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This is what it’s like to become a super being at Scientology’s Florida ‘mecca’

[Adrian Caligiuri, super being]

Thanks to one of our great readers, we have the new issue of Source magazine, the propaganda organ for Scientology’s “Flag Land Base,” its spiritual mecca in Clearwater, []


UCLA’s voice of the Rose Bowl & Pauley Pavilion scores Scientology Super Power!

[Chuck White at Pauley]

Yesterday’s news about David Miscavige becoming a fixture at the Flag Land Base wasn’t the only interesting thing we found in the latest issue of Scientology’s Source []

Secrets of Scientology ‘Super Power’: The best testimonial we’ve seen yet

 Nearly nine years ago, we first spilled major secrets from Scientology’s giant “Super Power Building.” []

Tom Cruise’s sister Cass the real superhero in the family, now with Scientology SUPER POWER

[Tom Cruise and his sister Cass Capazorio, with her husband, Freedom Medal winner Greg]

What’s the appeal of Scientology? That’s a question we get asked frequently by people trying to understand why anyone would want to go near the ideas of founder L. Ron Hubbard and his bizarre space opera cabal. []

What do super powers smell like? For around 30 grand, Scientology can help you with that.

 Is Scientology TV taking requests? We have to admit that we enjoyed the network’s show about its L. Ron Hubbard archives (a program that held back key information, of course, but was still pretty eye-opening) and we’d like to see a similarly revealing piece about another of Scientology’s most nutty facilities…

Super []

Almost four years after its grand opening, a new look inside Scientology’s ‘Super Power’

 We want to thank the tipster who took the time to send us some scans from the new issue of Scientology’s Source magazine, which features the “Perceptics” area on the fifth floor of the Flag Building in Clearwater, Florida, better known as the Super Power []