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The Top 25 People Enabling Scientology, No. 3: The judges

[Judge Steven Kleifield]

We’d like you to imagine a scenario. Imagine that you go to an amusement park, and before you can ride a roller coaster, the park asks you to sign a waiver. In the fine print of that waiver, it says that if some dispute arises between you and the amusement park company, you []


The Top 25 People Enabling Scientology, No. 4: The LAPD

[Scientology loves giving the LAPD really big checks]

You’ve seen a lot of media coverage of Danny Masterson’s legal troubles lately, but here’s what the other news organizations never bring up: Danny would not be looking at the potential of 45 years to life in prison for raping three women if those women had not stood []

The Top 25 People Enabling Scientology, No. 5: The dirty tricks private eyes

[Gene Ingram enjoys retirement]

For some time we’ve been planning to name Scientology’s dirty tricks operators as #5 on our list of those employees and underlings and hired thugs who enable Scientology. But then, while we were recently a guest on Leah Remini’s podcast, Mike Rinder said something that threw a wrench into our []

The Top 25 People Enabling Scientology, No. 6: The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

 There have been many startling disclosures about what actually happens inside Scientology over the years. But one of the results of several former top Sea Org officials coming forward around the year 2009 — people like Mike Rinder, Marc and Claire Headley, and Tom Devocht, for example — was the greater appreciation we all gained []

The Top 25 People Enabling Scientology, No. 7: The litigators

[David Miscavige knows he can count on attorneys like Bert Deixler]

We still consider it one of the most revolting things an attorney has done in the service of the Church of []

The Top 25 People Enabling Scientology, No. 8: The ghost private eyes

 One of the hallmarks of Scientology harassment is the “noisy” nature of it. Usually, when you’re the target of a Scientology “Fair Game” campaign (and your proprietor can confirm this from personal experience) you know very well that it’s happening. Scientology wants you to know that your friends and family are being called and visited []

The Top 25 People Enabling Scientology, No. 9: The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office

 Where is []

The Top 25 People Enabling Scientology, No. 10: Political shills

[Ideal shills: Karen Bass, Brad Sherman, and Charlie Rangel]

No US politician has ever paid a price for speaking at a Scientology event like Karen Bass did this []

The Top 25 People Enabling Scientology, No. 11: Gary Soter

[Soter is always the tall one in a Scientology lawyer scrum]

Calabasas, California attorney Gary Soter has turned up numerous times in our stories as a legal water carrier for Scientology. We couldn’t help picking him out in the New Braunfels, Texas courtroom when he was the tallest attorney in the room, towering over the rest []

The Top 25 People Enabling Scientology, No. 12: The city of Clearwater, Florida

 It was one of the most popular scenes from Leah Remini’s three seasons of ‘Scientology and the Aftermath’ on the A&E network. She and Mike Rinder had accompanied Mark Bunker to a small park owned by the Church of Scientology in the downtown of Clearwater, Florida. []