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Claire and Bruce Take Us Into the Bizarre World of Scientology’s Operating Thetan Two!

How many trillions of years back can you go?

How many trillions of years back can you go?

Claire Headley is taking us on our journey to train as Scientologists. She and her husband Marc were Sea Org workers who escaped from Scientology’s International Base in 2005. She spent years working with Scientology’s “tech,” and was trusted to oversee the auditing of Tom Cruise. Go here to see the first part in this series.

Once again, Bruce Hines joins us this week as Claire continues to take us through Scientology’s legendary “OT” levels. And today, we’re beginning Operating Thetan Level Two, which Bruce last week promised us would be “bizarre.” Is that true, Claire?

CLAIRE: OT 2 was absolutely the most complicated, esoteric, and ethereal level I experienced in Scientology. And I do believe that’s saying something!

THE BUNKER: That does seem to be saying a lot. Well, let’s get to it! There’s a ton of material to go through in OT 2, and it starts off with a statement by L. Ron Hubbard that this level will be approached first with a study of course data, and then with auditing. If we’re not incorrect, that’s the method that the OT levels will have from now on, isn’t that true?

BRUCE: With the exception of the current OT 4 (or “New OT IV”), all of the existing OT levels involve first studying the theory and doing some drills (practice), and then doing the actual solo auditing.

THE BUNKER: So in this case, what is the course data about? Hubbard says it should only take us three hours to get through. And we start out with some review, which seems pretty standard. There’s the usual Keep Scientology Working drill, for example.


But then we get to the really interesting stuff — our Whole Track!

Hubbard believed that we are immortal beings he called “thetans,” and although we may no longer be aware of it, we’ve actually existed for unthinkably immense periods of time. We begin to recover knowledge of our real selves as we remove the “reactive mind” until we become “clear,” which happened a few levels ago. Now, we can really begin auditing way down our “whole track” of existence. And as we do so, we’ll bump into things along the way.

BRUCE: Those things we’re bumping into are whole track “implants” that all beings on earth supposedly received. Implants are extremely intense thought-control incidents that we all were subjected to, in which post-hypnotic commands or situations designed to confuse one’s sense of space or time are given to the hapless victim, under overwhelming duress (like explosions, pain and drugs, or whatever). It was the evil psychs who did this, millions or billions or trillions or quadrillions of years ago.

THE BUNKER: Ah yes, the evil psychs. Although psychiatry has existed for scarcely more than a century, L. Ron Hubbard imagined that psychiatrists have been ruining things all over the universe since the misty reaches of deep time.

BRUCE: These implants in turn installed “GPMs,” which stands for “goals problem mass.” One can think of this as two ideas of equal force that are opposed to each other, sort of hanging in balance in the being’s mind forever, until audited out. Because these ideas or intentions are opposed, mass is created in the being’s mind. And they persist into the future much like a post-hypnotic suggestion. The purpose of the implanting was to get the being, who natively had god-like abilities, to be confused, sort of hypnotized, to use their native power against themselves, to be unaware, kind of unconscious, and to have much reduced power. Then they are controllable.

THE BUNKER: OK, so let us make sure we have this right. We are unspeakably ancient spirit-beings, and way back in our pasts the evil psychs have implanted these land mines in us that prevent us from using our superhuman, godlike natural abilities until we can track down those land mines and remove them, through auditing. Whew. That’s really something.

CLAIRE: I’ve always considered myself a practical person. So for me, this level was simply off the deep end. I could see the theoretical value in most of the things that we’ve talked about up until this point — subjects like communication, upsets in life, people you’ve had trouble with, etc. Well, OT 2 lost all touch with reality for me. I mean, let’s be honest, this is pretty far out there, no matter who you are. In fact, I’ve actually never discussed my OT 2 experiences or the materials with anyone, but I’ve certainly thought about my experiences in hindsight.

Besides the esoteric nature of the material, another startling thing about OT 2 for me was that up to now, auditing was all about “don’t evaluate for the preclear or tell him what to think about his case.” In other words, the subject isn’t told what’s in his or her past. But now, that’s all down the drain, since you’re asked to accept all these whole track incidents that, when they’re dealt with, will lead to all kinds of OT abilities. But you can’t actually show anyone those abilities even when you acquire them, because that would be “out reality.” To me, it was more about the emperor’s new clothes than anything that was going to alter my eternity.

THE BUNKER: Well, let’s get into the names for these “GPMs,” or incidents, or evil psych booby-traps that are lying way back in our past. We’ll list just a few of them.

There’s the “Electrical” GPM, which Hubbard tells us is so far back in our whole track, we may run into it 210 million trillion years ago.

And there’s the “Big Being” GPM (16,780 trillion), the “House” GPM (40,029 trillion), the “Banky” GPM (217 trillion), and the “Forerunner” GPM (222 trillion), just to name a few.

BRUCE: I had mixed feelings about those huge dates. On the one hand, I knew from books like A History of Man and other writings and lectures from Hubbard that huge dates were common in the history of us and all existence.

On the other hand, I had completed most of a physics degree by that time, and knew that astrophysicists said the age of the universe was nothing like that. (Today, the best estimate is about 13.8 billion years.) I was doing my best to convince myself that the scientists had it all wrong. Also, the difference between huge numbers like a thousand trillion and a few billion tends to lose significance — it’s hard to conceptualize numbers that big. Add to that the need and desire to believe that Hubbard had it all figured out (cognitive dissonance), since that would mean a heaven-like existence for one and all. Plus, I was pretty overwhelmed trying to grasp the meaning of the materials and the procedure I was supposed to be following, the dates kind of went over my head. Then mix in things I dreamed up to try to make sense of it, like maybe time had changed its rate of passage somewhere along the line, or there were multiple universes. It was just another far-out thing that Hubbard said that was beyond my comprehension, or it must be that man’s understanding of the universe was way off. Having said all that, I guess I shoved it into the “things I’ll be able to understand later after I have gone up the OT levels” compartment.

CLAIRE: I agree with Bruce. The dates were really way too large to even comprehend the reality of. By this point, my views were that I must be the only one who had trouble understanding the complexities of this. And the fear of “not making it” was there too. I figured I just had to plow through no matter what, especially since I was expected to get through fast for my position in RTC at the time.

THE BUNKER: Both of you have really helped us understand how you confronted this strange material. Next week, we’ll go on to the actual auditing questions in OT 2. The strangeness only deepens.


Laura DeCrescenzo Gets a Trial Date

After fending off Scientology’s motion for summary judgment, Laura DeCrescenzo this week found out when her 2009 lawsuit will finally go to trial.

The date: February 23, 2015.

Yes, more than a year away. Whew. The wheels of justice sure turn slowly in this country.


Leah Remini and Barbara Walters Discuss Scientology

On Monday night, Leah Remini’s remarkable run on Dancing With The Stars finally came to an end, and yesterday she and dancer Tony Dovolani made an appearance on The View.

Considering Barbara Walters’s previous comments about Scientology, this made for a pretty interesting encounter. But Walters brought up Scientology herself, and seemed both solicitous and sympathetic to the King of Queens actress.


Dovolani began the segment with a surprise: He revealed that Remini had fractured a rib in week five of the show. Remini had never complained about it publicly. But then Barbara asked her about her other struggle.

Barbara: You went through another journey, and you’ve been open about leaving the Church of Scientology. Have there been repercussions at all?

Leah: Yes, many repercussions. But I think the one that I think people couldn’t relate to is the shunning. Because I don’t think everybody knows that that’s what is required when you leave, that friends and family members, mothers and daughters, that is what is required, and so that is heartbreaking…

Barbara: That you can no longer have relations with…

Leah: They can no longer have relationships with me, my family, so I don’t get to see my godkids, friends that I’ve known for 30-40 years…


Tony: But you have new ones now.

Leah: I have new friends, which is why Dancing With The Stars

Barbara: That’s tough. That’s tough to face. And it’s brave of you to talk about it.

Leah: It is tough. Yeah, because, you know I think people become immune to it because they’re raised in something like this. They think it’s normal. It’s not normal to break up a family. It’s not normal to tell people who they can and cannot talk to because of their beliefs or non-beliefs. Because family is who’s going to be there for you at the end of the day. And Tony really helped me through this and Dancing With The Stars came at the right time for me, because I was going through that and then I have now new friends and new family.


Karen de la Carriere on Scientology’s Legal Tactics

Another fun video from Karen, J. Swift, and Angry Gay Pope…



Posted by Tony Ortega on November 20, 2013 at 07:00

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