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Nora Crest’s powerful new video: Why you can’t be gay in Scientology

 Nora Crest is back with a new video, and this one is timed to take []


Leah Remini’s Scientology series opens with a gut-wrenching story of ‘disconnection’

[Rinder and Remini, on the case]

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, the A&E series that begins airing Tuesday night at 10 pm, opens with Leah Remini talking directly to you against a black []

What Scientology kids are really taught to believe about other religions and ‘God’

 Two former Church of Scientology members who grew up in the church but in different eras, Aaron Smith-Levin and former church spokesman Mike Rinder, are back with more from their recent conversation which Aaron recorded as part of his series, “Growing Up in []

How the indoctrination of growing up in Scientology has changed over generations

 Ahoy, mateys. Two bearded rogues in tropical Florida have netted a treasure haul for us land lubbers. As part of his series, “Growing Up in Scientology,” Aaron Smith-Levin sits down with former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder for their latest take on what it was like to be children in the []

A Scientology childhood: What it’s like to grow up under the Hubbard spell

 Aaron Smith-Levin has sent us the latest video in the Growing Up In Scientology series. He started out the YouTube channel with a series of interview segments with Nick Lister. Now, Aaron puts himself in the interviewee chair along with former Scientology spokesman Mike []

‘Fundamentalist’ Scientology means chasing the ideal of Neo while turning your back on family

 We have a new video today from Aaron Smith-Levin in his series, “Growing up in Scientology.” In order to help outsiders understand why Scientologists could dedicate themselves to chasing outlandish ideas about superhuman abilities, Aaron went all Matrix on []

It’s a video extravaganza as three former members tell us about life inside Scientology

 It’s a video extravaganza today as we received new recordings from three of our regular contributors. What they have in common is that they’re interested in a young person’s journey in Scientology. []

What lengths would a Scientology ‘registrar’ go to pry $3,000 out of a 13-year-old?

 Aaron Smith-Levin is back with another interesting video, this time featuring his own stories from growing up in []

What really happens at a Scientology rehab? Nick Lister dishes on the Narconon experience

Hey, we’re still recovering from last night’s wild time in London. Thankfully, Aaron Smith-Levin has sent over a couple of new videos interview Nick Lister in their series, “Growing Up In Scientology.” We’ll let Aaron introduce []

How Scientology schools prepare young minds for the rigors of the Sea Org

 Wow, Nick Lister and Aaron Smith-Levin are on a roll. Last week’s video segment from their series, ‘Growing Up in Scientology,’ described Nick’s discovery that Tom Cruise had banished a 14-year-old niece for two years from his family because she’d been caught on video kissing a boy. That story got picked up by Radar Online []