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Bodhi Elfman, Scientology celebrity

Current lifetime: Born July 19, 1969 in Los Angeles
Most famous for: Being married to actress Jenna Elfman, and also some minor acting roles
Joined Scientology: Raised in it by father Richard Elfman, who helped found the circus-and-music act Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, which Richard later turned over to his younger brother, Danny Elfman, who is not a Scientologist
Fun Scientology completion: OT 5, 2004

Bodhi shattering suppression: In 2013, when his good friend Paul McDaniel dared to “like” something about Leah Remini on Facebook, Bodhi sent him a stern disconnection letter, cutting McDaniel out of his life permanently: “After some time to think things over, I don’t really think we need another conversation. Here are my thoughts. You wrote and spoke quite a bit about how you are powers for good, only want to help people and be a good guy. I’m glad you feel this way, though I’m sorry to say your actions are contrary…. I would rather not associate with those who support ‘whistle blowing’ or investigations outside of HCO/proper channels, or criticisms of Scientology or with someone who avoids auditing.”

Says our Celebrity Centre source: “He is treated as a big celeb because of Jenna. He and Jenna tried to create a large YouYube following. They failed miserably, as with most Scientologists they lack a real connection with anybody but other members of their church.”


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