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Talking About The Master on Public Radio

Jim Fleming asked great questions as we were interviewed at public radio studios in midtown last week. The program is “To the Best of our Knowledge,” out of Wisconsin Public Radio, and we’re told it will go out on the PRI network to stations around the country.

Earlier, we’d talked with John Hockenberry for WNYC’s national program “The Takeaway,” and we were on with our colleague Scott Foundas on KCRW’s program “To the Point.” But this latest piece for Fleming is our favorite.

The interview was part of a multi-part show called “What We Believe,” and it featured a great talk with Hugh Urban, the Ohio State professor who has done such good work on the history of Scientology, and an interview with Marc Headley on his time working at the Int Base and being audited by Tom Cruise (and talking with ashtrays!).

And as long as we’re giving out links, we’ll point out that Maureen Orth’s Vanity Fair article is now online in its entirety.

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