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More McPherson Cover-Up Corroboration: “I Watched Them Drain $20 Million In Reserves”

New revelations in the 17-year Lisa McPherson saga keep coming as evidence mounts that the Church of Scientology spent tens of millions of dollars in an attempt to corrupt the investigative and judicial systems in the state of Florida.

Now, we have found more evidence from inside Scientology that tends to corroborate testimony given by Marty Rathbun, formerly the second-highest ranking official in the church.

Rathbun testified to Scientology’s huge expenditures that were used to influence attorneys and judges as the church tried to undermine a criminal investigation and then a wrongful death lawsuit brought by the McPherson estate and attorney Ken Dandar.

Now, another former Scientology official says he watched that money drain from Scientology’s accounts from his position as a treasury secretary inside the church.

We talked with Mat Pesch (pictured), a former longtime member of Scientology’s elite “Sea Org,” who was the treasury secretary of the Flag Service Organization (FSO), which operated Scientology’s spiritual mecca in Clearwater, Florida (known as the “Flag Land Base”).

“I watched them drain $20 million in reserves for the Lisa McPherson fight,” Pesch tells us.

Pesch was treasury secretary from 1995 to 2002, and his job was to keep the books for the FSO, which operated Scientology’s most lucrative enterprise, the hotels and conference rooms of “Flag,” where all church members must come for upper-level training on their way up the “Bridge to Total Freedom.”

“FSO is the golden goose of Scientology,” Pesch tells us. When he started at his position in 1995, FSO was pulling in about $1.7 million a week in revenue, about $300,000 of that was kept by the FSO in a financial planning account that was used to pay for expenses and payroll, and FSO had about $20 million in reserves.

Lisa McPherson was a troubled church member who had a breakdown in 1995 and then died after a 17-day stay at Flag’s Fort Harrison Hotel. Some time passed before the circumstances of her death became generally known, and by 1997 Scientology was embroiled in a criminal state investigation, and McPherson’s estate had filed a civil wrongful death lawsuit.

As that battle heated up, Pesch says he was told the FSO reserves would be accessed by the Office of Special Affairs — Scientology’s legal affairs and intelligence wing that pays for attorneys, private investigators, and covert operations.

Pesch says he watched as OSA steadily drained away the entire $20 million in reserves.

When that ran out, he says, OSA turned to his financial planning account — the money that was being used to keep FSO running, and which came to about $300,000 a week.

OSA asked him to start turning over about $100,000 of it, and suddenly, Pesch had to find a way to operate the FSO on a smaller budget.

Sea Org workers — who sign billion-year contracts — were only getting paid about $40 to begin with, he says, but they had to take pay cuts in order to help FSO fund OSA’s efforts to wage the Lisa McPherson battle.

Pesch says OSA was probably also drawing on other accounts, but he is only personally familiar with FSO’s accounts, and had to siphon off $100,000 a week for OSA.

“You’re getting pretty desperate when you’re pulling feathers and drawing blood from your golden goose,” he says.

Then, OSA wanted more. “During one year near the end of my time in that job, they wanted $200,000 a week. And for that entire year, everyone at FSO got paid only $10 a week,” Pesch says.

The only exception? For a few weeks, all members were returned to full pay — about $40 — so that they could all contribute to a present for church leader David Miscavige.

It was something they did every year, and there was nothing volunteer about it.

“There’s someone at the pay window making sure you turned in a certain percentage of your weekly pay for David Miscavige’s birthday present,” Pesch says, and his wife, former Sea Org worker Amy Scobee, agrees.

Pesch estimates that about $60,000 for a present was raised. Then everyone was moved back down to $10 a week.

Based on what Pesch told us, as well as what we’re hearing from other former executives we’ve talked to, it may turn out that Marty Rathbun’s estimate — that Scientology spent up to $30 million to fight the McPherson case — is actually substantially less than what was actually spent.

We asked Pesch if OSA ever told him what the money was used for. He said they told him vague things about medical experts and attorneys.

But then, for two or three weeks, someone screwed up, and Pesch found that FSO was being billed directly for a couple of OSA operatives. The OSA employees were being paid $1,000 a week each, and Pesch paid that from FSO accounts for two or three weeks until the error was discovered. “It caused a huge flap,” Pesch says when the error came to light. Quickly, OSA took back the billing on the two operatives.

We asked him what the two operatives were doing, according to the paperwork he saw.

Pesch says the two people very clearly described as infiltrators of the Lisa McPherson Trust.

The LMT was a non-profit formed in 1999 by businessman Robert Minton to organize protests in Clearwater, Florida and raise awareness of the circumstances of Lisa McPherson’s death.

We talked today with two of its former members, Mark Bunker and Jeff Jacobsen, who each said they had always had some suspicions about some of the people who became attached to the group before it disbanded in 2001. But neither of them had heard that two church operatives were being paid a weekly wage to infiltrate the group.

Pesch cannot today recall the names of the two operatives on the paperwork he handled, and after checking with former OSA employees, we have no solid evidence about who those two operatives might have been. We will continue to look into it further.

Pesch says he does remember the talks that OSA would give to explain where FSO’s money was going. “The staff was told this was all an attack from the mafia, the police, Interpol, Germany. Any invented enemy they could think of was all behind this Lisa McPherson attack. So we were needed to work hard and make money, and OSA would defend the church,” he says.

The state’s criminal investigation was derailed in 2000 when medical examiner Joan Wood changed the cause of McPherson’s death from “undetermined” to “accident” — under improper influence of the church, Rathbun says today. The civil suit was settled in 2004, and Rathbun testified that Judge Robert Beach was improperly influenced by an attorney hired by Scientology.

On December 7, Ken Dandar, who is facing $1.1 million in sanctions requested by Scientology, will present evidence to federal Judge Virginia Covington that there is enough evidence of a conspiracy to subvert the state courts to grant him an injunction against those state sanctions. And we expect until that date for even more revelations about this complex case to break loose.

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  • TheHoleDoesNotExist

    Yes, yes and Hell Yes! What a way to open up an Org! I have the Godiva, popcorn, Starbucks and merlot. Where’s the confetti?

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      “Pesch cannot today recall the names of the two operatives on the paperwork he handled, and after checking with former OSA employees, we have no solid evidence about who those two operatives might have been. We will continue to look into it further.”
      That’s a damn fine idea.

      • Gayle

        I wonder if those two members are in or out. These days there’s a pretty high likelihood that they’re out somewhere just waiting to tell their story.

        • Andie

          Chances are they where external PIs, and never (at least publicly) had any ties to the COS.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      confetti and hip hip hooray’s for the grand opening

  • derfty

    Scientology = derp

  • Derek Bloch

    Oh boy I remember having to “volunteer” part of my paycheck for a gift to COB. I remember a quick fleeting thought wondering why I had to do it, but I ignored it. I think we did the same thing for the person in charge of AOLA (called the “captain” in the Sea Org).

    Thanks for the new site and the update Tony. Things are getting exciting.

  • Burythenuts

    Buh BOOM!
    Yeah baby!
    Ideal Org indeed!

  • Marta

    “The only exception? For a few weeks, all members were returned to full pay โ€” about $40 โ€” so that they could all contribute to a present for church leader David Miscavige.”

    Lest the Supreme Leader have to do without the atta-boys he craves from his *adoring* minions, even though coerced in true Sea Org style.

    • grundoon

      Can you spell I N U R E M E N T and money laundering? I knew you could!

  • Mark Plummer

    I’d like Jeff Jacobsen, Mark Bunker and Jesse Prince to tell Mat Pesch the names of the LMT employees. This would probably jog Mat’s memory as to the identities of the OSA operatives who infiltrated the LMT.

    • Mary McConnell

      Terrific idea, Mark!

  • John P. Capitalist

    I don’t have time to do a dive on the numbers, but if Matt’s recollections are accurate, depleting $20 million in reserves essentially nearly bankrupted Flag, especially if they were taking money from funds that would normally be used to meet basic operating expenses in order to keep the doors open. That, in turn, highlights a key piece of stupidity that came straight from Hubbard’s “always attack, never defend” mantra. It is not unreasonable that the cult could have settled the Lisa McPherson litigation for a fraction of what it spent on defense. And that could have also prevented a lot of bad press for the cult, bad press which continues to this day. The cult, following stupid and arrogant policy laid down by Hubbard, and implemented incompetently by Miscavige, spent $30+ million to avoid paying out perhaps $5 million, nearly bankrupting their most profitable operation in the process.

    Of course, the flip side of this is actually even scarier: they rebounded in a decade from totally depleting Sea Org reserves to having hundreds of millions in the bank (I’m talking just Sea Org, not the even greater pool of cash that undoubtedly flowed back to headquarters), even as members shrank. This means that the rape of the suckers that remained was staggering, in order to pad the bank account the way they did.

    • Jgg2012

      John, it also means that if they hadn’t gotten tax exempt status in ’93 they would be gone by now.

    • Alanzo

      JPC wrote: “Of course, the flip side of this is actually even scarier: they rebounded in a decade from totally depleting Sea Org reserves to having hundreds of millions in the bank (Iโ€™m talking just Sea Org, not the even greater pool of cash that undoubtedly flowed back to headquarters), even as members shrank.”

      I’m not challenging you here, John, but what real evidence do we have that this actually happened?

      It is long-standing LRH policy to lie about how much money the Church has, how many members they have, etc. So how do we actually know that this happened?


      • John P. Capitalist

        Among other sources, it comes from statements by ex-members who had reasonable basis to report numbers they saw accurately. One is a document reproduced by Marty Rathbun on his blog. I don’t recall the exact numbers, but Flag was taking in close to $100 million per year and reserves were in the 9-digit numbers. I assess that, whatever other credibility problems Marty may have, and whatever the opinions people have about his conduct when he was in and after he left, that he is probably reproducing accurately the internal documents he’s leaked on his site, to rattle Miscavige by disclosing documents that Miscavige can verify are authentic.

        Further, it is useful to cross-check the comments from potentially knowledgeable insiders against other numbers that we can estimate reasonably. To get to $200 million in Sea Org reserves, we can start with $100 million in sales, and assume that (because of slave labor rates) that service delivery costs are probably less than 25% of revenue, meaning a gross profit of 75%. Assume 40% to 50% goes to Miscavige and headquarters, and you get 25% for retained profit for the Flag operation, roughly $20 million per year, which, accumulated for a decade, gets you to about $200 million. I assess that the cult, though membership is dwindling and overall revenue is probably down, continues to suck money out of the orgs and missions to keep Flag, IAS and the various book scams going in top gear because they’re more profitable.

        Point is that if you piece together a lot of small data points, the assertion that Flag reserves are in the $200 million range appear to be credible and reasonable. This kind of careful, methodical skepticism is the stock in trade for those of us in Global Capitalism HQ who try to figure out how well companies are doing in their businesses.

        • TheHoleDoesNotExist

          The annual list of IAS whales who donated is another key source. You have Cartwright and the Duggans and Jensons that lay down tens of millions at the foot of the beast. Just 200 adoring fans coughing up $1 Million/per year each yields $200. All signs of top auditors and events and awards glowing their value are completely gone. They’ve been replaced by pictures of Top IAS and SuperPower Donors.

          This is not new. In the mid 80’s most of all the PAC (L.A.) organizations were about to get closed down. At ASHO a straight 80% of gross went to GO, and then later other corporate entities, Gross, income was sent straight uplines, and there were other uplines to pay. I think AOLA Day or Foundation was the only one that had some reserves. The “shore story” was always about the SP du jour. Staff in PAC were on a steady diet of those rice and beans and many ill or limping.

          • TheHorse

            Lets not also forget the Superpower building when you compare the figures of the maximum cost against the highest donations CoS has published theres millions in difference add on on the smaller donations that didn’t make the list and CoS could have quite feasably raised twice what it actually cost. If miscavige used this method for every new Org then whatever the value of Scilon real estate theres an equal amount in Slappys bank account.

        • Alanzo

          Thank you, John.

          I am sure that your methodical skepticism is a workable tool for most all applications. But you can not compare the Church of Scientology and its accounting and reporting policies to a public company’s. The kinds of numbers that I have heard, repeated over and over, by Ex-Int Base personnel over the last few years sound extremely familiar to me. Like a “whispering campaign”.

          “DM has BILLIONS of dollars!” “Radical Scientology is a BILLION DOLLAR cult!”

          Matt Pesch’s reports seem true and correct to me.

          Docs from Marty and the others? Sorry. I don’t trust them.

          Maybe they’re real, but I don’t trust them. I would need more corroboration, knowing what I know about standard LRH PR and accounts reporting to the outside world.

          In fact, when you are going broke in Scientology is the exact time to lie to everybody about the huge piles of money you have, per LRH.

          Again, not challenging you, John. You certainly have more experience in doing this than I do. But these are Scientologists we are talking about here, and their money. Enron and Bernie Madow are boy scouts compared to these guys.


          • Alanzo


            Bernie Madoff.

            • Andie

              The IAS fund is supposedly what has billions of dollars. The other the other entities never see that money, and have go generate their own income. It is possible the very large IAS fund has come into play now, but so far at least, the IAS money flow runs one way only.

              If so, Marty & Co are correct, but are not mentioning the whole picture.

    • Jens TINGLEFF

      Read Vance Woodward’s “Addicted to Scientology: Overcoming the Ups & Downs of Scientoloholism ” on how public was squeezed in the late 90s.

      • Jens TINGLEFF

        derp! in the 00s

    • Thunder Horse

      That’s so interesting!

  • victoria

    Davy goes from inurement to interment. I still feel sorry for the poor sod.

    • SKETTO

      Not soon enough. His demise has been predicted many times and surely his world is a lot smaller now than it used to be and he likely wakes up with more problems every day. But, just like Hubbard, I’m sure he has a cowardly run and hide exit strategy planned before true justice comes knocking on his door. And I’m sure he has a few off the grid locations, well-stocked with cash and food for the day when he needs to move in permanently.

  • Alanzo

    Way to go, Tony Ortega Dot Org!!!

    It’s the Tony Ortega Org! Oooh look at all the chandeliers and the plush red carpeting! I like how you’ve put the LRH Bust right out in front, and you’ve even roped off the LRH office! A pack of Kools on the desk, too…a nice touch there….

    NICE!!! This place is Ideal!

    Oh, great and timely investigative journalism, too.


    • burythenuts

      Go Alanzo…
      I like a nice high toned snark!

      • PeggyToo

        Ooo Tony… you have an oiliness table??? wink wink

        • grundoon

          No, but the bunker is well furnished with ilkness chairs.

    • observer

      If only I could Like this …

    • tetloj

      Tony’s Ortg – luv it…

      • TrustMeOnThis

        It’s the TOO!
        Pop the champy!

  • xenubarb

    What would be the best way to ensure li’l Davey gets all his birthday prezzies? I got one for him…it has Hypno-Eyes.

    • Jgg2012

      How about a carton of Kool-Aid?

    • Alanzo

      He wouldn’t know where to stick it.

    • richelieu jr

      It’s Hypno-Toad!

  • kimberly580

    This is the perfect first report for the new place! Two thumbs up!!

    • Tory Christman (Magoo)

      Woooooooooohooooooooooo Tony O! You *are* getting to the core ๐Ÿ™‚

      Love you ALL ๐Ÿ™‚


  • burythenuts

    Pesch cannot today recall the names of the two operatives on the paperwork he handled, and after checking with former OSA employees, we have no solid evidence about who those two operatives might have been. We will continue to look into it further

    Find out who was involved with the Trust at that time and let Mat figure out who these two were through process of elimination.
    It ought to take him about five minutes! Come on Mat.

    • Alanzo

      Maybe Mike Rinder would know!

      Oh yeah, Scn intelligence is supposed to BEGIN and END covertly. So Mike probably doesn’t know anything about any past OSA Ops.

      • burythenuts

        Oooh Alanzo,
        I was trying to post back to you yesterday but all my gadgets went kablooey!
        Doesn’t this REALLY want to make you read what is in Rinders Depo?
        Maybe it is already there!
        I cannot wait…there is just no fucking way that Rinder doesn’t know who those two are.

    • grundoon

      For all we know, the operatives themselves have come forward and Dandar has their depositions in his back pocket.

      • Gayle

        That would pretty much be awesome. I’ve been cautiously optimistic about all the recent goings on, especially down in
        Florida, but Scientology is such a Hydra that I don’t want to pin my hopes on any one thing.

        (But I would pay money to see Davey deposed.)

        • Ze Moo

          How much of the 20 mill went to off shore banks and numbered swiss bank accounts?? Operations like this are made for Davey’s inurement. And it’s not a bad way for the spies and their handlers to salt away a few bucks either.

          Too bad this story relates to actions taken more then 10 years ago, statues of limitations are a bitch. If Ken Dandar could get depositions about crimes, he might avoid paying off the CO$.

          A good IRS investigation into Miscavige finances would probably make him pee in his pants…..

  • Alanzo

    The LMT was the “Marty’s Blog” landing place when I got out of Scientology.

    They helped me a great deal at that very difficult time of my life. I will always be indebted to those guys.

    I would love to know who Marty, Mike and Dave were paying to destroy the place to keep me from learning the truth about Scientology.


  • Mighty Korgo of Teegeeack

    I live in one of the very largest cities in North America and the 50th largest city on the planet of Teegeeack. Our mayor, a foolish man to be sure, has just been ordered to vacate his office because of events involving his raising $3000 for a community football team. The heart of it is he raised the money using city hall letterhead. Public reaction is mixed but the city’s populous can hardly believe that an election of two years ago is being put on its end for his actions, which showed a conflict of interest but were not a crime.

    Meanwhile, we have a criminal cult, being accused of subverting justice. Are all these accusers lying? Where is law? Maybe the people who investigated Mayor Robert Ford should go down to Florida and clean things up. I cannot believe what government officials will accept, when it comes to the cult of Scientology.

    • Jens TINGLEFF

      I think you mean “we have a criminal, tax-exempt, cult..”

  • observer

    Holy crap! Scientology really IS always worse than you think.

    Sea Org: your ship is sinking in spite of all your hard work because your COB is busy drilling holes in the hull. Get out!

    • Tessa

      Thumbs up!

    • xenu’s girlfriend

      Oh yes, Scientology is much, much, much more evil than anyone would expect. Thank you God for Tony and others who are spilling the beans on this evil disgusting CULT with it’s tax exemption status. Just absolutely sickening! Keep telling the truth – exposing all of the lies that is Scientology – one big lie!!

  • Boson Stark

    55 Likes 0 Dislikes

    The plot thickens. How many people were employed by the LM Trust anyway? It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. Please tell me Smurf wasn’t involved. He’s still recovering from his fictional Jim Jones doings (where he was doing Jim Jones).

    If Scientology sent a clown team to live in Marty’s neighborhood for months, I often wonder what penetration was attempted in his group? Maybe Mosie’s a double agent — wouldn’t that be funny?

    I’m with Alanzo, make Rinder squeal.

    • sugarplumfairy


      I think the LMT only had a few members.. Maybe 6 or 7.. So it shouldn’t be very hard to figure out..

    • sugarplumfairy

      And I figure the mole to be OT8theGrrrrr8..


  • Jeff Jacobsen

    What would have cost Scientology to admit their guilt, apologize for Lisa’s death, and try to seek some solice for her family? A lot less than $30 million I would suppose. But I’ve only seen Scientology apologize once and then they took that back.

    • Alanzo


      Jeff Jacobsen!

      Good to see you writing things, being quoted and such.

      Thanks for all you’ve done, Jeff!


      • deElizabethan

        Hey thanks for the links Alanzo, Very helpful and great site.

    • mirele

      Maybe a fraction of $30 million in the McPherson, but would Scn then have been on the hook for other deaths?

    • Joe Lynn

      To admit guilt would have been to admit guilt to a criminal conspiracy involving at the very least negligent homicide and obstruction of justice and might have come up to the level of depraved indifference murder. Any admission of guilt would have opened the door to question about the extent of that conspiracy, which certainly would have directly implicated David Miscavige himself.

      So, no, they *had* to bury it, however unsuccessfully.

  • deElizabethan

    What a nice site. Thanks Tony for the fast service,

    Way to go Mat Pesch, Kudos to you. Thank you for helping. Can’t wait for more if you have it. Feels good huh? And at an appropriate time.

    The way Miscaviage has handled OSA really sucks, along with Lron, but will bring itself down, because of his disrespect of it’s members. He has ruined Lieontology so very well!I Am so happy this has come out. Karma’s a bitch I still say! Then they wonder why members turn against them, those that wake up, ha! Last laugh will be on them and it will be hilarious. Go Dandar…….

  • N. Graham

    Will the “like” buttons come back once I post something?

  • N. Graham

    Will the like buttons return?

    • ortegaunderground

      Please hang tight. The bunker crew is planning a significant commenting system upgrade. For now, we’re still kicking the new tires on our dot (IDEAL) org

      • moxon moxoff


        We can also have the LICK button, oui?

        • burythenuts


  • N. Graham

    Sorry about the double post. However, I did answer my own question.

  • D.Geiger the 1d

    Anyone here know about this book comming out in Jan. has to be juicy.

  • Mark Bunker

    I watched Jeff Jacobsen like a hawk. We had lunch every day so I could grill him about his OSA volunteer work. I could never figure out why he had Rinder on his speed dial. Why was he snapping pictures of the LMT financial records with his shoe phone? And why did he always talk closely into his lamp? I’m telling you, there’s something funny about the guy.

    • Alanzo


      He had a shoe phone?

      • mirele

        And a cone of silence! Mustn’t forget the cone of silence!

        • Nina

          Missed it by THAT much

    • Jeff Jacobsen

      Those lunches were fun. Even the grilling.

    • Gayle

      I wanna phone shoe.

  • Bob Peterson

    A thousand a week per person smells like PI payments to me. Upon reflection I suspect that this money represented payments made to PI’s Brian Raftery and Barry Gaston during the time that they tried to hang a possession of pot charge on Jesse Prince. Gaston, a PI from Lake Wales who was run by Raftery, met Jesse at a bar and soon penetrated his circle of friends. There could be other explanations of course but I think this is the most likely.

  • Davka

    I am very much liking the new “org” but also very much missing my thumbs up button with so many great comments. What’s a quasi-lurker to do?

  • So Sorry

    Ok, I’ve been watching, listening, absorbing and appalled with what I have been hearing. Whether it be “Blowing for Good” or all of the many stories from Tony’s place, and others. I apologize that I have not spoken up earlier, but I am not affiliated now or ever with scientologists.. I thought I had nothing to offer. In advance I want you to know that this has nothing to do with the topic at hand but I was angered. I saw the following pop up on my facebook:
    Delphi Academy of Boston ยท Suggested Post
    Open House!
    Join us on Sunday, December 9th from 1:00 – 3:00.

    Click below to register.

    And I commented about Lisa, Kyle and Narcanon OK, and GA.
    Also told them I was offended that they popped up on my facebook news and that I wasn’t interested in Scientology. The advert. is still there but they removed my comment, and I no longer have the ability to comment.

    I know it has nothing to do with the “Fighting Dandar” etc. Just wanted to let off steam.

    • Alanzo

      Well done, So Sorry.

      Keep up the great work. The people who manage that Facebook ad may not know about the people you mentioned, and your comments may lead to them finding out more.

      The people who get involved in Scientology, especially at the lower levels, do not know what kind of organization they work for, in most cases. So contact with the public is always a potential learning experience for them,


    • Jens TINGLEFF

      That’s a good start. And you know where to join Anon for a quickie demo on Dec 9th ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Mary McConnell

    Thank you, Matt.

    And congratulations to you, Tony! love the fact that soon Google news will pick up on your articles!

    • Mary McConnell

      oops! “Mat “

  • Nina

    FYI although it seems all other “bunkerheads” are able to log in using their previous info, I’m getting a message that I don’t exist ๐Ÿ™

    • Nina

      Ok- I guess I don’t need to log in to WordPress to post… (Blush)

  • villagedianne

    I guess what will happen now is COS will try to buy, and any other iteration they can think of in order to smear TO with fake sites.

    • Alanzo

      Yes. For an extra 20 bucks per year, it would be a good investment.

      Or maybe not?

      Nothing like giving them enough rope to hang themselves. They will never understand how repellent they are to their public when they are allowed to be the blood lurid sex crime dead-agenting cult that they are.


    Wow! What a way to open the new site.

    So, ahh, Tony: do you have a topic in mind for yout book yet? Or are you still waiting for a big story?


    Infiltration is just how the criminal organisation known as the “church” of $cientology rolls.

    Even our little cell of protesters in the UK had a bona fida infiltration. We were so chuffed. Since we didn’t have anything to hide, we just hoped that OSA was spending oodles and oodles of money ๐Ÿ™‚

    In Germany, recently, we’ve had a young public clam (the daughter of an OSA volunteer) infiltrate a government office – Nicole Scheffler (search on WWP for details).

    Remy Petit in France was a public clam and OSA volunteer who dabbled in infiltration and ended up committing suicide on the eve of the appeal of the criminal conviction against the head of OSA France (he had turned state’s evidence). Sad.

  • anyoldname1

    Tony’s Ideal Org. Love it!

    What a way to open your New Org ๐Ÿ™‚

  • media_lush

    I’m sure it’s just a first day glitch Tony but I can’t post using my twitter ID – in fact no ID is available at all….. it’s the same in Safari and Chrome.

  • Tessa

    Mr. Ortega: congratulations with your own ‘Org’. Keep up the good work.
    A very good start this post is also.

  • Rod Keller

    I thought the LMT mole was Rinzi Trinidad, the PI who was involved in the Jesse Prince drug bust/sting. I forget his real name.

  • Dan

    Judge Covington was appointed to state court by Jeb Bush, and Federal Court by GW, for what that’s worth.

    • Brad Greenwood

      Not much.

    • California

      Actually, this is very interesting. The Bush family (pere et fils) were very involved in getting Scientology (Narconon, Applied Scholastics, etc.) into public education, from 1991 by putting SCN’er John Danielson in the federal department of education and other operatives in high and low department of education positions and on school boards in key states like Florida, California, Missouri, Texas, etc.

      I think that what Dandar is setting off is going to roll like a spring avalanche down on SCN and DM.

  • Dan Koon

    I will bet anything that DM regrets the day he decided that Lisa McPherson was Clear and wrote that stupid R-factor in her folder. That’s what you get for being know-best, Dave.

    • ortegaunderground

      Great point, Dan.

  • victoria
    I guess I didn’t realise Joan Woods was initially so adamant about Lisas severe dehydration. She said it was the worst case she had ever seen, and noted she couldn’t even guess how many days it had been since Lisa had a drink of water. She said possibly it could have been the entire 17 days.
    Then it sort of hit me like a tonne of bricks when I recalled one of the creepiest stories my best friend told me about Flag. In the late fall of 1995(!!!!) she had to make an emergency trip to Clearwarer because her father a long time Sea Org member was DYING. They gave her no prior notice, there really was just enough time to see him take his last breath. My GF had a baby who wasn’t more than two months old or so, and she had just moved to a new state so the trip was uber stressful for her. When she arrived she found him in a room at the SandCastle, hooked up to a morphine machine, dying of untreated melanoma. (He’d been a groundskeeper for Flag for many years;( But this is the part that may seem innocuous at first glance but when she told me I got a real feeling of pure evil about it, I never could figure out why, and still can’t…maybe. She said as she was going to her fathers room with her baby and a bottle of WATER in her hand, security took the water away from her! She explained that she’d just got off a plane and was also breastfeeding and she really needed her water, but they refused to let her take it into the room with her father???? Is THIS how they kill them? I don’t know, I am totally creeped out right now. Shit Lisa McPhereson may have been in the next building over while all this was happening.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      Holy crap, Victoria! Flag staff had a morphine machine? And they were administering morphine inside the Sandcastle? Have you or your friend given any of this information over to Dandar?

      • victoria

        I cannot even discuss it with my friend at all. She is still completely traumitised by the whole thing. I have tried gently with her, pointing out that this could be helpful to other people, but she can’t stand thinking or talking about it.
        At the time this was happening neither of us had heard of Lisa. As a matter of fact it hit me like a ton of bricks today that Lisa may well have been at the FH within days of her death concurrent to this situation. Not only was their plenty of reason already for my GF to be very upset, but she said being around Flag was the most uncomfortable feeling ever. She was raised in SCN. and I had been to Flag a few times for services in the 80’s and neither of us understood the dramatic change in “the friendliest place on earth.” I have looked all over the net for any information regarding her father and his death and I can’t find a thing. His name was Charles Schlecht. Maybe someone with better google fingers than me can find at least something, anything about him. I have other information on the situation that I really cannot divulge openly and I imagine an affidavit from me would simply be considered heresay.

        • victoria

          And yes, the had a morphine machine which they were using, lets just say… quite liberally.

    • Marty Rugburn

      Why can’t the government go after Scientology like they did Jim Bakker? Can you say inurement? Do they have moles in Washington? Tinfoil hat tightly on.

    • Plumeria

      About the water incident, I’m wondering if he signed any advanced directives which would allow them to withhold water. Water would be withheld for a comatose patient at the brink of death, with appropriate legal papers in place. I’m thinking of the Terri Schiavo case from 1995, which occurred about 10 miles from Flag in 2005. Terri’s husband wanted her to die, she had been comatose for years. Terri was not allowed final communion from a priest because it was hydration. Also, some children trying to take water to her at the hospice were arrested by police officers. Personally, I don’t agree with withholding water, but there is legal precedence for doing so, though not necessarily moral.

      • victoria

        I didn’t know those things about the water Plumeria.
        No, he hadn’t signed anything and he was given last rites at the request of one of the family members.
        Very interesting points you bring up.
        I wish I could discuss them with my GF. It seems like she would be willing to look for many reasons. But, I try not to judge her. I guess she wants the whole thing behind her, but in my mind, none of it is over until all of it is over.

  • Bob Peterson

    Here is a bit more about on my prior post. The day following his arrest Jesse Prince gave me a business for one “Renee Trinidad.” I found that the phone was dead; the address nonexistent. I then gave it to Ray Emmons who thought that is was probably a PI. Scientology uses Private Investigators for a number of reasons the biggest being that a PI cannot, under Florida law, reveal anything about his clients without being ordered to do so by a judge. It took Ray about an hour to find out the name of the PI involved; Barry Gaston. The assistant States Attorney, Lydia Wardell, who prosecuted this case was really miffed that we found out “Trinidad’s” real name and the fact that he had been hired by Scientology; she mentioned it during the trial. The prosecutors, much to my disgust, bent over backwards to sooth the ruffled feathers of the discomfited Scientologists and their minions. I overheard Wardell talking to cult attorney Helena Korbin offering a private room to wait in while motions were discussed so that she would not be under the common gaze of SPs like myself lounging around in boredom. Brian Rafftery was also allowed to come in the back door so as to evade having his picture taken. As an interesting sidebar Lydia Wardell later came to grief over drunken driving arrests and was removed from her post. No tears were shed by me when this happened. As to Gaston the last time I saw him he was driving away from the courthouse, as he slowly wended his way towards the intersection he turned and looked at me; I shook my fist in anger at him. This was a futile gesture I know; but I meant it and it made me feel better. He replied with a well-known gesture. -Bob Peterson, evocati SP. PS. I had difficulties in posting this; I hope it does not show up twice or more.

    • victoria

      I think I have some small understanding of how strange and weird it feels to try to eek these truths out. So, thank-you for this.

    • AnotherSP

      Never futile to gesture at the likes of Barry Gaston. We all fart in his general direction. lol Thanks for your post.