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Mark Ebner finds Scientology’s rubbish again as Narconon International vanishes!

Clark Carr, where'd you go?

Clark Carr, where’d you go?

One of our better sources said it to us several months ago, and it was so startling, we really weren’t sure what to make of it.

“Narconon International is being dismantled,” he told us.

Hang on. Narconon International, the Scientology umbrella group that oversees and licenses all Narconon rehab centers around the world, which sits just under another Scientology umbrella group, the Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE), is going away? What made him think so?

This source of ours has connections deep inside the Narconon network, and they told him that Scientology leader David Miscavige was shaking up the way Narconon has been governed for decades. And we couldn’t really blame him. Narconon, in the last few years, has rapidly gone from one of Scientology’s most reliable moneymakers to one of its biggest liabilities. Patient deaths, government investigations, and dozens of lawsuits have rocked the rehab network and the troubles only seem to be increasing. A shakeup of some sort was probably inevitable.

We reported, for example, that during this year’s New Year’s Eve celebration, Miscavige revealed that he’s opening up an entirely new set of Narconon facilities in countries where oversight is probably going to be more lax. And he made no mention of Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma, which has long been the network’s flagship center, but is seriously hurting after several recent deaths and numerous lawsuits.

The rehab centers — 100 of them in 30 different countries — are all licensed by Narconon International, which is run by Clark Carr, a former comedian and a longtime Scientologist.

Carr has been hitting back at some of Narconon’s bad news with press releases and videos, some featuring him sitting at his desk at Narconon International’s office at 4652 Hollywood Boulevard in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles (see photo, above).

We knew our source was well placed, but we found his news hard to assimilate. Surely Clark Carr and Narconon International weren’t going anywhere, right?




We were at the Sundance Film Festival when we got the word from our old friend Mark Ebner. He’d done it again. And this time, he’d hit a goldmine.

Ebner is the journalist who infiltrated Scientology for a 1996 Spy magazine story, and then helped out the South Park crew on their epic 2005 episode about Scientology’s secret teachings. For his trouble, Scientology investigated Ebner, even assigning a private investigator to go through his trash.

So it seemed like some kind of divine retribution when Ebner had the bizarre luck in October to stumble upon some Scientology plaques sitting in a pile of items tossed out from an office being cleaned out. Yes, the guy whose trash had been combed by Scientology turned out to find something interesting in a Scientologist’s trash.

The plaques had been awarded to Gay Ribisi for her large donations of $50,000 and $100,000 to the International Association of Scientologists, and it was quite stunning to see that they had been thrown out. (Ebner offered to return them to Ribisi, but she’s never responded.)

Now, Ebner had done it again.

He told us that he’d heard from a source that there was a pile of Scientology documents and other items sitting in an abandoned office that was undergoing renovation for new tenants. He hurried over, took some photos, and gathered up the documents and mailed them to the Underground Bunker.

Oh boy, what a trove.

What Ebner had stumbled on was the abandoned office at 4652 Hollywood Boulevard — Narconon International and its president, Clark Carr, had suddenly abandoned the place just a few weeks ago, and left so fast that they’d left behind some very interesting items.


[They left so fast, they forgot to take their bat!]

Clark and his pals must have been in something of a hurry. They left behind lease documents (in 2007, Clark was paying $12,350 a month in rent for the place), customer database printouts, public relations planning documents (in 2004 they had a hockey team!) and dossiers on local politicians for pushing Narconon on them.

There are also some really interesting policy documents regarding Narconon governance and Scientology celebrities, and we’ll post those in a future item. For now, we wanted to reveal one of the most telling items in the pile.

It’s a Knowledge Report, and it’s only a few months old.

Scientology, as we’ve explained numerous times, is a snitching culture. If your parents express doubts about the organization, you’re obliged to turn them in. The same for any Scientologist or Scientology organization you think is not acting properly or doing its job. When you see bad behavior, you’re obliged to report it in something called a Knowledge Report. A “KR” has a certain format, and they can be brutal — and they almost always provide a telling look inside Scientology.

In this case, the KR was filed by a longtime “public” — a Scientologist who doesn’t work on staff or in the Sea Org. And he had written to Narconon International to complain about the way its flagship operation, Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma, had botched his daughter’s addiction problem.

Dated November 29, 2014, it’s a devastating description of Narconon’s most important location as an incompetent and amateur operation.

“My daughter … had a pretty severe drug addiction using oxycodone, Prozac, Zanax whenever she could get her hands on it as well as being on the methadone program. She was also on Prozac and had been on same for about 5 months when she went into treatment,” the father writes. He explains that he hired a highly recommended interventionist who convinced his daughter to accept treatment at Narconon in Oklahoma.

Scientology’s method of drug rehab is non-medical, so addicts first need to go through medical withdrawal before they can begin the program. Narconon Arrowhead, however, let its license for its own medical detox facility expire, and so it’s been contracting out the withdrawal period to a local hospital. The man flew his daughter to Tulsa so she could begin this.

“Late in the afternoon, [she] arrives at Narconon Arrowhead. She’s informed that there is no bed ready for her in detox hospital. I get the first of many disturbing phone calls from my daughter. My daughter was on Methadone, oxycodone and Prozac. She spent the night at Arrowhead.”

The next day, the woman was admitted to the hospital for detox, but she was creating havoc back home by making calls on her cell phone to friends and family members. Her father can’t understand why the phone hasn’t been taken away. But then, things get even worse.

“I call the detox hospital and discover my daughters gone, not in the hospital? As it turns out, right in the middle of her withdrawal, [she] left the facility and actually signed herself out? (I found out a few days later that she was hallucinating while doing so when hospital staff let her out the door) then she goes wandering around in Oklahoma!? Somehow God was watching and after a time, an older gentleman confronted her and gave her a ride back to the hospital. She went back to the hospital and they re-admitted her. How did this happen?”

Then, there’s trouble with the doctor at the hospital. He’s not a Scientologist, so he didn’t wean the woman off of Prozac — which she was apparently taking normally on a prescription. (Scientology virulently hates psychiatry and any of its medications.)

“The same hospital doctor also told [her] that she would ‘probably not do well at Narconon’ and that they had another rehab program in Florida which was totally covered under my insurance plan and that all she needed was a plane ticket to get there?! My question here is why wasn’t this detox hospital safe pointed? This happened on two occasions with the same hospital doctor whilst she was there and it shook her confidence in a Arrowhead,” the father wrote. In other words, he can’t understand why Narconon Arrowhead would contract with a hospital that hadn’t been convinced of Narconon’s effectiveness (it hadn’t been “safepointed”) and was actively recommending against it.

The father then notes, day by day, her aborted stay at Arrowhead itself…

August 13…[She] finally arrives at Arrowhead. I get her last phone call (before her phone is taken from her) and she tells me her room is dirty and the sheets are very old and worn. She also complaints of not being handled with her Prozac situation. I get no real answers from the withdraw staff as to how this will be handled. At this point in time, I’ve given 8 thousand dollars via debit card to the intake personnel. I had asked the question about refunds (should the cycle not go well) and was told I would get my money back based on how much treatment was delivered. I’m cool with this. The plan was to have her do work study program and I needed to get the other seven thousand to NA ASAP, I was totally prepared to do this.

August 14…[She] is taken to the hospital because she “doesn’t feel right” no handling has been taken on her Prozac situation. She is seen and released from hospital and taken back to Narconon.

August 15…[She] does not want to stay at Arrowhead, demands to leave. She is taken into town and left at the shelter. [She], being the resourceful drug addict that she is, gets someone back at home to pay for her taxi and plane ticket home. She comes home and uses hard for a week, then gets admitted to … a psyche-oriented rehab in …, that she had been to before. They just handle the addictions with drugs and suggest that the 12 step programs be followed.

The father indicates that he spent the next two months wrestling over a refund before he was finally returned $4,000 of the $8,000 he had sent as an initial payment for his daughter’s care.

“In closing, I’d just like to say this was one of the worst handlings I’ve ever encountered regarding service from a Scientology based facility. I was a staff member at … for several years and I know how an org is run. Please look into this matter so it doesn’t happen again to someone else,” he writes.

Here’s why this letter is so devastating. Narconon is under siege right now because so many non-Scientology addicts and their parents are suing because they were told they would receive individualized drug counseling and instead received Scientology training.

But in this case, Scientology training as part of rehab was exactly what this father was expecting when he sent his daughter there. Not only would he not have objected to Narconon’s program if it were delivered correctly, but even if he were unhappy, as a longtime and loyal Scientologist he would never sue the program, and we would never normally hear about his complaints.

But because Clark Carr absconded so quickly from his offices a few weeks ago, we now have this harsh denunciation of what an amateur operation Narconon is, and from someone inside the church.

Ebner, we really owe you one.

We have more in the way of Knowledge Reports and other interesing documents and policies left behind by Narconon Arrowhead for a future post. We also sent a request for comment to Scientology spokeswoman Karin Pouw and to Narconon International, and we’ll let you know if they get back to us.

In the meantime, we put it to our tipster network — Where’s Clark, and what’s happened to him?


Connor Cruise and Lillie Parker

Chris White works hard to keep an eye on Tom Cruise and his kids, Isabella and Connor. And this time, he’s got an interesting piece in the Daily Mail about how Connor has grown close to Lillie Parker, Kirstie Alley’s adopted daughter, since Lillie lost her fiance Nick Trela to a motorcycle accident in November. Chris quoted us saying we have perceived that the Scientology celebrities may also be doing some wagon-circling with Alex Gibney’s film Going Clear about to come out.


Your proprietor on the air in Toronto

Mark Elliot had us on his radio program the other night to talk about Narconon…



Bonus photos from our tipsters

Won’t someone please think about the children…


Actual caption: “We had the very best helper today at the Dianetics book booth”


Wow, can you say desperation? FREE six month memberships in the IAS?


Dad is finally space-cootie free! Celebrating his completion of OT 7…


Meghan Fialkoff is developing a cartoon character of herself for the next big thing at Drug Free World!!


The glamorous Meghan Fialkoff, standing next to her dad, Queens dentist Bernard Fialkoff, in the first photo, got a big crowd for its Scientology anti-drug message at a Brooklyn charter school, and she claims an unnamed Assemblyman and NYPD Community Affairs officer also attended.


Scientologists are using social media more than ever. Drop us a line if you spot them posting images to Instagram or Facebook!


Posted by Tony Ortega on February 9, 2015 at 07:00

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          • Ella Raitch

            4 weeks annual leave, 3 weeks sick leave a year, three months paid leave after ten years service (depending on your job and work agreement).Universal health care…there is a lot to be grateful for.

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              The last job I had it was every seven years!

            • Opal Lumen

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              The health care could be better, like Canada’s (iirc).

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              Oh sweet Xenu! They expect us to work when we are dead…you can only call in sick if you’re dead in the states…and we get shit in return…low pay, hardly any time off, sick or otherwise. Even people with “good” jobs don’t have it that good! I love the US and all, but I think we need to see other people.

            • Ella Raitch

              I can take two days without a medical certificate. BTW – unused sick pay accrues as an entitlement – you work for one place 5-10 years you get quite a lot of paid sick leave entitlement.

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              We, I’m ashamed to say, don’t (yet) fully recognise same-sex unions. So you might need to make a decision there.

            • Frodis73

              Ok, bummer…I kind of figured you guys would have cleared that one by now. Damn, the pool of potential spouses just shrank. 😀 I just realized I’m trying to live out ‘Muriel’s Wedding’ a bit.

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              We’ll see what happens once we don’t have a semi-devout Catholic** in charge.

              On the plus side, people do just break into spontaneous ABBA songs in the street all the time, so…

              *Not to open up the politics can-of-worms.
              **Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

            • Ella Raitch

              Agreed. ABBA fans welcome. Soon we will hopefully follow the Kiwis and have marriage for all!

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              ML, Frodis

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              ‘video game development’ I wrote and directed video games for 10 years.

            • Frodis73

              I thought it was maybe that, but wasn’t sure. How *very* cool and interesting…especially the directing part…how similar or dissimilar is it from a play/movie, etc. I’d think they would be pretty close…then again, I have no clue how a video game is written. Lol.

            • LongtimeLurker

              It depends. There are some who are more technically oriented than I was. But yeah, the way I did it, it was pretty similar to film/TV.

              Obvious differences though, like the experience you’re developing is interactive rather than a passively observed narrative.

              And then there’s things like endless charts of statistics. But usually I got someone else to do those.

              But the people and creative skills are very similar. i.e. Actors = crazy, Programmers = crazy.

            • Frodis73

              That last sentence makes total sense. I love the Bunker…we get to meet so many neat people with so many different skills and talents.

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            • No worries. Seems to be happening lately : )

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      • You are a good Mama regardless, I am sure.

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    There was always a free six month introductory IAS membership when I was in.

    • Same here. Introductory is a key word.

      • I’ve only paid my membership one time when I was still-in.

        • Staff members get one year for free. Such a deal!

          • That is lame.

            • Yeah, but it looks just like a credit card.

            • LongtimeLurker

              What does it get you? Is there a private dining room?

            • Discounts on scientology services and materials.

            • Interesting Dodo..not one staff member ever pushed the IAS membership on me while getting services. The one did buy I got for $300

            • Sounds right. I am about to post it.

            • LongtimeLurker

              Thank you.

            • Welcome.

            • Frodis73

              Is that supposed to make you feel special? Or does it have an actual magnetic strip on the back that does something?

            • Both.

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            • LongtimeLurker

              Yeah but they’d implement it badly, and the trackers and chips would be on two different frequencies and wouldn’t work and then the slapping would begin.

            • Yep. There it is…

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              So is the number how many years you’ve been back on the whole track?

            • Hahahaha!

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              Feel bad for whingeybingey and DodoTheLaser.

              Lurker smash.

            • It’s okay, Sir. I can show it to my future grand kids and tell them the stories. 🙂
              Thanks though.

            • I think I still have mine. Sadly.

            • Keep it. I got like five+. Thankfully they don’t take as much space as Admin volumes.

            • I threw my entire Basics/Congresses in the trash. I was going to have a book burning ceremony but my sister never came through.

            • LongtimeLurker

              Man, that would have felt good.

              I had a book burning after a job I hated.

            • I know right? I was really looking forward to it, and I thought it would be a good way to purify the space. Now I have to go baptize myself in large pool by swimming 50 laps to get the Scientology stink off of me.

            • LongtimeLurker

              That stink goes as soon as you blow. You smell fine to me.

            • Oh no LL. Being scorned leaves a stench. Especially when you find out you left your other half for your “Church”…We need to add like 50 priests to get the stench off. He’s recently happily engaged, and though I am happy for him…I’m a tad bit pissed at the same time.

            • LongtimeLurker

              The Church found your weakness and pushed you to do things. They’re what’s wrong, not you.

              Darn him and his new fiancée though. I’m not getting them a wedding present.

            • Yeah me either. : ). We went through some drama with the church. Even though he kept in contact for some time after I left, I was not for sure that I wasn’t a Scio still, and I’m sure he was done with it eventually. I mean it wasn’t meant to be, so it wasn’t meant to be.

            • I used the Trash Tech too.

            • It works ALL THE TIME! : )

            • Yes it does.

      • whingeybingey

        Yes, well you had to be a member to do a service, so it was the path of least resistance when they are still at the baiting stage of the bait and switch.

  • valshifter

    This might be old news but according to the Inquirer Travolta and Kelly Preston are splitting I hope Tony give us detailed news about it. I hope it has something do with the movie going clear.

    • Jimmy3


    • Frodis73

      I think Media Lush debunked that one…I don’t remember what day, but it was pretty recent…like this past week.

    • According to the Inquirer, they already split eleventy times.

      • LongtimeLurker

        47 times.

  • “Respect for all week” – WTF?!? “Freedom” maagzine shows exactly how much “respect” the criminal organisation known as the “church” of $cientology has for anyone who does not comply with the plan…

    • giggler

      couldnt agree with you more

  • LongtimeLurker

    *** RED X +–+ REMINDER +–+ RED X ***

    I don’t know how late I should go with these reminders, and I suspect there’s not many from the US still here, but…

    With less and less ways to get fresh meat, Scientology has been spamming Craigslist with very dodgy, covert recruiting ads. They’ve stepped up their activities recently, most probably because of Gibney’s upcoming film.

    We need to step up our flagging of them, and the gang at whyweprotest has made that as easy as possible.

    RedX write up :
    RedX spreadsheet:

  • Frodis73

    The more I think about it, the more I think maybe Clark did blow. We all know that security has really doubled down at Int Base, so it doesn’t seem likely anybody would blow from there. Clark on the other hand, was pretty high up, knows lots of secrets,etc. Maybe he sensed that DM was going to throw him under the buss regarding Narconon/NAFC lawsuits and self preservation finally kicked in. He would have been somebody making money from the cult (am I right about that part?) and just suddenly had the cognition that it was time to blow.
    At any rate, we really need somebody big to blow-I’d like to see somebody smart enough to get dox. Both Marc and Marty have hinted that they are talking to people deep in the double…I know they have to be telling these people to try and get dox out before they leave. I so want this to come true. The timing would be so perfect for this with the movie airing next month.
    Ok, enough babbling…I have to try and get some sleep. Thanks to our Bunkeroos down under for the lessens in everything Australia tonight…and watch out for those drop bears.

    • Opal Lumen

      Thank you, Frodis — Sleep tight and don’t let the drop bears bite!

  • Jimmy3

    I’m giving up posting on internets for Lent, but I have no idea of knowing when that is. So I will figure that out and be back for St. Going Clear day. You are all some of the favorite people. Do not ever don’t forget that.

    • awwwww. : ( We’ll miss you. Do your thing J3.

    • Ella Raitch

      Jimmmmmyyyyyyyy!!!!! Nooooo!!!!!!!

      (ha! Methinks you will withdraw and at least sneak-peek back, and then you won’t be able to help yourself

      If anyone asks ‘how was it?’ I will be onto it big time!)

    • Frodis73

      When does Lent start…I never know this stuff…isn’t it soon? I will miss you and we will all wait eagerly for your return. Good luck!

      • Starts Feb 18
        Ends April 2nd

        • Frodis73

          Wow. I didn’t realize it was that long. Yikes.

    • This is way better then breaking up by text message.
      If you come back on March 16, I will forgive you, Jimmy!

    • Opal Lumen

      Goodonya, Jimmy!

  • Pierrot

    *** RED X +–+** RED X ** +–+ RED X *** Tuesday the 10th of February

    Good morning Night Owls and Early Birds,
    The score for yesterday, 147 new/refreshed ads bringing the Last 4 Days UP from 404 to 453
    and the 7 days Regional List UP from 768 to 837 (Stats include redundant ads!)
    RedX write up :
    RedX spreadsheet:
    For those who do not have much time but would like to send a message to JJ & Nick do Boston in the Regional list TAB of the RedX spreadsheet.

    DON’T route out, BLOW, Get HELP, get OUT. CALL 1-866-XSEAORG

    Cliff enhanced by Bob Kåre for RedX, and flickred by Aeger Primo

    • Pierrot

      *** RED X +–+ NOTICE +–+ RED X ***
      In our on-going efforts to be as effective as possible at taking down the Co$ ads on Craigslist,
      we would like you to participate in a test:
      use Quick Flag exclusively on the Regional List , and use the normal flagging on the “Today’s fresh ads” on the Daily Wip.

      Yesterday’s results are on the on par with the last 10 days scores, SFB has been doing well and we are starting to get some Boston ads down, the weight of the flags is starting to topple the ads.
      In Sacramento Tony C is chickening out and deletes ads before they are flagged for removal.

      Carry on with QuickFlag , Extend your range & reflag every 24 hours.
      See the QuickFlag write up here:
      Butterfly by KYMG enhanced for RedX by DodoTheLaser and flickred by Aeger Primo:

  • Ella Raitch

    Not that I actually entertained the idea that Beck’s Grammy was somehow related to his Scientology connections but this is pretty conclusive to me. 13,000 voter-eligible members.

    The academy declines to release a breakdown of its 13,000 voter-eligible members by age, race or gender. But like the group that votes on the Oscars, the Recording Academy is seen by some critics as being old and out of touch with edgier contemporary music, especially when it comes to rap and hip hop.

    • And Adele is on maternity leave.

      • Pierrot

        Good morning Dodo.
        I will add (as a reply) my notice to your post in one hour +

    • LongtimeLurker

      I wish it was true, so they could get busted for it, but yeah, I don’t think they could get it together to effectively influence this particular process.

      Then again, Clearwater.

    • April

      I honestly don’t think scientology had anything to do with it. Beck is a very talented artist and the album was very well received by critics.

    • Bob

      The Beck win was a surprise to everyone. Given the somber tone of this years Grammys and that they were Rock categories It made sense he might win. Beck is very dedicated to great musicianship and honest songwriting, unlike Beyoncé. He was not trying to be commercial, which seemed to be supported this year. Beck is about the only Scn artist I know who really is a music artist. I think for him it’s music first not the cherch. That’s my impression of him from past contact. Too bad more musical clams don’t get the clue.

  • Finally, everyone in the bunker fell asleep.

    • LongtimeLurker

      G’night DTL.

      • Good evening LTL.

      • Hey LTL. The Bunkeroos are curious to know if you are okay. Hopefully you come back soon. I sent out some smoke signals as a funny joke. Hope all is okay.

    • Dale A.

      Not everyone.

    • MrsLurksALot

      Good morning, Dodo!

      • Good morning, Mrs Lady!

        • MrsLurksALot

          Morning crew, reporting for duty, Sir.

    • 1subgenius

      Huh? Wha?…..shit you woke me up……

      • It’s just a dream… You are asleep…

      • LongtimeLurker

        Hey 1sub, did you sort out your e-meter needs?

        • 1subgenius

          I think I have the operation of it, but I’m currently trying to open it to replace the 25+year old battery. It works fine but a battery that old is gonna give you some trouble. There is some corrosion on it and I don’t want it to start leaking. Wasn’t charging until I gave it a little tap, too, so I gotta get in there and find the loose wire.
          There is some trick to it and I don’t want to break it. Got 4 screws out and can open it to peek but there is a hidden tab or something that’s holding one side in. Can’t figure it out yet. Don’t want to break it.

          And I’m setting up a “studio” to shoot some videos.

          • LongtimeLurker

            Okay, cause I got a page about battery issues/care and an image with all the dials and nonsense labelled if those would help.

            I think it’s a different model to yours, but close.

          • Ella Raitch

            This will be a well watched series. So many technophiles wanting to get their hands on the device.

          • Sandy

            Hey, 1sub – I just had an idea, Give a shout out to Techie next time he’s around. Bet he can tell you how to open it!

            • 1subgenius

              About 15 minutes ago I got it open. There was a hidden screw under a rubber “foot”, which I discovered (doh) after I popped it open and broke the plastic thing it was screwed into. No damage to the internals and still works fine. Appears to be there just to foil any self-maintenance.
              Trying to find what kind of NiCad battery to use as a replacement. I think you have to cobble together something but I’m going to eventually take it up to a battery store and have them do it.
              The adventure continues.
              Thanks for thinking of me though..

            • Sandy

              That’s great.

            • 1subgenius

              Yeah, I feel like an idiot though. I had suspected that there was a screw there and even tried to pry off the foot, but it didn’t come easily so I left it. After I got it open I could see that’s where it was.
              Kinda like opening an Apple device, but not as sophisticated.

    • what’suppressive

      Nah Mr Laser, I’m just trying to get some paper work and dinner done. I’m in n out, back n forth….. Hanging on Tony’s every word and waiting to see what shenanigans the clams are up to today.

      • Ah, always nice to see you and your silver helmet.

    • Ella Raitch

      Nope – just went out to buy food for tea

      • Who is tea?

        • Ella Raitch

          Tea = dinner = supper. What do you call your evening meal?

          • Breakfast.

            • Ella Raitch

              That’s hardly surprising since you don’t seem to sleep! Breakfast is the best meal of the day, so you have chosen well. Of course in Australia we shorten things and add a ‘ee’ sound to the end so breakfast is brekk-y.

            • giggler

              Nothing to beat a full English brekkie, unless the ozzzies do a better one!!

            • Ella Raitch

              No Australians like a fry-up (and I tend to do it on a bbq for the whole family). You can keep your black pudding though. I’m a poached eggs, home-made baked-beans, spinach and mushroom gal myself – any time of day.

            • giggler

              Sounds delicious, yum yum, not much of a black pudding person myself, although I swing between poached and fried eggs, add bacon mushrooms and tomatoes and occasionally fried bread, although only as a real treat

            • what’suppressive

              Too funny dodo….lulz

        • what’suppressive

          Tea is another word we use for dinner( it’s an older generation expression) . Not that I’m saying Ella is old, it depends on what word you grew up with.

          • Ella Raitch

            English-born (tho’ been in Aust since I was 2!) My kids (teenagers) also say tea.

          • giggler

            In England dinner is sometimes another word for lunch

            • Ella Raitch

              Sunday roast was a lunch time meal and called ‘dinner’ when I was growing up – sandwiches in a bag is still lunch though.

            • giggler

              yup that sounds right

      • what’suppressive

        Hi Ella. Is it Smokey were you are today…. It is here.

        • Ella Raitch

          No – we had a lot of smoke from Northcliffe and a local fire last week, but beautiful and clear here.

  • Sergeant Pepper

    The Bunker never sleeps.

    • Draco

      We are like the British Empire was: The sun never sets on the bunker 🙂

      • Richard Grant

        It never rises, either. The Bunker is underground. We’re like the British Empire of the Dark Side of the Moon!

        • Ella Raitch

          Like the dwarves of Moria, mining gold and precious gems!

        • Rasha

          Home, home again
          I like to be here when I can…

    • 1subgenius

      I can’t wait to get my Pono.
      Not really.

  • 1subgenius

    Early birds should have a daily game: Predict what story Tony’s gonna lead with. Can go serious, or not.
    Only 20 minutes so let’s go!
    “(Ah shit, I got nothin’)”

    • HillieOnTheBeach

      WWP researcher docs obtained through the FOIA.

    • Graham

      Either yet another gem from the old files, uncovered by Tony’s ‘freedom of information’ contact, or something else from the recently uncovered Narconon files. Or some minor Scieno ‘celebrity’ making a complete arse of themselves. So much to choose from!

      • Ella Raitch

        Maybe a bit of colour to add to the Beck shenanigans of the day (topical but with a bit of depth?)

      • 1subgenius

        I’ll go with more from the Narconon trash.

    • RBE

      Legal matters. The cherch are juggling so many of these at the moment, it’s a good bet.

    • Ella Raitch

      Would love to have the Rathbun appeal decision….how looooong do we have to wait!!

      • 1subgenius

        Watch what you ask for. The higher you go in Texas the worse the corruption and stupidity.

    • Richard Grant

      It’s a first-time interview. With somebody. Who gives us some fresh insight into That Thing. Which we’ve always kinda wondered about. But now we feel icky, knowing that shit.

      • Ella Raitch

        Hmmm…what you say is so…so…so familiar

        • Richard Grant

          What you’re experiencing sounds like precognition. Some part of your consciousness has already been affected by the coming post. I wish I had this ability.

    • Rita Gregory

      More from the Narconon docs.

      • Ella Raitch

        I could live with that. Narconon on toast….yummy!

        • Richard Grant

          I’d guess — or maybe hope — there’s too much there to digest and write about in one day.

  • what’suppressive

    My guess is it will be “Hollywood” related which shits me abit, but I realise it’s the best avenue to education(sound familiar).
    I can’t believe the general public is more interested in Tom, John and co than the child slavery, but…….whatryagunnado!

    • Ella Raitch

      You share that feeling with Tony so we don’t get celeb stories us such – only when there’s real meat involved.

      • what’suppressive

        Yeah…. But I smell meat a cookin’

    • 1subgenius

      “shits me abit”
      Nice ring to it.

      • Rita Gregory

        I am going to say that today.

  • 1subgenius

    And the winner is……Rinder dep!

    • romanesco

      Okay. I wanted Ellis dep, but I don’t know if that’s even forthcoming.

  • California

    How sweet it is that narconon International is folding. Finally.

    What it means on the semi-political front also, I am surmising, is that narconon (and dm?) has lost and is losing its right-wing political support, including that of the DEA, that allowed it to continue all these years. Luke Catton brought to the front (page 106-107) in his book “Have You Told All,” what some of us had known for awhile. The D.E.A. was a large supporter (and I would say, protector) of narconon including not being happy with the California Department of Education recommending against the use of narconon drug education in California public and charter schools back in 2005 and posting narconon drug education posters and information in its DEA museum.

    Once this information was in the public sector, then people could bring that information to the attention of the proper authorities. And hammers began falling on both of the entities.

    Shut them all down.

  • peakofelephants

    Sorry, can someone explain this: “My question here is why wasn’t this detox hospital safe pointed?”

    Is “safe pointed” Scientologese for something?

    • And I’m Cute, Too

      It basically means to make sure that a person or institution is on Scientology’s side, and will act according to their interests. From my understanding, the cult will usually make efforts well in advance of moving into an area to “safe point” local bureaucrats, professionals and law enforcement, and convince them that Scientology wants only the best for their community and for mankind.

      Tony partially explained it in the article:

      In other words, he can’t understand why Narconon Arrowhead would contract with a hospital that hadn’t been convinced of Narconon’s effectiveness (it hadn’t been “safepointed”) and was actively recommending against it.

  • Idunno


  • dagobarbz

    Regarding the NN hockey team, I remember they did charity fundraisers. I think MADD or something like that teamed up with them. The charities were all Scientology except MADD, which got a whopping small percentage of the total take.

    That scam really crisped my bacon!