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Scientologist scammer, long on the run, ends up murdered in Mexico

[Raphaël Huppé]

On Tuesday, police in the Yucatan resort town of Playa Del Carmen found two Canadians, a man and a woman, dead in a condo. Both had their throats slashed. Police initially wouldn’t identify them, but said that the two were not []


Transcript: When Valerie Haney completed her escape from Scientology by vowing not to sue

[Valerie Haney and attorney Gary Soter]

We have a pretty stunning new document for you today which turned up in a recent court filing. It’s a transcript of the 2017 videotaped session when Scientology allowed Valerie Haney to leave her job in the Sea Org — but only if she signed away any right to sue []

Scientology: Valerie Haney has no choice but to submit to the church’s authority

 On Thursday, we told you that Valerie Haney’s attorneys submitted a 5-page declaration to prepare the new judge in her case for this Friday’s hearing. At that hearing, both sides will be explaining to Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Gail Killefer why, more than two years after her predecessor Judge Richard Burdge forced Valerie’s lawsuit []

Scientology: Put Bixler case on hold while we hit up the US Supreme Court about ‘arbitration’

[Bobette Riales, Cedric Bixler-Zavala, and Chrissie Carnell-Bixler]

If you wondered how Scientology was going to deal with its stunning setback in the Bixler lawsuit, it confirmed this week that it’s going to try a Hail Mary to the US Supreme []

Valerie Haney facing new court hearing: why hasn’t Scientology ‘arbitration’ happened yet?

 On June 24, a hearing is scheduled before a new judge in the lawsuit filed three years ago by Valerie []

Scientologist chiro gets 5 years probation for fraud after settling sex harassment suit

 In 2018 we first noted that Joseph ‘Ben’ Barton of South Carolina was a real piece of work. []

Scientology under scrutiny? A stunning new document in the Danny Masterson case

[Danny and Dave]

Sometimes, we just have to ask the question and see where it takes []

CA Supreme Court denies Danny Masterson petition to review rape case motion

 Just in: After soliciting briefs from both the prosecution and the defense, the California State Supreme Court has denied Danny Masterson’s petition to review a motion to dismiss his rape charges that was struck down in []

Danny Masterson: Attorney Tom Mesereau is out, trial delayed to October 11

[Danny Masterson and his former lawyer, Tom Mesereau]

Judge Charlaine Olmedo denied Danny Masterson’s motion to sever two of the counts against him, but she’s asked for more briefing on the other motion to dismiss he filed in his criminal rape case, delaying a ruling. But perhaps the bigger news from today’s hearing is that Danny’s []

Judge Olmedo to hear Danny Masterson’s latest motions to dismiss and sever rape charges

[Judge Charlaine Olmedo and Danny Masterson]

On Friday we spelled out in more detail what Danny Masterson’s defense is arguing in its latest motions in his criminal rape case. Today, Judge Charlaine Olmedo is scheduled to hear those arguments as Masterson’s attorneys try to convince her to dismiss the count of forcible rape in regards to []