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Fun New Video, But Is This IndieGogo Project Headed for Legal Trouble?

This new video by two people who call themselves “Pete” and “Hannah” popped up yesterday. It’s an awfully fun mashup of Scientology and old school video gaming, and the production values are very high.

The Church of Scientology is very clearly mentioned in it, and the church’s practices are solidly parodied.

But are Pete and Hannah pushing their little project a bit too far?

Over at IndieGogo, they’re asking to raise $45,000 to turn this into an actual game.

It’s true that the Church of Scientology is not the litigating nightmare that it might have once been, but it’s kind of hard to imagine that Ken Moxon or Monique Yingling aren’t going to begin to twitch once they realize what’s going on here.

After all, a parody video is one thing. (And it really is a darn good video.) But to raise money in the name of the Church of Scientology?

Yikes. This is one stunt that is going to be fun to watch!

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  • John

    It’s very puckishly amusing. They know what they are talking about from experience I think, and are doing this as two fingers to CoS, rather than because they want to develop a game. I particularly enjoyed the characterisation of any donation of 10,000 dollars as

    Looking for trouble
    Receive all previous reward tiers as well as our eternal thanks. You will help us make more levels and we in return can almost certainly assure you your generosity will mean organisations will take a look into your background, so be ready for a knock at the door…


  • Mighty Korgo of Teegeeack

    Funny stuff!

  • TheHoleDoesNotExist

    There are many funny parts that are easy to miss the first time through. My favorite is in the background of “where man can rise to new heights” there’s a Tom Cruise figure jumping on a couch.

    • wannabeclear

      I know! That was my favorite part! It literally made me laugh out loud!!!!

  • MimiTheGreat

    I think it’s hysterical!

  • burythenuts

    Oh My God. I gotta save that one while I can.
    Davey is going to pull out some of his “Vacation (absconding) fund” to kill this shit.
    Too funny.

  • KCMom

    ‘Do you think this campaign contains prohibited content? Let us know!’

    I’ll make the popcorn! This could be as epic as the Comic-Con folks counter-protesting the WBC folks.

  • Davka

    Wow. Awesome. Yes, if I were legal counsel, I would be twitching right now. These folks clearly have skills and knowledge. Wonder what prompted it?

  • Boson Stark

    83 Likes 0 Dislikes

    “Recruiting of children and famous people will bring you more in-game credit and fast track you to enlightenment.”

    Ain’t that the truth. Very sharp and witty, and true too. About the British narrator they hired, what is it about Brits that they can’t pronounce Xenu properly? Yes, you too John Sweeney. It’s not Zen-ooh, it’s Zee-new. So, all the Brits, practice it along with me. First say “me,” but drawing out the eeee. And now replace that “m” with a “Z”. Zeeeee-new — got it?

    It’d be great if this became an iPhone sensation, like Angry Birds, but yeah, it seems like there would be plenty of angry legal thetans if it goes commercial.

    • sugarplumfairy

      Lol.. Owe me a coke..

      • Boson Stark

        What are the odds? You must be my lost auditing twin. Are you a past-life clear as well?

        • sugarplumfairy

          I’m pretty sureI wascleopstra’s asp on a past life..

          • burythenuts

            Have you had a cranberry martini already?

            • sugarplumfairy


            • sugarplumfairy


    • Boson Stark

      83 Likes 1 Dislike

      Correction, Aussie narrator. Purge me of this BT stuck to my thetan, but some of you can’t pronounce Xenu either. Why can’t you all just speak ‘merican?

      • DC8

        I think it’s a South African accent.

        • Imago

          Nope… definitely not SA. It is an Aussie accent.

      • Observer

        NZ … The way they pronounce level is the giveaway.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      and thetan, they mispronounce it as theee tun. hah

      I’d love to see some an episode of South Park with some of the characters playing this game in the background.

      • burythenuts

        Say it with me now….

    • Vistaril

      That’s a Kiwi accent.

      • Nat

        Definitely not a Kiwi accent. It’s Australian.

        • Vistaril

          Hmmm . . . we may never find out but, in the event that we do how about a wee flutter: $25 donation to the charity/cause/organisation of the winner’s choice . . . proof of payment of said donation to be furnished to TonyO for confirmation? In or out?

  • sugarplumfairy

    Lol.. Extra points for recruiting children and famous people.. Angry birds must be sweating today..

  • Mrs. Libnish

    HAHAHAHA…I would totally buy that game. But, there must be mention of suicide, bankruptcy, and murder to make the game worthy of being labelled as Co$.

    • burythenuts

      Those are on the “upper levels”

  • PeggyToo

    Tony, sweetheart…..we need our like button back please!!!

    • ortegaunderground

      Just hold on a little longer…

      • PeggyToo

        =) Thank you.

        • California

          We need a luv luv luv button for items just like this! What a hoot!

    • Mrs. Libnish


  • wannabeclear

    It will definitely be interesting to see how this unfolds. It doesn’t look like the intention is to make the game for profit, but rather to make it as satire and social commentary — with a new way of spreading the word about the evils of the Co$. In that sense, it doesn’t seem much different than a documentary like “Knowledge Report.” Most certainly they’ll be receiving a cease and desist letter and may find themselves in some legal snarls. However, simply the video alone is worth sharing. It’s brilliant!

  • Alanzo

    Somebody knows their Scientology!

    They’ve been there, brother. They’ve rubbed elbows with all kinds and types of Scientologists. They have played the game, and quite possibly won it, by getting out of Scientology and making this game.

    Question: Does a citizen in a free society have the right to make this game as a use of free speech or satire?

    I think they should have this right. They are not selling Scientology materials or services without paying royalties. They are making a computer game. Scientology, unfortunately, is not a computer game. Two completely different things.

    Legal tip from a non-lawyer: They should set up another indiegogo account for donations to pay for the harassing lawsuit from Scientology.


  • Vistaril

    Oh, just delicious. What a magnificent inoculation tool for young and old alike. Ten Internets and two free caek to Hannah and Pete now, then 9000 Internets and free caek for life when when Scientology brings it on. After all, they *have* to, its in The Tech . . . but we have the “streisand effect” and this is just the sort of silliness to bestir the hive. (Praps I’m dreamin’ . . . but, oh, wouldn’t it be scrumptious? BRB – just gonna chip in some gold, I think I got a few coins left after pre-ordering me some Lawrence Wright and Jenna Miscavige literature.

  • Mary McConnell

    OMG! Too funny!!! Maybe the second game series will be about escaping Scientology

    • burythenuts

      On Motorcycles!

      • Mila Minderbinder

        A third sequel will have to be Scientology: Courtroom Action.

        • TheHoleDoesNotExist

          with voluntary sea slaves’ points (stats)…like, how many courtroom windows did you paper today?

          • ReneeG

            How about how fast you can push a peanut across the floor with your nose…

    • N. Graham

      LIke! Excellent suggestion! I like the courtroom suggestion also.

  • Mila Minderbinder

    I want this game!!!! It’s just like SuperMario with a sense of humour.

    • burythenuts

      Yeah, and you can constantly get busted back to the RPF.
      The good news is….you will be able to get out much faster than the actual current inhabitants!

      • California

        “Source” guys: you need to put in RPF, Dead Agenting, Fair Gaming, Third Party agenting, touch assists, Narconon Drug Rehab (with law-suits because of damage and death of the “patients”), Narconon Drug Education (banned all over the world now), Applied Scholastics, SCN/Nation of Islam, hired private investigators, OSA, volunteer ministers and on and on and on…….

        • Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

          Squirrel Busters with head-cams!

  • deElizabethan

    Kudos! Thought it was Really funny and sooo true. I also LIKE all the comments here. Will be interesting to see the reaction, lots of fun, even if it just makes YT, but hope it goes all the way. Good luck!

  • kimberly580

    Absolutely beautiful!

  • N. Graham

    I LOVE the game! Although I think you should have to take a 45 minute personality test and watch a video before you can play.

    • deElizabethan

      Ha, Ha, ha, good one!

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      Check out one of the “notes” … about personality test. Hmmm, so this is a game from the mind of an undercover journalist? hmmmm

      • Mrs. Libnish

        HAHAHA..I’m going to like that page. Apparently, they just got their first YouTube hack attempt.

  • burythenuts

    Oh just for the laughs and the picture you will get stuck in your head!

    • deElizabethan

      Copy and paste the HTML in Google worked perfect, thanks.

  • Bob

    Great way to kick off your website. The church is damned if they do and damned if they don’t. If they sue and make a big stink about the video it would just call more attention to it.
    There is almost no defense against humor.

    • grundoon

      L. Ron Hubbard hated humor (although he employed it himself to the extent of his small ability). Hubbard ordered the Guardian’s Office to destroy the career of cartoonist Jim Berry, who had committed the offense of publishing a drawing captioned, “I was into EST, Primal Therapy, Yoga, Scientology, Hare Krishna, Transcendental Meditation — Now I’m into money!” The GO hired PIs to snoop after him, and enlisted Scn publics for a letter writing campaign, which fortunately was ineffective. “Operation Funnybone” was cut short and exposed due to the FBI raids of 1977. Berry knew nothing of this until long after. Learn more at

  • Shelly

    The libel laws in Australia are not the same as the US. And even in the United States, parody and satire are not grounds for a lawsuit. Davey couldn’t sue Southpark for their Xenu episode.

  • Tessa

    But of course, $cientology is a game. A game where everybody looses, except Miscavige. For now, at least.

  • stillgrace

    Well done!

    In a perfect world (our world, not Davey’s), this would go viral on you-tube, making it more difficult for Co$ to lash back without massive, global bad PR.

    The authors have posted it to you-tube and it has received 302 hits since yesterday.

  • Ze Moo

    It’s satire, put me on the jury and I’ll make the CO$ pay all court costs and lawyer fees. Good job “Pete” and “Hannah”, it reminds me of all of the early 8bit games like Commander Keen.

  • Randy

    I did some poking around…the person who created this is Kylee Ingram, an Australian documentary producer.

  • John P. Capitalist

    My take: they could win either way. If the cult ignores them, they could have a video game that makes them a few beans. On the other hand, if the cult sues them, they have a pretty clear parody defense, and all the material they’re using as source documents has been available on the internet for years. So they’re not stealing anything or doing anything actionable. That sets the grounds, depending on the state where they live, for a SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) claim. That’s when some big rich corporation sues a struggling activist group or something like that to bankrupt them and shut them up. I believe California was the pioneer in such things. So they could use the $45,000 to hire Ray Jeffery and get legal costs refunded once they win… Another “footbullet” for the cult.

    • anyoldname1

      I so hope they SLAPP Davey

    • Derek Bloch

      Great insight as usual John P.

  • Derek Bloch

    Well this video cracked me up. I probably won’t be playing the game though. I am sick of it. Seems like a great way to get people to understand what Scientology is all about. The video here hit pretty close to home for me and I’m sure for a lot of other people. It was sort of a dark humor for me.

    I have no idea on what grounds the church could sue them, but I am sure they can find some law somewhere to exploit while bribing a few judges.

    I’m excited for tomorrow morning’s post.

    On another related but unrelated note:

    Because of the support of the community here I am going to be visiting my extended family for Christmas for the first time in 15 years. I managed to get two weeks off of work so I can be there for as long as possible. I am trying to work out the logistics and finances, but tomorrow I am going to buy the plane tickets.

    Thank you to everyone here for being here and being supportive. The community here has really helped me maintain my sanity and continues to help me maintain my sanity through everything.

    The other night I was having a deep conversation with a friend and I suddenly realized that I am proud of myself, of what I have accomplished so far. I have never in my life been proud of myself; in fact, I have spent most of it trying to accomplish the impossible task of making my parents proud. Every time I have thought that maybe I made a bad choice, Tony and everyone here reminded me that I am better off and set me back on track.

    I have received so much help from everyone here, in more ways than one. So many people here have reached out to send me cards and gifts and stuff, I am astonished. I have a safe address to send mail to if anyone here wants to mail me. You can e-mail me below. I just ask that you be as specific as possible about who you are because you never know what kind of weirdos peruse the comments section here. So far I don’t think anyone at OSA has contacted me, but they are shady and creepy so who knows.

    I can’t wait to see my family. It hasn’t even sunk in yet. Tony and everyone here, you are all amazing people. I’m suffering a lack of words to describe what I am feeling. I’ve received so much love from so many people, many of whom I have never even met. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I’ve been trying not to cry at work all day.



    • Sandy

      Oh – you are proud of you? WE are proud of you, my friend! No – you don’t know me personally. But, I have your back if you ever need help. You go, Derek!!!

      • Derek Bloch

        Thank you. I have hardly met anyone that posts here in person, but I certainly feel like I know them, at least their online personality. If this was back in the Age of Rome we would all be standing around a herald who is delivering Tony’s latest to the local neighborhood. It’s amazing with the internet that people from all over the world can collaborate in a place like this.

        • sugarplumfairy

          Yah.. What Sandy said..


    • Burythenuts

      Don’t worry, someday you will have to make us all Chili!

      • Derek Bloch

        At the first annual Tony Ortega Society meeting I will provide the chili and some beer!

        • Burythenuts

          Why do I imagine this party could result in some arrests?

          Imma need to put Mox on a retainer!

          • Derek Bloch

            We’ll make sure to invite Mr. Dandar!

        • TheHoleDoesNotExist

          diced onions, grated cheese, extra cumin and chili powder, extra creamy corn bread, whipped hot butter, and transport to the nearest clogged artery hospital, thank you!

          I’m jealous…Wish I’d been as smart at your age. Oh, and remember not to steal the toilet paper when your at family’s home. There are some Sea Org habits that are hard to kick. have fun!

          • Derek Bloch

            Lots of beef, some pork sausage and I add good ‘ol Sam Adams to my sauce.

            I’ll try to keep my hands off the TP. I can already feel the temptation building. I’m going to have pocket full of Charmin extra soft.

            • TheHoleDoesNotExist

              I understand. And if you feel yourself starting to get all weepy (There’s No Crying in Baseball or at Work)…just think about how tight Miscavige’s Hole puckers up each time he hears another angel got his wings … and other neat stuff…from apostates, critics and wogs, oh my!

    • The Dakini

      Derek! How wonderful! I hope this experience and our family continue building your confiendence and know that you are being though about with fondeness by all of us during the holidays.

      Crying, like laughing and peaceful silence are wonderful and pure states of being. Enjoy each moment of it because they are precious. And all of us here are fortunate to have a life that allows us to see them.

      On a side note, Tony I will be bringing a variety of fantastic cheeses from my home state to the yet to occur TO Rodeo Reunion. Along with some homemade, make ya cry with pleasure cheesy popcorn. Just for Derek. 😉

      • The Dakini

        Whoop! Derek, I meant “your” family. I’m on my iPad. Typing is tricky.

      • Derek Bloch

        Thank you so much The Dakini! I hope that reunion happens one day. It would be awesome. You supply the cheese, I’ll supply the chili. I am sure there are some dairy farmers around here that can bring some fresh, homemade sour cream!

        All we need are some fritos!

  • Troy MacGyver

    I’d love to see the trailer prison and cold water being dumped on those higher ups who once held,david miscvage in such high regard. I have a question concerning his wife? Are there anyway a relative or someone who can launch an investigation into her sudden disapearance? Hot tempered david belongs in jail and she might be ready to talk. We should litter the US with.”Have you seen this,Thetan posters all around their offices and compounds.

  • The Source

    Thanks for the comments guys. The narrator is a New Zealander for those who asked but he does want to remain anonymous. Feel free to join us on FB for more conversation. You guys are great.

    • observer

      No, *you’re* great! Brilliant concept, brilliantly executed. And the knowledge that Little Davey is likely crapping his pants in fury is just icing on the cake. 🙂

  • mjm

    can anybody give more info about this cover story?

    • ortegaunderground

      More horseshit put out by his movie PR people, just like the last time.

  • Mrs. Libnish

    I just watched it again. Winning the Freedom Medal of Valor and being in Celeb mag cracks me up every time!

  • nexibello

    This “translation” of a “religion” into a “video game” is brilliant. All the little details that everybody who is familiar with CO$ recognizes make one grin for hours. The “preview” suggest a very complicated game, with lots and lots of rules, hard to understand explanations – you’ll only realize what they meant after it’s too late – game over – new game. And hard to win I’d expect. And the win has no value at all in real live.
    Such a perfect picture of CO$.
    If LRH had been born a few centuries later he would have invented a video game instead of a “religion” and he would have made a hell of a lot of money – without wasting or even destroying so many lives of real people.

    • nexibello

      edit…. *decades* later not centuries…

  • angry gay pope

    I doubt OSA or Kendrick Moxon will go beyond an avagram with this cute video or the fundraising. It only encourages outsiders not to join. It is “outside the valence of hubbard.” If they are going to sue anyone for a video it would likely be me. They’ve done it four times already and my videos show me on their doorstep trying to shrink their numbers. That’s “inside the valence of hubbard.” Like this video where I am promoting and throwing up on people ….

  • The Source

    We have some amazing developers/designers ready to make the game. If you want to see us make it (or disappear trying) join us at

  • plainolfyhetan

    Random thoughts:

    1) at some point in the game you have to trade your minor child to the Sea Org for admission to your next OT level

    2) the game should have “loops” in it where you have to go back to the beginning if Miscavige issues a new Age of Tech

    3) some random trigger should declare you not Clear at various points in the game

    4) there should be gauntlets that you must run six times a year and emerge with enough money to keep doing courses (call them Int Events)

    5) make sure that if you go to Flag or the Freewinds one day a week is sucked up with IAS donation day

    6) make sure that Tom Cruise complains to Miscavige about shabby orgs or shoddy buses, distracting church funds onto things that don’t get you up the bridge

    7) make a “follow the money” side game that makes you follow a donation through hoops until the money ends up in caribbean bank accounts or Miscavige’s private Bolivian coffers

    8) the Int Events should have “implant cards” in them that are the only way you can get out of an ethics hassle.
    One of the cards would be, for example, “NARCONON IS THE MOST WORKABLE LEAST RECIDIVIST DRUG TREATMENT PROGRAM IN THE WORLD”. Then when you have to go to Ethics for some arbitrary reason (“You weren’t wearing upstat enough clothes while you were on course”) you can pull out an “implant card” and get back to course. Other implant cards:

    9) if you’re declared, the contents of your pc folders will be used to prove to others that your declare was justified

    10) the declare procedure involves accepting fabricated reports submitted in the name of people you know and a declare order is written from them. the declare order is shown to everyone else playing the game, but not you.