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The Rathbuns hire a lawyer, and Ray Jeffrey answers questions about his legal salvo

[San Antonio attorney Rich Reynolds]

We spoke to Ray Jeffrey yesterday about the petition he filed on July 5 along with Elliott Cappuccio and Marc Wiegand, asking the Bexar County District Court to order that their former clients, Mark “Marty” Rathbun and Monique Rathbun, sit for depositions and turn over financial records.

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[Attorney Ray Jeffrey; Marty and Monique Rathbun]

One of our court watchers in Texas stumbled on a stunning document: On July 5, Monique Rathbun’s former attorneys filed a petition in a San Antonio court, asking for an order to compel their former clients, Monique and Mark “Marty” Rathbun, to submit to depositions and turn over […]

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Almost 12 years ago, Shelly Miscavige vanished. Here’s why we keep asking about her.

[Shelly Miscavige and Leah Remini, about a year before Shelly vanished.]

  Almost 12 years ago now, Scientology leader David Miscavige made his wife Shelly disappear.

var hupso_services_t=new Array(“Twitter”,”Facebook”,”Google Plus”,”Pinterest”,”Digg”,”Reddit”);var hupso_toolbar_size_t=”small”;var hupso_counters_lang = “en_US”;var hupso_url_t=””;var hupso_title_t=”Almost 12 years ago, Shelly Miscavige vanished. Here's why we keep asking about […]

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HowdyCon: Aussie journalist Steve Cannane’s response to Marty Rathbun

[Steve Cannane and your proprietor in Denver]

Saturday night in Denver, those of us who were there had the privilege of hearing London-based Australian journalist Steve Cannane address the crowd at our annual gathering, HowdyCon. He had prepared remarks for his talk, and we obtained his permission to publish those notes here on the blog […]

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John Brousseau: Marty Rathbun is putting words in my mouth about the FBI’s Scientology probe

[John Brousseau]

We tried to stay away from Mark “Marty” Rathbun’s sad videos, we really did. We got two whole days away from commenting on his bizarre turnaround, which has him trying to rewrite the historical record in order to smear people he once said glowing things about. But once again, he’s really stepped over […]

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Paul Haggis: Marty Rathbun is using private info I gave him against Lawrence Wright

  In the latest video that Mark “Marty” Rathbun posted to his website as part of his general attack on Lawrence Wright and his 2013 book Going Clear, Rathbun calls Wright’s book a “phony narrative,” and accuses Wright of deceiving readers about the way that director Paul Haggis came to investigate and leave the […]

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Marty Rathbun’s project becomes clear: Someone’s worried about Scientology & the IRS

  Well, the project is becoming clear. Someone is apparently worried about losing his precious tax exemption.

var hupso_services_t=new Array(“Twitter”,”Facebook”,”Google Plus”,”Pinterest”,”Digg”,”Reddit”);var hupso_toolbar_size_t=”small”;var hupso_counters_lang = “en_US”;var hupso_url_t=””;var hupso_title_t=”Marty Rathbun's project becomes clear: Someone's worried about Scientology & the […]

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Marty Rathbun, Victoria Britton has a question for you about Scientology and judges

  We’re traveling again today and we don’t have time for a long story. And we also know that you’re probably sick of reading about Marty Rathbun. But we wanted to give Victoria Britton recognition for raising one of the best questions we’ve seen about Rathbun’s new tune.

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Marty Rathbun tries to rewrite the record on Scientology spying. But we have the dox.

[Gary Morehead’s Bearcat 3000. In the biz, this is known as “dox.”]

We truly did not want to pay any more attention to Marty Rathbun’s lame swipes at Lawrence Wright’s book Going Clear, but in his latest video (“Going Clear, Part 9”) he is making some claims that are staggeringly dishonest. We felt we had […]

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Thanks for the slick videos, Marty Rathbun. Here’s a not very slick one for you.

  As we write this, Marty Rathbun has put out three segments of a video that he shot recently with professional help. He says in these videos that he is going to expose the “anti-Scientology cult” that uses Lawrence Wright’s book Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief as its “bible.”

It’s […]

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