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Scientology leader David Miscavige will not testify in forced-abortion trial

[Laura DeCrescenzo and David Miscavige]

We have some updates for you from Laura DeCrescenzo’s forced-abortion case as it rapidly approaches its August 13 trial []


Scientology asks court to freeze Laura D’s forced-abortion case for a long-shot appeal

[Laura DeCrescenzo and Bert Deixler]

We told you that Bert Deixler, Scientology’s top-flight attorney, had filed a notice that the church planned to appeal a federal court ruling even after getting shot down in its latest attempt to throw up a roadblock before Laura DeCrescenzo finally gets her day in court this August on her 9-year []

Scientology files notice of appeal in time-wasting federal court attack on forced-abortion case

[Laura DeCrescenzo and Bert Deixler]

Well-regarded California attorney Bert Deixler has once again genuflected to his client, Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige, filing a notice of appeal after the church got roundly defeated in a calculated move to slow down a lawsuit that scares the bejeesus out of []

Federal judge smacks down Scientology’s shameless attempt to delay forced-abortion case

[Laura DeCrescenzo, center, with Marc and Claire Headley (and minion) after a previous victory in court]

It was quite obvious to us that Scientology’s most recent shameless legal gambit — suing the woman in federal court who is already suing the church in a forced-abortion abuse case in state court — was simply an outrageous waste []