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Mark Bunker Speaks, and Atlanta Burns

A FULL HOUR of Wise Beard Man? Grab some popcorn and find a comfy chair, because you’re going to want to hear Radio Paul interview Mark Bunker about his experiences as one of the most reliable and level-headed of Scientology Watchers.

Hearing this only makes us want to see his movie Knowledge Report more than ever. Get that thing done, Bunker!

Also, we are deeply grateful for the shout-out from WBM, who explained to folks at home how to find this blog.

Just a few more links today — after yesterday’s big picture story, we’re taking a bit of a breather.

First, continuing the horn-tooting, we see that Wisconsin Public Radio has now put up the extended version of the interview we did about The Master. The discussion did go into a number of other areas. Maybe someone will find it interesting, who knows.


Over at the Morton Report, Skip Press writes about the murderous rampage of Sons of Anarchy actor Johnny Lewis in a connect-the-dots essay about Hollywood, Scientology, and some of the wild things he saw as a church member in the 1970s and 1980s. Another roller-coaster ride from Skip, to be sure.

Meanwhile, things are really heating up down in Atlanta, where WSB radio’s Pete Combs and WSB-TV’s Jodie Fleischer continue to knock the stuffing out of Scientology’s drug rehab center down there, Narconon Georgia. The documents in this case are truly shocking, and to their credit these reporters are not treating the subject with kid gloves. If only other news organizations in this country could watch how this is being done — it’s a textbook case for how local media can take a stand and get results.

On the other hand, there’s this kind of thing. Now, we’re certain that some of our readers will take some pleasure in hearing that 70 percent of Americans, in a recent poll, said that they don’t consider Scientology a “true religion.”

But that phrase — “true religion” — is so problematic it makes this poll mostly useless in our eyes.

Unless you’re talking about the brand of jeans they’re wearing, let’s leave that phrase out of the equation and talk instead about how Scientology treats people. For us, that’s what really matters.

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