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Scientology’s 2012 in Review: The Master Goeth Before a Fall

We’re still looking back at this amazing year for Scientology watchers, refreshing your memory about what got our attention in 2012.

We hope you have plenty to say as we look back at the stories that mattered in the past twelve months…

As the fall began, we were enjoying all the speculation by reviewers about the Scientology []


Your Thoughts on The Master: Who Was Freddie Quell?

Just time this morning for a quick question we wanted to put to our excellent commenting community: as we’ve established in the past, Paul Thomas Anderson researched Scientology’s history deeply before writing the script for his film The Master. There’s just no question that his characters Lancaster, Peggy, and Val Dodd are based on their []

Mark Bunker Speaks, and Atlanta Burns

A FULL HOUR of Wise Beard Man? Grab some popcorn and find a comfy chair, because you’re going to want to hear Radio Paul interview Mark Bunker about his experiences as one of the most reliable and level-headed of Scientology Watchers.

Hearing this only makes us want to see his movie Knowledge Report more than []

Secrets of The Master: Elements of Scientology That Didn’t Make It into the Film

By now you’ve no doubt either seen Paul Thomas Anderson’s film The Master or you’ve read about it. You’ve probably heard from writers like yours truly who say that the film is filled with references to Scientology’s early history, while some reviewers, unfamiliar with that history, seem to think the Scientology in it is only []

Talking About The Master on Public Radio

Jim Fleming asked great questions as we were interviewed at public radio studios in midtown last week. The program is “To the Best of our Knowledge,” out of Wisconsin Public Radio, and we’re told it will go out on the PRI network to stations around the country.

Earlier, we’d talked with John Hockenberry for WNYC’s national []