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Help Us Decode Leah Remini’s Anti-Scientology Dance From Last Night’s Dancing With The Stars

Leah_Remini_DWTS4If you didn’t catch last night’s Dancing With the Stars on ABC, you really missed something remarkable — interpretive dance on national prime time television!

And it was performed by King of Queens actress Leah Remini, who once again had a giant platform to talk about her experience of walking away from the Church of Scientology. The contestants were asked to describe their “most memorable year” and then make it the inspiration for a dance, and in Leah’s case, it was no surprise that she chose this past year. In fact, it was twelve months ago, in October 2012, when she met with Scientology leader David Miscavige — a rare honor, even for a top Scientology celebrity like Leah — but she reportedly came away more determined than ever to leave Scientology. She then spent several months preparing her family to leave with her, and by July, when we broke the news, she was out for good.

None of that was actually explained on last night’s TV show, of course. In fact, Leah didn’t even use the word “Scientology” at all. But there was just no question what she meant when she said things like “You can’t let anybody dictate to you how you should live.”

And then there was the dance. We didn’t have much time to describe it in last night’s story. But now that we’ve taken it apart a little, we’re really struck by what a tale Leah and her professional dance partner, Tony Dovolani, were able to tell in just a couple of minutes to Katy Perry’s song “Roar.”

Here, watch it again for yourself, and then get prepared to help us decode each part of it. We really want to hear your close reading of the semiotics she threw into this thing.


Wild, isn’t it? So let’s get to the constituent parts. (And you may be wondering, why are we posting still images from the dance and not animated .gifs? And our answer would be that .gifs send us into grand mal seizures and we don’t even have epilepsy, so you’ll just have to put up with frozen images.)

1. As the routine opens, we find Tony Dovolani standing on a platform holding giant puppet controls in his hands, with linkages attached to Leah, who is standing, motionless, with her face aimed at the ground. There’s something a bit menacing in Tony’s costume, with the red vest and dark tie. But he’s awfully tall to be a certain diminutive puppet-master of the world’s fastest growing religion. What say you?


2. As the song begins, Leah suddenly comes to “life,” but she’s moving robotically, and she has what appears to be a rather disingenuous smile. Is she being asked to write a success story after a grueling intensive on the expanded grades?

At this point, the first lyrics from Katy Perry kick in:

I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath
Scared to rock the boat and make a mess

Yes, Leah certainly embodies those words — she’s going through the motions, afraid to speak her mind.


3. Now she takes a seat, still with Tony “controlling” her, as she beams some fake smiles, first one way and then the other, then tips forward as if she’s being pushed down…

So I sat quietly, agreed politely
You held me down, but I got up (hey!)


4. But she rises! And now, she reaches for the clasp on her dress…She’s ready for the Golden Age of Technology Phase II, and enough with this old technology, right? OFF with the dress, and we see she’s now wearing a white dress, and now she’s dancing freer and more honestly.

Get ready ’cause I had enough


5. Now she’s walking away from her puppeteer, but she turns back to him and makes agressive, accusatory gestures with her hands! She’s holding off and pointing at the man who once controlled her!

I see it all, I see it now


6. She turns and runs from him! But he pursues her — it’s a blow drill!

I got the eye of the tiger, the fire


7. And he catches her!

We should explain for the folks less conversant in Scientologese: for Sea Org members who “blow” — escape — from a Scientology facility, there’s a well-developed protocol for getting them back, which can involve private investigators and credit card records, for example. It’s called a “blow drill.”

As you can see, Leah isn’t very happy about Tony tracking her down…


8. But she casts him away and dances free, raising her arms to show her strength! He only wanted her to route out properly, but no!

Dancing through the fire
‘Cause I am a champion


9. But he catches her, and lifts her off the ground, with her flailing and kicking, clearly unhappy that she’s being carried away, off to the RPF or something!

and you’re gonna hear me roar


10. Now they face each other and then do some intricate moves, with him spinning her around and through his legs.

Now I’m floating like a butterfly
Stinging like a bee I earned my stripes

Is she back under his spell at this point? Or is she playing him, by floating like a butterfly, and looking for another chance to escape?


11. Tony lifts her up and spins her around in a graceful arc. Has she made an IAS donation, lulling him into thinking he has her back under his control?

I went from zero, to my own hero


12. Aha! She gets aggressive again as she comes out of the spin and pushes him away!

You held me down, but I got up (hey!)


13. He tries to pull her close, knowing he’s losing her again! But you can see the aggressive look in both of their faces — she throws his arms away again with brio!

Get ready ’cause I’ve had enough
I see it all, I see it now


14. She runs to the top of the platform, and she’s lifted to the heavens! She’s back on top!

I got the eye of the tiger, the fire


15. And as he carries her aloft, she puts on the most delicious smirk! She has him where she wants him! She’s gone exterior!

Dancing through the fire


16. When she comes back to PT, she finds herself in his arms again, and she violently tosses her head to and fro. She’s still resisting his valence!

‘Cause I am a champion, and you’re gonna hear me roar


17. He lifts her again, trying one more time to convince her to “fly” on the wings of the Operating Thetan levels, but she rejects him once again, this time grabbing his head and violently tossing it from side to side — can his neck survive it?

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
You’re gonna hear me roar!


18. She pushes him away, once again she’s free, and she makes a run for it! This time she gets to the top of the platform, and when he tries to follow, she holds him off with her Tone 40 intention!

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
You’re gonna hear me roar!


19. And finally, he can only back down, as she celebrates her freedom, raising her hands and looking into the camera — she’s a free being!

Yes, Leah, we heard you roar.


We have to say, after taking apart Leah’s dance and looking at the lyrics, we can only conclude that this woman has guts. It’s just a shame that the judges really didn’t understand what they were seeing. They had no idea how much of the Scientology story Leah and Tony told in those intricate moves.

We’re exhausted just looking at it and trying to conceive how much work it must have taken to get it just right. Anyway, ABC didn’t help matters when it posted the wrong telephone number later in the show for Tony and Leah (the correct one is in the images above). We heard from readers who said they called to vote for Tony and Leah only to hear “thanks for voting for Brant and Peta.” Say what? And what is ABC going to do about it?

Anyway, we’re looking forward to your interpretations of Leah’s dance. Please use the numbering system that we came up with so we know what you’re referring to. And have fun!


Posted by Tony Ortega on October 15, 2013 at 07:00

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  • koki

    is it only me ,or there is someone there, who see that “Leah and Tony…” on those pictures,and imagine some nasty headlines….involving DM……. 😉

    big hello from LRHs Bulgravia.

  • SLIM

    At the very end..She diid her version of….
    “I Stand Tall”…

  • Jefferson Hawkins

    “He only wanted her to route out properly” – funniest line of the day, Tony.

    An amazing, beautiful performance by Leah. She really captured what it’s like emotionally to leave Scientology. And kudos for attempting those difficult lifts. Regardless of what happens on DWTS, Leah has already won in the broader sense. She has her life back.

    Maybe at the next Flag event, Miscavige can do an interpretive dance number demonstrating how he’s feeling about now.

    • marti

      Miscavige can do an interpretive dance number to “Jailhouse Rock”

      • Nevermore

        Or him and cellmate Bubba can interpret ‘Be My Baby’.

        • i-Betty

          Lovely Never, I’m away for two weeks from Friday. Can I give you the updated version of the PSA which includes a new link? Thank you so much for posting it for the breakfast shift; you’re such a love 🙂 xxx

          (PS. And good luck with your brilliant Tent Watch page! I will be able to check up on it from where I’m going so I hope Sunny has some great new pictures for us from CW, bless her clicky finger):



          1-866-XSEAORG – The call is completely free and can be made from any public telephone

          You might also like to look at the Dear Scientologist Series of letters written by ex-Scientologists which are specifically tailored to be free of any reference to OT materials. They are beautifully written and might begin to help you make sense of your questions and confusion. Here is the link:

          If you’re a Scientologist reading this and you are having doubts about your religion, whether it be the doctrine, the incessant, relentless regging, or the leadership, but are afraid to leave because it’s all you’ve known, or you’re afraid of what to expect on the ‘outside’, please give the number on Glibby’s sign (below) a call; it’s totally free. You can speak anonymously and in strict confidence to somebody who can help you, and will receive non-judgmental moral support, as well as real advice for setting up your new life and getting back on your feet.

          I promise you, the outside world isn’t the enemy. As in all walks of life, some people are idiots, but most people are kind, hard working, honest, loving individuals, just living their lives. Many, many people have already left Scientology and are living happy, fulfilling, peaceful lives filled with family and friends – old and new – who love them. They, too, felt your fears as they began their break away from the church. Some took a leap of faith and discovered that the landing was soft, welcoming and forgiving. Some needed to take baby steps. But they all moved in one direction: towards the door.

          For them, every day is now an adventure and they are the architects of their own lives.

          You may be feeling:

          Sadness and loss over saying “goodbye” to those ideals in the group you thought you could admire, the fellow members you thought were your true friends, or the time and money spent following something which turned out to be false…

          Fear, that this may have been your last hope for happiness, success, enlightenment, or your eternity; that you are no longer protected by the powers of your leader and are vulnerable to evil; that you will make bad decisions for yourself without the group’s guidance, or that you will be punished for leaving…

          Loneliness, at the thought of leaving intensive relationships, and now needing to reconnect with family and friends who live in a manner that your religion criticized…

          Confusion, about what to believe, and how to make good decisions for yourself and your future…

          Guilt, possibly associated with having broken ties to loved ones, or for having recruited others into Scientology…

          Shame, when realizing you were involved in an organisation that maybe made you behave in a way that you’re not proud of…

          If Auditing and Training are still important to you they are both available outside the church, but without any of the hoops attached which you are currently expected to jump through…it is cheaper, and there will be no sec checking.

          It might help you to hear stories from others who were in your exact same situation. There is a great website called The Big List That Left Scientology. Here is the link: Click on the alphabetical letters across the top to find people you may have known, and to read some inspirational stories.

          Last, but by no means least, the Freeloader Debt is NOT legally enforceable – that means they can’t make you pay it.

          Call the Toll Free number. It might just be the first step to the rest of your life.

          And call your family. Please. They never stopped loving you and hoping that one day you would come back to them. Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are near. Give them a call, send them your love. No guilt, no shame.

          We wish you so much luck and love.

        • Barbara Angel

          While they interpret ‘Chocolate Cha-Cha’ which may be painful without a lubricant, or so I’ve heard from my nice gay neighbour.

    • sizzle8

      He’ll do the Elaine Benes dance.

      • Moorwalker

        That made me laugh out loud for real.

    • i-Betty

      The audience seems to really get behind Leah and Tony each week.

    • SLIM

      Maybe he will do his interpretation….
      Of the “Mexican Slap Dance”…

      • Barbara Angel

        Hahaha but would he like to receive it back? I can imagine a long, long, long, line of people who would gladly pay to queue up to play “Mexican Slap Dance” with Slappy. Can also imagine him whinging and sooking about SP’s being ‘mean’ to him…… Gosh, I’d gladly Slap him for free…

  • Krew13

    I wonder how Tiny Fists will react to this? Lemme guess…ANOTHER mailout asking for more donations to open the 986,543rd new building this year! Help clear … out your bank account, so that Miscmidget can be served gourmet meals 40 times a day by his slaves!

  • marti

    Leah has the rank now Tommy!

  • PreferToBeAnon2

    OFF TOPIC… It seems that the $cions have switched their PR releases to a service in Russia (I think): They are still promoting NN Arrowhead hot and heavy…

    • Poison Ivy

      That’s quite odd, isn’t it?

      • Robert Eckert

        prweb won’t take their money anymore? Maybe they think it is ruining their reputation, such as it is?

        • Poison Ivy

          If PRweb rejects you, you know it’s bad (says she, who has used PR web at least once 😉

        • TheHoleDoesNotExist

          Is this true? I thought it’s been quiet on that front recently. Make me go hmmmmmm.

  • Collin

    Another great story tony – To bad she couldn’t have danced to this, another song about Evil Puppeteers and control.

  • media_lush
    • IBBy

      Michael K is always on point. Sometimes I wonder if he’s here in the bunker but not giving out who he is.

      • i-Betty

        There are a couple of blogees (I didn’t invent that word, it invented itself) who I’ve wondered that about. I know that the women and several of the commentators at Bohomoth (fashion and gossip blog) read the Bunker, too.

    • Suppressive Tomato

      He’s merciless on Travolta and I love it. The giant floating penis balloon caption was great, too.

      • media_lush

        indeed he is…..

  • Theo Sismanides

    The year of Independence. Go Leah!

    • i-Betty

      Yay! Sometimes I really like you, Theo 🙂 Actually, OFTEN I really like you. I see this as your year of Independence, too. The more time you spend here the more you become like one of us, and that’s a good thing, right? 🙂

      • Theo Sismanides

        Dear i-Betty! The year of Independence can have another significance, too. Sorry, if I didn’t put it that openly. You know… Indies! Actually, I can hardly see how a person can forget his spiritual side when he and in this case, she knows so much. So, Independence can mean other things too.

        And sorry I am not becoming like anyone. Each one is a different universe.

        Leah just got her Independence and I wish her to enjoy it as much as possible.

        • i-Betty

          D’you know what? I apologise to you, Theo. Looking back my remark was crass. You have every right to be whoever you want to be. I had no right to suggest you were becoming more like an ex-scientologist. I should practice what I preach, and I will stand on my kitchen chair right now and declare your right to believe whatever you wish as long as you’re not hurting anyone.

          I think it would have been better if I had said that the more time you spend here, the more relaxed you seem to become, and you no longer feel the need to be so defensive about your faith. It’s nice to just hang out with you 🙂

          Τις καλύτερες ευχές μου και με φιλικούς χαιρετισμούς, i-Betty

          (I hope that means “best wishes and kind regards, i-Betty” 🙂

          • Theo Sismanides

            Hi i-Betty and thank you. it’s ok, don’t you worry. After all I am not the one committing those crimes. I distanced myself from them. Ain’t that something? I just want to practice free and see the church reformed, if possible. If not possible I don’t care. That’s how history goes. Christ and the Christian church…. same story. History repeats itself.

            In any case I do enjoy also the blog and it’s people. I do believe people can always communicate in a civilised way no matter how different their views. That’s when you really feel you have done something. Thank you again.

            • i-Betty

              I’m glad you’re here 🙂

  • woodrose

    Everyone who supports Leah needs to go here, RIGHT NOW, and vote to keep her on the show! Don’t let ABC’s phone number shenanigans send Leah home.

    • ThetaBara

      If you got the wrong number last night, please complain to ABC and ask them to fix it. I have the # in my phone (it is the same from week to week) so it didn’t affect me. But I’d be mad if it had!

  • monkeyknickers

    Yeaah . . . so I feel so uncomfortable and dick-ish doing this
    but – I laughed OUT LOUD when I realized that this IS Leah’s song.
    100%. Well . . . in this case the chorus is tongue in cheek 🙂

    I didn’t know when I was writing it. But it is SO APT I can’t not share it.

    It’s from the record that Miscavige stole from me so he could have
    two entrees at every meal and enough scotch to cure a cow. It was in the
    can when my sister disappeared. That fucking asshole. HE’S NOT EVEN
    SMART. Yeesh.

    I kinda can’t believe I’m about to do this. Heave heave. But . . . . okay, I will. BE BRAVE LITTLE MONKEY. 🙂

    So here we go:

    Dearest Leah Remini – evidently I wrote this song just for you. So . . . . here it is. Rock on, sister. We got your back.

    • monkeyknickers

      Fuck this comment seems to be posting itself in several places. Sorry bout that. I hate disqus and want it skinned. Then I’ll eat its liver.

      • Robert Eckert

        With fava beans and a nice Chianti, I hope.

      • kindacrazymom

        Gosh darnit i just tried tp copy that link & reposted youre own comment instead!!!! I can’t keep up with the comments anymore. I am really sorry. 🙁

        • monkeyknickers

          Don’t worry sweetheart I do it CONSTANTLY. Disqus SUCKS. And you are welcome to be me anytime. :))

      • kindacrazymom

        Iam so sorry I can’t delete it I guess!!!!!!!! I have tried & tried. i wanted to send the song link to my husband & just plain messed up!!!! I really feel bad!! I’m not trying to copy u!!!

        • monkeyknickers

          HONEY IT’S OKAY. REALLY. It happens to eVERyone on this board. Disqus is ridiculous.

          It’s okay. Okay? Anyway Disqus ate my comment and I had to post another.

          If you want to copy and paste the link, you need to go to the FIRST comment. Copy such. Then you can put it wherever you like. 🙂 In an email, up your nose, accidentally on your comment – it’s all good sweetheart.

          WE LOVE YOU FOR SERIOUS GIRL! Please don’t fuss over this.


    • Captain Howdy

      That is quite impressive Knickers. Is that you singing also?

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        she’s friggin’ awesome, cap’n. mutli talents.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      Love it, but you know that. Hell yes, Sistah! Evidently, indeed.

    • Collin

      I love this song , are you playing ALL the insturments? very impressive! Love the synth in the background!

      • kindacrazymom

        No no – we were playing live as a band (for the basic tracks). They humble me, these cats. I mostly just sit there and play guitar, crack jokes, and make lunch for everyone. 🙂

        • Captain Howdy


          • WhereIsSHE

            I so want to understand what you are saying here. (Seriously. Am I “slow” today or have I missed some larger context?)

            • jmh

              “sock”= name/account. Howdy is asking if he’s the only one with a single username/account. And no… he’s not. I only have one too. LOL

            • WhereIsSHE

              Slow today, then!
              Thanks for the explanation.
              And you are not his only companion.
              I’ve but one as well.
              WhereIsSHE is all you’ll ever see of me.

            • monkeyknickers

              see above.

            • Captain Howdy

              Uh someone writes a comment to someone and a different person responds?

            • WhereIsSHE

              Like I just wrote a comment to you–and jmh was kind enough to answer my question?
              (I’m using that as an example of when that could happen innocently, but I take it from the explanation I got from jmh that you are referring to the “old [inartful] switcheroo” that appears to take place around the Bunker from time to time. Or am I still on the slow bus today?)

            • Captain Howdy

              Errr.. someone obviously forgot to log out.

            • WhereIsSHE


            • WhereIsSHE

              I re-read a bit of the posts…
              All of a sudden, I feel like I’m in that movie “Catfish”=(!

            • jmh

              I’m still confused too, if it makes you feel any better.

            • monkeyknickers

              But thanks for the vote of confidence. Obviously I need to create different accounts to prove I’m really really cool.

              Sensible, critical thinking = AWESOME.

              And she obviously feels terrible so let’s give her a break. She’s a newbie, too. Okay?

            • jmh

              Sorry Howdy… didn’t mean to step on your toes.

            • WhereIsSHE

              Ummm… I was appreciative of your reply.
              What if Howdy was gone for the day and you didn’t fill me in?! It would driving me nuts!

            • monkeyknickers

              No she was trying to copy and paste the link + comment and pasted it in her own comment instead. And so it goes. 🙂

              I don’t even know how to operate an electric can opener so who’s to judge right?

              No she was trying to copy and paste the link + comment and pasted it in her own comment instead. And so it goes. 🙂

              I don’t even know how to operate an electric can opener so who’s to judge right?

              Share ›

          • monkeyknickers

            No she was trying to copy and paste the link + comment and pasted it in her own comment. And so it goes. 🙂

            • Captain Howdy

              Than how come the comment of yours she supposedly copypasted appeared 5-10 minutes before yours and how come it wasn’t exactly the same as your comment?

            • monkeyknickers

              Howdy, brother and comrade.

              I consulted a few senior bunkerites about this who recommended I just ignore you. But after Ann’s post . . . . .

              on now. This is a woman I spent MONTHS encouraging to join this blog. I
              just drove over to speak with her face to face. She’s very unlikely to
              come back.

              have a care about promoting ridiculous conspiracy theories. The woman
              just wanted to cut and paste a SONG link and got it wrong. Plus the
              inevitable rocky terrain of Disqus. End of story.

              cost us the help and companionship of a newbie ex-Sci who was brave
              enough to come out a few weeks ago and engage with this X-files

              PLEASE refrain in the future. Please. We need to HELP THESE PEOPLE. Not make them feel awful for making a mistake. You feel me?

              I love your posts and your wit, I really do and I don’t care AT ALL if
              you have multiple personalities and accounts on this board. I don’t care
              – do what you want to.

              But I DEF DO care about alienating people with made-up shit. Pretend stuff. Fabricated bullshit.

              I REALLY worked hard to get this person into this community. And now
              she’s embarrassed because she made a mistake. I know this. BECAUSE I
              JUST SPOKE TO HER.

              Please. Have a care, I’m begging you. People’s LIVES and SANITY are at stake. Please – just cool it with the made-up stuff okay? These are REAL people who need REAL help.

              Please, honey.


    • kindacrazymom

      You are just amazing monkeyknickers!!!!!! hoe perfect is that!!!! I hope she hears it.

    • monkeyknickers

      Disqus just et my comment but . . . . no we played live in the room. A proper bass player and drummer and producer 🙂 I just sit there, smack at the guitar occasionally, talk about how awesome ants are and annoy people. 🙂

    • Kitz

      Love it!!

    • ThetaBara

      I effing <3 you SO MUCH Monkey!!!

      • monkeyknickers


        So . . . now that that’s out there .. . . I honestly don’t know what “<3" means. Please advise.

        • i-Betty

          It’s a heart 😀 We all heart you, and your little family. <3

          MK, I love the song! Who is it by?

          • Robert Eckert

            MK wrote it. kindacrazymom and friends played it.

            • Captain Howdy

              Where’s you get that from? Not crazymom’s comments that’s fer sure.

            • Robert Eckert

              Uh… yes, from her comments. Someone asked MK if she played all the instruments herself and kindacrazy said no, it was me and my band.

            • Captain Howdy

              According to CM’s comments she’s an elderly woman living in LA with her husband. nothing previous to today about being in a band or playing music. Figure it out, dude.

            • Robert Eckert

              Yes, she lives in LA, which is where MK lived when she was making music before the ripoff that forced her back home.

            • Captain Howdy

              The proof was on the page. CM has removed one it’s comments. Tha’ts ok, I have a screenshot.

        • ThetaBara

          It’s a little heart, on its side.
          Don’t feel bad. I’ve been online since 1988 (yes that is two 8s!) and it took me forever to figure out what they meant by 🙂
          Love this track. Love it! It so reminds me of a certain person (who I generally try not to think about at all). I’ve been soooo curious about your music. Thanks for putting it out there!

          • monkeyknickers


        • AsthmaticDwarf

          You Rock, mKnickers!!!
          Love it!!!

        • Missionary Kid

          It’s a heart, laid on its side. <3 from me, too.

    • Poison Ivy

      Outrageously wonderful, Monkey. I want to know more about your music & where I can find. Perhaps drop a line on Rodeo?

    • thatssotheta

      I am so impressed!! Two thumbs up!!

    • q-bird

      really, really good girl.

    • FromPolandWithLove

      Bravo , You go Girl:):)

    • Jo

      Rockin tune Monkey, kinda reminded me of Portishead and PJ Harvey who I love, love.

    • aegerprimo

      Great song! You are very talented!

    • monkeyknickers

      Captain Howdy, brother and comrade.

      I consulted a few senior bunkerites about this who recommended I just ignore you. But after Ann’s post . . . . .

      Comeon now. This is a woman I spent MONTHS encouraging to join this blog. I
      just drove over to speak with her face to face. She’s very unlikely to
      come back.

      Please have a care about promoting ridiculous conspiracy theories. The woman
      just wanted to cut and paste a SONG link and got it wrong. Plus the
      inevitable rocky terrain of Disqus. End of story.

      You cost us the help and companionship of a newbie ex-Sci who was brave
      enough to come out a few weeks ago and engage without this X-files

      PLEASE refrain in the future. Please. We need to HELP THESE PEOPLE. Not make them feel awful for making a mistake. You feel me?

      Ilove your posts and your wit, I really do and I don’t care AT ALL if you have multiple personalities and accounts on this board. I don’t care- do what you want to.

      But I DEF DO care about alienating people with made-up shit. Pretend stuff. Fabricated bullshit.

      I REALLY worked hard to get this person into this community. And now
      she’s embarrassed because she made a mistake. I know this. BECAUSE I

      Please. Have a care, okay? People’s LIVES and SANITY are at stake. Please – just cool it with the made-up stuff okay?

  • Johnny Tank

    Alexa rankings for Oct. 15: *refresh*
    Tony – US #9,052 – up 350 from yesterday.
    Scientology – US #34,190 – down 2377 from yesterday.

  • smokegirl_2005

    I really feel awkward when im watching something really enjoyable but feel annoyed that these stars are enabling scientology to oppress, steal, kidnapp, brainwash and tear apart people and familys. i used to have this feeing watching lean on King of Queens. I said to my hubby she doesn’t seem to be the type of person that would let herself or anyone else be oppressed and silenced. well i guess she was just brainwashed because when she woke up she is exactly the person i thought she was. now all she needs is a outfit, cape and superhero name. any one got a good one?? ballstothewallleah is not family friendly :/ I was on the edge of my seat watching her segment and performance. SUPERHERO.

    • SandiCorrena

      Keeps Getting Better by Christina Aguilera could be here theme song

    • ThetaBara

      I’ll just leave this here (by our brilliant shooper Observer):

      • AsthmaticDwarf

        Obs!! Never saw this one! Dang!– I love it !!!

      • Observer

        I need to get her face on some other superheroines–I have a feeling Leah is just getting started

        • TheHoleDoesNotExist

          How about Star (Trek) Fleet Admiral (so as not to offend real Navy Fleets)?

        • ThetaBara

          I love this image so much! 😀 I look forward to your future work. Also, the first nutterpedia shoop will be featured at the next raid. Mr Bara helped me fit it on one page, so we can print it out and tape it to the lightpost. We always leave the printouts for the org staff to take down and only take the laminated signs. 🙂 The b/w makes it cheap to print as many as we like!

          • Observer

            That reminds me, I’ve got to finish the second one …

          • i-Betty

            Hooray! Will you film the next raid?

            • ThetaBara

              We always do! This time there wasn’t enough useable video so we only got some stills.

              You should be able to see them here; if not it is towards the bottom of pg 15 of the megathread.


            • i-Betty

              I just love the photos (and your unicorn hair), and how great is this speech?:



            • ThetaBara

              Thank you! We’re having so much fun, dancing, disseminating and enturbulating!
              I love that speech, and the old photos, too. I’ve been thinking about creating an archive of the early days. There aren’t many folks left who’ve been doing it for the whole five years and it is always good to know where you came from. 🙂
              Never forget: they pulled it in!

            • Casabeca

              That wig and dress are the bomb :-).
              You are a hero!
              And that little one is sooo cute.

            • ThetaBara

              I know! Baby’s First Raid! He goes by MeowMan, and he’s three. How cute is that?
              Not so cute: his nana brought him there because her twin sister disconnected from her, so he has rellies he will probably never know. He’s absolutely sweet and funny. It’s their loss (but, of course, his too). A good reminder of Why.

            • Casabeca

              Every disconnection story is awful, and even one would be too many!
              I really admire your commitment to kindness and help around this neighborhood ;).
              I would totally ask you over to play hopscotch!

      • L. C. Spencer

        Just looking at this makes me wanna scream WOOOOO HOOOOOOO

      • smokegirl_2005

        Yay Ty I love it!

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      Well, she outranks them all now so… Fleet Admiral Remini?

      • Free Minds, Free Hearts

        Yup, she outranks them all for sure!

      • smokegirl_2005

        I like it 🙂

    • L. C. Spencer

      You know, I’m really impressed by her independent spirit because the reason she was so well brainwashed is that she was brought up in the cult from a small child. She was even in the Sea Org! For somebody to go from being in the Sea Org to personally challenging DM to his face about his missing wife… WOW. She has guts.

      • ThetaBara

        She was inducted at SIX. And now she’s Davey’s worst nightmare.

  • Starlanique

    I really think that the judges modify their scores based partially on the votes the week before to create suspense. They clearly deserved a higher score than they got last night… Leah and Tony must be kicking arse in the voting!

  • Natalia M

    I think Tony Dovolani’s character stands for not just DM, but Hubbard, The “Tech”, Leah’s Mother’s faith in Scientology and all the other factors that pressured Leah Remini to remain in the cult for so long.

  • Cat Daddy
    • i-Betty

      I detest that vile little man.

  • IBBy

    I have a suggestion for the next dance. A Paso to Freedom 90 by George Michael

  • 1subgenius

    Yeah, her partner’s costume seems a combination carnival barker, huckster, card cheat.

  • TonyOrtega

    New post up!

  • Jane

    Red and black clothing crops up every so often as semi-official scientology colors. (I have a feeling I saw it on Tony’s(?) blog a couple of years ago when it was the launch of a new dress Sea Org uniform?)

    Then she strips it off to wear white, which is symbolic of new life and new birth in more ‘traditional’ religions.

    • Casabeca

      I thought that too about the white, used for purity of purpose, new beginnings in christening, baptism, first communion, consecration as nun or priest at times & weddings of course.
      No other color would do!
      She is starting over.

  • Jane

    re the midget seeming very tall in the puppeteer scene…..he’s standing on a podium and I understand one is a fixture at events where he speaks. Also the wooden crosses holding the strings are enormous in relation to him so scale wise I think it works ;-b

  • SLIM

    Just pull my strings and I’ll wink at you..

  • Anonymookme

    Wow! I really like her a lot! She’s got guts and she has a story to tell. I cannot wait to read her book.

  • ksebold

    I want to express this in clay:) lol

  • ksebold

    TEAM LEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • N. Th8ta

    • And I don’t rent cars!

      O-O-H-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h…. a new aNon Scilon “Scilon Shooper” (say that fast 20 times!) I’ve just your work for the first time and you are very good at this. I also can see why you say you are a perfectionist. Excellent work. I can’t wait for all the others to discover you! You will be a huge hit in the Bunker, that’s for sure.

      Welcome! A very warm “Welcome to Bunker” welcome to you from me! People call me – Cars.

      BTW, you knew people have moved on to Tony’s second post of the day, right? Jason Beghe and Christopher Stolte are/were in the Bunker.

      • aNon Scilon Scilon Shooper

        Thanks Cars. I’ve been lurking here for awhile. And I used to lurk over at the Village Voice. I think you just gave me my final ID!

    • AintMizBahavin


  • Brad Halsey

    great stuff!

  • There was a lot that was interesting. Whether it has meaning? who knows. Leah begins as a puppet with a puppeteer. The strings appear to be attatched to cross bars, a possible caveat to not trade one oppressor for another. She is dressed in the fire and smoke as a minion of Thetan, only to shed her skin for snow white. The scoring is 778. In chemistry terms, Nitrogen Nitrogen Oxygen. The atmosphere. NNO No, Nein. she hoped for a nine. Well that’s different. The the score adds up to 22, or Sodium, and alkalai metal, half the make up of salt. 30-22=8. 8 indicates a filled “L” shell or an inert gas. Another of the inert gasses is the dreaded Krypton. the question, then, is Who Is Superman?

  • Bob Gravlin

    Darn Tony, that is such a good analysis of a complex Piece I think you are getting a bit of culture to me yet. Last time I went to a dance was a ballet, with a young lady and I had just been to a Mark’s Brother’s movie soon before that and when I saw the formality of this thing and remembered what the MB did with formal events, I couldn’t stop thinking about that and laughing and the more I tried not to laugh, you know!! But this is a classy piece on her part and I appreciate this one.

  • Verve

    Oh dang it, I missed voting this week. Poo! At least my interview went well (I think)- small condolence.

  • ParticleMom

    Sorry if someone already said this, but the costumes reminded me of these Sea Org uniforms:

  • Rita Gregory

    “Breaking free from sophisticated mind control is not easy. I don’t
    think I have seen anyone do so in as bold and spectacular a fashion as
    Leah Remini has.” Marty Rathbun

    “PS: If you have not seen Leah Remini’s performance on Dancing With The Stars last night, pop over to Tony Ortega’s blog and check it out. It was a middle finger of magnitude to Puppet Master Miscavige .” Mike Rinder.

    Both of them said to pop over to Tony’s blog to check out Leah’s dance and Tony’s analysis. I love seeing everyone support her!

  • Lady Squash

    Beautiful breakdown, Tony. I think you got it exactly right.

  • George Diaz

    A lot of intellectual comments, all very well and good but….. I saw Leah get on TOP of Mr. corn on the COB and make him face her crotch and eat her *meow*, so to speak. In other words, EAT THIS, S.O.B! I meant C.O.B. (lol) I know, get my mind out of the gutter, right? Hey! It’s a dirty job but as they say, somebody has got to do it. I’m unemployed right now; so, I’ll accept the *post*; just as long as it pays more than $50 a week. I would’ve sat on his face but that wouldn’t go over very well at DWTS. B^]

    A variation of this would be for Leah to plunk her ass on his face and give him a taste of what he dishes out. That wouldn’t air though; I know. It’s a just a thought; or, my two cents worth. Okay, I’m fantasizing again. Gotta run. I’m being chased by *OSA ~B^]
    * Orifice of Scoriated Affaires 😡

  • George Diaz

    I don’t understand why my comment was censored

  • George Diaz

    Oops! My bad. Sorry. I guess I had to hit “newest”. B^}

  • Kendall Fraser

    I have to admit, as a former dancer, it really was not the strongest performance, but as an ex? OMFG… gal rocked it. And I’m so happy she survived another week– one of my faves is the quick-step, and she really did nail it, but when it comes to the emotion, and the telling of a story, I do have to think this “puppet-dance” is one of her strongest moments. What killed me was her apologies in front of panel–it just reminded me so much of how I and others would behave in front of the cult.

    This gal is a celeb, and she was cowering a bit from past stuff? How MUCH does that say about how effed up others who were just peons within the cult feel about themselves?

  • sal

    I think she is a dull dancer with a smug and surly outlook. I am also aware that Tony is loved by the judges, if Leah was paired with anyone else, she would be gone Snookie was far better

  • There may be some truth in the hypotheses of Scientology, but they misuse it to enslave people.
    Regards Knut Holt

  • I woner if there is some connection netween sacientology and NSA and the like?

  • Jeana

    Really glad you posted pictures, cause the video doesn’t seem to be available anywhere…..