B. Jeffrey, Partner
      Jeffrey & Mitchell, P.C.
      2631 Bulverde Road, Suite #105
      Bulverde, TX 78163
      Telephone: 830.438.8935
      Fax: 830.438.4958

  • MimiTheGreat

    I’m guessing the tiny tyrant made a giant poopsie in his underoos at this revelation.

  • Brian

    Shakespeare, my God! This cinema! Good Lord!

    My prayer is for only good to come of this.

    Marty, leadem out man.

    All you need is a testimony for the story, just enough before court,
    then they get paid-no court. But you get the story!ha!

  • slappy

    Damn, Tony, you really outdid yourself on this one! Fuckin awesome!!!

  • Mark Plummer

    Scientology-hired PIs are usually bumbling amateurs. It took me less than ten minutes to find out the identities of PIs harassing me on two separate occasions.

    • Jens TINGLEFF

      those were the ones that were meant to be discovered. The criminal organisation is fully capable of using more than one kind (well, that’s what the people involved here are claiming).

  • Mary McConnell

    Miscavige would not have spent that much money for so long a time to spy on Broeker unless 1) he thought Pat had something that didn’t belong to him ( such as the upper OT levels which Marty claims do not exist.) or 2) he thought Pat would speak up about things that he’d agreed not to ever speak about again ( such as all the money, such as death of Hubbard – and the last minute changing of Hubbard’s, will the day before he died.)

    I think it’s about the upper level materials. The Pis said as much anyway, about their first months or year spying on Broeker and the storage shed. I’m sure DM was green with envy and fear of what he didn’t know of Pat Broeker had or didn’t have.

    Here’s a trip down memory lane…..
    Transcript of Broeker statements at the death announcement event. The link the poster provides is dead:

    Message from discussion From FZA: Pat Broeker Speaks – LRH Death Event

    Jul 7 2003, 4:53 am

    Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
    From: “Virginia”
    Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2003 01:51:06 -0700
    Local: Mon, Jul 7 2003 4:51 am
    Subject: From FZA: Pat Broeker Speaks – LRH Death Event
    Reply to author | Forward | Print | View thread | Show original | Report this message | Find messages by this author
    From FZA:

    XXXXXXXXXXXXX ( no HTML allowed here – link is dead nyway)

    After Earle Cooley speaks, David Miscavige introduces Pat Broeker, then Pat Broeker speaks:

    David Miscavige speaking:

    “When LRH left, in 1980, to do his researches; he took with him, his two most, trusted, friends, and companions. These two people, were Pat Broeker and Annie Broeker.

    They, lived and worked with him, for the last, six years, during the time
    period of this research. And this evening, Pat Broeker, is here to speak to you, in regards that. Please welcome him.”
    (audience claps)

    Pat Broeker speaking:

    [Note: Pat appears very uncomfortable, does this whole thing with his head,
    stretches his neck out and clears his throat etc. while saying the
    below -starting with the part “my honor”]

    “OK. As David mentioned, it was my …(clear throat) my honor to serve under him these last six years, and before that, ahh, in the Sea Org in general. And there is just no greater, there is just no greater honor (points and shakes finger) and those of you know in the Sea org, and his friends know exactly what I’m talking about.

    Specifically, because I was close to him these last six years there’s, (clears throat) four very, VERY, important subjects that I want to discuss with you. Just very briefly. (big pause between this and next part below)

    [Note: Pat appears uncomfortable again, and stumbles several times while saying the below]

    Firstly I want to, talk to you in a little bit, in a little bit more detail, as David mentioned, about his decision. And YES, it was ABSOLUTELY HIS CAUSITIVE DECISION, to discard that body.

    [shifting weight back and forth, clearing throat]

    Around, January, [shifting weight back and forth, clearing throat] late
    January 1982, he made a significant breakthrough, on what is now New OT
    VIII, Truth Revealed. And…it was at that time that he, uhh found the PRIMARY cause for amnesia on the whole track as he mentioned in that Rons Journal? RJ39 I think it is?

    That opened up to him, SIGNIFICANT, stretches of track, that were ….
    previously unavailable, and or in some cases not even known about.

    Now I’m going to show you right now, umm, I don’t know if you’ll be able to see it in …. you in the audience but uhh, as this is being televised I’m going to show it to the camera, so that uh, later if you see a tape of this you can then see what I’m displaying.
    I have here, ahh, a worksheet, [stumbling and halting speech patterns] from one of his sessions, ahhh in …. later Nineteen Eighty…..TWO. This makes up now, what is …. ahh, OT 10 Character. Now I’ve xeroxed this …. this worksheet, and in so doing, I, I took the liberty of blocking out a section above what I want to show you and a section below. (audience laughing). When you do OT 10, you’ll thank me. (audience laughing) And you’ll understand.

    [Note: shows paper with writing of a LOT of numbers]

    This block, that you can see, consists of series of numbers. Ahh.. 3 numbers comma, another three numbers comma, and it’s about.. well it’s 12 down and 15 across.

    This there, is a DATE. (audience laughing)

    [licks lips, pauses]

    Yea, (laughs)

    (nods head, turns to picture of Ron, audience clapping)

    I wanted to show you the significance, the magnitude of the research he’s
    done these last six years. This level, uh … took him 2 years. [licks lips several times]

    Well in that two year period he did OT 9 Orders of Magnitude and OT 10
    Character. Arra, around about (stumbling) sorry, around about summer 1984 he said at that time, that he would (stumbling) not be able to, that he was would soon come to a point. And he knew approximately where (halting speech) it was (stumbling) but there were, as there were things intervening from where he was to where he (halting speech) knew he would find this phenomena that uh … in which he would have to …. DIScard the body and do it COMPLETELY FREE from encumbrances. This was in.. ahh, summer of 1984.

    As we a-approached the end of that year, (lick lips twice) he was just about there, (lick lips twice again) discovered something else, called it off, went on into …. finishing this …. went back …. with rear-view mirrors ….to then …. complete, finalize and polish up what he had been doing since 1980, these advanced levels, and then proceeded on.

    Until…he got to that point and then on (puts hands on hips) ….. January 19 ….. he ….. stated that ….. this was it. (licks lips several times) ….. And he then ….. handled ….. in session those things that ….. were necessary so that he could completely sever all ties. All ties. (waves hand in severing type motion) Which by the way is research in itself because we now know what those ties are cuz he wrote it up. Mm hmm. (nods head)

    [NOTE: several distinct mannerisms in action (hand motions, etc. etc.) during the saying of the above by Pat.]

    And then on January 24th ….. he laid down on his bed ….. and he left. And that was it. And the attorneys were notified, and the rest is as Mr. Cooley described. ”

    [Note: Pat seems to be uncomfortable after saying the above, licking his lips several times, shifts his weight, looks down, clears throat, looks away etc.]

    During that week from the 19th to the 24th….. (looking down, licks lips) um ….. (licks lips, shifts jaw) he knew I would be ….. at sometime or another ….. addressing you scientologists and ….. he expressly stated that I was to tell you that there was to be (pointing at the audience) NO grief

    grief ….. and NO mourning.

    (audience claps)

    I’ll tell you why he said that because he asked, I told him that I, of
    course I would say that and he said “Do you think there will be some
    anyway?” I .. I said (audience laughing) quite possibly. (audience laughing) (clear throat) and he reiterated it. He said “Well you tell them, DON”T LET THERE BE even the remotest possibility that SOME will try to unintentionally INVALIDATE themselves. They KNOW they’re not a body, don’t let them be confused about it.”

    • deElizabethan

      Mary, I watched that lecture a couple times but having it written up as you’ve done was superior and now understand much better of his apparent dilemma. Thanks for the write up. 🙂
      Noted: “And YES, it was ABSOLUTELY HIS CAUSITIVE DECISION, to discard that body.” Makes it look like suicide to me, with the help of drugs and the fact he was all alone. But then one will always wonder since there are so many lies that come out of so many members mouths. Hard to believe anything, really!

      • Mary McConnell

        Thanks Ms Elizabeth 🙂 I just copied and pasted what ex member named Virginia posted on another forum years back. She did all the hard work transcribing it .

    • sugarplumfairy

      Jeez.. I’ve watched a few of broeker’s lectures on YouTube.. He really does lick his lips a lot.. Good thing he’s a teacher.. If he sold used cars, he’d starve..

      dm, on the other hand, would make a great used car salesman..

      • burythenuts

        You just think he is HOT!

        • Mrs. Mutton Chops

          He looks like the original Danny O’Day ventriloquist doll.

        • sugarplumfairy

          well.. He does have that whole diminutive conquering tyrant thing going on.. What’s not to love?

          btw, I’d bet junior’s and his brother’s settlement that dm’s whole track includes a stint as Napoleon Bonaparte..

  • deElizabethan

    Kudos Tony. What a well written and interesting story. The whole thing is just flabbergasting, whatever that means. So unreal that a church would spend the members money for this. A lot of dew-pping going on for decades.
    John P. really wrote a good piece, 1 million Likes. I certainly hope another investigation will be forthcoming SOON.

  • sugarplumfairy

    Aaaaaagggggghhhh…the fuckers should be paying taxes..

    • moxon moxoff

      ^^exactly what i was thinking. unfuckingbelievable.

    • dodothelaser

      Scientology claims to be a religious applied philosophy (how convenient to cover all the bases), while it’s not religious really, but somewhat is applied frankenstein school of thought (as in borrowed stuff that works to some extent). And mostly fraud (Clear and OT levels). Revoking a tax exempt status should be just a beginning.

      • dodothelaser

        P.S. Beginning of Justice that is.

    • Dean Fox

      Perhaps the IRS will come sniffing. Or perhaps the PIs will move to some small Island somewhere to retire.

  • kimberly580

    This section is what really stood out to me:

    “From 2001 to 2007, the church did just that, and Marrick recently confirmed with his banker that during that time, the church deposited their pay in cash —about $40,000 a month, all in greenbacks.

    Scientology is tax exempt, but that image, of a church carrying stacks of money to deposit for an ongoing spying campaign, seems hard to justify as a religious purpose.”

    What an amazing story, Tony and what a fantastic job you did on it. It’s stories like these that really draw me in again & remind me why I devote so much of my time to spreading the word about this cult & doing anything to help bring it down.
    DM…tick, tock….as Tory likes to say!! The end is near!


    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Your tax dollars at work. Oh, and I’m not surprised this was settled – after all, they named David Miscavige in thelawsuit 🙂

  • Heather G

    Excellent stuff. The emperor has no clothes!

  • Andrew Robertson

    That was a fascinating and wonderfully researched article, Tony.

    I’m well aware of the obsession the Church of Scientology’s has to gather information to crush those perceived to be a threat to its cash flow, but every new revelation makes me realize that it’s always worse than I thought.

    Your new blog software no longer sends me e-mails about new entries and I discovered this present thread from reading Mark Rathbun’s blog where he said: ” …Tony Ortega has published a comprehensive article on the Marrick/Arnold saga on his blog, Scientology’s Master Spies. Read that one carefully, it is a masterpiece.”

    I know that the two of you have different opinions on certain issues but I’m impressed with the objective maturity you both show in sharing information and co-operating in shining a light on the murky operations of those currently holding the copyrights and marks of L Ron Hubbard’s works.

    It suddenly brought to mind a poem that Louis MacNeice wrote back in the 1930’s with the Spanish Civil War raging and facism looming in Germany.



    The room was suddenly rich and the great bay-window was
    Spawning snow and pink roses against it
    Soundlessly collateral and incompatible:
    World is suddener than we fancy it.

    World is crazier and more of it than we think,
    Incorrigibly plural. I peel and portion
    A tangerine and spit the pips and feel
    The drunkenness of things being various.

    And the fire flames with a bubbling sound for world
    Is more spiteful and gay than one supposes –
    On the tongue on the eyes on the ears in the palms of one’s hands –
    There is more than glass between the snow and the huge roses.


    And it seemed an appropriate reflection on the battle between a greedy, sinister and manipulative organization and those brave souls like you and Mark who seek to expose its malignant actions.


    • sugarplumfairy

      Andrew, some days you’re just magical..

    • Chocolate Velvet

      Exquisite, Andrew.

      I do enjoy the way your mind works. Thanks for this.

  • Sindy Fagen

    Good story Tony.

    Despite the fact that Miscavige is a sleazeball and that the cult will spare no expense in their sordid undertakings, I still find it despicable that these two PIs only found following Pat Broeker, for decades, to be deplorable AFTER the money ran out.

    For every dirty deed perpetrated by the cult there appears to be someone or others out there willing to do their bidding, for a price.

    • Observer

      My thoughts exactly!

  • California


    The more information the better about the long-time corruption, the millions of dollars of “donations” wasted on spying, and the fraud that the now-elderly whales have helped to perpetrate by their own naiveté and greed.

    The key to fast resolutions of these lawsuits seems to be to put DM on the deposition list or the defendant list …. doesn’t It?

    I hope this strategy helps Dandar.

    And it is not even December yet …. I wonder what the holiday month holds for SCN. Hmmmm?

  • dodothelaser

    Great account. Thanks Tony and everyone involved!

  • J. Swift

    When all is done and said, all David Miscavige ever really did was to take over the Guardian’s Office and continue business as usual, except that he added in his remarkably incompetent management style.

    Given that he has paid out several large settlements this year, David Miscavige has once again proven his utter incompetence as a crime boss.

    The general concept in organized crime is to get away with crime and make money.

    The losing formula, which is the one crime boss David Miscavige has come to
    prefer, is to pay out millions and millions of dollars to your former employees and
    contractors and endure public humiliation and ridicule while doing so. And to make
    it even more losing, crime boss Miscavige is having to increasingly give more
    refunds to his victims, or what he calls his parishioners.

    The public now knows that David Miscavige was not content to keep paid professionals
    on the surveillance of Pat Broeker and Marty Rathbun. Instead, Miscavige somehow
    transformed this operation into the Squirrel Busters, a move that brought yet
    another round of well deserved derision down upon the incredibly deranged
    Church of Scientology

    Next, and to make matters worse, crime boss David Miscavige did not promptly settle with
    Debbie Cook. This allowed Debbie to mention that people have to lick bathroom floors in the
    Church of Scientology. Only then did crime boss David Miscavige settle by paying
    seven figures.

    Likewise, Marrick and Arnold asked to be paid but crime boss David Miscavige
    delayed and so the gentlemen discussed the long term surveillance of Pat
    Broeker and its $12,000,000 price tag. Only after the facts were out did
    Miscavige cough up seven figures.

    Miscavige is off his game these days and is engaged in heavy denial as
    evidenced by Karin Pouw’s predictably packaged lies: “Scientology leader
    David Miscavige had no contact with the investigators, never met them nor talked
    to them nor directed them,” Pouw said in a canned statement. Yes, and
    Miscavige never beat Sea Org members. He is just an ecclesiastical leader
    who is so busy opening Ideal Orgs that he has no idea of where he is or
    what is going on around him. Because he is so busy and clueless,
    Miscavige must be in confusion.

    • ReneeG

      Miscavige is not off his game; he never had game to begin with. His problem is that all his competent lieutenants have left, and its now just him flailing about, making poor decisions blinded by his ego (his biggest weakness), and his arrogance.

      • Boson Stark

        His biggest weakness is not his ego — it’s “the tech” (a fraud) and the policies he’s saddled with — SP declares and “destroy them utterly,” “squirrels” etc. does NOT work in the age of the Internet.

        • sugarplumfairy


  • Tessa

    How many former execs, members, lawyers and PI’s had Miscavige silenced or tried to silence this years? I lost count. The amount of money involved must be in the order of tens of millions of dollars. A huge handful out of his ‘war chest’.
    Somebody has given him the advice: ‘get it off your chest!” It must be getting pretty empty.
    It is a sure way to get $cientology Inc emptied out.

    Here, at my place, the government has opened a website to collect complaints about cults and provide support to people suffering from mistreatment etc by them. It will the government tools and means to tackle those cults.

    • Tessa

      correction last sentence: ‘it will give the government …’.

      • dodothelaser

        Perhaps COB knows by now that LRH was a fraud, but too caught up in the game of power and money. What a nervous wreck he is, if I’m right…

  • tetloj

    A delicious and satisfying story….

  • Andrew Robertson

    Dear Abby

    I have this really embarrassing problem which I wonder if you can help me with.

    It’s not about penis or labia size, it’s much worse than that.

    Since Mr Ortega moved his blog to a new home I can no longer comment with my normal photographic representation and instead have to suffer the ignominy of a stylized icon which doesn’t represent me at all.

    I notice that others have had no trouble in adding the icon of their choice, but click as I might all over the ‘WordPress’ website I can find no way of solving this problem.

    Is there a genetic basis for my failure? Am I that much less intelligent than them? I hope you can help me as I’m now suffering simultaneously from both impotence and premature ejaculation which is troubling.

    Yours sincerely


    • dodothelaser


      I had the same problem night before, it’s not an issue now obviously.

      It’s a technical transition, I suppose.

      Also, let Tony know at:

      And thank you for your great posts!

      • dodothelaser

        P.S. You worry about an icon? I couldn’t even post! Give it a time, good sir. Tony is working on it. Likes/Dislikes included.

    • burythenuts

      Although I do miss your face Andrew!

    • Chocolate Velvet

      I think for those who have signed up for Gravatar, the avatar shows up. Mine did when I replied above, although I didn’t expect it.

      I tried to sign in several times yesterday, but couldn’t, so I did not comment. However, the beautiful poem you posted, Andrew, moved me to try, and there was my avatar.

      Hope that helps.

      As for the e.d./p.e. thing, uh, I don’t know what to say, my friend. Sounds like some messy business to me! Hmmm… have you tried prayer? Perhaps an ice pack? Or maybe one of those kinky Opus Dei self-mortification thingies that you strap to your thigh? I don’t know, I’m just tryin’ to help… 😉

    • grundoon

      Scientology can help you with that.

      Join staff and we’ll keep you too tired to ejaculate prematurely or otherwise. Impotence will be the least of your worries. You’ve got a planet to clear!

      Sign here…

  • koki

    i love this game…
    big hello from LRHs Bulgravia.

  • Sid

    Just posted long comment, but had some error about retrieving a password when I clicked on “Post Comment”.

    • victoria

      Yeah, me too:/ But let me sum in up again;
      THANK-YOU TONY!!!!!

  • clare

    Great article, Tony.
    P.S. The word “cohort” should be plural in this sentence -“Rathbun was one of Miscavige’s new cohort who had taken over the organization.”

    • ortegaunderground

      No, I did mean cohort as a group noun. I changed it to “part of Miscavige’s new cohort” to make it a bit more clear.

  • Alanzo

    The reason all that money and attention was spent on Pat Broeker is because he was the one who spent the most time with LRH while he was hiding out from the FBI. Pat Broeker knows exactly how criminal and crazy L Ron Hubbard was, and he knows the exact extent of the con that Scientology tech, ethics and admin is. Pat Broeker, just like David Mayo and so many others before him, was in a position to know conclusively that Scientology is a con, and could thus ruin the Scientology “brand”.

    Scientology is a spiritual deception. You have to pay for people’s silence to keep the deception going.

    By doing what he was doing to Pat Broeker, David Mayo, Debbie Cook, Marty, Mike and everyone else over the years, David Miscavige is only keeping Scientology working.

    That is all.


    • Boson Stark

      So Alanzo, do you think Miscavige knew there was no stack of OT materials?

      I think it’s possible, because it would have, and did (for a while at least), make a good pretext for the professional PIs to follow Broeker.

  • clare

    Ooops, sorry. I had never heard it used as a group noun. It jangled my word senses when I read it. Thanks for informing me! Again, great article!

    • clare

      Forgot to use reply button. This should be by my other post.

  • bm

    If one perceives RPF as being in any way involuntary, would it not follow that alot of civilized life can be perceived as involuntary?

    Once you make a choice to enter into any situation or culture, are there not consequences for not abiding by the way of that culture?

    If you refuse to fulfil your contract to perform a sport or art you will be sued, so you perform and be miserable, if you go awol from the army the consequences are obviously harsh, so you stay and go kill little brown people in Afghanistan, if you refuse to work your nightshift at McDonalds you may be fred on the spot, so you stay and flip burgers for $4.00 an hour, if you leave an unhappy marriage, your kids may never talk to you again and may blame you for breaking up a family for the rest of their lives, so you stay.

    What is the difference? Can you fill me in?

    • Alanzo

      If the nature of the situation or culture was misrepresented to you to get you to join, and if you were lied to and deceived about its beliefs, practices, rewards, etc. and then you were punished and even falsely imprisoned for protesting these lies, then yes, there is a difference.

      It’s called fraud and false imprisonment.


      • bm

        Alanzo my good man,

        “If the nature of the situation or culture was misrepresented to you to get you to join,”

        RESPONSE: It could be said, and it would not be unreasonable to say this, that the army and romantic relationships do this all the time.

        “and if you were lied to and deceived”

        RESPONSE: there is a cessation point where any adult will not tolerate lies and deceit. Having said that, in my opinion, lies and deceit are rampant in our society today and are not in any way unique to co$ if they exist in co$.

        “about its beliefs, practices, rewards, etc.”

        “and then you were punished and even”

        RESPONSE: all forms of what could be called “punishment” exist on all levels of society, and are not in any way unique to co, $ if “punishment” is part of the practices involved in co$. The military and romantic relationships and all work places all have their own forms of what might be labelled “punishment”.

        “falsely imprisoned”

        RESPONSE: as far as I know, only the government is allowed to “imprison” citizens. Unless you are calling marriage vows and being held to legal contracts and obligations to perform in every day life a form of “imprisonment”.

        ” for protesting these lies, then yes, there is a difference.

        It’s called fraud and false imprisonment.”

        RESPONSE: as far as I know, only the government is allowed to “imprison” citizens. Unless you are calling marriage vows and being held to legal contracts and obligations to perform in every day life a form of “imprisonment”.

        • Gerard Plourde

          “as far as I know, only the government is allowed to “imprison” citizens.”
          You’re technically correct, which is why there is a civil action available in tort called false imprisonment. It can and is used against private actors who restrain the liberty of an individual.

          • bm

            @ Gerard Plourde


            “False imprisonment is a restraint of a person in a bounded area without justification or consent. False imprisonment is a common-law felony and a tort. It applies to private as well as governmental detention.”


            How do you define “involuntary” Gerard? And how many people have taken said “civil action” with re: to “RPF” and been successful/won their case?

          • bm

            @ Gerard Plourde

            RESPONSE: And the odd thing is that I I cannot find anyone saying that they “were forcibly held against their will”or “held without their consent”, or anyone speaking in those clear strong terms, for themselves, which would definitely be a cut and dry and chargeable criminal offence.

            • Gerard Plourde


              I’m not sure what you’re asserting here. Are you attempting to make a case that people in the RPF are there voluntarily?

        • villagedianne

          Military recruiters do lie and misrepresent what potential recruits are getting themselves into. The military recruiter is nothing more than a high pressure sales person. If you don’t get their promises in writing then you are screwed.
          It is wrong when the military does this, and it is also wrong when Scientology does the same thing.

        • grundoon

          Scientology held Valeska Paris against her will for 12 years on the Freewinds floating asbestos palace.

          Colm McLaughlin, husband of former IAS president Janet McLaughlin, tried to escape the Freewinds in 2008 and was seized by force and dragged back aboard. He is still in captivity there.

          Don Jason, formerly second in command of the FSO, was held against his will on the Freewinds, locked in a cabin and denied repeated requests to leave the ship and the cult. Using bits and pieces he found in his cabin, he fashioned a device to escape down a mooring line.

          These are just a few of the Sea Org veterans who have been falsely imprisoned by Scientology while NOT in the RPF.

          Evidently you know little about Sea Org life, much less the RPF. You shouldn’t presume to lecture us from your position of – hopefully temporary – ignorance. Learn the facts, then get back to us.

    • sugarplumfairy

      The world is full of people with varying degrees of talents and powers, strengths and weaknesses.. Whether you choose to use your talents and powers for good or for evil is the difference, bm..

      If you are strong, do you choose to take advantage of anyone on the scale who is weaker than you?

      If you have a talent, do you choose to exploit anyone less talented than you?

      If you are smart, do you choose to outwit and defraud anyone not as smart as you?

      If you’re powerful, do you choose to victimize anyone weaker than you?

      If we all used our powers for good, we’d be in a much better place..

      • bm


        RESPONSE: For what you are saying to be true, you would have to take a position that others were “weaker”, ” less talented “, and “not as smart as you” and your anti-scientology friends here.

        I asked Alanzo about his taking that same position, and he denied it.

        I do not buy nor promote a view that anyone is weaker, less talented or not as smart as myself.

        If we humble ourselves and take a view that all people are equal, all people are savvy, powerful, smart, downright amazing, capable and star quarterbacks in their own lives, it lays waste to your theory IMO. And “we’d” really “be in” that “much better place” you speak of.

        • sugarplumfairy

          In 1999, my bf and I were stopped on the street in front of a NYC co$ office.. he listened, I laughed.. He read a book and wanted more, I read a book and wanted to sue someone for stealing $20 bucks from me.. He joined co$, I made it my life’s mission to keep every single person I know from ever joining the most unethical group on the planet..

          People are different.. That is all.. I’ll let you get back to work now.. bye bye..

          • bm


            And what I was looking for, was your definition of “involuntary” to see if it is the same kind of “involuntary”, the consequence of an adult choice, that can be found in most activities in every day life .

            I do not want to get out of bed most days when the alarm clock goes off but I do so to avoid getting fired and to avoid being harshly judged and ostracized by the community that demands I show up and behave a certain way each day, 365 days a year!!! Bastards!

            Did I get up voluntarily? But I feel trapped????

            • sugarplumfairy

              I like getting up in the morning.. I enjoy that first cp of coffee.. I enjoy my job.. I look forward to doing the tasks I’m responsible for and finding better ways to accomplish them.. I enjoy my coworkers.. I adore my boss (she reads this blog but I’d say that even if she didn’t ..)

              So.. apparently, I’ve made a few better choices than you have.. Does that mean i’m smarter, stronger, more talented than you? No.. It just means I’ve made a few better choices..

              365 days a year? Now see.. Right there.. That is a choice I never would have made..

              Now, stop talking so much..

              Auf wiedersehen, liebe..

            • bm


              RESPONSE: Ok, you like mornings and think you have the right to tell people to stop talking. Truly fascinating stuff. Obfuscation at it’s best but fascinating nonetheless. Thank-you.

            • burythenuts

              Awwww BM……..You are starting to love her.

            • bm


              If one perceives RPF as being in any way involuntary, would it not follow that alot of civilized everyday life can be perceived as involuntary? Once you make a choice to enter into any circumstance or culture, are there not consequences for not abiding by the way of that culture?

              Any thoughts on the definition of “involuntary” burythenuts?

            • Mrs. Libnish

              Has anyone ever told you that you are tiresome?

            • bm

              Mrs. Libnish

              RESPONSE: Is it smug-personal-attack -because one-has-nothing-to-say-time? Isn’t that what you anti-scientiologists are famous for accusing Scientologists of?

    • grundoon

      bm, your juxtaposition of “RPF” and “civilized life” shows that you are unclear on one or both of these concepts.

  • CoolHand

    Excellent read!

  • Boson Stark

    By the time of the Death Event, Broeker probably knew that Miscavige would knock him off, or try to have him knocked off, if he didn’t have an ace in the hole — which was the stack of OT materials Dr. Hubtard had researched in his final years.

    That they didn’t exist, assured Broeker’s survival because Miscavige couldn’t bump him off after finding them. Broeker knew he would be followed, perhaps for the rest of his life.

    The cordless phone always struck me as a curious gift. Shortly after cordless phones came out, it was common knowledge the signal could be tapped easily. Given the level of intrigue Broeker engaged in — same as any high level member of crazy cult at the time charged with guarding the fraud — wouldn’t he be in tune to things like this?

    • grundoon

      Broeker’s 007 shtick was all about protecting Hubbard from the law. With Hubbard gone and Scientology left behind, he probably figured he had no reason to keep up the cloak and dagger routine.

  • Alanzo

    Pulling the Pat Broeker string fully is the way to end this Scientology bullshit terminatedly.

    David Miscavige knows that, and so do many others.

    Keep pulling Tony.


  • Sherbet

    Now, remember, everyone, this is a CHURCH you’re talking about, and any criticism of this CHURCH can be construed as religious bigotry. Because it’s a CHURCH. And we’re all bigots and haters who ignore the fundamental rights of scn, including freedom to worship as they please. Don’t all religions have their own sacred rituals and quirks, including paid goon squads with holy surveillance devices? The IRS concurs: cos is a bona fide CHURCH. (Insert snark alert here)

  • ivanmapother

    Tell me there’s a book publisher lurking. Well done, Tony.

  • Bob

    Tony, great article. There is now a growing list of former troops who have been paid to be silent. This certainly encourages those members with pertinent knowledge who leave the church to get their fair share of the tyrannical tiny tots booty. It opens the door for an endless line of litigation. Take a number and step to the rear.

  • stillgrace

    I think this article is an example of what we can look forward to when Tony publishes his book.
    Me? I can hardly wait.

    • sugarplumfairy

      As usual, I agree with you..

  • TheHoleDoesNotExist

    Tony is In the Zone (writer’s zone). There is No scientology story that is easy to lay down so others can follow or make any sense of it. Tony just makes it seem easy. And John P’s take is right on the money. You Bet the well heeled senior set will be checking their blood pressure twice. Nothing much seems to pierce their walls, but Money Talk perks their hearing aids right up.

    Marrick and Arnold could turn a lucrative position as the new scientology loan shark. Most likely they can now afford to buy a How To Create a Permanent Tourist Blog to Piss Off All We Have Scammed from Debbie Cook.

    One commenter above asked the now timeless question: How does scientology get by with it? The Answer as it has Always been, from the beginning:

    Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Nancy Cartwright, Kirstie Alley, Priscilla Pressley, scientology Celebs, et al, and the Uber Rich Duggans, Jensons, and scientology Cash Cows, Investment Whales and Loan Sharks, et al. Every single day, for decades, they have had to make a Decision to Not Look, Not Listen, to their very Own members of their Own community, to their Own family, and put thousands on Ignore including their Own President’s son, Alex Jentzsch, and their Own Leader’s father, Ron Sr, and niece, Jenna Miscavige Hill. They are the funding enablers of Keeping Scientology Lurking. Every decade they have to remind themselves to Not Ask:

    What Happened To The Children?

    David Miscavige is Not the Who. These are the Who. These are the ones who have daily shoved the coal in the rusty engine to keep the train chugging on and mowing down their own, a sustainable source of energy to fuel the madness and the killing and breaking Any living soul that dares to be in their way. They have Always been the main supporting cast of Hubbard’s Nightmare, a/k/a scientology.

    • deElizabethan

      Hear! Hear! THDNE

    • aqua clara

      A remarkable piece of reporting…love the added comments from John P and others, and leading to this – from THDNE. 8 million likes.
      So if you had one more chance to ask questions of the PIs, what would you want to know? Who is holding the tapes now? Is part of your settlement now spying on someone else without their knowledge? If so, who? What bank held the accounts you were paid in (might as well give the bank regulators a helpful tip here…)? Was there more? I just can’t believe DM’s ongoing interest is about more OT levels…after all, he could just make those up for far less $$$.

    • loulai

      Great statement!!! Thanks.

  • Ze Moo

    If OT levels higher then 8 were anywhere, they would be published by now. Pat Broeker seems to be the loyal space ranger that Lhr wanted him to be. I would not be surprised if lron tried to put together OT9 and ‘higher’, just to add more levels (payments) to the con. Lron was always about the money.

    I am surprised that Lron didn’t leave control or at least his royalties to any family members. Yeah, Quentin was dead, Nibs was out and pissed off, his last wife was jailed and then put out to pasture, but some of them must have been loyal scamatologists at the end. At the end, Lron may have believed his own con, or he just didn’t like his family by then. His solitary life at the end seems to be a ‘F U’ to everyone he knew.

    Marrick and Arnold got their pay off, probably 1.5 million plus each (lawyers always get their cut). Debbie Cook probably got a similar amount. That means Miscavige has paid out 5 million to keep what? Cook and the PI’s have damaged the CO$ very badly with what they have made public. What has been left unsaid?

    With all the money in cash and checks flowing around and the IRS or FBI (or state level law enforcement) looking at the transfers, someone may have found Davey’s secret stash. Protecting that may be the real reason the PI’s got their pay off.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      …and a Parrot. Don’t forget the Parrot. It was probably a Talking Parrot and Hubbard had taught it to memorize the Super Secret Codes to unleash All the Body Thetans on the Planet and then Venus, & call it OT 9 and 10. Oh, yeah, and the # for the safe deposit box and where he left the keys to the rust bucket pickup.

      The end game of scientology is starting to resemble a cross between the movies: “Gaslight”, “Gilligan’s Island, and “The Treasures of the Sierra Madre”.

      • Sherbet

        Where’s Capt. Howdy, to post the Monty Python deceased parrot sketch?

        • sugarplumfairy

          Yah, I’m missing Cap’n Howdy too..

          • sugarplumfairy

            And Poison Ivy!

            • Sherbet

              Howdy pops in and out, but we haven’t seen Poison Ivy in a long time.

          • Sherbet

            Oh, OK, I’ll do the Captain’s work for him.


            • TheHoleDoesNotExist

              Thanks! I was going to include the MP sketch, but I had just posted it in another thread within the week. Captain Howdy would have come up with something even better as an official Hubbard Parrot, like:


    • grundoon

      Hubbard did leave enough rights to Mary Sue to provide her with a small income. But Miscavige bullied her into handing it all back to the Chruch.

  • Sue

    oh I so need a like button for that!!! LIKE LOTS

  • Mrs. Libnish

    Jumpin Jesus Christ on a crutch! I am one half in awe of the PI’s for negotiating such a speedy and apparently lucrative deal for themselves….they proved they were not to be hosed by Slappy. On the other hand, I want to damn them to hell for not publishing that manuscript and making a movie. I ATE THIS UP WITH A SPOON!!!! And want more.

  • Mrs. Mutton Chops

    Does anyone have any info on the idea to do something for Derek Bloch for Christmas?

    • Mila Minderbinder

      Isn’t he more of a Hannukah guy?

    • burythenuts

      Are you on Rodeo?
      If so, I can give you a rundown there????

      • Mrs. Mutton Chops

        I’m not familiar with Rodeo. It involves a rundown? Not a Purif, I hope.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      Also, he set up an email account for his Santa wish list, so you can contact him and ask.

      • Mrs. Mutton Chops

        Thank you for the info, THDNE. I was waiting for the midwestern mom to post something else, but must have missed it.

        • Tomato Thetan

          I know Derek didn’t want to distract from the other conversations here, but I think it will be all right if I copy his post from the Rodeo (my apologies if I am overstepping):

          Hey Everyone,

          I have no idea how to express my thanks.

          An anonymous friend of mine from the blog (not capital Anonymous, but just regular anonymous) sent me some money to get a plane ticket to Texas for Christmas, and I managed to get two weeks off from work all the way through New Year’s. It’s a little expensive to go the weekend before Christmas, so it looks like I might go on the 26th of December through (hopefully) the 5th of January. I’m trying to sort out my finances so I have spending money while I am there. I so excited that it hasn’t even hit me yet. 

          Since June I have been thinking about going for Christmas and I had no idea how I was going to pull it off and now it’s happening because of the help of a stranger. Last month I didn’t know how I was going to make my rent because of an emergency, but another stranger helped me out with that. I am still in shock because of all this. You are all such amazing people. I have received so many e-mails since Midwest Mom posted on Tony’s Blog on Sunday.

          Christmas is a tough time for me, because I love to give to people more than I like to receive gifts myself. Under normal circumstances half of my free spending money would probably be spent on my friends and their kids trying to get everyone gifts. I don’t have that luxury anymore because I have many more financial obligations than I ever have in my life right now. Plus going to see my family in Texas is very important to me right now. I have neglected them for so long. So a lot of my money this month is going to spent there.

          If you want to send me something specific it is entirely up to you. I don’t have much in the way of anything so if you send me something it is probably very likely that I don’t have it. Things like kitchen utensils, dishes, pots and pans, etc. I only have a microwave as far as appliances go. My place is furnished with all the necessities and a stove and a fridge. A wonderful person sent me some money for a coffee maker, but I haven’t had time to get to buying it yet. I will soon though!

          I am in need of new clothes for work and play and a new pair of work shoes.

          Other than absolute necessities for myself, I like to own things that other people can enjoy besides just me. The only thing I buy occasionally for my own personal amusement is a video game now and again. I spend most of my time either entertaining people at my house or going to other people’s houses to spend time with them. I hardly ever go out, except on special occasions but I’m getting to the point where I want to meet that special someone so I might start going out again next year. I love taking friends out to eat when I can afford it or sometimes if I can afford a hotel room, I like to go on little trips with a couple of friends. I also love cooking for people (chili is my favorite because people love my chili recipes, it must be the Texan blood in me haha).

          I’m a very other-oriented person. I’m much happier making other people happy with things that I own than I am just owning things for myself. Once my basic needs are met most of my money I spend entertaining other people.  So hopefully, if you do want to get me something that gives you an idea.

          I just confirmed with someone that I do have a safe address I can receive packages and mail. Alternatively, if you want to send cash I have a PayPal account. It is free to send cash through there. I’m not sure if it is safe to post an address up here because I’m not sure who all can view posts here.

          Also keep in mind that e-mailing me is totally safe. I won’t reveal anything unless you specifically request it. You can also get in touch with me on Facebook with the same level of anonymity. The only people able to see my friends list are my friends.

          Thanks so much again. Love you guys.


          On Tuesday, November 27, 2012 12:28:08 PM UTC-8, TomatoThetan wrote:
          As many of you know, our friend and fellow-commenter, Derek, is approaching his first Christmas since leaving Scientology and being disconected from his family.  Midwest Mom has suggested that we show our warmth and compassion for a young man who is starting life over from scratch.  At the suggestion of SugarPlumFairy, Derek has created a dummy email so that people who are interesting can contact him:   dmanund…

          • Mrs. Mutton Chops

            Thank you for forwarding this, Tomato Thetan. I am a crying mess now after reading this post. Derek’s anonymous friend is a terrific person. Who ever you are, you’re better than Santa! This young man is going to have a very special Christmas, now.

  • Ze Moo

    If you must equate the CO$ to a tv show, I suggest ‘Get Smart’. They fought an enemy called ‘kaos’, it stared an actor who did cartoon voice overs (Don Adams). They kept secrets under the ‘cone of silence’ and it was written by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, the american monty pythons. One of the Control agents is usually stationed inside places like a cigarette machine, washing machines, lockers, trash cans, or fire hydrants. I loved the shoe phone…..

    • burythenuts

      Can I be Agent 99? I used to be a brunette!

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      And a Phone Booth. Don’t forget about the exploding Phone Booth (no, I am not making this up either):

      “Miscavige got out a tire jack and went over the pay phone where Pat was waiting to call and smashed the public pay phone so it wouldn’t work. Needless to say this scared the crap out of Gale. Then he grabbed Gale and forced her into the van.”

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        btn: Not sure if “Gale” is Agent 99.

        • burythenuts

          Ooh I remember when I first read that story about the phone booth and the crowbar. Psycho little bastard.
          I really cannot believe someone has not totally snapped and killed Miscavige yet…
          Or that he has not killed anyone.
          Oh wait………..paging SHELLEY!!!!!

          • bm


            “I really cannot believe someone has not totally snapped and killed Miscavige yet…”

            RESPONSE: This reveals the personality of the anti-scientologist group. And why I see this group as fanatical and as dangerous as any other group out there. In this mob things like casually advocating murder begin to make sense and seem justified, and are expressed without commentary from the rest of the angry mob.

            • Enkindled

              Did you read Tony’s article, bm?

              I think there are many people who would react with rage if they found out they were being spied upon for more than 2 decades.

              Scientology has destroyed many families, and ruined the future of many children. Don’t act as if the comments here are about something other than ending human rights abuse. You are either uninformed, or disingenuous.

            • sugarplumfairy

              Actually, I’m kinda surprised no one’s snapped on you, bm, mia carissimo..

            • Mrs. Mutton Chops

              You are a part of this group You can’t separate yourself from the other commenters because you don;t allow that distinction for anyone else, so by your definition, you are an anti-scientologist and part of a fanatical and dangerous group.

              It’s your turn to bring tacos.

            • sugarplumfairy

              Lol.. Why am I thinking of that Groucho Marx quote… “I refuse to belong to a group that would have me as a member..”?

            • bm

              @ Mrs. Mutton Chops

              “You are a part of this group”

              RESPONSE: correct

              “You can’t separate yourself from the other commenters”

              RESPONSE: Fail.

              “because you don;t allow that distinction for anyone else, so by your definition, you are an anti-scientologist and part of a fanatical and dangerous group.”

              RESPONSE: Fail.

            • bm

              RESPONSE: Below is the mob’s justification and comfort level with one of the mob’s own advocating the murder of a human being.


              “Did you read Tony’s article, bm?

              I think there are many people who would react with rage if they found out they were being spied upon for more than 2 decades.

              Scientology has destroyed many families, and ruined the future of many children. Don’t act as if the comments here are about something other than ending human rights abuse. You are either uninformed, or disingenuous.”

            • Enkindled

              Are you twelve years old? Nobody is advocating anything other than stopping the human rights abuses, moron.

            • Bob

              Troll. In observing this person BM he has taken bury the nuts statement and misinterpreted it. She did nod advocate killing Miscavaige she said “I can’t believe that……”. The subsequent name calling just engages commenters in wasted, needless and futile communications. Just indicate “Troll on board and ignore him”. He has no intention of forwarding positive dialogue only fomenting needless noise.

            • grundoon

              Are you trying to overwhelm with suppressive generalities, or just trolling?

          • TheHoleDoesNotExist

            It wouldn’t be a very upstat cult if it didn’t have a leader that was coward enough to Only surround himself with bullies and victims. Victims sometimes get a little uppity which is why the holy razor blade fences and hilltop ammo and security guards are Religiously polished and paraded.

            And the Ethics Beagle. Don’t forget Miscavige’s ethics sniffing dog patrol protecting their Master.

            I hope Paul Thomas Anderson is conferencing with Tony right now for a follow up script: The Master’s Parrot, or The Master’s Garbage Spies or The Master’s Beagle. I’m going with Master Trash.

            • bm

              on November 30, 2012 at 8:20 pm said:



              Such babies have no cerebrum or cerebellum but they do have a brain stem. The brain stem allows them to breathe and allows their hearts to beat. But the babies cannot see, hear, or feel anything. They will never be able to think or achieve what is called “personhood.”

              Anencephalic babies are thus not technically brain dead. Yet there is general consensus that heroic measures should not be used to keep them alive. In fact, anencephaly may be one of the few medical conditions that all doctors agree is futile to treat.

              About 1000 anencephalic babies are born in the United States each year. The condition can be diagnosed prenatally, and most women (about 95%) who learn that they will have an anencephalic child choose to have an abortion. Of the 5% of the anencephalic infants who are born, about 55% are stillborn. The rest?the remaining 1000?are said to be “born dying.”

              RESPONSE: How charming and thoughtful you are Enkindled. no wonder advocating murder does not offend you.

            • bm


              Well, I guess you would know since co$ is nothing if not a mob.. But i thought your motto was ‘Never defend.. Always attack.’.

              RESPONSE: Fail. Attacking to distract from your staying silent about your mob advocating murder.

          • bm

            on November 30, 2012 at 6:06 pm said:
            Are you twelve years old? Nobody is advocating anything other than stopping the human rights abuses, moron.”

            RESPONSE: Above is another convenient justification denial from the mob. If I was the moderator of this page, I would delete burythenut’s post which is advocating murder. Enkindled, it does not say “stopping the human rights abuses” …it says “I really cannot believe someone has not totally snapped and killed Miscavige yet…” It is in plain english and should not be tolerated. It is not complicated.

            • Enkindled


            • bm



              RESPONSE: Yes, I would like to see the mobs reaction if a Scientologist camr on here saying “I really cannot believe someone has not totally snapped and killed Ortega yet…” and saying they were really only “advocating the stopping” of being persecuted and harassed by a wannabe no talent author, who needed to be stopped etc. or some other justification for what they were saying, as you are doing.

              You all would lose it.

            • Enkindled


            • bm

              @ Enkindled

              Defend your mob to the end – it is what mobs do.

            • Enkindled


            • sugarplumfairy


              “…Defend your mob to the end – it is what mobs do…”

              Well, I guess you would know since co$ is nothing if not a mob.. But i thought your motto was ‘Never defend.. Always attack.’.

            • sugarplumfairy

              mr. hankey,

              I wish you really were a bm.. Then I could flush you..


            • Bob

              TROLL ON BOARD!

          • grundoon

            Tony, can we have the smart trolls back please? Has anyone seen Marcotai? OT8isGr8 hasn’t been around for awhile. At VV we had some of the best trolls on the planet. This bm poser is just lame.

            • ortegaunderground

              I can’t imagine why he’d want to leave, with everyone feeding him so much. It’s heaven for a troll.

      • bm


        What about this? You still keeping mum about your goons advocating the murder of others?

        “I really cannot believe someone has not totally snapped and killed Miscavige yet…”


  • Scientia

    I long for the day when someone with an actual sense of decency tells Miscavige to go fuck himself and his settlement.

  • mjm
    • Sister727

      I don’t understand what Johnny Lewis’ death has to do with Scientology?? Is there more o he story than the story??

  • mjm

    wtf is wrong with Jenna Elfman’s face? I didn’t know that the cult does plastic surgery too (lmfao)

  • Andie

    Oh well, the settlement, and the gag order, was only to expected. I just hope they bled the COS as good as they could.

  • Kevin Tighe

    Then there was the time I was sent to rifle through the trash of Mary Sue’s attorney…ah, those were the days!

    • burythenuts

      Kevin, Dude,…. that is what I call MEST work!

    • grundoon

      Tell us more!

  • Derek Bloch

    We are talking about an old man who suffers from arrested development due to lack of parental guidance and life experience. This man was given millions upon millions of dollars and sought to live out a fantasy he has probably had since he was a child. Is it any wonder that Tom Cruise, the ‘Mission Impossible’ star is his best friend, while at the same time this man, who is really just an underdeveloped teenager, is running a “secret agent” operation from a practically endless budget. The same man who keeps inventing “new”, “futuristic” e-meter technology. I am shocked that he didn’t provide these two men with laser watches and self-driving cars.

    This is what happens folks, when you dump a shit-ton of money and power on a man who never grew up nor suffered any kind of adversity in his life. He was completely sheltered from the real world–a world he claims to know so much about. He watches a movie and thinks, “I can make that happen in real life.” The sad part is that people get hurt, lives destroyed, people get killed during the making of this real life movie. None of it is special effects. I would not be shocked to find out that Scientology was building a spaceship or some bat-shit crazy stuff like that. It is the Tom Cruise, “Only a Scientologist knows how to help a car wreck” syndrome.

    Scientology is a group of sheltered individuals who are extremely privileged compared to the rest of the population. You don’t find low-income Scientologists because it is simply not possible to be low-income and be a Scientologist. This is why they are capable of ignoring the abuse and living out a fantastic science fiction tale in their heads.

    It still is very disturbing to me that a nation which claims to be the pinnacle of freedom allows an organization that profits from child labor, slave labor, human trafficking, tax evasion, corruption of the justice system and engages in corporate and interpersonal espionage is allowed to exist. The bill of rights is completely abolished inside the walls of Scientology. They seek to undermine democracy and use the legal system to harass anyone who claims to have been wronged by them. They literally usurped law enforcement and used as a means to achieve their own personal satisfaction. Who are they going to hire next? The President? I’m sure they could top the presidential salary. I’m sure they could hire a former CIA or FBI director to work for them.

    This organization, this mafia, this business is a threat to society. They are dangerous not only because they are capable of carrying out what amounts to a spy operation on US soil for a quarter of a century, but also because they apparently hold influence over the judicial system of the nation, the Department of Justice and even the Judicial Branch of the United States.

    When is someone going to take notice. Germany considers Scientology a threat to Democracy and they are right. What labels do we have here in the US? Extremist? Terrorist?

    • Derek Bloch

      There should be a law against hiring people who have a clear advantage over the system (such as former FBI or CIA or LEO) to act in this kind of capacity for an organization engaging in this kind of espionage.

      • cjcinsac

        … a “CHURCH” engaging in this kind of espionage.

    • Blondi

      Derek – I thought you had a scientology education… where did you learn your vocabulary? just curious …

      • Derek Bloch

        I didn’t go to a Scientology school. I was in public school through 9th grade before I joined the Sea Org. I was one of the lucky few that was able to get a CHSPE (the California version of the GED) in the Sea Org. Mostly because I took advantage of outside pressure on the church which was demanding that kids in the Sea Org attend school. It didn’t last for long, but I managed to make the best out of it.

        The short answer to your question is that I read a lot. I read the news, Tony’s Blog, other blogs, books, magazines. One of the biggest reading projects I ever engaged in was the “Dune” series by Frank Herbert. He has a huge vocabulary and the book covers religion, politics and philosophy. Even though it is science fiction, I learned a lot from that book.

        Hubbard used a lot of words too, even though he had a poor and disjointed style of writing.

        My writing style has come from reading the works of others and studying psychology. Surprisingly, there are many psychological principles at work when someone reads things. The impact and tone of what someone reads has a lot to do with the proper positioning of words and the meaning which is subconsciously assigned to certain words.

        For example, starting your paragraph or essay off with a lot of negative words like “not”, “no”, “-n’t”, “bad”, “under”, “less”, etc. can change the tone in which someone reads the entire thing.

        Something simple like changing your wording in the beginning of a paragraph from “that is not possible” to “that is impossible” can change the entire way someone reads something. “That is not possible” can generate an almost immediate negative reaction. “That is impossible” makes someone feel less attacked.

        Also changing something to a third person instead of saying “you” can make something which is intended to be accusatory more easily accepted by the person reading. For example, “You are not able to entertain ideas other than your own because you are close minded” As opposed to, “People who are close minded have trouble entertaining the ideas of others.”

        Simple things like that can make a huge impact on the way a reader absorbs something.

        • Rip Kirby


        • Mrs. Mutton Chops


        • IamHere

          Apologies, Derek. I didn’t see that you were in the Sea Org.
          You gotta get out more to public events, buddy. Most aren’t making a lot of money and if they do get money it’s borrowed. Why do you think they are focusing on seminars to help people make more money these days?

    • IamHere

      Derek Bloch said: “Scientology is a group of sheltered individuals who are extremely privileged compared to the rest of the population. You don’t find low-income Scientologists because it is simply not possible to be low-income and be a Scientologist.”

      Pfffffff! What? You obviously haven’t been around any Scientologists.

      In truth, real Scientologists (the members) are honest, sincere, real people who want to help other people. That’s why they got into it. Take your tabloid stereotypes somewhere else. Most don’t make a lot of money and don’t do very much Scientology or they do training, which is cheaper. Get real. If you ever actually meet a Scientologist, then you can talk about it. In the meantime, stop being a religious bigot.

    • Druthers

      Your writing is impossible to designer. You speak exactly like Tom Cruise or a Kardashian.

      Speak and write in the correct person. Never use a pronoun. Use a proper noun or surname the first time you introduce a subject. Use proper tenses.

      You’ve much to say, but, it’s not useful as you present.

      Miscavige is not an “old man”. LRH is a dead man. Who are you discussing?

      • dbloch7986

        Damn this post is nine months old. You’re just a tiny bit late.

        In the famous words of Cartman, “Whateva…I’ll do what I want.”

        • Katherine Grey

          Effective communication is never “too late”.
          You just lost a $500 donation. Juvenile responses don’t engender educational donations.
          You’re close to 30. Speak and act like an adult.

          • dbloch7986

            ^^^ Says the litigation specialist that passes judgement on people through internet comments.

      • Andrea ‘i-Betty’ Garner

        I think you might mean “decipher”.

  • Enkindled

    Holy Crap! Marty is moving! I wonder if he is going to leave the country?

  • Flunk

    Fascinating. I was impressed with the ex-cops as entrepreneurs, and I thought they were pretty creative.
    It also hit me that they described Pat Broeker as having certain qualities. Qualities that Scientologists, and even the “indies”, might ascribe to LRH.
    I wonder if this, in the future, could become a parable for Scientologists:
    L Ron Hubbard was such a “big being” that he split into two – Pat Broeker, the “searcher”, and David Miscavige, the remorseless sociopath.

  • grundoon

    Every day for years, Marty Rathbun got a 3:00 phone call reporting on Pat Broeker’s visitors, girlfriends, garbage, and English teaching. This puts a whole new light on his fast action to recover Annie when she blew.

  • grundoon

    Tony, your writing is a marvel of concise clarity. A+

  • Stefano Tommaso

    It would be great to know more about this secret meeting of Broeker with Minton, Rinder, Prince, and Young. Now, Minton and Young are no longer with us, but Rinder and Prince alive and kicking. They should be asked about it. Pat Broeker is such an elusive subject matter…

  • Angry

    >Over the years, the two men read much about the church on the Internet and grew more cynical about their jobs.

    ….And yet they took the money, didn’t do the right thing until the money stopped, and stopped doing the right thing when the money started again.

    They’re no better than Marty or Miscavige.

  • Anella

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  • Eivol Ekdal