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How Scientology wrecks the lives of people who never even go near it

[Three generations, taken at the pergola at the Hollywood Celebrity Centre]

Some people don’t have to read a single word about Scientology in the media to know that they will never, ever, be part of that group. They haven’t read anything negative about Scientology, nor have they read anything positive about Scientology. They have never been []


Is Scientology protecting Danny Masterson or is it protecting itself? A Sea Org perspective.

 Yesterday, we asked former Sea Org official Chris Shelton for his thoughts on the Danny Masterson preliminary hearing and its heavy Scientology content. He provided us an overview of how the Scientology mindset was reflected in the hearing. We also asked another former Sea Org official, Sunny Pereira, for her thoughts on some particular Scientology []

In Scientology, ‘making it go right’ is everything, even if it wrecks lives

[Sunny, C/Sing at the Celebrity Centre]

We lived a very different life in the Sea Org, with a completely different understanding of how things were done in the “outside” world. []

Scientology ‘Sea Org’ members are a cut above, and have to prove it day and night

 Sunny Pereira is back, and she brings us another slice of life (so to speak) from the world of around-the-clock work in Scientology’s Sea Organization. Sign your billion-year contracts and dive []

In Scientology’s Sea Org, the terror originates inside your own head

[Sunny and Big Blue]

“EVERYBODY GET OUT OF THE GALLEY!” She came at me, screaming. What was that smell? I started to choke. She grabbed me by the neck and pushed me towards the exit. Everyone was racing out of the galley, holding their hands over their mouths. What was going on []

In the Sea Org, it’s difficult to see Scientology’s incompetence — until you escape

[Sunny Pereira, helping you onto your OT levels.]

While you’re in Scientology, everything related to helping the organization achieve its goals is so important, nothing else is. As a member of the Sea Org, you’re always in an emergency situation, handling one top-priority last-minute must-complete crisis after another, around the clock and with your eternity and []

When Scientology has you dividing up funerals because family never really matters

[Sunny and her grandparents]

“Wait, mom, you want me to do what now?” I asked her. She was sitting across from me, pen and paper at hand. I had been under 24 hours watch for three months. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was about to be let free. It was May []

How Scientology created its own prison for children who chafed at lifetime service

[A Scientology cadet org]

We were standing in a room, waiting for the Cadet Coordinator to finish reading our proposal. She was the only adult person assigned to watch over all of the Sea Org Cadets in Los []

Scientology staffers: Putting up with chaos and hardships as they hope for promised OT powers

 David Miscavige announced recently that the new “Advanced Org” in South Africa has been deemed “Saint Hill Size.” That made us think of a piece Sunny Pereira wrote for us about her stint in the “Universe Corps,” the special troops that were the promised reward for taking your org to that mythic level. We thought []

Brad Pitt’s Scientology adventure: The sauna, the auditing, the… lizard?

[Juliette Lewis and Brad Pitt in 1991]

Sunny Pereira asks how we’re going to angle this story, and we tell her that it’s really up to her. It’s something she experienced — how would she angle []